tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne Presents: Sue's First Ch. 02

Yvonne Presents: Sue's First Ch. 02


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We got back to the cabin and I let Paul unload the car while I headed for a real shower. This time I used the outdoor shower on the deck. Even after our rinse off in the lake, there was still mud in my hair and in my ass crack. I even found a small twig in my pubes. Paul finally joined me in the shower and we both got very clean.

Paul got dressed and told me he was going into town to pick up mail as I was drying off. I gave him a big kiss, rubbing his crotch, and told him to hurry back. He said he'd be back in about an hour and headed out the door. I finished drying and went back to the bedroom. I'd started to pick clean clothes out of my suitcase when I stopped. Why did I need any clothes? The wind and the sun felt great on my skin! Tossing everything back in the suitcase, I grabbed a good book and headed for the deck.

After a half hour of reading and sun, I was hungry and headed for the kitchen. While I was eating a sandwich I spied my new vibrator on the counter with a couple of frayed tent ropes. Paul said he had to replace them before repacking the tent. I found a pair of scissors and prepared a surprise for Paul's return. He WAS surprised; I was REALLY surprised!

I cut the rope into four pieces, picked up the vibrator, and moved to the living room. I tied slip knots in one end of each rope (I'm an old girl scout). I tied two of the ropes to the front legs of a big soft chair and tied the other two to the sides of the chair. Slipping my feet and one hand through the loops I pulled them tight and started working the vibrator on my pussy with my free hand and waited for Paul to return.

After about 15 minutes Paul's car pulled into the driveway. I slipped the toy into my snatch, slid my free hand into the remaining loop, pulled it tight, and waited. I could hear the car doors and trunk open and close and Paul walking through the door from the garage. "Where are you, Sue?" he called from the kitchen. "I've got a surprise for you."

"I'm in the living room." I called. "And I've got a surprise for you." Well his surprise was bigger than mine. Paul walked out of the kitchen half a step behind a tall gorgeous redhead. She spotted me before Paul did and big smile spread across her face.

"It looks like you have a real thing for redheads." she told Paul. "And frisky redheads at that." As I wiggled around trying to free my hands I was rubbing the vibrator against the chair seat. The harder I squirmed, the more pressure I put on the vibrator. I was trying to get myself loose but getting myself hotter in the process. Paul and his beautiful friend just stood there smiling while I came.

Paul introduced me to Nancy (You've read about her in Yvonne's Fourth of July story) while he was untying one of my hands. He must have been nervous, or stalling, because he took forever trying to get one hand loose. Nancy crossed the room and started untying my other hand. Meanwhile the vibrator is still working its magic on my twat.

I was getting close to another orgasm while my lover and a stranger stood right next to me working on the ropes. Nancy took pity on me and asked if I wanted her to take the vibrator out. "No!" I whispered. "Move it around!" Nancy grabbed the toy and started thrusting it in and out of me. "Play with my clit." I said to no one in particular. Paul gave up on the rope and reached down to pinch my nipples and play with my clit.

This phrase may be getting old by now, but I came harder than I ever had before. I think I saw stars and I must have passed out for a moment. When I came to my senses, Paul had gotten my right hand free. I grabbed Nancy's hand and pulled the vibrator out of my cunt. Still in a daze, I started licking my juices off the toy. Before I knew what was happening, all three of us were cleaning the vibrator off with our tongues.

I started to apologize to Nancy while I worked my other hand and both feet out of the ropes. She told me not to worry; I made a great first impression! She said she liked naked girls almost as much as she liked naked men, and asked me how I felt about naked girls. I admitted that, other than quick glimpses in the locker room, I'd never really seen another woman naked.

"We can fix that." she said. "Take my clothes off, Sue." I sat transfixed wondering what to do next. "Come on and stand up." she directed, pulling me to my feet. I slowly started unbuttoning her blouse as I stared at the beautiful skin on her neck and shoulders. Once her blouse was off, she directed me toward her shorts.

They quickly fell to the floor leaving Nancy standing over me in simple white panties and bra. "Pull my bra straps down." she instructed me. "Scoop my tits out." she continued. She had me reach behind her to unhook her bra putting her tits right in my face. Sue tossed her bra on the floor as she stepped out of her sandals. She now stood in front of me with nothing but her panties on.

"Now for the good part." Nancy smiled. "Take my panties off; don't use your hands." I knelt down grasping one side of the waistband in my teeth and pulled down. Switching to the other hip I pulled her panties down enough to see just a wisp of red pubic hair. I turned Nancy around and stuck my tongue into the back of the waistband revealing most of her ass. Two more tugs on the sides and her panties fell in a heap at her feet.

