tagGroup SexZach's Night Out Ch. 03

Zach's Night Out Ch. 03


Zach had some errands to run and Vicky had invited me to a girl's day out. We went to the spa and we were going to get a bikini wax and then get our massage.

As I was in the room getting prepared for my bikini wax, which was the first time for me, I was kind of excited. I'd never done it before, always done it myself but Vicky persuaded me and I couldn't resist.

As she was waxing me, me with my legs spread for a stranger, it was kind of erotic. The coolness of the air hitting my lips and the unknown hands down there, touching me. She was a professional of course but it seemed like I could sense her staring at my pussy on occasion and it felt like she would graze my lips just a little too long once in a while.

I wondered if she could sense it was turning me on, I would be so embarrassed if she did. I needed to get out of here before she could really tell, then what would she think of me?

She finished, then wiped me down, nice and slow and ran her finger down each side of my lips and I know she could tell that I was wet....fuck. I need to go.

She told me we were done, I thanked her, got up, tried to smile without being totally embarrassed and went to get ready for my massage.

Vicky and I hadn't had a chance to chat before our bikini waxes and she was waiting for me with her towel on, getting ready for the massage.

"Thank you for coming with me Kristen, I've wanted to get this massage for weeks now," Vicky said as she giggled.

"Are you kidding me, it is my pleasure. Thank you though for asking, I'm having a great time," as I smiled at her.

"How was your wax?" I was curious to hear what she had to say.

"It was great," she said with a wicked grin. "Yours?"

"It was good also," wasn't sure if I should say anything but the way she said great, I'm sure she figured it out.

"I usually have the girl that did yours but thought she should do you this time, since it was your first."

She did know...she wanted her to turn me on. Oh my....goodness!

"Vicky, I think she was checking my pussy out."

"Of course she was, I told her you had a nice pussy and she would love it," she said with that damn wicked grin again. "Did she make you tingle, make you wet?" she whispered in my ear.

"She most certainly did," as I sighed.

I'd always thought Vicky was beautiful and our recent experience has made me kind of want more. I wasn't quite sure what to do about that.

Seemed Vicky could tell what I was thinking and I could see her coming over to me. We just had a towel on, again, waiting for our massage.

"How do you feel about what happened Kristen?"

"Funny you should ask, I was just thinking about that night," I said.

Vicky reached up and just touched a lock of my hair and said, "Would you like to do it again?"

I felt like my mouth had gone dry like a desert, as I tried to tell her yes. I just looked into her eyes and she could see my answer.

"I know Dave wouldn't mind and I'm quite sure Zach would be up for it too." She reached down slowly and took one finger and grazed it along my pussy, ever so lightly. "You do like the idea, and she did a good job," she said.

As I was lying on the table getting my massage, all I could think about was what Vicky said. She was in the next room getting her massage and I was wishing I was the one giving it to her.

The hands on my back and shoulders felt so good and when they would ease down my legs, massaging them with expert hands, I could feel my pussy twitching, wanting those hands to rub closer.

By the time my massage was over, I could feel the wetness in between my legs and I was hoping Vicky was serious about our experience happening again.

I got done before Vicky so I went into the dressing room. Reaching in my bag, I checked my phone and there was a missed call and a text from Zach. He said he got a call from work and wouldn't be home until real late and for me to go over to Dave's tonight. He also said to have a good time, of course with a wink in there. I wonder if he meant what I think he meant.

I heard Vicky coming in and I turned to tell her about Zach. She came up to me and asked me how my massage was.

"It was great thank you, yours?"

"Fantastic actually," she said.

"Glad to hear it. Hey, I got a message from Zach, he can't make it tonight. He got a call from work and he had to go in."

"Are you still coming over?"

"Of course, and he told me to anyway," I said as I smiled at her.

She gave me a nice, quick sweet kiss and we got dressed and headed to her house. When we got there, Vicky told Dave that Zach wouldn't be joining us. He was bummed but I could tell that he was not that bummed.

