tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou're Mine Ch. 02

You're Mine Ch. 02


Note: This is chapter two of Elsie's story, "You're Mine". To fully enjoy this tale, I would suggest starting at the beginning. :)


Elsie stood at the bar, unable to believe what she had just experienced. The owner of the strip club had just turned her over his knee and spanked her in front of 200 horny, drunk men. "Why did I enter this stupid competition?" She thought, trying to ignore the fact that all of the guys in her vicinity were staring and making rude gestures at her.

"May I have you attention please!" Candy was back on the mic. "The Honorable Judge Braun has come to a decision!" The crowd cheered as Neil Braun walked over and took the mic from the girl.

"I have to say," he began, "that this was perhaps the toughest year yet for the Best Behind contest. Ten beautiful girls graced our stage and showed us their fantastic, curvy rear ends. But one ass was definitely a step above the others," he said, and Candy approached him, carrying a large trophy.

"I don't know which would be worse" Elsie thought, "winning or losing!"

"I'm pleased to announce," said Neil, "that this year's Best Behind champion is... Elsie Lane!"

The crowd erupted into deafening cheers. Elsie stood dumbfounded until she felt hands pushing her towards the stage. She forced her way through the crowd and to the stage, where Neil and Candy stood waiting, smiling. The girl handed Elsie the trophy and placed a crown on her head, and the crowd began shouting, "Encore! Encore!"

"What do you say, Elsie?" asked Neil. "Will you honor our crowd with another dance?"

Elsie had no option but to nod her head, as Candy was already turning the music back up. Neil took her trophy from her and pushed her lightly on the ass and into the center of the stage.

"Come back stage when you're done dancing, and I'll give you your trophy and your check," he said quietly into her ear. His hot breath made her shiver.

Suddenly Elsie found herself alone on the stage, with the men in the audience continuing their chant for an encore. She slowly began gyrating her hips the music, smiling down at them. "God this is weird," she thought. "I can't believe I won! I guess one more dance won't be too embarrassing." The men cheered and cat called as she lost herself once again to the music, shaking her award winning ass.

When the song had ended, Elsie heard more shouts of "Encore!" along with more lewd things through the cheers. Candy quickly appeared back onstage, saying into the mic "Since you boys have been so good, we have a post contest treat.... The lovely ladies of the Sugar Shack are all ready to strut their stuff on stage for you!" This announcement was met with more whoops, and Elsie was able to disappear through the stage curtain without too much disappointment.

Elsie found herself in a grubby hallway. The squat man who had been sitting behind the registration table was leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette. "Congrats, baby," he said, staring at Elsie's chest. "Mr. Braun is downstairs in his office. Follow me." He casually flicked away the cigarette and began walking down the hallway. Elsie had no choice but to follow.

He led her to the end of the hallway and opened a door to a steep staircase, which he began descending. At the bottom of the stairs was a different world. It appeared to Elsie that all of the money that the Sugar Shack made went into the upkeep of Neil Braun's private quarters. This hallway had a definite air of luxury. The deep wine colored carpet was plush under Elsie's Mary Jane's as she continued to follow the dumpy man down the hallway, where he finally stopped at a heavy oak door. He knocked sharply, and they waited for what seemed like an eternity until a voice said, "Come in."

The dumpy man opened the door, and led Elsie inside. "Elsie Land, sir," He said respectfully, and then promptly left the room.

Neil Braun's office was very dark, the only light coming from a reddish lamp in the corner behind his desk. The club owner sat behind a large, heavy wooden desk, staring at Elsie. "Please sit," he said pleasantly. "Would you care for a drink?"

"No thanks," she replied still standing. "I'm actually in a bit of a hurry. My room mate should be here soon to pick me up, so..." Her voice trailed off.

He looked at her, smiling dangerously. "Miss Land, did you read the forms you signed earlier this evening?" His smile grew as Elsie's mouth opened and closed, thinking back to her shame as she bent over in front of the squat dumpy man staring at her breasts. "I see. I would suggest that you should do that in the future. You see, in those forms, which qualify as a legal binding contract, it states that if you are to win the contest, you have to submit to me for a weekend as my sexual slave. You are required to fulfill any wish I may have for the next 72 hours, or you won't be seeing that $5000 any time soon."

