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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

"Fuck Me, Melissa!" (3.76)Listen to her get off on what she wants to hear. Text With Audio 08/29/14
A Cum-petition Between Friends (3.73)So, who is the sluttiest of them all? (2 voices m/f) Text With Audio 10/06/16
A Desperate Horny Fool Such as I (4.10)Getting primal and growly as I get off over and over for you Text With Audio 06/23/16
A Little Less Sentimental... (3.78)Get on top, and cum on my body. Simple as that. Text With Audio 12/09/16
Ain't Too Proud to Beg (4.02)She wants you to fuck her, and she makes it LOUD and clear. Text With Audio 09/25/14
An Older Man to Own (4.34)What I wouldn't do to get my hands on an older man... Text With Audio 08/28/15
Are You Good Enough for Daddy Tark? (4.29)Idle talk about you boys being sluts for my strap-on cock Text With Audio 02/02/16
Beg For Mama's Milk (4.58)You've been bad, so you're gonna have to beg for my milk.  Hot Text With Audio 12/21/15
Bumper to Bumper (4.09)A dorky BBW Doms her male best friend for the first time... Text With Audio 09/02/16
Butt-Slut Pt: 2 Part Series
Butt-Slut Pt. 01: One for Every Guy (4.09)Dreaming of rimming and jerking a roomful of sexy guys. Text With Audio 06/05/15
Butt-Slut Pt. 02: It's YOUR Turn (4.00)It's all fair play, right? Text With Audio 06/05/15
Call Me Daddy Tonight (4.34)Tark is stuck with her longing to be called Daddy. Text With Audio 11/13/15
Chocolate Wishes (4.19)Tark gets a serious craving for BBC. Text With Audio 10/12/17
Cunt Against Cunt (4.05)Hot nights call for hot girl-on-girl fantasies. Text With Audio 05/07/15
Daddy Needs You Bad (4.36)"Daddy" Tark is craving you in the worst way, baby boy. Text With Audio 12/22/15
Daddy's Little Stripper Slut (4.32)Daddy wants you to get sexy on her pole tonight. Text With Audio 08/30/18
Damn, My Ass Looks Good! (4.19)Treating myself to a play session in front of my mirror. Text With Audio 06/29/15
Dare to Let Go (3.77)Lose yourself, lose your mind, and let go. Text With Audio 12/23/15
Dirty Talk and a Hitachi (4.22)Tark has fun fantasizing while riding her Magic Wand. Text With Audio 02/04/15
Don't EVER Call Me a Bitch Again! (3.86)I wanna make you my bitch tonight; don't you DARE say no! Text With Audio 11/05/14
Duelin' Hitachis (3.89)Can Tark take these two Magic Wands? Stay tuned! Text With Audio 06/23/16
Edge Me, Spank Me, Make Me SCREAM! (4.06)Listen as she teases, spanks, and gets herself off. Text With Audio 11/20/14
Felix the Slutty Man-Cat (4.35)Meeting a cat-man in heat isn't all that's cracked up to be. NonHuman 08/08/17
Frustrated...AGAIN (4.00)Another round of writing scripts has me desperate for a fuck. Text With Audio 11/13/15
Fucking Your Face and Your Cock (4.14)Tark's in bed thinking of her favorite fantasy. Text With Audio 12/31/14
Get Cock-Hungry with Me! (3.85)A passionate, slutty plea for you to be a cock-slut with me. Text With Audio 08/17/17
Grind Your Ass on My Lap (4.32)Move those hips, baby. Text With Audio 02/03/16
I Don't Take Teasing Lightly, Girl (4.13)I will look for you...I will find you...and I will fuck you. Text With Audio 12/03/14
I Fucking NEED You Inside Me! (3.53)Nothing fancy; just a little quickie with my toy. Text With Audio 12/03/14
I Need to Hear You Whimper (4.20)Musing about my most favorite sounds in the world. Text With Audio 02/04/15
I Wanna Be a Bad Girl for You, Babe (3.91)I have to be quiet...but I won't stop thinking dirty. Text With Audio 12/31/14
I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal (3.92)Just touching myself, thinking of ravaging your cock. Text With Audio 12/11/14
I Want to Hatefuck You (3.85)I've been kept waiting all day, and I won't stand it anymore. Text With Audio 02/25/15
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic (3.89)Oh, no! You're tied down by your biggest fan...what to do? Text With Audio 05/07/15
If You're Into It... (4.26)Baby, I wanna watch you with another guy...if you're into it. Text With Audio 06/29/15
Imagine Me Sucking and Fucking You (4.05)Just relax and let Tarkus have her way with you. Text With Audio 08/20/14
Just a Cum Before I Go (4.13)To whom it may concern. Text With Audio 05/07/15
Just a Little Bit Rougher (4.13)I want to make you my toy once again. Text With Audio 10/02/15
Letting You Off The Hook (3.62)Forget about saving your cum for later; cum for me NOW. Text With Audio 02/25/15
Living Next Door to a Closet Sissy (4.64)Peeping Tom turns into a sexy girl for his lesbian neighbor.  Hot Text With Audio 06/09/16
Loving You, Missing You... (3.67)Wanting to fuck you on Valentine's Day. Text With Audio 02/25/15
Make Some Noise... (3.29)And whimper and beg along with Tark. Text With Audio 10/28/15
Man-on-Man Action Gets Me Hot: 2 Part Series
Man-on-Man Action Gets Me Hot Pt. 01 (3.99)Tark spices up her porn-watching routine with something new. Text With Audio 12/11/14
