tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne and Vanessa's Next Adventure

Yvonne and Vanessa's Next Adventure


Vanessa here again with Yvonne at the keyboard.

After my adventures at the cabin I wanted more! If you'll remember, I had a GREAT time doing things I barely imagined, let alone imagined things I'd do. I spent most of the week naked, orgasmed in a regular bookstore, got naked and orgasmed in adult bookstore, and a whole lot more. Hell of a vacation!

But even with everything I did do that week, there were some more things I wanted to do. That whole vacation, hell my whole life since I'd married Jerry, I'd never fucked another man. Jerry got to play around with the two girls we met that week. He got to do everything but fuck them. I was a little jealous of Jerry, and I wanted a whole lot more for myself.

I talked about this with Yvonne while we were writing and editing the stories she posted earlier. Yvonne suggested Jerry and I hook up with her and Bill. While I was definitely turned on by the idea, I didn't want to become involved sexually with someone I worked with. I was OK with Yvonne talking, writing, reading, etc. about sexual things, BUT doing them with her?!?

Long story short, Yvonne set us up with her friends Sue and Paul (see: 'Yvonne's Sexy Diner'). We met them at a restaurant on the edge of town and liked them immediately. Sue was the stunning redhead, just as Yvonne had described. Paul was tall and handsome with the most beautiful bedroom eyes.

Yvonne had warned us that we'd have to behave in the restaurant due to Paul's business ties (see: Yvonne Presents, Sue's Kansas City).

The conversation was quiet but quite dirty. Sue and Paul had read the stories about me that Yvonne had posted and vice versa. Like I said, we kept our voices low, but my libido was on high: those bedroom eyes. I could tell Jerry was excited by the prospect of screwing Sue; he's always had a thing for redheads. We skipped desert and headed back to their house for drinks and fun.

While Paul and Jerry fixed drinks Sue and I headed for the living room. Before we sat down Sue told me that she was wearing the same outfit she'd worn the night she met Yvonne. She proved it by lifting her hem to reveal a lack of panties. I laughed and said I'd dressed the same way, lifting my dress showing the pubes that had grown back since my vacation.

I said her red pubes were beautiful and asked about the public shavings on her tropical vacation; that was my favorite part from her stories. Sue said vacations were times to try new exciting things. I laughed and strongly agreed. "That's what my whole cabin vacation was about, after all!" We both laughed.

Sue said her favorite, of all the things I did on my vacation, was my naked adventure in the adult bookstore; that really turned her on. "I've never gotten to come in front of strangers, in a public place. The closest I got was coming in front of the maid on that tropical vacation.

"I don't count those times by the pool and at the barber shop on that trip. I had to hide what I was doing then. I'd love to hear that part of your vacation again. Here, I printed it out." She handed me several pages with the Day 3.1 story.

The men came back with drinks and Sue announced I was going to do a reading from my stories. I started out fine until I hit the third paragraph where Jerry exposed me to Trudy and she pulled the egg out of my pussy.

I caught my breath and read along calmly until the part where Jerry took my dress and shoes leaving me totally naked in the middle of the bookstore. While Sue listened, she had one hand under her dress rubbing her thighs and the other in her husband's lap stroking his crotch.

By the part of the story where Trudy and Jerry made me come the first time, Sue had pulled her dress up to her waist and was stroking herself deeply. Jerry reached down, pulled my dress up, and started caressing me. Paul's bedroom eyes were staring right at my pussy.

We stayed like that until I reached the part where I was tied naked to the bondage frame in the store. Two customers were working the remote controls for the vibrating egg and butt plug in my pussy and ass. I read the line, "Right there, tied up naked in a dirty book store, in front of a group of total strangers I came harder than I ever thought possible." Sue came with a scream.

After she caught her breath, Sue said, "I'm too hot, in so many ways. This has to go. How about it, Vanessa? Are you ready to take it up a notch?" She pulled her dress off over her head, took off her bra, and opened her husband's pants. Sue pulled Paul's cock out and stroked it until he was big and firm. His cock looked as long as Jerry's but a lot bigger around. I stared until I caught him looking at me with those eyes.

I looked at Jerry for permission/agreement/whatever, but his eyes were darting between Sue's pussy and tits. I could feel him growing through his pants. I had my agreement and stripped off my dress. As I reached for Jerry's zipper, Sue grabbed my wrist. "Why don't you try mine? It's already unwrapped so you can keep reading."

