tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou're Hired Ch. 04

You're Hired Ch. 04


Again, the rest of the week progressed as normal. Terry saw Jenna on a few occasions and she acted as if nothing had happened and he was just another manager in the store. He kept feeling like the other managers were eyeing him; like they knew something, but were not letting on.

Terry wasn't all that happy with the way things had worked out. Aside from the obvious perk with the general manager, he wasn't getting along with other people in his department and it was starting to wear on him.

Saturday rolled around and Terry punched in for work around 7am. Nicole came out of the break room and spotted Terry and asked for his help upstairs in the server room. Against the back wall of the employee break room was a vertical iron ladder that went into the ceiling. Most employees assumed it went to the roof, and they would be wrong. The roof access hatch was up a second flight of stairs from the storage area over the receiving bays.

Terry followed her back to the break room wondering what he would be needed for up there. He had never seen anyone go in there unless they were IT. Nicole grabbed for a rung and said, "Follow me."

The fact that Nicole went up first made Terry's day. Nicole was about Terry's height (5'10") and had ass that Terry thought was to die for. Where Jenna was slim, Nicole was curvaceous. That's not to say that she was fat, but she had the kind of body that Terry really liked. Where black girl's booty jutted straight back, white girls booty tended to go wide, rather than deep. Child-bearing hips they used to call them. She had very round breasts, yet a cup size or two smaller than Jenna's and she didn't keep hers as tightly controlled in her bra. She had baby fine hair that was brown with streaks of dirty blonde thrown in for good measure.

With Nicole going up first, Terry could steal a couple of glance at her promise land up close and personal...as long as he didn't get caught. He almost did get caught once, when Nicole looked down over her shoulder just as Terry shifted his gaze. He thought he shifted it in time, but Nicole caught him before he turned away. She said nothing, but smiled inwardly as she knew she had another admirer of her magnificent booty. You couldn't call it a butt, with curves like hers, it was a booty!

A sudden downforce wind carried her scent to his nostrils. She didn't smell like most women. She smelled clean, almost floral, and he wasn't referring to her perfume. He thought to himself, "That it is some high class ass...too bad she's not the one molesting me on cue."

When they got to the top, Terry looked around, but couldn't find anything out of place or that needed help with.

"I dropped my keys down there," she pointed to an access grate with about a foot-and-a-half drop, "while rebooting one of the servers. The front end has been having trouble and the help desk walked me through it. Can you get them?"

"Sure!" Terry flicked a few wing-nuts open and removed the grate. In his mind he was thinking, "Of course...screw something up and get a guy to fix it. She just didn't want to get herself dirty even though this is all her fault. Oh, well, at least I got a really great ass show on the way up here."

As Terry lay flat on the floor, reaching down through the wires, he could have sworn there were eyes boring into him. When he looked back while squirming through more wires, nothing. Nicole was busy at one of the terminals scrutinizing the boot up messages. He started pulling the keys up. The carabiner on her keyring, all the managers had one, it made it easier to access the keys than keeping in your pocket where they would poke you, caught on one of the power lines strung through the access grate.

"Seriously," Terry asked out loud in annoyance?

Nicole looked up from the terminal, "What?"

"Your carabiner is caught on one of the cables down here and if I let go to readjust the keys they may hitch a ride someplace I can't reach."

"Let me see if I can help," she said.

Nicole got down on all fours and Terry took a chance to peek at the cleavage that was coming closer. Nicole seemed to not notice, if she did, she said nothing. She squeezed next to Terry and hung her breasts into the access duct as she reached down in there. This was a great view for Terry and he could help but drinking in as much of the scene as he could while she was distracted.

She finally reached the keys through the wire, but in doing so she was almost holding Terry's hand. Her hand was warm and soft and just the sensation almost made Terry shiver with excitement.

"Okay, I've got the keys. Can you reposition yourself and get the hook off?"

Two thoughts rocketed through Terry's mind before he spoke: He would definitely like to reposition himself on top of her and he would most certainly get off and probably her too!

He slid his arm back through a few wire and went in again. He was able to release the carabiner and Nicole pulled her keys the rest of the way up and out of the access hatch. As Terry replaced the wing-nuts, he noticed something peculiar; with the slats in the access grate, it would have been damn near impossible for Nicole's keys to fallen in there. Did she plant them there?

"Anything else I can help you with," he asked?

"No that was all. Thank you very much. I'm about to head down; the server seems to responding normally again. Thanks for your help."

Nicole started for the ladder and proceeded to mount it and descend. Terry hopped right on as soon as there was room, looking down to make sure he didn't step on Nicole's fingers. At least, that's what he would say if she caught him looking down her sweater.

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