tagMatureZach Ch. 01 The Widow Farmer

Zach Ch. 01 The Widow Farmer


WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including anal and breeding. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is another story of Zach's special powers. This story was born out of a recent road trip through the Deep South.

Zach Ch1. The widow farmer

Zach's car breaks down and he pays for lodging the best way he knows how.

From previous stories you might know that a bicycle accident left me in a coma from a brain concussion. When I awoke I discovered I had a mind control ability that worked only with woman. It allows me to touch females and leave them with a sense of euphoria or I can center my power on specific sexual centers of their bodies or target specific thought centers to enhance feelings. I never use my powers to force females into doing bad things but I do tap into their deep needs when a situation arises and bring those feelings to the surface. This story is just one of those occasions. I've added special paragraphs when the women where deep in their own thoughts.

I had a break from med-school and decided to drive home to visit my mom and sister and my two baby daughters. Yep, both are mine and mom and sis are their mother. Those stories are on my member page for your enjoyment.

Since the early death of my dad left all three of us financially sound I owned a special sorts car which I decided to drive through the back country instead of the super highways. I was in a real rural area of farmlands and scattered houses. I crested a hill and saw a sleepy small town below and that was when the engine started acting up. I coasted into a service station and the guy said he would look it over and call me at the diner across the street.

I walked in and took a seat at the counter. A waitress with a few years on her walked down to my spot while I looked her over and the menu. Her uniform top displayed the customary thick cleavage needed to generate good tips and her deep green eyes summed me up.

Marie: "Oh my, what a nice hunk of man that just dropped into my world. Daaamm, he's eating me up with those deep bedroom eyes. Where is that truck driving man of mine gonna be when I get off work? Yum, my poor kitty is getting all moist. Daaamm, I gotta stop thinking about him."

"What are you gonna have there dearie?" she said sweetly.

"My car broke down and the guy across the street is gonna call here and let me know the damage," I replied, "So how about just a cup of coffee and a slice of that apple pie."

I watched her walk away admiring her nice full ass and fiery red hair tied up in a bun. Of course I watched her full bosom as the pie and coffee appeared.

Marie: "Damm he's got his eyes buried right between my tits. I wonder what his cock would feel like sliding up between them. Damm, I'm so horny."

"See anything else you like, sweetie?" she said with a little laugh.

I laughed also at being busted and said "it's obvious I'm enjoying the view in this sleepy little town. Thank you ma'am for bringing some beauty into my life."

"Well aren't you just the sweetest young thing," she laughed again.

The phone rang and the waitress took the call and listened for a bit then hung up and came over to me and told me the bad news. Shop had to special order a fuel pump and it won't be here for days, this being so rural. She also said I was out of luck finding a motel having no car.

I placed one hand on her arm and leaked out a small amount of my power and warmed her sense of safety. Her name tag was to the left of her cleavage so I leaned over the counter and tapped her name tag with my pointer. I let the three other fingers make contact with the side of one breast as I leaked out my power and warmed her girly parts.

"Why don't you take me home for a few days and nights, Marie?" I said softly and sweetly.

Marie: "Oh holy hell what did he just do to me? My tits and kitten are on fire. I'm leaking into my panties. I want him to fuck me right here bent over this counter."

I watched as Marie's cleavage turned bright red and she had a little difficulty forming her first reply as my power floated throughout her. She laughed to help her focus then whispered back, "Well sugar, my truck driving boyfriend won't take too kindly to my having a bad boy over to our place. And you are a bad boy, aren't you sugar?"

"No not really. It's really you warm blooded full bodied women that take advantage of me," I said smirking. "Besides maybe your man will get a long-haul phone call this afternoon and won't even be around."

Marie slapped my hand on her arm and laughed again. "You really are a bad boy, aren't you but let me think. My baby sister lives in that farmhouse back off the road just past the dinner. She needs hired-hand help and could put you up for a few days, IN THE BARN," Marie growled. "She lost her husband in a freak accident so if you try any funny business with my baby sister they won't find any trace of you or your car. You understand sweetie?" she threatened.

"Don't worry ma'am, I'll be a real gentleman. You can really trust me on that! I've always relied on the kindness of strangers," I promised laughing also.