Elsie stared at the man, aghast. Neil laughed lightly. "Your roommate has already been contacted and told that as a part of your winnings, you have received an all expenses paid trip to New York for the weekend. She assured me that she would tell anyone this if they asked after your whereabouts. Which means," he continued, getting up from his seat, "that you and I need to spend a little time getting to know each other."

Elsie turned and bolted to the door. To her horror, the handle was locked. "Really, did you think I would let you get away that easily?" Neil asked her, coming up behind her and placing his hands on her waist. "This will be so much easier if you don't struggle, Miss Lane." Elsie whimpered as his hands trailed up her torso to her large, pillowy breasts. His fingers traced her erect nipples through her shirt. "Mmmmmm..... God, how I wanted to grab these gorgeous titties on stage earlier. Now they'll be mine for the whole weekend." He roughly turned her around in his arms. Elsie felt numb. Her shock was so strong that she was unable to fight back.

"I love your little costume, Miss Lane... I've always had a bit of a thing for young schoolgirls." Neil whispered to her as he looked her body over. "Especially ones with big, round bottoms," his hands went to her ass, clutching and pinching her cheeks, "huge breasts," his hands moved back up to her large tits, "a pillowy mouth, perfect for accepting something large to suck on," he gently grazed her lips with his own, "and best of all, a bare, soft pussy for me to claim as my own. I wonder, have you already fulfilled the last requirement, Miss Lane?"

"Please, no!" Elsie begged as his hand slipped down her waist and into the top of her skirt. He gently pushed his hand into her white thong. His fingertips met smooth, soft skin.

"Oooh, what a good girl you are, Miss Lane. You pussy is nice and bare for me." He pressed the tip of his finger into her slit. "Hmmm, we'll have to work on making that spot nice and juicy, won't we?" Elsie moaned as Neil began to massage her dry clit with his fingertip.

Something about this action made her snap. She suddenly pushed the man, hard enough that he staggered backward. She quickly darted away from him, desperately trying to find a way out. She heard Neil recover behind her. She spotted a door and went for it, finding it was locked too. Suddenly, Neil came up behind her, knocking her to the floor.

"I told you this would be much harder if you struggled, Elsie," He said angrily. He grabbed both of her hands and held them behind her back. She felt cold metal going around her wrists, and cuffs snapping into place. "I'll just have to make it so I have complete control of you," Neil said. After he had secured her wrists in handcuffs, he moved down to her feet and did the same to her ankles. When he was finished he stood up to admire his handiwork.

"God, you are a gorgeous little fuck toy, aren't you, sweetheart?" he asked, in a more playful tone. Elsie started crying, a knot of dread in the pit of her stomach.

"Please don't hurt me," she begged him. She wriggled around on the floor, trying to break free of the cuffs.

"I make no promises, Miss Lane," Neil said, kneeling next to her. His hand went to her ass, pushing up her plaid kilt. "This ass was truly worth that $5000 you'll be receiving, you know. It was a tough contest, but yours was the clear winner in the end. Of course," he added, finding the zipper on the side of the kilt and pulling on it, "it helped that the rest of you is unbelievably sexy too. Even though we say we only look for a good ass, I do have to see the rest of the package as well!" He pulled her skirt down her legs and off the cuffed feet, throwing it to the side. "We'll need those again later, but for now.... I want to see the whole package I've won."

His hands went back to her ass, now only encased in a tiny white thong. He began to massage her cheeks, causing Elsie to moan in reluctant pleasure. His large hands kneaded her roughly, leaving pink marks in the pale flesh. Suddenly, she felt him move and position himself above her. His erect cock was poking into her ass through his pants. "Hmm... I suppose I'll have to ruin this, since you're already cuffed, and you've proven you can't be trusted." He said, fingering her shirt. "Hold still, baby girl." She looked over her shoulder just in time to see him reaching into his pocket and pulling out a long knife. She gasped as he viciously tore through the back of her shirt in one fluid motion. He continued cutting until the shirt lay in pieces around Elsie's body.

Elsie lay face down in her thong and matching bra, feeling extremely vulnerable. Her huge breasts pressed uncomfortably into the floor. She felt Neil running his hands all over her body.

"Do you feel that, Elsie?" he asked quietly. "That rather large object, pressing into your bum? Answer me, girl."

"Yes," Elsie whispered.

"Good," Neil replied. "That's my cock, sweetheart. Have you ever had a cock stuffed into your bum before?" Elsie lay there, terrified. "Answer me!" Neil's hand came down on her ass cheek hard, causing Elsie to cry out.

