tagNonConsent/ReluctanceZip Tied byHigh Class Black Lesbian

Zip Tied byHigh Class Black Lesbian


Alexander was looking out of the space station window and started to notice an odd phenomenon. As an astronaut and physicist, he noticed a lattice of light beams like strange lightning in outer space and some of them had curves seeming to defy the laws of physics. The light beams seemed to interconnect in nodes, but pulsed, fused, sparked, and sparkled, then darkened out, but coming back in different patterns. Some seemed to pulse inbound, and others outbound from the nodes. He felt fortunate to have been raised and educated in an advanced country to witness and grasp such phenomenon. "Hey Thomas, come and look at this," he said to his fellow astronaut. "It is the first time I have seen this phenomenon, this may be a historic sighting. Maybe it is a new technology. Some of those light beams have curves."

Thomas came over to the window in time to see several strands of the light beams reach all the way down to several country locations on Earth below. "Wow, what is that?"

Thomas saw that one of the beams flashed down through the clouds to New Chicago, a city on the East Coast of the North American Continent.

Making conversation Thomas remarked, "That is interesting. I have never seen anything like that. Hey, not to change the subject, but looking over the Earth down there don't you wonder how certain countries get swayed into things that don't make sense?"

"How so?" Alexander was willing to have conversation in the space station because it does get lonely and a variety of conversational topics was welcome, such as talking about their loving wives, or even sex. Alexander was looking over the Earth and was casually wondering how many really beautiful women there were, and the best places on Earth where one might find them. He was starting to get a hard on just visualizing naked women from other parts of the world.

"Well you know, like when the leader of a country goes against the citizens wishes. Or like when an election goes the opposite way than most voters want. Or even when news media seems to mislead the public."

They broke into silence as each got lost in their own thoughts.

One of the beams they saw that went down to New Chicago ended on the surface of a black limo traveling down a boulevard. Inside the limo was Alice, a trim and classy black lady. Sitting across from her was Jose, a Hispanic male.

Alice was drinking and felt a little bit naughty. She let her hem line ride up, and as she moved to refill her drink, she let her legs spread a little. Wearing bright white panties she knew Jose would get a squirrel shot. Her slinky panties showed off her pussy bulge and had a little white bow above which was a little window opening that allowed her long black clit to push out. After a minute she glanced over and saw Jose was getting a tent in his pants. Flagrantly she exposed more of her pussy bulge to tease him.

Jose was a very professional secret service man but he couldn't help but smile.

Alice flashing her pussy asked, "Do you like what you see?"

"Of course," Jose replied with a hint of excitement.

"I tried a new bubble bath and a new cologne this morning, would you like to see how good it smells?" Alice now had her legs wide open.

Jose nodded.

"Come closer and put your head right here so you can smell how sweet it is."

Jose bent over and leaned forward.

Alice put her hand on the back of his head and drew him in closer and rubbed his nose on her clit. "Smell it long and deep." She drew his lips across her clit, and up her long thick clit hood.

"Mmm, good," Jose said.

"Put my long black clit in your lips... Lick it.... Now suck it....Take the end of the bow in your teeth and pull so it comes undone."

Jose followed her wishes. Undoing the bow released her panty bulge flap allowing it to drop down and exposed her flowery engorged pussy lips, and entire crotch.

Alice dragged his lips up and down her pussy lips. "Lick and suck every bit of it." She let him suck both of her flowery black pussy lips. "Lick and kiss the insides of my pussy lips and every crevice...Lick my pee hole....Lick all the way down to my ass crack."

As he licked down to her ass crack he could feel her skin, and taste it. His tongue caught between both ass cheeks as he licked past the dark brown wrinkles of her asshole. She pulled his head back upward but hesitated while he rimmed her asshole. Bringing his tongue all the way back to her clit she let him lick and suck until she came. "Stick your tongue deep in my pussy and lick it out." His high definition tooth cam, and contact lens cam took very good video of even the most intimate details.

Meanwhile across the city, another of the beams came through the atmosphere to a convention hall and briefly caused a halo around the room, much like a weak camera flash, but more centered around Henok. A secret service agent with a vest camera watched as Henok's face was placed to a fold in an Arab robe. All but the base of a cock was engulfed by Henok's mouth. The Arab was pulling Henok's arrogant head by the ears, and was strongly face fucking Henok. Soon he was straining, and you could see Henok swallow. "Suck it clean," the man said.

