tagCelebrities & Fan FictionZelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 02

Zelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 02


This story is a work of fiction. All characters and locations are owned by Nintendo.


Zelda woke up as golden sunlight poured through the window. She was still in Sarasaland, naked in Daisy's bed. Briefly, the blonde princess wondered why she had sex with and slept with Daisy. There was the fact that she had been turned on by the brunette. But there was more to it than that. Lately Zelda had been experiencing loneliness. If she had a girlfriend to help her pass the time aside from her responsibilities, then she would be at ease. Unfortunately the rebellious Daisy was not what Zelda was looking for.

Getting out of bed, the Hylian opened the door to the brief corridor connecting Daisy's room to her indoor pool. Zelda gathered her clothes and got dressed. She returned to the bedroom and pulled a hair brush from her pouch. Sitting at the other princess' vanity, the ruler of Hyrule brushed her long blonde locks. It was not long until Daisy woke up.

"Are you leaving, Zelda?" the brunette asked. She unashamedly sat up without covering her naked body.

"Yeah. I really should get back to Hyrule. Thanks for the good time," Zelda answered.

Daisy smiled. "Sure thing. Come back anytime if you want some more casual sex."

"I will," Zelda promised. With a quick cast of Farore's Wind she was gone.

Back in Hyrule, the blonde princess started thinking of what to look for in a girlfriend. She had to be able to balance responsibility and fun. Probably strong too. Link may not always be around to defend the kingdom from Ganondorf. And of course, the sex being good would be a nice bonus. But that wasn't necessarily as important. Thinking over everyone she knew, Zelda decided that perhaps Samus would make an excellent choice. It was just a matter of contacting her...

Samus, one of the most skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy, sat at the command chair of her gunship. Still young in her career, the beautiful blonde has nonetheless proven to be quite effective. She was in her blue jumpsuit, contemplating a vacation. Sure, she was tough as nails, but sometimes a girl just wanted to relax every now and again. But where to go? There were plenty of nice places, including flying to the Mushroom Kingdom. It was then that an image of Princess Zelda appeared on the bounty hunter's bridge.

"Hello Princess Zelda. Need to place a bounty on Ganondorf?" Samus asked playfully, greeting her friend.

"No no. He's still off doing whatever it is he does in his spare time. I thought you'd might like to come visit Hyrule," Zelda replied.

"Hyrule? Well I have been considering a vacation. What can we do together?" the bounty hunter inquired.

"There's Lake Hylia. It's very nice this time of year. And the royal family does have a lake house. Or we can go riding in Hyrule Field. We can even go shopping in the market here in my city," Zelda suggested.

"Hm. I don't have any Rupees, but I hear Hyrule has some interesting items you can't get anywhere else. I've always wanted to go horse riding...Okay. I'll come to Hyrule as soon as I can," Samus said.

"Great. You can land your ship in the courtyard. I can't wait to see you!" Zelda exclaimed. Her image disappeared from Samus' ship.

The gunship was in Hyrule's sky an hour later. It landed fluidly on the grass in the courtyard and its blonde owner soon stood next to it. Zelda came to greet Samus and they hugged affectionately. As the princess led the bounty hunter to the gate leading to the city, she paused momentarily. Withdrawing a fair number of red and blue Rupees, the Hylian handed them to her friend.

"The red ones are each twenty Rupees and the blue are five. You should be able to easily get whatever you want now," Zelda said.

"Princess, you gave me 250 Rupees. Are you sure that's okay?" Samus asked. Normally she'd have no complaints about a large quantity of money. But it seemed like a lot for a brief shopping trip and Hyrule needed all the money it could get if Ganondorf started destroying the land again.

"Yeah it's cool. Relax. I never thought a bounty hunter would worry about money," Zelda replied with a giggle.

"It's just that it could get expensive if Ganondorf has another evil plot. Trust me, I know all about causing property damage," the blonde bounty hunter admitted.

"In Hyrule it's very easy to come across Rupees. So no one suffers much if they have a bad day at market or in other business ventures. Probably one reason Ganondorf wants my land so badly," the Hylian explained.

