tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne presents Vanessa's Adventure

Yvonne presents Vanessa's Adventure


Hi folks, Yvonne here again with somebody else's story again.

I got caught, not caught doing something naughty, caught writing about it. I was working on the story about Sue in the tropics on my personal laptop at work. Working on commission at a travel agency, doing personal stuff isn't a problem. I got a phone call and left my desk to get a brochure for a client, leaving my laptop open. When I got back another agent, Vanessa, was reading the story wide-eyed.

I finished my phone call while Vanessa finished reading the story. As soon as I hung up, I grabbed the laptop and sputtered something about that being private. Vanessa answered, "Private, hell, that's hot!" She started asking me questions about the story, the people, etc.

Over the next couple of days Vanessa kept pestering me about the story and how I came to write it. She told me some of the things she and her husband did, mild but interesting. Friday, I swore her to secrecy and told her about the stories on Literotica. Monday morning she looked like hell; she'd had little sleep but a lot of fun over the weekend. I'll let Vanessa tell her own story.

Vanessa here: I got home Friday and read Yvonne's Literotica submissions and some others in the Ex-Voyeur section. I'd been reading for about an hour when my husband, Jerry, got home and I attacked him. An hour later he was totally worn out he asked what got me so "hot to trot" his words.

I took him back to the computer, both of us still naked, and had him read the stories set at Paul and Sue's cabin. You'll see why the cabin stories were of such interest in a little bit. As he read those stories he went from too tired for more sex to ready for more. My hands and mouth on his dick as he read may have helped a little bit.

Yvonne says I should stop here and give a little background/info for the readers. I'm 42 years old but must look younger. I'm ALWAYS getting carded. I'm very petite, barely 5 feet tall and 110 pounds, with perky B-cup tits, Jerry's words. We've been married for almost 24 years with two kids. Our 8 pound son was born three months premature, six months after we were married. You do the math. Our daughter, 22 years old, finished college just last year. Be patient and I'll tie all this together.

While our daughter was in college, about 200 miles south of here, we found a great place to stay while visiting her. A family built several "Luxury Cabins" on land too hilly for farming. The luxuries include hot tub, gas fireplace, big screen TV, full kitchen, big deck, and LOTS of privacy. During four years of visits we stayed at all of the cabins. Our favorite cabin was one named Fern Glen.

Jerry and I always had an active sex life, witness the early and quick kids we had. The hot tub, deck, and fireplace only helped. We had our first outdoor sex (I don't count the times in the backseat of Jerry's old car) on the deck at the cabin after a soak in the hot tub. We played around with bondage with the big rustic bed. In front of the fireplace became one of our favorite places to screw. We loved "visiting" our daughter even when she was too busy with school and work to spend much time with us. The sex in the cabin was always the best. Plus there was an adult bookstore just 20 minutes from the cabin. We'd built up a nice collection of videos and toys of ALL kinds.

Well, after reading Yvonne's stories, and the others on Literotica, we began to get a little more adventurous. I started leaving my panties at home more often, wearing skirts and dresses to flash Jerry. This behavior lead to some more outdoor fucking at a local park and even the backseat of the car again. Jerry took me on a couple of late night car rides naked. He even talked me out of my clothes on a hike through a local state park. We were screwing like a couple of 20 year olds again.

Last summer, even though our daughter had graduated and moved away, we had a week's vacation planned at the Fern Glen cabin. Jerry and I had been doing more Literotica reading (including some stories by Nrlynkdbabe aka Nikki) and Jerry came up with a plan of his own.

I was starting to pack for the trip when Jerry told me about PART of his plan. "I'll pick out what you wear on this trip." he told me. "Just pack your shampoo, toothbrush, and such. I'll pack your clothes." The idea frightened me a little but intrigued me a lot. After all our years together I figured I could trust my husband. The day we left Jerry packed the car while I took a shower. I came out of the bathroom and found a pair of sandals and a light weight button up dress on the bed.