Dutifully Henok sucked and licked the cock clean and then his face was placed inside the fold of the robe and was told, "Suck my balls." Henok's head was covered completely by the robe for a minute, but as he switched balls the robe came open and Henok could be seen sucking balls and drawing in the musky odor, while giving a handjob.

About a dozen Arab men came up for their turn. They pulled Henok's pants down to his ankles, zip tied his arms behind him, and made him take a wire tooth brace with dental cam in place; and then a tunnel cock gag with camera in his mouth. Each of them took turns at his mouth, and the mouth gag camera caught cum spurting on his tongue, roof of his mouth, and into his throat with swallowing. Soon the men draped Henok over a table top, lubed and inserted an anal tunnel plug with LEDs and cameras around the inside lip and inflated it some to hold it in place. They lubed it and began taking turns. The video captured cum shooting deep inside his rectum.

When they were done, they sat him up and asked him on camera, "Do you like to eat our cum?"

Henok nodded and smiled, "Yes, it is very good."

"Would you give us a hand job anytime?"


"Are you grateful to get fucked in the ass?"

Henok admitted, "Yes. Thank you."

One man took his sandals off, "Here lick the bottom of my feet and be humble."

Henok kissed the bottom of each sandal, then thoroughly licked each foot when presented to him. They placed Henok back on the table again, and the man spanked his ass with the sandals. Henok would soon develop a fetish for feet and toes, as well as spanking.

They pulled the camera tunnel plug out of his ass, cut the zip ties on his wrists, and allowed him to pull his pants up and put his shirt tail in.

Within minutes Henok was at the podium in front of the audience. Controlling his emotions, Henok took out a hanky and wiped the corner of his mouth as if to get a drop of sweat, but it was cum. He had to dab at it a couple times because it had started to dry on his skin. One could see his ears sticking out more than usual, and his mouth before talking seemed to have a stretched look. If one had a high resolution camera in the audience at that moment they would have been able to capture a picture of a dark pubic hair caught in his teeth. Henok began his speech to the audience in regard to the energy deals he had struck with the Arabs.

"On behalf of my country, we apologize for the disruptions to your economy, and our aggressive import taxes. We agree to wave the import taxes, and we promise to protect your country at our expense." Henok's speech was more like surrender than direction from a powerful leader.

After the speech the secret service pulled him to the side. "Henok we have a serious breach of security. We must have a spy mole in our midst; our defense missions have been compromised. Of course your safety is of concern also."

By this time Alice was arriving at the diplomatic summit in New Chicago. She was escorted to the Ballroom where there was an open floor with buffet and drinks on tables all around. Worldly matters were being discussed all around the floor. It was an event of high class intrigue. Small group discussions would break up and reform with different participants and discussions. Alice joined one group and the discussion was women's rights. There were mostly Eastern European participants. A diplomat's loving wife was in that group and Alice noticed she had a nice figure and not quite olive colored skin, and a see through rose colored chiffon silk dress that clung to her form. Alice winked at her flirting, and saw her eyes widen.

Alice walked over to meet her when she went behind the petition toward the kitchen hallway where the drama began. "Hi, what is your name? You are so beautiful."

"Ayala," said the young wife.

"I love your hair," said Alice.

"Thank you."

"Oh what pretty ear rings, those look so beautiful." Alice reached up to touch an earring and get a closer look while letting her fingers brush Ayala's ear, and the neck behind the ear. Alice wanted to see if Ayala was bicurious. Ayala started getting a rosy luster to her face.

Ayala was a little scared and trembling because she knew of the first lady's fondness of women, and her power. Ayala's husband was in discussion groups and did not know she had slipped out of sight.

Alice feeling romantic, continued to flirt, making a fuss about Ayala's nice dress, feeling down the side of it and momentarily tracing Ayala's bra strap and on down her side to the band of her panties. She said, "This is so soft and sexy."

"Thank you." Ayala was warming to Alice.

Alice's finger traced the band of Ayala's panties across the small of her back and let another finger drift over the crack of her ass. Alice loved the feel of her body. "I bet you are even more stunning in a bathing suit. I would love to see you in a bikini or a thong, or even posing nude. Bring your drink I want to show you something." Alice wanted to romance the beautiful woman.