Upon reaching the market, the two beautiful young women found it was in full swing. Citizens of Hyrule were everywhere. It would be a wonder if there was any stock left by the time the two friends got anywhere. Samus spotted a weapon stand and began pushing her way through the crowd. She had no interest in swords or shields, having advanced weaponry. But the explosives caught her eye. Samus bought 15 bombs and 5 bombchus for 50 Rupees. Satisfied, she looked around for the princess.

Zelda was at a clothing stand. There were several gorgeous dresses and she couldn't resist. Just to be sure if there was anything else she'd like, the blonde looked over everything. Finding a pair of stylish black boots, Zelda bought them instantly along with three dresses. Turning, she found Samus standing behind her. The bounty hunter rolled her eyes playfully and smiled at Zelda's "girly" purchases.

Returning to Hyrule Castle, Samus boarded her gunship to store her explosives. In the meantime, Princess Zelda had a servant bring her boots and dresses up to her room. Waiting for her friend, the Hylian sent someone to the stables to get her horse and another for Samus. The bounty hunter returned from her ship as the horses arrived.

"We can ride over to Lake Hylia. It will take quite a while but it'll be nice to be on the wide, open fields of Hyrule," Zelda said.

"Sure. By the way Zelda, how exactly did you project your image onto my ship earlier?" Samus inquired.

"All Hylians have magic to some degree or another. Most only have the ability for very simple things but as princess, I have the Goddesses' magic available to me. So communication over long distances is easy enough," the princess answered.

"But you can't use it to defeat Ganondorf?" the bounty hunter asked.

"No. Ganondorf has great magic at his disposal as well and he can negate my abilities. Maybe if I were one of the Great Fairies I could do more. But I like being me," Zelda said.

They mounted and rode through a less crowded part of the city to avoid the market. Once out on Hyrule Field, the sun was high in the sky. It was hot too. Zelda led the way, since Samus had no idea where to go. That suited her fine, as the bounty hunter was content to enjoy riding her horse. There was a large enclosed structure the girls passed by. Zelda explained it was the Lon Lon Ranch, home to a famous milk known throughout the kingdom. In addition, the owner Talon came to the castle every two weeks to personally care for Zelda's horses.

Following the path, the two blondes rode down a hill. Eventually this way became more barren, as it led to Gerudo Valley, which was nestled in Hyrule's lone desert. After another hour of riding, Zelda stopped. Samus followed suit, and they dismounted. After sitting in the saddle for hours, both girls needed to stretch. Zelda noticed how Samus' fair-sized breasts pushed against her blue jumpsuit. The princess had not forgotten her real reason for inviting Samus out with her. Soon enough she'd find out if there was a spark between them.

"Lake Hylia is up ahead. It'll be another couple of hours or so," Zelda pointed out. Already the sun had begun its descent. Dusk was not far off.

"Sounds good. I guess we won't be able to do much once we reach the lake house. That's fine though. I am finally getting tired from my long flight and all that riding. I haven't had a chance to really rest in a few days," Samus observed.

"Well stay awake long enough for dinner. Then you can pass out," Zelda teased playfully.

"Oh! Real food...yeah. I had to eat rations the last three days. Hunting this real prick that kept hiding," Samus murmured

Zelda giggled as they remounted. The ride was leisurely. Being so relatively close to Lake Hylia there was no need to rush. Zelda had plenty of time to implement her plan. Samus was turning her on, slowly but surely. If it didn't work out, at the very least she should enjoy having sex with the strong bounty hunter. The princess smiled as she thought about bedding her friend.

The sky was orange and red as they rode into the meadow surrounding Lake Hylia. This colouring reflected on the waters of the lake, making it orange and red as well. Zelda and Samus approached the Hylian Royal Family's lake house. It was an elaborate three story house made of gray stone with blue on the roof. The girls led their horses to the small stable attached to the house. Once inside, Samus collapsed into a chair in the dining room. Zelda went to the kitchen to cook.

"Sorry for the wait. Normally I come here with attendants but it's just us here," Zelda said as she placed the food on the table. The sun was gone from the sky, which had deepened to midnight blue.

"Oh it's fine," Samus assured her.

