tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYours, Cassandra

Yours, Cassandra


Cassandra Walters stood at the stereo rack, aimlessly poring over her new lover's CD collection. Unbeknownst to her, her lover stood some ways behind her, admiring the way her long, muscular legs disappeared underneath the hem of one of his dress shirts.

He came up behind her quietly and enveloped her in his arms. He nuzzled the back of her neck softly as he pulled her to him. Cassie simply moaned and yielded to his touch. She felt his cock swell slightly as she pressed her round, firm ass back against him.

His hands wandered over the shirt fabric and he cupped her breasts in his hands. He gave them a firm squeeze and then began to flick his fingers across her nipples, which were already hardening in response to his touch.

"You are such a sweet little fucktoy," he murmured into her ear. He pulled her long auburn hair back and gently brushed his soft grey beard across the tender flesh of her neck. His tongue traced long lines across her soft skin as he whispered to her, "My baby girl. My horny little slut." As the word "slut" left his mouth, he sunk his teeth into the tender flesh where her neck and shoulder met.

Cassie shivered at his words, and at the sensation of his teeth sinking firmly but gently into her flesh. It was precisely his uncanny ability to make her feel simultaneously sweet and wanton that had led her to surrender herself to him scarcely a month before.

Wordlessly, he took her hand in his and led her towards the bedroom. As soon as they entered, Cassie saw the free-standing exercise bench positioned strategically next to the bed. She recalled with electricity how he had tied her to that very bench on their second night together, and then alternately teased, dominated, and pleasured her for several hours.

He slowly unbuttoned the shirt and let his hands slip inside, roaming aimlessly all over her soft, young skin. He pushed the shirt off her shoulders and regarded her naked form deliberately. With a knowing smile, he produced a silk blindfold from his pocket. Cassie's knees weakened slightly as she recalled vividly how he had used that blindfold so effectively on their first night together. He quickly secured it over her eyes, hooking the lower elastic above her ears and the upper elastic beneath them.

Her lover slipped his hand in between Cassie's legs and began to stroke her clitoris between two fingers. He brought his mouth to her ear and whispered. "I told you when I took you that I was determined to prove to you what a slut you really are. It's time for your first lesson."

Placing his hands on her hips, he walked her over to the waiting bench. He spun her around slowly and pushed her down firmly on its surface. Cassie unconsciously began to scoot upwards, remembering the position in which he'd tied her the first time.

"No, no. Not this time," her lover corrected. He pulled her back down and positioned her firm ass just a few inches away from the lower edge of the bench. A few lengths of short rope was all it took to immobilize Cassie's lithe young body.

Cassie noted absentmindedly that her position was decidedly less comfortable than it had been the first time he had tied her. Her hands were immobilized well above her head, and her feet were secured firmly to the topmost cross-piece at the bench's base. Her physical position led her to an involuntary association, her feet only somewhat lower and only somewhat closer together than they would be during a pelvic exam.

Her lover knelt at the foot of the bench, and planted a hand firmly inside each leg at her knees. His hands wandered the length of her strong, well-toned thighs. Cassie felt a slight flicker of her lover's fingers against her pussy lips. She moaned softly as he traced his fingers upwards and brushed almost imperceptibly against her clit.

Her lover spoke softly and slowly, deliberately cultivating an almost hypnotic tone in his voice. "Sweet... helpless... exposed... vulnerable. Just a warm, willing cunt, waiting to be taken and used."

Sliding a finger slowly into her wetness, he began to finger-fuck her with a slow corkscrew motion. Cassie trembled as her juices flowed freely. He slowly withdrew his finger and gradually traced it upwards, barely brushing across her swollen clit. This was not the direct, constant pressure she craved, but glancing, intermittent contact that seemed to end almost before it began. Cassie whimpered in frustration.

Her lover dragged his beard along the insides of her thighs, slowly moving his head upward. When he reached her hairless mound, his chin traced slow, deliberate circles across her smooth flesh. She felt his hot breath snake between her legs and across her cunt lips.

Cassie wiggled, trying to thrust upwards to meet her lover's mouth. But the awkward position in which he had tied her made it impossible for her to gain leverage.

"Awwwwww, you poor little bitch. You know I'm gonna make you work for it. You wanna come, slut?" His tongue flicked, just once, along the length of her clit.