She pulled me over to the other couch, wrapped my hand around Paul's cock, and took my seat next to Jerry. "Please, keep reading, Yvonne. I assume it's alright if I play with this a little." she asked, releasing Jerry's dick from his pants and pulling his hand down to her pussy. I smiled and resumed reading. Sue said she loved the way I was forced to orgasm in front of strangers, and actually forced to orgasm BY the strangers who were working the remotes.

The story ended, when I stripped in the car and said, ""I've had enough of that for today. I wanna' be naked again!" Jerry just smiled and told me how proud he was of me." That set Sue off again and I felt myself getting close.

"The one thing you didn't get to do, Vanessa, was fuck another man. Jerry, you said, in the next part of that story, that you weren't sure if you were secure enough to share Vanessa with another man. How do you feel about that now?" She licked up one side of Jerry's dick and circled the head with her tongue. "How about it, Jerry? If Vanessa gets to fuck Paul, you get to fuck me."

Poor Jerry, with all his blood in his cock, there was none left for his brain; a common problem with men. After a long pause, Jerry nodded. "Great!" Sue said, "Vanessa should go first and I'm going to help." She slid off Jerry's lap and sat on the floor in front of me.

Sue pulled Paul's pants off and had me straddle him facing her. Sue gave my pussy a quick lick to make sure I was good and wet; I was plenty wet! She pushed me back a little and guided him into me. Sue licked my clit and stroked Paul's balls. While she worked on us, poor Jerry was sitting there on the other couch with his pecker hanging out.

Sue looked back at Jerry over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at him. "Don't you want some of this?" she asked. "Get those clothes off and get over here, now!" Jerry didn't need to be told twice. He nearly ripped his shirt and did pop the button off the waistband of his pants.

He knelt behind Sue, and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, and slid into her with one stroke. I could feel Jerry's rhythm transmitted through Sue's body. It felt like we were one big fucking machine. When he started to pick up speed, heading for an orgasm, Sue pulled away. "Don't come yet, Jerry. I have something special in mind."

She rearranged Paul and me; he was on his back on the floor. I straddled facing him and Sue stuck his dick back into me. Now he was really stretching me with that thick cock and I was gazing into those bedroom eyes. Sue drug a very wet tongue across my backside then started to stroke all around my asshole.

"I know Vanessa really likes anal play." she said to Jerry. "She spent half the stories with a plug in her ass. Does she like being fucked in the ass?" Jerry told her about fucking me while I had a butt plug in; how he'd fucked my ass while using a vibe or dildo in my pussy.

It felt very strange and exciting being discussed like a piece of fuck meat. All the while Sue was playing with my ass and Paul was pounding my pussy. "How would you like a DP, Double Penetration, Vanessa? We have two nice cocks here and I can wait. This is a special night for you."

Sue could tell that I was game from the look on my face. She took over and started arranging bodies. She put Jerry behind me and gave him a few licks. "Damn, my pussy tastes good!" She smeared some lube on his dick, slid a lubed finger into my ass, and guided Jerry in.

Paul held still while my husband slowly worked into my ass. When he was finally all the way in, Sue had the men hold still and told me that I should set the rhythm. I moved forward and inch or two then slammed back onto both cocks. Oh my GOD, what a feeling!!!

I kept that up for a few minutes until Sue told me to stop and hold still. "Now it's your turn to work, gentlemen. Jerry, start fucking her ass nice and slow. Paul, you know what to do, don't you, dear." Paul took up the rhythm moving out of my pussy when Jerry was pushing into my ass. "How does that feel, Vanessa?" I guess my moan said it all. "Go ahead and finish her off, guys. I think she's ready." Sue told them.

She left Jerry in charge of the pace. He fucked my ass long and slow, just the way I like it. Paul kept up a perfect counterpointe to Jerry's strokes. Sue later told me that Paul can screw all night and never come until he wants to. Jerry's not that good; he started to pick up speed as he got closer and closer to the edge. With one final shove Jerry filled my ass and collapsed on top of me.

Sue sent Jerry to the shower to clean up and wiped my ass gently. "How about a little two on one, Vanessa? I think you'll enjoy it." She laid on the floor and pulled me on top of her in a sixty-nine position. After a few licks of my wet pussy she told Paul to get busy. He knelt behind me and Sue guided his thick dick into me.

I felt Sue's mouth on my clit while Paul filled me up. Every few strokes Paul would pull all the way out and Sue's tongue would take over. They kept this up until the shower turned off. "Go ahead, Paul. You've done a great job, hasn't he, Vanessa." I grunted my agreement and buried my face in Sue's beautiful red haired pussy.