"If you say so. Anyway you can go sleep in any room afterward," Zelda told the bounty hunter.

After dinner Samus went to the nearest bedroom. She pulled off her boots and jumpsuit. Failing to pack other clothes the bounty hunter would have to sleep naked. Untying her hair, Samus crawled into bed. It was so hot she didn't bother to pull a blanket over her body. Zelda peeked into the room after Samus fell asleep. Her breasts were bigger than the princess thought. Her legs looked so soft and they were nice and long. But it was Samus' pussy that was most appealing. Soft and tight, just waiting for something to love it.

Heading to her own room, Zelda stripped off her own clothes. The sight of the sexy Samus fresh in her mind, Zelda started masturbating. One hand played with her nipple as the other rubbed her pussy. Samus was so hot! Zelda had two fingers deep in her pussy, bending them up and down. Using her thumb to massage her clit hard, the Hylian started to moan. She squeezed her breast, causing a little squeal to escape her soft lips. Zelda imagined the taste of Samus' pussy, but maybe Samus could have something else there.

With four fingers thrusting rapidly inside her pussy, the blonde princess was fast approaching an orgasm. Her imagination ran wild, fuelling her fantasies of Samus. Zelda's other hand was absorbed in furiously rubbing her clit. The Hylian's breath came in short gasps. Her pussy was burning as release was fast approaching. Giving out a soft scream, Zelda climaxed and her cum flowed freely.

In the morning Samus awoke from a great sleep. Her first in a long time. Stark naked, the bounty hunter walked to the bathroom. She washed up and returned to her room. Not wanting to wear the same thing, the blonde thought of what to do. They were all alone here at Lake Hylia. Why should Zelda mind if Samus was naked? Smiling, the bounty hunter went outside in the warm sunshine. She stretched and laid down in the grass, closing her eyes.

Zelda woke up not too long after Samus. The princess went to wash herself as her friend had done. Returning to her room, she pulled on a sheer robe. Tying this around her waist, she went looking for her friend. Checking Samus' bedroom, the princess saw that the bounty hunter wasn't there. Zelda decided to go outside. She found Samus laying in the grass. And she was naked! Today was definitely time for her plan to come to action.

"Samus dear? Why are you naked?" Zelda asked, smiling.

"Ummm...well I forgot to pack clothes so I figured I could go naked. Makes it easier to tan," Samus replied.

"Good point. I can do that." With that, the princess stripped off her robe in a flourish. Then she laid next to Samus.

"I thought princesses were supposed to be all prim and proper," Samus commented.

Zelda laughed. "What do I need to be formal for? It's just us here; protocol is not necessary. Besides, you've met Daisy. She's far more improper than I am."

"True. So let's just be naked today. And for however long we're here," the bounty hunter suggested.

Zelda agreed. They spent the next hour or two just tanning totally naked. But the princess was starting to get impatient. And she was getting wet. Maybe it was time to seduce Samus already. No, it was definitely time. Zelda was a princess and she would get what she wanted. Sitting up, she tapped Samus on the shoulder. The pretty bounty hunter opened her eyes with a start and turned to face Zelda.

"Yes Zelda?" Samus asked.

"I need you. Right now," Zelda stated.

"Hm?" Samus stared blankly at the princess. What did she mean?

Zelda leaned forward and kissed Samus on her soft lips. The bounty hunter was startled, but she soon gave in and kissed back. Zelda held Samus' head in her hands. They kissed slowly and deeply. As far as Samus was concerned, this was turning into an excellent vacation! Not one to lose control of a situation, she started groping Zelda's breast. This caused the princess to moan into their kiss. Encouraged, Zelda started fondling Samus as well.

Soon after, Zelda led Samus back inside. In her bedroom, the Hylian pushed her friend onto the bed. Climbing on, Zelda started sucking on Samus's hardened nipple. It felt so good. The bounty hunter never had time for sex. Or relationships. Now she was learning just how good it could be. Definitely had to work more time for this in. Zelda eventually let go of Samus' nipple and smiled wickedly.

"What are you planning?" Samus asked warily.