"No! I have never had a cock in my ass!" she said, her face burning.

Neil paused. "Have you ever had a cock in your mouth?" he asked, his hand gently rubbing the ass cheek he had just hit.

"No," Elsie said, half sobbing.

"Or your pussy?" He continued. His voice was beginning to get an excited note to it, almost like he was restraining himself in some way.

"No, Mr. Braun... I'm... I'm a virgin," Elsie whispered.

Neil was silent for a moment. "Oh, sweetheart," he said. He got off of the girl and turned her over onto her back. She looked up at him, her vulnerable eyes brimming with tears.

"You have never had sex with a man before?" Neil asked Elsie, staring down at her. She shook her head. Neil sighed.

"Unfortunately for you," he said, reaching up to tease a nipple through her bra, "the idea of taking a virgin is one of my biggest fantasies." Elsie's breath caught in her throat. Neil grinned leeringly at her, his eyes burning with a new, intense light. "You must realize that there is nothing left for me to do but to teach you the skills you will need to please any man who cares to have you."

He helped the girl up into a kneeling position. She shakily tried to stay upright, unable to balance herself with her hands and feet restrained. Neil went over to his desk and grabbed his large office chair. He wheeled the chair over in front of the girl, and proceeded to unbuckle his pants and slide them down his legs. His half-erect cock was poking out of his boxers. It looked massive to Elsie.

Neil sat in the chair in front of the girl. "Miss Lane, you have been a very, very naughty girl. You came into my establishment, a strip club, and put your body on display in front of hundreds of men. And now you tell me you're a virgin!" Elsie looked up at him, ashamed. "You will have to pay for these actions. Take my cock out of my boxers."

Elsie shook her head. "No!" She said. "Please don't make me."

Neil didn't answer, but reached down to his pants on the floor and pulled his knife from his pocket. "Miss Lane, take my dick out of my boxers," he said threateningly. The knife glinted in what little light the room had.

Elsie tentatively reached up and placed her hand on his cock, not daring to refuse him now. She pulled it out of it's confinement, feeling it grow harder in her hand. She stared at the first penis she had ever laid eyes on, now only inches from her face.

"Kiss my cock, Elsie," Neil commanded. Elsie brought her face closer to it, lightly placing her mouth on the tip. She felt a thick, salty wetness coat her lips. "Go on," Neil said. "Make out with my cock, sweetie."

Elsie closed her eyes and began kissing Neil's cock. Neil let out a little moan. "Yes, thats it. Show my cock how much you love it and need it. Mmmm yes, don't be afraid to use a little tongue, too." Elsie cautiously flicked her tongue out onto the veiny member. "Yes, now get it nice and wet. Clean it off." Elsie began to lick his cock up and down, coating it with saliva.

"Good girl," Neil groaned. "Yes, oh fuck yes. Good. Now I want you to take it into your mouth, Elsie. I know that's scary, because you've never done that, but take it slow. Take the tip into your mouth." Elsie followed all of his commands, getting into a rhythm of just obeying the man sitting in front of her, forcing her to kneel for him. His cock slid into her open mouth, and Neil watched as she gently began sucking the tip. Little by little, she began taking more and more into her mouth, getting used to the length and girth. She wished she could use her hands to help her with the task, but they were still cuffed behind her back.

Neil's hands snaked up to Elsie's head, his fingers becoming tangled in her red pigtails. "How nice of you to provide me with handles, sweetheart," he said mockingly, a meanness creeping back into his voice. He took a hold of each pigtail and began pulling her head onto his cock. She looked up at him nervously, but he was taking control of her task and beginning to use her head.

"Yes.... take my cock, Elsie," Neil said, pulling her head onto his manhood. "You're going to be my little cock sucker. You're going to take my member as deep as you can. You're going to let my cock into your throat, Elsie." Elsie began gagging as she felt the tip of his cock forcing its way into her throat. She tried to pull off, but he held her head firmly to his crotch. He went deeper and deeper, pulling her face closer to his body with each thrust.

Elsie tried to open up her throat for Neil, desperately trying not to gag. He could feel her trying to relax her throat, which just made him go even deeper. Before he knew it, he was forcing her face into his pubic hair as the inexperienced girl choked on his cock.