I told Jerry I liked his taste in travel attire and started to get out some underwear. "No!" Jerry told me. "I want you to wear this (the dress and sandals) and nothing else. No necklace, no jewelry, and NO underwear! I've packed everything you'll need. You're going to live out some of those adventures we've been reading about".

I was starting to get wet and we hadn't even left yet. I slipped on the chosen outfit, fairly modest with the front buttoned, although my nips did show a bit. Pinching and pulling at them, I made damn sure they were showing. I grabbed my makeup bag and we were off.

As soon as we were on the highway, Jerry told me to unbutton the bottom half of my dress exposing my legs and pussy. He turned on the car radio and started a CD of erotic stories. We bought a set of "Bedtime Stories" CD's at the dirty book store. I spent the next couple of hours listening and diddling myself. I'd even stopped covering up when we passed trucks on the interstate. It seemed like the more orgasms I had, the hornier I got.

One part of the trip we take 40 miles of old state highway, a two lane blacktop with very little traffic. As soon as we left the interstate Jerry pulled off the road and told me to take off my dress. I wasn't sure about riding around naked in broad daylight. I knew we wouldn't be passing any big trucks and I was getting into it, again thinking of Nikki's adventures.

I took off the dress "Sandals too!" he ordered, holding his hand out. I gave him the dress and sandals and watched as he stuffed everything into the glove compartment. He pulled back on the road as I buckled my seatbelt, now the only thing I was wearing. As hot as I was before, now I was ten times hotter. I rubbed my clit and twisted my nipples until I thought I would faint. "I need to fuck, and I need to fuck SOON!" Jerry told me to be a patient; he had a plan.

In 20 minutes we pulled off into a little roadside park, just a picnic table and trash can really. As soon as the car stopped I started to pull at Jerry's zipper. He pushed my hands away and got out of the car. He walked around to my side, got something out of the back seat, and opened my door to help me out. As soon as my feet hit the ground Jerry spun me around and locked my hands behind me. Handcuffs, that's what he got from the back seat.

Now I'm naked in a little roadside park, middle of the day, with my hands locked behind me. We're partially blocked from the road by the car but this is the MOST public I've ever been naked. Jerry led me over to the picnic table and opened his pants. He pushed me down on my knees and told me to get busy. I licked his dick up one side and down the other before sucking gently on the head. The more I worked around the head, the harder Jerry got.

Before he came Jerry pulled me off his dick and hoisted me up on the table. This put me at perfect fucking level. As he pumped, Jerry pulled a little vibe out of his pocket and started rubbing my clit. I learned what Sue had meant about letting go when she fucked outdoors. I screamed and almost fainted when I came. Jerry just kept pumping until he filled me with a giant load.

Jerry lifted me off the table and pushed me down on my knees, right at cock level. "Clean me up and keep your legs together." he ordered. I love the taste of my pussy and mixed with his seed; it's a real treat! As I got Jerry's dick clean he started to get hard again but he stopped me. "Let's save some for later."

Jerry pulled me to my feet, spun me around, uncuffed my hands, and sat me back on the table. "Now masturbate and make a good show of it." I spread my legs and felt his load start to ooze out. "Clean that up." he said. "You don't want to leave a mess in this nice park."

I scooped up all I could from my hole and licked my fingers clean. Gathering another hand full, I spread the juice across my tits and started rubbing myself very hard. I was building to another orgasm. Jerry pulled a little camera out of his pocket and started taking pictures. "I want to remember this performance." he told me.

I was embarrassed, excited, and worried about naked pictures showing up someday. Then I noticed Jerry was taking close-ups of my face. "Keep going, Vanessa. Look straight into the camera." he directed. "Imagine there are a thousand horny men watching you, waiting for you to cum. Make eye contact. Put on the best show you can for your audience." A direct quote from one of the stories about Sue masturbating outdoors.