"Please!" Cassie begged.

"I just bet you do. But first, we must see just how sweet a fucktoy you can be this afternoon." He slid his finger back into her hole, spiraling in and out, occasionally tracing firmly against the upper wall of her cunt.

The doorbell chimed, announcing the arrival of an unexpected visitor. Without a word, Cassie's lover sighed slightly and left the room, securely closing the door behind him. She silently cursed whomever or whatever had interrupted them. Her lover was a merciless tease on his own; the last thing they needed was some random, unwelcome distraction.

She tugged a bit at her bonds, straining to get more comfortable. But her lover had been careful to tie her securely. She found herself unable to move more than a couple of inches in any direction.

She lie there, helpless and frustrated, her cunt aching from her lover's persistent teasing. As seconds turned into minutes, she tried to distract herself by straining to hear what was happening on the other side of the bedroom door.

Although she couldn't make out any words, she thought she heard two distinctly male voices. She imagined that one of them sounded vaguely like her lover, and he seemed to be doing most of the talking. But the conversation, whatever it was, was taking far too long for Cassie's liking.

Presently, the outer room grew silent, and Cassie wondered idly if the visitor had left. After another full minute, Cassie heard the bedroom door open.

"Not a word," her lover commanded.

Obediently, Cassie remained silent.

After a long moment, Cassie's lover spoke again. "That is my new fucktoy, Cassie. She's less experienced sexually than most young women her age, but she is a very smart girl and a very fast learner."

Cassie's mouth fell agape as she realized that her lover had not been commanding her to silence. Instead, he was talking to their unexpected visitor, who was, at that very moment, standing with her lover, gazing at her naked, helpless form.

Instinctively, Cassie closed her legs.

"Awww... isn't that cute? She's feeling shy. The truth is, though, that Cassie likes to think of herself as a slut," her lover continued. "But as you can see, she still has a lot to learn about exactly what it means to be a genuine slut."

Her lover came over to the bench and firmly pushed her knees apart. "Feast your eyes on the most perfectly smooth pussy you'll ever see. You shave it for me every day, don't you, baby girl?"

Confused and disoriented, Cassie felt unsure how to respond. She felt a sudden jerk on her long auburn hair, and her lover's voice whispered directly in her ear.

"Don't you, slut?"

Cassie gave a quick, vigorous nod.

She felt her lover's fingers probe at her wet sex. Shame and arousal mingled in her mind as he spread her inner lips, revealing her completely to the anonymous stranger's gaze. She felt every nerve in her body tingle as her lover continued his detailed verbal commentary of her exposed, naked body.

"You gotta love those long, muscular legs. And those great tits. They practically beg to be sucked, and sucked hard. Behind that blindfold are the most captivating golden brown eyes you've ever seen, but you're just gonna hafta take my word for that. And just look at how wet that pussy is. I told you she was hot."

Cassie found it unnerving to hear herself described so intimately yet so impersonally. Her lover continued his monologue, speaking as if she weren't even in the room.

"She is so ready for it. I bet you could slide your dick into her in one thrust, if you want. But hey, do whatever you like. I promise, you're gonna love what she does with that tight, baby-smooth little cunt."

Her lover's words settled heavily in Cassie's mind. She was not merely on display for this man she'd never met and couldn't see. Her lover was offering up her helpless, naked body to this nameless, faceless stranger.

As if on cue, she heard the stranger unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Cassie imagined that she could almost see him nearly ripping his clothes off. Within moments, Cassie felt him approaching the bench. She was quite sure that he was naked. She imagined that he was hard.

The anonymous hands probed roughly at her sex. In the course of their few weeks together, Cassie had already become accustomed to her lover's skillful, subtle touch. By comparison, the stranger's hands seemed awkward, almost clumsy. He pushed two long fingers deep into her pussy and wiggled inside her wetness.

All at once, the stranger reared up and began to trace the head of his cock along her soaked slit, searching her opening. As the tip of his cock slipped inside her, she felt his hands come to rest on the bench beside her. As she tried to visualize the stranger between her legs, she realized immediately that his position would enable him to lean nearly his full weight into the impending act of penetration. She steeled herself in anticipation.

All at once, Cassie felt his weight shift, and she cried out as the man between her open legs stabbed the full length of his rigid shaft into her in one long thrust. The stranger's prick was unusually long and slender, a startling contrast to her lover's thick cock. She felt her pussy stretch, trying to meet his assault. Still, every time he hit the back of her cunt, she felt a strong twinge of discomfort.