"One of Hyrule's Goddesses is Naryu. She's the Goddess of love. But what most people don't know is her magic can be used for fun in sex," Zelda explained.

"So...?" The bounty hunter was wary now.

Zelda waved her hand and whispered something. Before Samus could react she noticed an 8 inch cock right where her pussy used to be! It was hard too, reacting to her attraction to Zelda at the moment. Just as Samus thought of a protest, the sexy Hylian took the cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of Samus' new cock. She decided to forget the protests for now; this felt amazing!

Holding her friend's cock, Zelda began stroking it as she sucked hungrily. Samus moaned at the sensation this was giving her. Her breath came in gasps as Zelda deep-throated her cock. The princess sucked as hard as possible. Samus screamed in pleasure. She could feel her new cock tensing up. It probably meant she was about to lose her load. Zelda pulled the cock out somewhat, sucking the head as she simultaneously flicked her tongue over it. Samus moaned again as she ejaculated, shooting real semen down Zelda's throat.

"Oh fuck! That was...amazing. But do I get my pussy back at some point?" Samus wondered.

"Sure why not? But after we're done putting that cock to use!" Zelda exclaimed.

Figuring out what the princess wanted, Samus shoved her cock into Zelda's pussy. She was thrusting at a good pace. The Hylian moaned happily as she was fucked. She was moving her hips in time with Samus' so that her pussy met the bounty hunter's cock each time. Samus held Zelda's hips as she thrust harder. She leaned down to kiss the princess as both their breasts bounced from the thrusting. Zelda kissed back and reached up to squeeze Samus' tits.

Eventually Zelda flipped them over. Pushing her pussy fully on Samus' cock, the Hylian started riding fast. She thrust the cock hard inside her. Both blondes were moaning loudly as they approached their orgasms. Zelda rode faster and as hard as she could. Her breasts bounced wildly and she screamed Samus' name as she came hard all over the bounty hunter's cock. Samus them screamed Zelda's name and ejaculated deep inside the princess.

"Mmm that was great." Zelda said with a smile.

"It sure was. But won't you get pregnant from that?" Samus wondered.

"Haha no. It's magic remember? It may be real but it's a spell for convenience. I could take as much from you as I want and have no worries," Zelda explained. "But a deal's a deal and we're done with that." The princess said some different words and Samus had a pussy again.

Smiling, Samus crawled toward Zelda and boldly started eating her pussy. The princess squealed in delight and held her friend's head close to her pussy. Samus swirled her tongue around the Hylian's clit. Soon after, she pushed inside. At once the bounty hunter was confronted by the sweet, wonderful taste of Zelda's pussy. That settled it. The next time she had free time, Samus would find a nice girl to go down on. She flicked her tongue rapidly inside the princess' pussy. Zelda moaned in pleasure. Her next orgasm was approaching.

Samus thrust her tongue inside Zelda's pussy. She used it the same way she used her cock earlier. The princess gasped as she tried to breathe enough. Pulling her tongue out, Samus gave long wet licks along Zelda's slit. Sending her tongue back in, the sexy bounty hunter moved her tongue left and inside her friend's pussy. Zelda arched her back and came very hard. Both girls smiled at each other. They weren't done just yet.

They positioned themselves so they could scissor with each other. Their wet pussies rubbed hard against each other. Breathing heavily, both girls began to perspire. Hot sex on a hot day just seemed so fitting. Zelda shifted position and her clit rubbed against her current lover's pussy. Rubbing against each other faster, Samus and Zelda's breathing fell into a rhythmic pattern. Sitting up, Zelda and Samus shared a passionate kiss, hugging tightly as they kept fucking.

Zelda took control, lifting Samus' leg and sitting down with their pussies touching. She started grinding hard into the bounty hunter. Her clit was on fire. In addition to grinding, the Hylian began kissing along her friend's leg. Samus whimpered, her own need growing steadily. Soon their clits were making direct contact. Screaming, Samus and Zelda screamed as they shared their orgasms together. Their pussies were drenched in each other's cum. Only one solution seemed evident: Zelda led Samus to the cold waters of Lake Hylia and jumped in. Zelda knew Samus wasn't the one for her. But she could have more fun as she continued her adventures.

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