I kept rubbing and Jerry kept shooting pictures until I came shaking and screaming on the roadside picnic table. I looked at the pictures later, all you could see was my face, but what a face it was. I never knew I looked like that for an orgasm!

Jerry had to help me back to the car and with my seatbelt, still the only thing I wore. We continued down the narrow state highway approaching a little town. I started to get nervous about traffic and somebody seeing me in the town. "Shouldn't I put my dress back on?" I asked.

"No, dear, you'll be fine. Just relax and enjoy." It was hard to relax but I sure did enjoy. The town (no I can't name it) is just a few dozen houses, one combination bar/store/gas station, and one four-way stop sign, where another state highway crosses. I knew there would be traffic. I was SCARED!

As we approached the edge of town, where the speed limit drops, I started to protest. "Lay your seat back all the way, dear." Now I was a little less visible, but we were slowing down for the four-way stop. "Spread your legs." Jerry told me. He reached over and slid two fingers into me started rubbing my clit with his thumb. That makes me so hot!

I felt our car stop then pull ahead twice; we were moving up to the stop sign. We pulled to a final stop at the edge of the intersection. I could hear a big truck to my right. Jerry waved the truck to go ahead, and I saw the driver looking down into our car. He spotted me and slowed down as he drove through the intersection. He looked straight at me, waved and honked. I only hope the sound of his horn drowned out my scream as I came one more time.

As soon as the truck passed, Jerry drove quickly through the intersection and headed out of town. "How could you do that?" I asked. Jerry pulled his fingers out of me and licked them off. "It tastes like you were pretty turned on. Do you want to go back?" he asked. I told him no but started twisting my nipples again.

Before we got back on the interstate Jerry stopped and got my dress out of the glove box. "We have another hour's drive and a stop for groceries before we get to the cabin. Do you think you can behave that long?" I slipped the dress on but only buttoned it at the waist.

We pulled into the little college town and I reluctantly buttoned up the top of my dress. At the grocery store I buttoned two more so my pussy wasn't on display, unless the wind blew. We picked up bread, milk, etc. while I flashed for Jerry, after making sure there were no security cameras.

We loaded the car and headed out of town to our cabin for the week. After we passed the last traffic light Jerry stopped the car and told me to give him my dress and sandals again. I was worried about being seen by people in the other cabins, or the owners. "Don't worry." he told me. "I talked to Judy (the owner) and they're gone this week. The whole family will be out of town. None of the other cabins are rented so we'll have the whole property to ourselves."

He told me this as he stuffed my dress and sandals in the glove box and locked it. "Since nobody's there, you won't need this dress at all. You're going to spend most of the rest of the week naked, Vanessa." I started to shake with a combination of fear and excitement. "Plus, that's the only clothing you have for this trip." A week naked, I came on the spot.

As we drove the last 15 minutes to the cabin I asked Jerry what his plans were. "We may go out to eat a couple of evenings." he told me. "We'll definitely make a trip to the dirty bookstore. I suppose you can wear your dress then. But you have no underwear or jewelry, dear. I want you totally naked, like in the stories from Yvonne. You have to fulfill any sexual request that you can. AND you can request anything sexual that you want." Another quote from one of Yvonne's stories.

We unloaded the car. The gravel driveway was a little rough on my bare feet, but the setting sun and the wind felt great on my bare everything else! I picked up the suitcase that I thought held my clothes. It was very light but rattled a lot. Jerry had packed all the sex toys we had. There were dildos everywhere. We had a nice collection of vibrators for all my openings. I really enjoy having a vibe in my butt while we screw or when I masturbate. There was a nice collection of ropes and straps to go with the handcuffs I wore earlier.

It was just getting dark when we finished unpacking the car and putting the groceries away. "I'm not sure I could do this in the daylight," I told Jerry, "but I'd like try a naked mile now." Jerry grabbed the car keys and a flashlight and pulled me out the door.