"Then off with you, you tempting heart breaker," Marie said laughing back.

Marie: "I watched that tight ass walk out of my diner and out of my range. I felt a little sorry for my little sister, Kate, but I know she needs a good fuck to break her out of her funk and that young man is just the one to do it. Damm I wish I could go next. I'll call my boyfriend and see what his plans are tomorrow. Yes, I think I'd like to have some of that man candy. Yum!"

I walked the half mile to the driveway and another quarter mile to the side porch. I looked around the farm yard and saw several things that needed mending right away. I knocked on the door and waited.

Kate: "Damm, I'm so busy, who the hell can that be at this time of day."

I stood there spell bound when the door opened. There stood a younger version of Marie. Long red hair fell down to her waist. Before she spoke she pulled her hair back and her large breasts were displayed and contained in a see through white blouse and satin bra. I could detect her nipples were pushing out. I ran my eyes down her body along her western skirt and long legs ending in cowboy boots. She was moving her thighs under her skirt and it caused her skirt to sway. She was a bit shorter than I and would have to tippy-toe up to kiss me. (Oops where did that come from?) She was older than me by maybe ten years but she was still a knock-out. As the saying goes, 'She would make a good hunting dog run away from home'.

Kate: "Holly dam who is this? He's eating me up with those eyes. My hair is a mess, I look terrible. Why am I even acting this way? I'm so embarrassed I can feel my nipples getting hard and I'm sure he can see them. Oh my, I'm getting my panties wet. What the hell is going on here? Am I that lonely that I'm coming undone, weak in the knees, all school girl stupid?"

When she finally spoke it was as sweet as a siren's song and I was lost. "Can I help you, sugar?" flowed out sweetly across her lips. I couldn't find my words. "Come on sugar, there must be a reason you knocked on my door all sweaty and all. Are you afraid of this old lady standing here?"

"You're not old. Your beauty is taking my breath away. I can hardly remember why I'm here," I said stupidly as I watched her breasts rise and fall and tried to look above into her spellbinding green eyes.

Kate: "He thinks I'm beautiful? I'm so old and he's so young. I think he'd do me right on this porch if I reached out and kissed him. Kissed those full wet lips and mussed his hair and pushed my tits into his sweaty hot chest. Damm, stop girl! I'm losing control. I need to calm done and get this under control."

"Well sugar, I know you didn't walk all the way up here to tell me how beautiful I am, so take a deep breath and see if you can get it out," she said starting to laugh.

That broke the spell and I told her, her sister sent me up here and I told her the story with the car and that perhaps I could work for my keep and you could put me up 'IN THE BARN', as I growled like her sister.

She laughed deeply "My big sister is always looking out for me. Yes I think we can make some work for room and board arrangement. My name is Kate, by the way. And what is yours?" she said so sweetly staring into my soul.

I know I'm still young but I've never been unnerved like now in the presence of this woman. "My, my name is Zach," I managed to get out.

"Well Zach why don't you calm down sweetie. I feel like you wanna eat me for lunch. We can get started in the barn, especially since you will be sleeping in there," she laughed at me again. Her voice and sweet attitude would make a diabetic need insulin. I actually blushed deeply thinking about eating her for lunch and I followed her blushing down to between her nice full breasts.

We went around the barn and had a list of chores finally defined. In a few places she had to lean over and I stared as her skirt crept up the backs of her thighs. She turned and caught me and in almost the same way as her sister she whispered, "See anything else you like, sweetie?" and again had her little laugh. I just had no excuse.

"All that work should take you to supper time then we could discuss were to bunk you down." She took my hand to shake on the plan and I was so unnerved by all her beauty my power poured out into her. Her hand squeezed mine tightly and her deep green eyes went all misty. She rocked her hips back and forth and I sensed my horror that I had made her pussy go all moist and her nipples get rock hard. She held my hand for so long as I tried to dissipate those intense feelings. I felt her longing and loneliness hidden deep within her. There was sadness also.

Kate: "Oh my god! What the hell was that? What did he just do to me? My body is on fire. I haven't felt this way since before John died. Oh how I miss him and his beautiful cock and the way he made me cum, over and over, till the sheets were soaked. SOAKED? My panties are SOAKED! I want this boy's cock in my pussy right here, right now, right on this barn floor. Oh my god girl, get control of yourself. I'm acting like the town slut."