Paul increased his pace faster and faster until he came with a deep growl. That pushed me over the top and I came screaming into Sue's pussy. She pulled Paul away from me, told him to sit on the couch in front of me, and started gently licking my entire slit. "Clean him up, Vanessa. I remember reading that you liked the taste of pussy juice mixed with Jerry's come. I think you'll like Paul's just as much."

She was right. Paul's juice and mine made a great cocktail; pun intended. Paul's cock came back to attention quickly with my tongue work. Jerry always said I was a great cocksucker! Still on my hands and knees, Sue squirmed out from under me, when Jerry came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel.

Sue stole the towel and grabbed his cock on both hands. "I still want you to fuck me properly, but I have one more thing in mind for Vanessa tonight. She needs a cock in both ends. She's already half way there. Let's get you ready for this end."

Sue gave my butt a soft stroke and a quick slap and sat Jerry on the couch. She started licking all around the head and took the entire cock down her throat; I'm still working on that. He was hard in no time at all. "OK, you look ready, Jerry. Now you fuck this end" another swat on my butt "while Paul fucks her face."

I cannot begin to describe how this felt. Not better than the DP, but very, very nice. I knew Jerry could last a long time after coming in earlier but didn't know about Paul. Hell, I'd only fucked him once. Sue was stroking my boobs and ass and nibbling on my neck while the men crushed me between them. "Go ahead, Paul, give her another load. You'll know you've been fucked, Vanessa, when Paul is done with you. And, Jerry, don't get too excited. I still have plans for you tonight".

My wonderful husband kept up his strokes in my pussy. Paul's dick felt like it was growing thicker in my mouth. Paul took hold of my head, holding me still, while he fucked my face. His timing shifted back and forth so he would be in sync with Jerry, crushing me between them. Then he paused and picked up the rhythm off sync.

We kept this up until I felt Paul's grip on my head tighten. With a deep grunt he forced his way down my throat and gave me his second load of the night. Sue was right again; I knew I had been truly fucked, both ends! I needed a break.

Sue said Paul had an early meeting the next day and suggested he turn in. "I can take care of our guests." She said with a knowing grin. Paul said good night and told me how proud he was to be my first 'other' man. He kissed me deeply and said good night.

"Now it's Jerry's turn. Vanessa, let's put on a little show. We'll get him going" She kissed me and slid two fingers into my pussy. I did the same to her while Jerry watched. We kissed and fingered for a short while until I pulled Sue me off the couch onto the floor. I got behind her right in front of Jerry, so he could watch.

"How do you like this view? A perfect red-haired pussy. I know you've always had a thing for redheads." Jerry protested that he just enjoyed admiring God's handiwork. I stroked Sue's pussy and told Jerry how I'd seen him eyeing redheads many times. "You almost came in your pants when my cousin (a flaming redhead) wore her tiny bikini at that pool party. We've been to every Julianne Moore movie; at least the ones where she shows her tits. You even drool over the redhead in those commercials for Wendy's hamburgers. It's OK, dear. Now you're going to get to fuck the hell out of this red-haired pussy.

"I bet you'd love to lick this red hair too, wouldn't you? And how do you feel about these beautiful pink nipples? Go for it, Jerry. You deserve it!" He slid off the couch face first into Sue's snatch. He licked her while I kissed her and played with her firm tits. Sue came once with a scream that should have woken Paul up; could have wakened the dead. "Get up here and let us at that cock now. Jerry stood up so we could both get at him with our mouths.

When Jerry was nice and hard, we arranged ourselves into a sixty-nine with Sue on top. Sue shook her ass in his direction. "Come on, big boy. This is all ready for you. And, Vanessa, you have a ring side seat." Jerry knelt behind Sue with his knees on either side of my head. I gave his dick a quick lick and guided him into Sue. I could just reach her clit with the tip of my tongue while Jerry's balls slid back and forth over my face.

I pulled Jerry out of Sue and pulled his wet dick into my open mouth. Sue tasted GREAT! I pushed his dick aside and gave the beautiful pussy a couple of licks. Then I guided him back into Sue for another round. I did that two or three times until I saw Jerry's balls start to tighten up. He was close to coming so I attacked Sue's clit with my tongue.

They came together and I licked both of them clean. "Well, how was your first night of swinging?" Sue asked. We agreed it was fantastic. I promised to get Yvonne's help writing it up.

[Thanks, Yvonne, for so many things besides just the typing and editing. You've gotten me open to a whole new world. 'V']

(You're very welcome, Vanessa. It was my pleasure. And there was more pleasure to come. Read about that soon, I hope. 'Y']

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