We had dinner and had nice conversation, which I always loved about hanging out with these two. We always had a good time and I would always leave with the feeling of my week's stress just flowing off of me with all the laughing we did.

I sensed some kind of sexual tension throughout our dinner and wasn't sure what was going on. I didn't know if we were going to have another one of "those" nights since Zach wasn't here. Then I remembered the night Zach had with them when I wasn't here and that gave me my motivation. If the opportunity came, I wouldn't deny it.

I helped them clean up the kitchen after dinner and we got a drink and headed to the living room for some TV. I sat on the love seat and Vicky sat next to me, which really surprised me. Even with what happened earlier, I didn't expect this but Dave didn't seem to mind either way.

We were watching TV and Vicky would occasionally rub my leg or lean against me and then it happened. Vicky got on the floor in front of me and was reaching for my pants to take them off. Panic struck me and I looked at Dave and he just smiled and said, "Don't worry, Zach gave full permission."

Vicky had my pants and panties off so fast I didn't even realize it. She hastily put my legs back and didn't waste any time and her face was licking me all over my pussy, which was already wet. Dave got up, took his pants off and came over to me with his hard cock and put it by my mouth.

I opened my mouth needing to suck on him and then Vicky's tongue was inside of my pussy. She sure as hell knows what she's doing, which made me suck on Dave's cock more eagerly. I wrapped my tongue around him, relaxing my mouth and stroking him with my hand.

Vicky was eating me so well and her fingers were working their magic, making my juices roll down my lips into her mouth. I was going to cum any second, my clit was throbbing already.

I moaned on Dave's cock and he just kept going further in my mouth. I wanted to scream as I came but I had a mouthful of cock and couldn't get a word out. Vicky's moans were so erotic it was making my pussy respond even more. She definitely got a lot of my cum, which I felt was a great reward for her for the great job she did.

We got up from the couch and moved to the bedroom. Vicky had me get on all fours while Dave's cock found my pussy, which caused a scream from me as he filled me and Vicky's mouth found my clit. She sucked on my clit hard as Dave fucked me with his beautiful hard cock and my mouth found her sopping wet pussy.

I had my fingers inside of her while sucking her pussy, my tongue rolling around her clit. I was seconds away from cumming on Dave's cock, it was feeling so good.

"Fuck me Dave, I'm going to cum on your cock. Vicky, my cum is going to run out, lick my cum baby, lick it!"

I yelled as I came on Dave's cock and that made him fuck me harder, if that was even possible. I needed to taste Vicky's cum so my face was in her pussy again while my fingers were stroking the inside of her pussy and I was soon rewarded with her sweet juices.

Dave then had Vicky turn around and she was under me and kept me right there on top of her, then he was soon fucking her. While he was fucking her, I was sucking on her nipples, going from one to the other, listening to the sound of his cock pounding against her wet pussy.

"Vicky, here it comes baby, I'm filling your pussy babe!" Dave came in Vicky while I was sucking on her nipples and stroking her clit with my left hand.

He pulled his cock out of her and was rubbing it on my lips and I could feel the rest of his cum on me, so wet. He amazed me at how fast he got hard and I could feel him growing already.

He was inside of me, growing, moving, expanding.

"Fuck her Dave," Vicky said as she grabbed my mouth and kissed me. Dave's cock was at full strength inside of me and I was expressing how good it felt as I kissed her.

Dave took his cock out of me and put it in Vicky, giving her nice, hard, firm strokes and then he was inside of me again. His cock felt so good inside of me and I was meeting his strokes full force.

Dave then once again took his cock out of me and then laid down on the bed and told me to get on top of him. I sat on his cock slowly, loving the feel and sat until I had all of him inside of me. Then I grinded slowly, back and forth, up and down, skin against skin.

Vicky sat on his face, facing me. We started kissing while her pussy was rotating on his face. Vicky had some sexy hips that would make anyone want to have her on their face. The way she moaned and moved her body too was fucking intoxicating in every aspect. She sure as hell knew what to do with what she was given.