Kate finally broke loose and whispered that she better let me get to my work. I watched her hips sway the little skirt as she walked back to the house. She looked back once or twice and the last time kinda flipped the skirt up real high in the back and laughed loudly.

Kate: "I showed him my panties! He saw my ass! What were you thinkin' girl. I know what he's thinkin'. He's thinkin' of shoving that big cock up my ass and pulling on my hair like I'm a breed mare! Oh stop, stop, stop Katie. You're driving yourself crazy. He don't what an old mare like me! Just let it go."

I worked hard in the barn doing the agreed chores. Each time I walked out into the courtyard I could see Kate standing at the kitchen window looking out at me. The last time it happened I threw Kate a kiss as a joke but I saw her bring her hand up to her lips and keep it there.

Kate: "Oooah daamm, he can see me watching him. I'm such a slut. He don't want me. OH MY GOD, a kiss, he threw me a kiss. I want his lips right here. And husband forgive me I want his lips on my pussy lips. Oooah daamm, I just soaked my panties full on wet. I feel like I just peed my panties like a little school girl. I'm gonna take them off. And my bra too! Then I'm gonna wash that sweaty stallion down till he's naked and suck his big cock till he drowns the back of my throat. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna be his cock slut! I'm gonna give him every hole in my body and if I never see him again I'll live with his memory forever!"

Putting away the final tools for the day I heard a noise behind me. Kate had a bucket of steamy water and was holding a bar of soap and a rag towel. She put the bucket down and got one of her horses' blankets and spread it out. She motioned me to remove my sneakers and step onto the blanket. I went to say something and Kate brought her finger to her lips and shhoooched me.

"When my stallions are worked hard I wash them down here in the barn, top to bottom. So you just hush now and let me do my job," Kate said in a soft sing-song way. She stepped up to me and began to unbutton my shirt. She ran her hands across my sweaty chest and shoulders to remove the shirt then carefully folded it and lay it on the other end of the blanket. She brought her hands to her face to catch my scent and breathed deeply.

"Turn around, Zach, your back is all sweaty too," she said softly. I then felt her press her large firm breasts against my back. "It's been too long since I smelt a strong manly scent of a man doing a full day's work. Just relax sugar," she whispered as she laid her head on my back and breathed deeply.

I heard the water and soon felt the warm soft rag glide across my shoulders as Kate began to bathe me. My arms and back were caressed in the warmth. "Turn around, sweetie," she whispered. When I did she laid her cheek on my torso and breathed deeply again. Her tongue came out and licked across my nipple and chest then across to the other one.

"Kate," I tried to say but she quickly said, "Hush now you sweet boy, let mama get you all clean," and she soaped my chest and arm pits and down my abs to my belt. She reached for my buckle and unzipped and lowered my pants and my boxers to my feet. She motioned for me to step out of all of that.

What I have always loved about my cock is that it stays a full thick round eight inches long soft then only gets harder when aroused.

"I can see I do have a stallion to wash down," Kate moaned. Instead of kneeling Kate squatted down like a baseball catcher. Her skirt slid down her thighs showing me a nice reddish muff hiding between her thighs. Kate looked down following my eyes. "I'm sorry I'm so full down there but no one has seen it in so long I didn't bother," she whispered.

I was shocked to see she had no panties on. Then looking up at her damp blouse I saw that the bra was also gone. Only she knew if they both came off in the kitchen or she had decided to change in her bedroom after the tossed kiss.

"That's ok Kate. From what I can see it looks very pretty and I will be able to dry my chin in that thick bush," I said laughing and Kate moaned and whimpered.

Kate hugged my legs and my cock found its way between her cleavage. She reached around and washed the backs of my legs and up onto my ass cheeks. I watched Kate get her hands soapy then reached both back and used her soapy fingers in my ass crack. She washed my crack and anus and taint with just her hands then rinsed.