Man-on-Man Action Gets Me Hot Pt. 02 (4.20)She gets her off again and again with her new favorite thing. Text With Audio 12/11/14
Moan Slutty with Me! (4.03)Are you ready to get slutty with me? Text With Audio 03/15/18
Morning Treat (4.27)Baby girl's so horny for your cunny, Mommy! Text With Audio 04/26/16
My Mistress, The Puppy (4.37)Do you want to be my puppy tonight, Mistress? Text With Audio 07/21/17
No "Fuck"s Given! (4.32)Tark tries getting off without saying her favorite word... Text With Audio 02/25/15
No More Ms. Nice Tark (x.xx)My time to get a little rougher with you, pet. Text With Audio 04/03/15
No Words (4.23)Don't speak; just moan with me. Text With Audio 10/02/15
Office Surprise (4.12)She surprises you with a little oral lovin' in the office. Text With Audio 09/17/14
One Squirty Daddy, Coming Up! (4.13)Tark wants to make it rain all over you...and inside you. Text With Audio 01/03/19
Playing with Daddy's Good Girl (3.89)Daddy's gone away, and so the kittens will play. Text With Audio 12/19/14
Please Don't Say No...Not This Time (3.74)I've been waiting too, give it up. Text With Audio 05/18/17
PLEASE Sit On My Face! (4.14)She wants your pussy on her face, and she wants it NOW! Text With Audio 09/16/14
Please Squirt All Over Me (3.83)Suddenly, I find myself extremely thirsty...indulge me? Text With Audio 03/13/15
Please, Please, PLEASE Fuck Me! (3.73)Waiting 10 days to cum has brought out the slut in me. Text With Audio 12/11/14
Rimming Daddy's Good Boy (4.25)Enough talk: let Daddy eat your ass, boy. Text With Audio 05/17/18
Shake That Ass for Me (4.08)Oiling you up and making you tease me so I can take you. Text With Audio 11/03/16
Spread 'Em, Baby (4.32)Just let my tongue have its way with, bend over. Text With Audio 01/22/15
Tark is a Nasty Girl (4.44)So, can I lick you...there? Text With Audio 01/07/15
Tark the Flirty Campus Floozy (4.00)She's got you in her sights; you're not going anywhere. Text With Audio 11/12/15
Tark's Skype Domme Adventure: 3 Part Series
Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 01 (3.62)Tark dominates her lovely pet. (collaboration 2 voices m/f) Text With Audio 07/24/15
Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 02 (3.54)Tarkie tantalizes her sexy Scottish boy toy (2 voices). Text With Audio 08/06/15
Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 03 (4.15)Tarkie makes her good girl beg for her cunt. (2 voices/FF) Text With Audio 08/27/15
Tarkie and Her Magic Wand (x.xx)Relieving the tension after hours of writing sexy scripts. Text With Audio 04/16/15
The Madcap Laughs...and Cums (3.47)Tark has a good time, and gets a bit too giggly. Text With Audio 01/07/15
The Woman in You (3.90)Reliving our honeymoon with a little surprise. Text With Audio 03/22/18
Thinking of Rimming and Riding You (3.78)Tark wants to fuck you with her tongue and her pussy. Text With Audio 11/20/14
Those Three Favorite Words of Mine (4.27)Please let me hear them from you. Text With Audio 11/20/14
To All The Curvy Girls (4.40)Tark sends out her love to all of those voluptuous babes. Text With Audio 10/22/14
Trust Me, I've Got This (4.45)Let me treat you right; I've got this under control. Text With Audio 09/15/15
Wait... Pt: 3 Part Series
Wait... Pt. 01: What's That?! (4.52)How did my clit turn into an 8-inch cock?! Any ideas, babe?  Hot Text With Audio 09/14/17
Wait... Pt. 02: Who's THAT?! (4.44)He brings in a friend to get a little taste of Futa Tark. Text With Audio 09/21/17
Wait... Pt. 03: A Night with Chris (4.42)Chris wants Tark's cock all to himself. Text With Audio 12/07/17
Wet and Wanting Your Cum (3.80)I can't help but imagine playing with myself with your cum. Text With Audio 12/31/14
What Have You Done to Me? (3.92)I need you here, because I can't cum if you're not. Text With Audio 02/04/15
Whimper For Me, Whimper With Me (4.03)Yes, whimpering encouragement is definitely a thing. Text With Audio 04/27/16
You Make Daddy Throb So Hard... (4.55)Just fantasizing about you on your knees, begging for me.  Hot Text With Audio 09/22/16
You're in So Much Trouble! (3.53)You've been a tease all day...and now you're gonna get it! Text With Audio 09/25/14
At Your Mercy (4.67) Erotic Poetry 12/06/14
He Said (5.00) Erotic Poetry 02/04/16
I'm Begging You to Beg Me (5.00) Erotic Poetry 12/10/14
In My Eyes (5.00) Erotic Poetry 08/30/15
Just For Tonight (4.50) Erotic Poetry 12/10/14
Missing Someone... (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 05/26/16
My Favorite Kind of Misery (4.50) Erotic Poetry 12/10/14
Please, Mistress? (4.90)  Hot Erotic Poetry 12/06/14
Smell The Rain (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 08/29/15
What Does It Take? (4.50) Erotic Poetry 08/29/15
Why Should I Wait for You? (3.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 08/29/15
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