I was riding Dave's cock, slapping my pussy on him. I put my hands on his waist to support myself, spread my legs and proceeded to slam my pussy on his cock repeatedly. My wet pussy slamming against him was making me wetter and having Vicky's tongue in my mouth was adding to the moment.

I yelled against Vicky's mouth and my cum exploded out of me, running down Dave's cock while Vicky was filling Dave's mouth with her cum.

After he got his fill of Vicky's pussy, he tapped Vicky's ass for her to get up while staying inside of me. Then I got up and he told Vicky to lay on her left side, with her left leg under him and he grabbed her right leg, gently pushing t high in the air and he was right there...such good access to get so deep inside of her. And deep did he go.

He was pummeling her pussy so hard and the angle he was at was making Vicky yell hard. She had her eyes closed and I knew he was hitting her good, I was so jealous. I leaned over and sucked on her nipples and stroked her clit with my other hand.

She was trying to tell me to stop, she couldn't take that too but I moved her hand away, wanting to give her such good pleasure.

"Dave, you are fucking me so good, holy fuck Dave, fuckkkkkk! I don't know if I want you to stop or keep going, ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkk!!!!!!"

His cock was slapping against her so hard and she was getting so much wetter. He had stretched her right leg up as far as it could go which made him hit it even better and she was cumming as I was stroking her clit and sucking on her nipples.

He slowed down, kissed her ankle and her foot, giving her his love. Then he told me to get on all fours, on the edge of the bed, he wanted to be behind me. I was glad to oblige and Vicky was lying panting to the side, I'm quite sure it was all in ecstasy.

Dave was standing up and started fucking my pussy right away, which caused me to fill the room with my voice, letting him know how good it felt.

"Hold on Kristen, are you ready?"

He was still fucking me and then he reached forward, running his hands along my arms, pulling my hands back towards him.

"What are you doing Dave?"

"Relax, enjoy."

He had finally had my hands and gently but firmly pulled them back towards him, which had brought me off the bed and I was kind of hovering and while he had a good but easy grip on my arms, he proceeded to fuck the hell out of me.

I could not go anywhere, my body was perfectly in line with his cock, so he had a great line of sight, was able to fuck me straight in and fucking hard. And my body was going nowhere, I couldn't slide forward, nothing. I was at his mercy.

I didn't know if I wanted to cry from happiness or pain. I'd never experienced this kind of feeling before, the way he was hitting me, filling me, he was so hard and he was fucking me so fast.

I was yelling so loud, I couldn't help it, I had to let it out, this was the most amazing feeling ever. Dave had such a good grip on my arms, keeping me suspended in the air and kept pummeling my pussy, making me cum all over him, over and over.

I could hear how much wetter I was getting yet I didn't even know I had came like that, how was that even possible?

Vicky had reached back and was playing with my ass, putting her middle finger inside and fucking my ass as fast as she could.

"Damn baby, you are giving it to her good, fuck! You better do this to me later, real soon. Look at how fucking wet you got her, she's cumming like a fucking river," Vicky said as she smiled at him.

"Ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhh, fuck, fuckkk, ahhhhhhh, fuck!" I yelled so loud, I couldn't believe I could yell that loud.

"Dave, I don't know how much more I can take of this, fuck!"

"That's alright, I'm about to fill your pussy with cum Kristen, hold on."

He was saying that so calmly like he was about to finish a book or something. I knew once he let go of my arms, I would just fall on the bed. He kept his grip as his cock kept pummeling me.

I swear, I felt him expanding, could he get any bigger? "That's it Kristen, here it comes, fuck, take my cum Kristen, fuckkk!!!"

He kept cumming inside of me and kept fucking me while Vicky was doing a sweet job with my ass. Dave finally subsided and slowly let go of me, letting me down and he was lying right next to me, the both of us breathing so hard.

"Fuck Dave, I'd never done that before, that was fucking damn incredible!!! You got skills, Vicky's a lucky girl," I said as I laughed.

Dave just smiled and looked over at Vicky, winking at her.