We checked the odometer and headed toward the main road. When we reached the end of the lane it was just over half a mile. "Do you want to go from here?" Jerry asked me. I don't know what was magic about a "Mile" but I had to do it all.

"No, I want to do this right." I told him. "Turn right toward town, and watch the numbers." This was a little farm road, barely two lanes wide. Plus, at night, I figured I'd be able see the headlights of any cars coming.

Jerry made the turn and drove until the odometer clicked over. He turned the car around and unlocked the doors. "Take the flashlight, Vanessa. It'll be very dark as soon as I'm gone." I protested that I didn't want the flashlight. Jerry drove away and he was right; it was DARK! I squatted next to the road waiting to hear the car horn.

While I waited, the sounds of the night started to appear. There were two owls either making a date or having an argument; I couldn't tell which. A warm wind picked up stirring the trees while a creek sang just down the hill. Suddenly the night split with three quick beeps from the car horn. I knew I was all alone a mile away from any clothing or anybody. I knew why Yvonne found this so stimulating!

I stepped out onto the road ready to turn on the flashlight when the clouds split, revealing a huge full moon rising. After waiting in the dark, the moonlight looked like the noonday sun. Feeling a little silly, I turned around and mooned the moon. Wanting my hands free, I spotted a sign just off the road and stashed the flashlight (planning to retrieve it the next day) and started walking, almost skipping, back to the cabin.

I walked along the road, listening for any cars, and enjoying the night breezes on my skin. As soon as I reached the turnoff to the cabins I felt a little less nervous, no more chance of cars, and a lot more horny. Stopping just inside the fence I leaned against the gate post and started playing with myself. Half way to my orgasm I saw movement off to my right. Three deer walked out of the shadows and stopped dead, looking straight at me.

I didn't know if I should be scared but it was too late to stop! The deer stared at me and cocked their heads as I kept rubbing myself and started breathing harder. The four legged audience, the fresh air, and moonlight got me so hot! I came and screamed, scaring the deer away, as I collapsed. I may have fainted for a moment; when I looked again the deer were gone and so was the moon, behind the clouds.

It was very dark with the moon hiding, but I could see the lights of our cabin up ahead. I walked through the grass, avoiding the course gravel on the road and enjoying the feeling on my feet. Half way to the cabin I stumbled on a root and fell to my hands and knees. The grass felt good there too so I rolled around in the fresh dew. That led to another round of self play lying on my back in the grass.

Staggering back to my feet I headed for the cabin. Jerry was waiting for my on the front porch with all the lights on. "I was starting to get worried." he told me. "Your naked mile took over 45 minutes. Did you get delayed, and where's my good flashlight?"

I quickly told him about the moonlight, stashing the flashlight, the deer, and rolling in the grass. All this got Jerry horny and got me juicing up again. He bent me over the porch rail and cuffed my hands around one of the posts. I felt his hands grope me and he spit on my asshole. Next there was a vibrating shaft sliding into my ass, my favorite butt plug.

Jerry fingered my cunt and tweaked the plug in my ass as he slapped both butt cheeks. That really got me going! Being shackled to the rail, ass in the open air made me even hotter. As I started to come again, Jerry replaced his fingers with his dick. I pressed back against him as hard as I could. He pulled out and slapped my ass and plunged his dick into me over and over again. This time I know that I fainted when I came; Jerry told me so as he unlocked my hands.

Jerry sat me on a low bench, with the vibrating plug still in my ass, and had me clean my juices him off his dick by mouth. I pulled Jerry's pants and shorts down and motioned him to get rid of his shirt. Standing up I led him by his cock out into the yard. As the moon came out again we had one more good screw rolling around in the grass.

It was only the first day of our vacation and I'd already cum at least a dozen times. I don't remember removing the butt plug; it was in the bed when I woke the next morning. The battery was dead but it gave its life in a good cause.

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