I gazed up and down her perfect body. "You like?" she asked plopping down on the couch in front of me and spreading her legs. "Take a closer look at the good parts." she said stroking her red fur, right in front of my face. "You can touch, if you like." she told me.

I had no idea where Paul was or what he was doing while I was undressing his friend. He sat down on the couch next to Nancy with a bottle of wine and three glasses. "Anybody else thirsty?" he asked as he filled all three glasses. I drained my glass for courage and turned back to the first pussy I'd ever seen, up close. I'd never even looked at my own this closely.

Nancy spread her outer lips and gave me a quick view of her anatomy. I slowly reached up and stroked her thighs just brushing across her pubes. That caused her to shudder and her lips to spread open further. Without even thinking, I stroked her up and down. "Put some fingers in." she coached. I slid one, then two fingers into her vagina and caressed her clit with my thumb. Meanwhile, Paul had one of her nipples in his mouth while he pinched the other.

Nancy reached down and pulled my fingers out of her snatch and stuck them in my mouth. "How do I taste?" she asked. I just smiled around my mouthful of fingers. "Go for it. Eat me!" she whispered. This was brand new for me but I knew what I enjoyed when being licked. I slurped up both sides of her slit then plunged my tongue as far in her vagina as I could. I licked up both sides of her clit and circled it with the tip of my tongue.

I plunged two fingers deep into her snatch and made a 'come here' motion stroking her G-Spot. Keeping that going, I licked her clit as it grew. I latched onto her clit and kept sucking it while I teased it with my tongue. I guess I must have a talent for pussy eating, or Paul had taught me well, because Nancy didn't last long.

She grabbed the back of my head with both hands pulling my face into her crotch and started moaning. Nancy kept moaning and humping my face faster and faster. With Paul still working on her nipples, she arched her back moaning, "Don't stop. Oh, God, don't stop!" She slumped back on the couch spent, pulled me up beside her, and gave me a long wet kiss tasting her own juices. "It's been a real pleasure meeting you, Sue!"

Nancy said she was starving and sent Paul off to the kitchen to make lunch. She later told me that orgasms make her hungry. While Paul busy getting lunch ready, we girls got better acquainted. Nancy told me how she first met Paul when he was a 17 year old virgin. He was working with his uncle fixing up the cabin. Uncle Dave left Paul alone to scrape the deck while he made sales calls. After working on the deck all day, Paul drove into town to eat.

Nancy was working as a waitress at her family's restaurant, now Charlie's Kitchen. After flirting with the tall beautiful waitress through his meal, Paul tried to buy some beer with his fake ID. He now admits to being young, stupid, and horny. Nancy told him, "You might pass for 21 or 22, not 30 like this things says. You already told me your name was Paul. And this ID says your name is Chuck."

Sorry, I got off track there. I'll summarize: Before Uncle Dave got back from his next sales trip, Paul was still 17, no longer a virgin, and the deck still need scraping. Nancy had him meet her on the island where this story started. He had to swim there without the benefit of a swimsuit. He got to spend the day naked where he had me spend the night naked.

Back to the story:

Nancy spent the rest of the week with us at the cabin. She and I spent most of the time naked, much to Paul's delight. I learned a lot more about girl loving and Paul got some wonderful two-girl blow jobs. My favorite was the same as Yvonne's, Nancy on top of me in a sixty-nine while Paul screwed her inches from my face.

Paul was still doing sales calls in the mornings, giving Nancy and me time to play. We had one problem being totally naked; we both had very long hair. Nancy was complaining about hair in her face one day when I suggested a craft project. We headed out into the woods naked. Using my old girl scout training, I found some thin vines near the lake (Yes, the same ones Yvonne used to tie me up in the mud).

We each chewed off a three foot piece, feeling like naked cave women. We made a two inch ring of vine and braded the rest around the edge of the rings. With the vine rings and a small stick, we each had hair tie we could wear and still feel naked. And, yes, that was the hair thingy that Nancy wore the night we entered the contest years later.

Yvonne made me tell that part of the story.

On the way back to the cabin I slipped and fell into a mud hole (Yes, the same one where I later ate Yvonne). Nancy laughed at me until I threw a handful of mud, hitting her square in the boobs. We ended up wrestling in the mud having a great time. We didn't even hear Paul's car pull in. He found us laughing, covered with mud, next to the lake. We tried to attack him with mud bombs but he beat us to the punch and turned the hose on us. Damn, that water was COLD!