Vicky straddled Dave, sitting on his cock, which took a bit longer to come back to life but it wasn't an impossible task. "That's it baby, grow inside of me. We are going to suck as much cum out of you tonight as you can give us."

I turned around on Dave's face so I could see Vicky. Her mouth found by nipple and she was sucking and licking me as she was fucking Dave's cock. Vicky then stopped and turned around on Dave. As she leaned back, she looked so sexy sitting on his cock like that.

"Come on baby, time for you to cum in my ass," Vicky said. "Kristen, come here please. When Dave's cock is in my ass, think you would mind eating my pussy?"

She was looking at me with a sexy, wicked grin and I said, "Who am I to say no to that?"

"Fuck, you two are killing me," Dave said. "I'm not complaining though, don't think that," as he laughed.

"Alright baby, Kristen is going to get your cock in my ass babe."

I rubbed Vicky's pussy with my fingers, getting the juices to run down towards her ass and then my finger starting probing. "You like that Vicky?"

"Hell yeah, I like it, don't stop!"

I continued with my hand rubbing her lips at a fast pace and I had her juices just flowing out of her. My fingers moved the juices from her pussy to her ass and then I had two fingers inside of her, lubing her up nice.

Then I took his cock, had to stroke it a couple of times though, just to feel him and put the head of his cock to Vicky's pucker hole. She started moving down a bit and I loved seeing his cock get swallowed up into her.

"That's it Vicky, suck him in. Damn, that's hot girl!" He was just about half way in and then Dave bucked his hips to give her all of him.

"FUCK BABE, Fuck me babe, you feel so good in my ass!"

I leaned forward, grabbing his balls with one hand and stroking them while my mouth was on Vicky's pussy. Dave was doing most of the work so I could suck on her pussy.

"That's it babe, fuck my ass, that feels so fucking good."

I had my tongue licking her pussy and my other hand on her clit and my mouth was ready to grab whatever she let flow out.

"Kristen baby, that feels so fucking good, I could let you do that forever, fuck! That's it, keep sucking, don't stop! Ohhhhhh, I love it! My pussy is so fucking wet and I'm going to cum again! Kristen, I'm going to cum, I'm going to Fucking Cummmm!!" Vicky yelled as her pussy flowed like a waterfall into my mouth.

Dave was still fucking her ass while I was stroking his balls and his cock was getting soaked by Vicky's juices also. He had his hands on her hips, helping her with the motions and she looked so incredible, so sexy.

Dave was yelling, his moans filling the room, along with Vicky's. Vicky had her head back, eyes closed, her hair cascading down her back, with her nipples hard, breasts bouncing.

Dave yelled a barbaric yell as he came in her ass and after he was done, they just sat there. I think Dave was totally spent and by the looks of it, he was going to be passed out in a matter of seconds.

Vicky looked at me, smiled, got off of him and looking over at him; she gave him a nice kiss which he barely responded to.

Vicky laughed saying, "I think he's going to sleep really well tonight." And the both of us burst into quiet laughter.

As we calmed down from laughing, Vicky got up and said she wanted one more taste of me before we went to sleep. I told her I don't think I would be able to move much and she said not to worry, just relax and she'll do all the work.

And that she did, my goodness. She didn't do it fast, just ran her tongue over my lips, licking my juices off and slowly putting her tongue inside of me. She did this for a long time and all I could do was lay there and enjoy it, it felt too damn good to move.

The way she kept touching my clit with a slow but firm stroke was making me insane. She was going to make me cum by default, having no control of my juices flowing out of me.

Her tongue was running from the bottom of my pussy to the top, and while at the top rubbing my clit and repeating the process. All I could do was slightly raise my hips, I was about to cum and I couldn't control it if I wanted to. Damn, this was fucking awesome, I was thinking as my cum ran in her mouth and she slowly licked it all up.

After I finished cumming, she licked my lips a few more times, came to me, kissed me and we all were sleeping in some strange positions on the bed. But it didn't matter, we would be sleeping for what seemed like forever.

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