Eventually he let up, continuing to fuck her mouth at an easy pace, but allowing her to breath. "Oh, good girl Elsie. Thank you for deep throating my cock. It felt so good nestled in your throat like that. We'll do a lot more of that so you can get used to having your gullet filled with cock." Elsie felt tears streaming down her cheeks from choking on Neil's dick. "After you catch your breath, I might have to do that again, it felt so good." Elsie desperately tried to pull off to beg him to stop, but he held fast to her pigtails, forcing her mouth to stay connected to his dick.

"Oh sweetheart, I'm getting close," he said huskily, starting to pump harder. "You're just too fucking sexy, with your little pigtails and your little white thong." He started pushing further into her mouth again, fucking her face with abandon. Elsie gagged again as his cock suddenly slipped into her throat, using it like a vagina.

"Oh god, Elsie, I'm coming, baby!" Neil gasped, his first shot of semen going directly down the poor girl's throat. Elsie struggled to swallow the liquid filling her throat and mouth. Semen dripped down the young girl's chin.

Neil finished with a final shudder, his limp cock resting in Elsie's mouth. She stayed where she was, afraid to pull it out in case he got angry.

Finally, he let it slip out and back into his boxers. "That was very good, Miss Lane. You need more practice though... I don't like it when my whores try to pull off when I'm fucking their throats." He stood up, looking down at the girl. "And that's exactly what you are, Miss Lane.... My whore. Letting me use you for $5000."

Elsie looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. He was right. She was giving away her virginity to this man, all for a few thousand bucks.

Neil moved behind the girl, swiftly lifting her curvaceous body off the floor and into his arms. He carried her over to the door she had tried to escape through earlier, and unlocked it. Elsie blinked, her eyes adjusting to a very dark room. Neil flicked a switch, and two small, red lamps came on, adding the same dim, sensual light that was in the office.

The first thing that Elsie noticed about this room was the incredibly large, high bed that was in the middle of the room. It was covered in a masculine looking bed set, with lots of pillows at the giant, wood headboard. As Neil brought her closer, Elsie noticed that their were leather cuffs attached to each side of the headboard. She also noticed some chains hanging down from the ceiling directly over the bed.

Neil laid the girl face down on the bed, undoing the cuffs on her wrists. "No funny business, now, baby girl," he said softly, turning Elsie over and proceeding to attach her wrists to the leather restraints on the headboard. He then went down to the end of the bed, and removed the metal cuffs from her ankles. He pulled long leather ropes from each side of the bed and attached them to her ankles, forcing her into a spread eagle position on the massive bed. Elsie felt more vulnerable than ever. She knew this man had complete and utter control over her.

Neil laid himself down on top of Elsie. She could feel his cock already growing hard again through his boxer shorts. "God your breasts are magnificent," he said, feeling the nipples through her white, lacy bra. "Really too big for an innocent, young virgin like you."

Elsie gasped as he roughly pulled one large breast out of the cup of her bra, exposing it for himself. She moaned as his lips gently went to the nipple, suckling on her tit. While he sucked, his hand popped the other breast out of the confines of the bra. His fingers pinched and massaged the other nipple as his mouth continued to work on her breast.

"The reason I wrote 72 hours in your contract is so I have time to play with every part of your body for as long as I want," Neil said, as he switched his mouth to her other breast and his other hand began playing with the red, wet nipple.

Elsie inhaled sharply as she felt Neil's teeth bite down on her already tender nipple, gently yet firmly gnawing on her breast. He went on like that for some time, switching back and forth between her breasts, chewing and sucking on the nipples. Elsie felt a heat growing between her legs as Neil went on, and she tried to fight it. "What am I doing! I can't let this monster see that he's giving me any pleasure," Elsie thought.

After a while, Neil began kissing his way down her body, his mouth trailing down her taut stomach and hips. When he came to the white thong, he saw the wetness that was causing the the material to turn transparent, showing off her perfect, smooth pussy lips through the thin fabric. "Oh yes, sweetheart," he purred. He pushed the thong slowly into her pussy, giving her a deep and embarrassing camel toe. He licked a bit of wetness from his finger. "You're enjoying this, aren't you, little girl?" He asked her, looking into her fearful eyes.

Elsie shut her eyes in terror as he grabbed the knife that had been laying next to him on the bed and violently cut the thong off of her body. He threw the knife aside and ripped the slivers of fabric away from her. Her pussy lay bare and glistening in front of him. He bent his head down to the lips, and began lapping at the wetness like a dog to a water bowl. Elsie let out a low moan, as a feeling she had never experienced began building in her loins.

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