They walked from the back of the kitchen into a narrow hall of unused rooms. The lights were dim. Alice pulled a lingerie blindfold out and put it over Ayala's eyes. The hall turned at the end of the building, and came to a dead end and a door to a corner room. Alice opened the door and beckoned Ayala in. Ayala was trembling in suspense.

Alice said, "Stay quiet." Alice set up a camera to capture all the events. Alice was dominant. "Trust me. I need to pull your arms out of your sleeves." Without further explanation Alice unzipped and unfastened the back of Ayala's dress, and let it fall over her shoulders, helping her out of the sleeves. She also let the bra straps fall. Alice took a few pictures with the fallen dress, with exposed breasts. With the bright flash and the thin material, the pictures also captured her nice figure and panties.

"Your husband has some important dealings tonight and you wouldn't want to spoil them would you?" Alice was making an effort to sound gentle.


"Okay, now I am going to test you." Alice grabbed the hair on the back of Ayala's head and pulled her head to her boob as she exposed her boob. "Now suck and lick my tit and give it royal treatment with your mouth. Lick the puffy long black nipple and suck it."

Ayala submissively licked and sucked. Alice presented both boobs and long black puffy nipples. She seemed to like it.

"She is bi-curious," Alice thought to herself. "I will teach her discipline.

While this was going on, Alice exposed Ayala's beautiful brown puffy nipples, tweaked and twisted them and fondled her boobs. Letting Ayala's dress fall to her waist, Alice started licking and sucking Ayala's boobs. She licked a trail up to her neck and to the small of her neck and behind her ears. Alice could feel Ayala's body heat up. She kissed and licked back along her jaw line to her lips and kissed Ayala, licking her lips and nose. At the same time she let one hand drop along Ayala's belly to her panties.

Alice slowly felt the Ayala's pussy mound, the clit tunnel, and lightly across her clit. Alice cupped Ayala's pussy in her hand over the panties, and let her hand drift lightly over her pussy lips and all the way down her crotch until almost snagging her vagina opening and then across her anus until her fingers were clamped by both ass cheeks. Slowly Alice drew her hand back up, exploring the pussy forms through the panties until she reached the top, and then let her hand drift under the band of the panties and down through the pubic hair.

Alice teased the clit hood and cupped Ayala's pussy in her hand. The light pubic hair and the firm form of her pussy felt good in her hand. She lightly pumped her hand until Ayala was starting to hump against her hand. This went on for a long time, and Alice sensed just the right small motions that turned Ayala on. She could feel heat coming from Ayala's pussy. Alice teased the clit head some more and then lightly traced the edges of her pussy lips up and down on the inside, and on the outside. Alice let a finger trace the inner crack of Ayala's pussy, teasing the pee hole momentarily and then letting the finger drift into her wet vagina. Alice was pleased to find it very wet. She wanted the taste of pussy cum on her tongue in desperation.

Ayala was almost breathless.

Alice silently kissed her way down Ayala's sensual belly, letting Ayala's dress fall all the way to the floor. As her mouth reached the band of Ayala's panties she pulled the panties down and the pubic hair started dancing on Alice's lips. Alice continued to kiss further down at the same time pulling Ayala's panties down and letting them drop to her ankles. Alice guided and pushed Ayala down on a bed, pulled the rest of Ayala's clothes off and started licking her naked pussy. Ayala started humping with every lick or kiss to her clit. Alice purposely took a long time building up the sexual tension. When Ayala started to hump and clinch her butt cheeks in climax, Alice put her tongue in the pussy and licked all the pussy juice that flowed out. This was Ayala's first time lesbian experience.

Before Ayala could re-compose, Alice had lifted her hands to the head board, and with a cloth covering, zip tied her hands out stretched to the headboard. She lifted one of Ayala's legs and turned her to expose a butt cheek. Alice started spanking her, saying "You are going to do everything I tell you, and it better stay between us. Got it?"

"Yes." Ayala said in surprise.

Quickly Alice fitted a mouth gag to Ayala. Then she fitted BDSM straps to each ankle, and zip tied through steel loops to the bed post. Ayala was now on her back with legs spread, an exhibitionist for Alice.