She knelt to wash the front of my legs then soaped her hands again. She looked up at me with her deep green eyes and I nodded. She soaped each of my balls softly and tenderly. She soaped her hands again and slid them up and down my now rock hard cock. Still soapy, she slid my cock between her bare large breasts getting her blouse more wet. She soaked the rag and squeezed it out over my cock and her tits. She sat back on her haunches and I saw that her blouse was transparent and her hard dark nipples were pushing out the fabric.

Kate: "I want his cock. I want his cock in my wet mouth. I want his cock at my throat. I want his cock to drown my tongue with its hot thick cum. I want to taste his cum. I wanna drink his cum. I wanna drown from his hot, thick heavy load of cum!"

Kate looked up again with longing and need and captured my dickhead with her lips. She slowly lowered her lips down my dick shaft until I swear she took it all. She stunningly gave me the best warmest blowjob I've had in some time. She was worshiping my cock, making love to every inch of my dick. Her mouth was so warm and the tongue so wet licking my cockhead. Over many minutes she brought me to the edge then back down over and over like she was afraid it would all end for her. She went at my hard eight inches with all her desire until I could take no more and I reached for her hair.

Kate slid my cock out of her mouth. "No, no, my stallion. This is the mare's job to make you cum. Now be still and give me all your hot tick cum deep down my throat," she growled.

She pounded her mouth and throat on my cock until I was busting, swollen at the point of no return once more. Her delicate fingers massaged my balls and back towards my anus. I felt my cum boil in my balls and begin their hot purposeful rise up my hard shaft. Just when I thought I could take no more a soapy finger touched my anus and slid in deep.

"DAmmm IT! Here it comes! Get all my hot thick cum, my sorrel mare. Take it all from your hired stud stallion. Suck it all out. Swallow it all!" I yelled and pushed my cock against her chin.

Kate sucked it all and coaxed more out my dickhead by moving her finger around in my ass. When she was sure I was done she slid her lips to my dickhead and cleaned it off with her swirling tongue.

Kate: "His cock went all in way down my throat. His cum was hot and thick and I loved it. It warmed my mouth and tummy and thawed my frozen heart. I wanted it all! I needed all of those hot thick ropes of his stallion cum. I sucked his cock like a filly suckling on its mother's teats. I want more! I wanna show him he can have all of me. I wanna show him all of me. Ooohhh I'm lost. I'm done in. I am his cum slut now. Now I want his baby. I want him to destroy my pussy with that stallion cock, over and over till I scream his name and cum all over his driving cock!

She stood up tied her red hair in a bun on her head. Her face was flushed and her eyes bore into me seeking out what she desperately wanted. She took off her wet blouse and shook her big tits. She unzipped her skirt and it dropped to her feet. Her clothes off she stood proudly before me and presented herself for my use. Her deep breathing caused her firm breasts to rise and fall. She had freckles on her upper chest which disappeared into her cleavage. She watched my eyes drift slowly off her breast and down her tummy to her red hair encased pussy lips. I could easily see her moisture coating between her puffy pussy lips and slightly down her inner thighs. Kate lifted the bucket and poured the rest of the warm water over her body. Her beautiful breast shone in their wetness and her red bush was matted down clearly showing the cleft to her pussy.

"Don't dress Zach and bring your clothes up to the house. You won't need them tonight and dinner is just about ready," she said with strength in her voice. She turned slightly and saw me looking at her firm full ass cheeks. She slapped an ass cheek and boldly said, "If you're a good stallion while you are here, I'll give you that as a reward. Now don't be tardy. I don't want you to ruin my delicious supper."

She walked into the house and I was left to collect my thoughts and my clothes. When I got to the door on the porch there was a low bucket of warm water that I used to clean off my feet. I knocked and Kate sang, "It's open sweetie, come in and sit down."

Kate was naked from the back my guessing she had on an apron. I walked up behind her and let my softer full cock ride her ass cleavage as I slid my hands under the bodice and cupped her warm firm breasts.

"Now, now, my frisky stallion. You just go sit at the table and let mama fill you up with some fixing's," she said laughing.

So I sat and watched her closely move about the kitchen. I know she said 'mama' but I guessed she wasn't more than thirty five. She looked in fine shape and young enough still to have a baby. When the food and drinks were laid out she removed the apron and sat beside me. She was quick with her napkin if I messed and fussed over me like a mama. I could only envy the husband that passed away.

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