Her lover spoke, as if to encourage the stranger's internal assault. "Yeah. Use that juicy, tight little cunt... make her prove to you what a nasty little whore she is."

The stranger had already settled in to a steady rhythm, pistoning his length hard into her, offering her beleaguered cunt no chance to adjust gradually to his length. With each new thrust in her battered pussy, Cassie flinched. It seemed to her as if his cock was elongating as rapidly as her pussy was extending to accommodate his length. Helpless even to slow his assault, Cassie shuddered as she imagined that she knew now something of what it must feel like to be raped with a broom handle.

As if to distract her, her lover dug his fingers into the ample flesh of her breasts. She felt his nose nuzzle into her hair. His warm, wet tongue flicked intermittently into her ear as he began to urge her on.

"Yes, that's it. Fucking slut. You've always dreamed of anonymous cock, and now you're getting it." His voice was steady, soft, smooth. "Take it, you little cunt! Take it all!"

Cassie sighed thankfully when, at last, she felt the stranger's prick bury its full length inside her. Her cunt began to mold itself pliantly to his unfamiliar shape, completely enveloping his long shaft.

"What a nasty little whore, with a very serious cuntful of strange cock," her lover intoned. "Fuck him, slut... fuck him... fuck him..."

Cassie felt herself entranced by her lover's hypnotic voice. Her breathing turned into sharp gasps as the man inside her moved in deep, rhythmic strokes while her lover tongue-fucked her ear.

"That prick is starting to feel good to you, isn't it?" Her lover's voice was lower now, and throatier.

"Yes," Cassie admitted breathlessly.

"You love the feel of that smooth, hard shaft, pumping in and out of your little slut cunt." His tongue flicked again into her ear.

"Yes," Cassie hissed.

"Like I said before... just a warm, willing cunt, ready to be taken and used. And that's just exactly what you are, isn't it?"

"Yes," she gasped as the stranger continued his onslaught.

"And if I untied your legs right now, you would fuck his brains out, wouldn't you?"


"Well, do it! Don't just take it... fuck him! Fuck him sweetly. Show him what a cock-hungry slut my new fucktoy really is."

Cassie winced in pain as she pushed her legs as far apart as she could. She did her best to force herself down sharply on the invader's cock, trying to match his rhythm as he pistoned roughly inside her.

As she writhed beneath him, Cassie shifted repeatedly, trying vainly to press her clit against his unfamiliar shaft. But try as she might, the angle of his penetration and the stranger's thin cock conspired to deny her the release she craved. The stranger seemed oblivious to her predicament, either too obtuse to notice or too self-absorbed to care. But her lover picked up on the signs immediately and chuckled cruelly in her ear.

"Poor little bitch. Why don't you show him just how sweetly you can beg to be fucked?"

Cassie's cunt milked the stranger's invading cock as she ground her hips furiously against him. Her head thrashed sharply as she cried out, "Fuck me!"

"Again!" her lover commanded.

"Fuck me!" Cassie screamed. "Fuck me hard!"

As if to oblige her, the stranger's pace quickened sharply, and Cassie almost thought she could feel his body tense in anticipation. Her lover began to encourage the man inside her.

"That's right. Pound that little cunt. Fuck it. Use it. Come in it."

Cassie felt the stranger's body arch as his warm seed spurted into her. His orgasm seemed to last for several seconds, and he penetrated her with short, frantic strokes. As soon as his prick stopped spurting inside her, the man collapsed to his knees at the foot of the bench, trying to catch his breath.

As his panting subsided, she heard both men snicker, then chortle, and finally break out in peals of laughter. Cassie felt her face flush hotly.

Then her lover spoke, "Told ya she was one righteous little fuck!"

Cassie felt the stranger rise and heard him dress. Then, as silently as he had entered, he left. She heard the front door close in the distance.

"Well, well well..." her lover intoned evenly. Cassie heard an unfamiliar edge in his voice, hard and unfathomable. The sound frightened her.

Cassie bit her lip and shivered, waiting. Then she heard the unmistakable snap of a camera shutter.

"Something for your slut scrapbook. The first time you have a stranger's cum dripping out of your pussy."