Alice stripped her own clothes off, and crawled onto the bed. Cradling her pussy on Ayala's ankle, Alice humped for a minute because it felt good. Now she dragged her pussy all the way up the leg to Ayala's hip. Alice turned around and set her pussy onto Ayala's and started humping. "Come on hump back, uplift your crotch, you better make it feel good on me." Alice had to feel Ayala's clit against her own, and dragged her pussy up and down it such that she could feel Ayala's clit drag up and down the inner most parts of her pussy crack.

Alice stuck two fingers in Ayala's pussy while she humped. She could feel more wetness and massaged her G-spot. Alice brought her pussy up to Ayala's tits and humped her pussy in every direction on each of her boobs, feeling the nipples drag her inner pussy crack all the way to her vagina taking the time to feel each nipple in her vagina as far as they would go. She repositioned and put each of Ayala's nipples in her open gaping asshole one at a time.

Soon Alice turned back around and brought her pussy to Ayala's face, rubbing her entire crotch over Ayala's lips teaching her oral sex. "Lick it Bitch, lick it all. Leave your tongue out." Alice loved to get her pussy licked and eaten. She dragged her crotch up and over Ayala's nose and back down to her lips, then turned around and repeated, feeling Ayala's nose between her pussy lips, and dragged her pussy mound to the bridge of her nose so her clit was rubbing her forehead. Now she turned around again sitting with her nose between her pussy lips and the clit was rubbing the tip of her nose.

Alice repositioned the camera. She loved foreign pussy, exotic pussy.

Alice sat on Ayala's mouth and said, "Now rim my asshole, and stick your tongue in it."

Finally Alice said, "Lick my clit and suck it, keep doing it until I tell you to eat my pussy cum." This did not take long.

Now Alice had pictures of Ayala in very personal and compromising positions. She had high definition pictures of every part of Ayala's body and could use them in the future.

Using anal lube, Alice slowly worked a finger into Ayala's asshole, taking the time for her to adjust and relax. She pushed it in and out slowly, added more lube and then put another finger in, twisting them around.

She dressed and took Ayala back down the hall before removing the blindfold. It was quite a lustful affair. She grabbed her pussy again, and kissed her. "I love your pussy."

This was quite a day for Alice and she went home and immediately to bed.

The next day Alice slept late, got up to a nice bath and breakfast. She started planning the evening since she would be home with her executive husband Henok.

Alice was listening to the radio when she heard an interview with one of Henok's opponents. The opponent commented that he couldn't understand how Henok received such good press no matter what.

Henok had an early start that day and had breakfast with an informal news conference at a hotel diner. It was early in the day but they did have a few drinks, and they all bought Henok a drink as he was the man of the day. After the breakfast they went to the lounge where they had more drinks, but Henok got the most drinks, and the strongest. Soon they adjourned to a hotel room on a floor that was mostly unoccupied in the middle of the week. They announced, "Henok now is your chance to show your gratitude if you would like to continue getting good press."

One of them took a cushion and laid it on the floor. "Now get in position so we can get pictures of you in your formal suit and tie."

Henok reluctantly got on his knees wavering a little from the drinks. The prominent news caster walked up and unzipped in front of Henok's face. Pulling his cock out pictures were taken as the head of his cock wobbled in front of Henok's face. Pictures were taken of the first few tentative licks as Henok tasted the cock head, and licked for precum. Soon he was kissing the cockhead sensually with fish lips, and this made very good pictures. Another of the pressmen had his high definition video camera going, and several had their iphone cameras recording. They caught some pictures of him furtively poking the tip of his tongue into the pee hole, then licking below the crown all the way around. He licked down the shaft, pulled the balls out and licked them.

He sucked each ball before licking upward on the cum vein back to the head, and started to suck the cock plunging his head up and down. Soon the cock was lodged in the back of his throat and he wobbled his head until the cock went all the way in and the base of the cock was screwed all the way into his mouth encircled by his lips. The pubic hair was against his nose. He sucked and twisted his head on the cock. With his free hand he started massaging the balls with one finger traveling all the way back to the man's asshole and feeling the ass crack. Henok sank his finger gently and deep into the asshole massaging the prostate gland encouraging more cum to flow, and it was not long when the man came in his mouth jerking strongly and holding Henok's ears. "He's learned some new tricks."

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