Saturday morning the phone rang while we were eating breakfast. "It's your brother Charlie." Paul told Nancy. "He'll be here in a few minutes." I asked if we should get dressed and Paul and Nancy laughed. "Charlie is a bigger horn-dog than his sister. He'd love to find the two of you bare-assed!" Paul told me.

Nancy explained as we got ready (make up and combing hair) for company. She and Charlie had been fooling around since they were kids. "Incest is best!" she said. "It's a game the whole family can play. We'd love to welcome you into the family too. How about if Charlie meets you the same way I did, tied naked to a chair?"

Paul loved the idea and the ropes were still attached to the chair. They tied me up good and tight and worked on my pussy while waiting for Charlie. By the time we heard his car, I was good and hot. Nancy wedged the vibrator in me and gave me a big kiss as the car stopped and the engine went silent. Nancy and Paul retreated to the bedroom leaving me in front of the open door to the driveway.

I could hear the car door close and heavy footsteps coming up the porch stairs. A giant shadow appeared in the doorway. "Come on in." I said. Charlie stepped into the room almost ducking to clear the door frame. "Hi, I'm Sue, a friend of Paul and Nancy's and I'm going to come. Will you help me?"

"I'd love to help a lady in distress. But what's in it for me?" he asked. I asked what he had in mind for his reward. "I think a blow job would be about right for this kind of distress." I nodded agreement and Charlie went to work on the vibrator. He worked it in and out of me while flicking my clit with his tongue. In less than a minute I exploded collapsing in the chair.

Charlie bent down and freed my feet and one hand from the loops. He untied the last rope from the chair, leaving it attached to my hand. He lifted me out of the chair and turned me around pulling my hands behind me. Charlie quickly tied my hands behind me and said it was time for his reward.

I got on my knees, smiling up at Charlie, as he pulled out a giant cock. My jaw dropped at the sight of this monster, unsure if I could get my mouth around it. Well, it wasn't easy but I did it. After licking up and down both sides and all around the head, I managed to get six inches or so between my lips. I briefly wished I had my hands free to help, but I felt so helpless and so in control using just my mouth. I loved it!

As Charlie came with a low grunt, Sue and Paul jumped out of the bedroom and yelled "SURPRISE!" Sue helped me up and kissed me licking my lips clean. She grabbed Charlie by the pecker and told him how she'd missed his mega-dick. "How about a quickie for old time's sake, brother dear?" she suggested. "Let's give Sue a ringside seat."

They laid me on the floor and Sue got on her hands and knees with her twat right above my face so Charlie could fuck her doggie style. Charlie had gotten rid of his pants by the time he knelt behind her. His half hard cock flopped in my face and I licked him back to full size. When he was hard again, he plunged all the way into his sister with one stroke. We were all a lot younger then, so it didn't take Charlie long to work up a full head of steam and I ended up with a face full of come.

I was still lying on the floor after Charlie and Nancy got up. Paul helped me get up on my knees. I asked if anybody was going to untie my hands. "Why don't you stay like that?" Nancy suggested. "I think we can all have some fun!" For the rest of the afternoon I was passed around like a party favor. I ate Sue out with the guys watching. I gave Paul a great blow job while Nancy and Charlie diddled each other.

Later I said I had to pee. Nancy led me out to the deck, plopped me in a chair, and started eating me. I warned her when I was about to come (and pee) but she kept tonguing me until I let loose drenching both of us. The pee-gasm was fast becoming my favorite gasm! After a quick shower Sue untied my hands and led me back into the cabin. Paul was dressed but Charlie was just wearing a t-shirt.

"Are you ready to try the beast?" Charlie asked stroking his giant cock. I gulped and said I'd give it a try but with lots of lube. Sue got a tube of K-Y from her purse and spread it all over and deep into my pussy. I laid on the kitchen counter while Sue guided Charlie into me. It took almost five minutes for him to get ten inches into me. When he started slowly pumping, Sue put my hand on my stomach so I could feel the moving bulge.

It took Charlie almost fifteen minutes to climax. I didn't mind as I came three times before he did. I told Paul that I still loved his dick but that Charlie was really amazing. Paul said he understood and told me he loved my beautiful red-haired pussy.

Charlie and Nancy had to get back to town. They were both working at their family's restaurant that night. Paul and I cleaned up and packed for our drive home on Sunday. That week was my sexual awakening. I went from a girl too shy to masturbate in front of my boyfriend to a wild woman rolling naked in the mud and fucking people I just met. I loved it!

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