Her lover knelt near her right side. His voice sounded hard in her ear. "Fucking little slut." He came down hard on the last word. "You took a stranger's cock, and you loved it. You welcomed a stranger's cock into your cunt almost as sweetly as you welcome mine."

His hand slipped deftly between her legs. "Nasty little whore with a stranger's cum dripping out of that well-fucked little hole."

As he spoke, her lover pushed two fingers into her, pressing firmly against the upper wall of her tunnel, resting the heel of his hand against her clit. After the stranger's inept manipulations, her lover's deft, confident touch sent a rush of warmth throughout her entire body. He began to massage her inside, and warm semen flowed out of her.

"I will tell you now that the guy you just fucked was a friend of mine. I wouldn't let him speak because I didn't want you to be able to recognize his voice. This way, as you meet my friends, you'll have to wonder each time if the guy you're making small talk with has already come inside you."

As he spoke, his fingers worked expertly, alternately probing her most sensitive internal spot and circling her swollen, aching clit. Cassie moaned audibly.

"You wanted to come for him." Is was a statement, not a question. Cassie hesitated.

"Don't try to deny it. I was there. I saw you. You wanted to come for him, didn't you?"

Cassie bit her lower lip and nodded. "Yes," she admitted tentatively.

"You really are a slut." That menacing edge was back in his voice. "Clearly, we're going to have to do this again. Soon. Different friend, of course."

Cassie swallowed hard. She felt him lean slowly towards her, and he brushed the back of his fingers softly against her cheek. Then he lowered his mouth to hers. His mouth devoured hers with intensity and urgency as his tongue filled her mouth. As the kiss lengthened, Cassie felt a warm sense of reassurance wash through her.

When at last he broke their kiss, her lover reached up and gently peeled away the blindfold. Cassie squinted hard at the sudden flood of afternoon light. As her eyes grew accustomed to the brightness, Cassie searched her lover's expressive face. His small smirk bore an unmistakable hint of cruelty, and and equally undeniable hint of smug satisfaction. His eyes danced with hers as his fingers continued to probe her depths.

When her lover stood, she saw that he was naked. His hard cock jutted sharply away from his body and bobbed slightly as he made his way to the foot of the bench.

He tugged at the knots that secured her legs, freeing them from their long immobility. Cassie sighed audibly as her feet dropped to the floor. Her lover's firm hands grasped her hips and pushed her halfway up the length of the bench. Then he knelt between her legs.

Cassie felt his cockhead slick up against her dripping slit. He began to push into her, slowly but determinedly. His penetration into her cum-slick wetness was was achingly slow, but utterly effortless. His gradual, determined penetration was a stark and welcome contrast to the way the stranger had so quickly impaled her.

Cassie felt her pussy open easily to accommodate her lover's thick cock. There was something fundamentally different and simultaneously more satisfying about the way his girth stretched her. When he filled her completely, he took a sharp, slow, deep breath and remained motionless inside her, allowing Cassie to revel in the sensation of being stretched for a second time.

"Fucking little cunt. You didn't care who was fucking you. Just a warm, willing cunt, ready to be taken and used."

He ground his hips hard against her. "You still wanna come, don't you, slut?" Cassie's only reply was a plaintive whimper.

He cocked his hips slightly, so that the base of his dick pressed firmly against her straining clit. "Do it, cunt. Ride that cock."

Her legs were still stiff and achy, but she didn't care. Desperate to feel the pleasure so long denied her, Cassie planted her feet firmly on the floor and pressed upward hungrily. Her long, strong legs flexed hard as she began to grind her clit firmly against the base of her lover's fat dick.

"That's it, you fucking slut... show me... show me how much you wanted to come for him. Come for me like you wanted to come for him."

As Cassie settled into a steady rhythm, her lover began to grind his hips against her. "That's it... come, you little slut... come... come... come."

Cassie's threw her head back and closed her eyes. She moaned in anticipation of the pleasure that was now only seconds away.

Her lover's voice was firm and demanding. "Look at me... look at me while you come."

Cassie's golden brown eyes locked with her lover's fiery stare. She sensed that he was literally trying to will her to come with his gaze. She actively fought the urge to close her eyes.

Cassie's eyes widened as a scream escaped her throat. Her whole body spasmed as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her, and her cunt twitched uncontrollably around her lover's shaft.

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