tagLoving Wives2000: My Wife's Surprise Party

2000: My Wife's Surprise Party


Astrid's note.

The following placement deals with the developments of my relationship with my husband's cousin. We got quite a few requests for me to share my pet with Roberto… I suppose they saw it coming. Of course one of the reasons why my "understanding" best one had no objections to my Sapphic affair was that he assumed that sooner or later he would get his share of fun… I just let him boil for a while. We also got a number of harsh judgements about the "Danish Slut" (me), her unacceptable adulterous behaviour and the wimp hubbie (my husband) who accepted it. Of course everybody is free to think whatever they please, and the question weather an affair like mine represents adultery or not is an open issue. Only, I strongly believe there has been a basic misunderstanding by someone on an important point: Roberto knew what I was going to do with Lella in advance. I phoned and told him before going to look for a hotel, and he could have stopped me if he wanted. Maybe the wordings reported in our text are misleading, but you should understand that we know each other quite well, and already at the time I was perfectly aware of his point of view on the issue. I was pretty sure my affair with Lella wouldn't trouble my husband at all, provided he was fully aware of my intentions in advance and I shared the details with him. I fully understand that Roberto's point of view (and mine) may not be shared by the majority of the readers… But this is our opinion, and fits us well. Feel free to criticize, please! We have no ambition to export our lifestyle… We just enjoy it!

And now, let's be back to Roberto's story.

I couldn't believe it. My wife was having a lesbian affair with my cousin!

She was doing it for my sake, in order to spare me the embarrassment to repel my cousin's advances or -- worse -- the risk to fall to her charm.

Astrid never had any gay tendency, nor had ever been bi-curious. It had been a choice taken after cold calculation, which just happened to prove quite enjoyable.

I didn't really regret her choice. I happened to state much in advance that a situation like that wouldn't have been unacceptable for me, since I believe that such a relationship isn't alternative to a husband-to-wife one, but it's something completely different... Like a husband getting drunk with his pal. It's also physical pleasure with somebody else than your spouse, but is also something your spouse doesn't want or can't really do with you personally, so it doesn't represent a betrayal. Provided the spouse is fully aware of what's going on, of course.

Well, I was fully aware of what was going on; I had been briefed in advance and updated while the thing was developing, and I had the chance to stop it before it happened, or at any moment later, if I only wanted. I was told my wife's plans far in advance than Lella herself, and sometimes I even made suggestions.

You may agree or not with my point of view, but that's what came out of it.

Our own family life wasn't affected, apart from my wife's reduced inhibitions and increased sexual confidence, since almost all her encounters with my cousin took place during my (and Lella's husband's) working time.

My pride as the only recipient of my wife's lust was the only thing at risk... But it was really a small thing, given the situation.

The point is, Astrid wasn't in love with Lella. Maybe there was something true the other way around, but my wife was just having fun, like playing some kind of sport she couldn't share with me. There was no psychological trick about ownership of your spouse's body, or shit like that involved either, since Astrid was in full control of the situation.

Basically, Lella was just my wife's pet.

They had achieved a perfect domina-slave relationship, and my cousin had no degree of possession over my wife, while on the contrary my wife owned her body as much as her soul.

You will argue this might not be a problem for me, but was quite one for Lella's hubby.

Wrong… Poor Michele had no clue at all about what was going on. Had somebody tried to tell him, he would dismiss the whole thing as a really sick fantasy. The poor Church-going, holy guy just believed in the sacrality of wedding wows, took his wife twice a month only in the dark, missionary-style and wearing a pyjamas.

Not only cheating was unthinkable for him, but incest and lesbian affairs were devil's induced porn fantasies which only took place within X-rated products that -- of course! -- he would never read.

As you can see, everybody was happy. I had a dedicated wife who felt sexually fulfilled with me, had improved her self-confidence and had found both a company during her long days alone and a pet to play with. Michele wasn't bothered any more by a sexually frustrated wife and could run his life as it fitted him the best. And Lella had finally found some sort of balance between her requirement to be true to her spouse and her own intimate sexual needing.

My only regret in the whole situation was that I had no chances to join the girls for a threesome, since the whole dirty story had been devised by Astrid to avoid me getting involved again with my deviate cousin.

As a bonus though, I was getting full, uncensored reports of all their private accomplishments.

After the first couple of meetings in hotel rooms, the two of them had agreed it was much more clever (and cheap!) to see each other at home. Astrid made it clear she wasn't going to share our bedroom with anybody else than me, so it was Lella's home they went to.

Astrid would just take the underground after doing her job at home and go there by noon. They would make love in Michele's bed while he was at work, then Lella would cook for her master. They would eat together and then make love again, or take a walk toghether, depending on my wife's mood. However, Astrid would be at the underground station to pick me up when I was back from work, with a new story for me and an increased desire to have sex with a man too...

The frequency of the affair was totally up to Astrid. Sometimes they saw each other almost every working day; sometimes, my cruel wife let Lella alone for full weeks, rebuffing all desperate pleas from her enslaved lover.

Once I got a call at work from my desperate cousin, who begged me to talk Astrid into seeing her the day after: the poor girl was love sick, sobbing all along the call. When I told Astrid about it, she just smiled; she knew she had her.

Early autumn I left for three weeks of English refreshment in England.

Astrid dated Lella for a couple of days, and then left Rome herself to go and see some friends of hers. When she came back after a few days, Lella was out of control. My cruel wife called her from home for some more days, pretending to be still away, and then just showed up at her place unannounced, summoning her out for the weekend without any warning.

The lovesick girl was so overjoyed to see her lover back that she didn't think twice, threw a few clothes and her toothbrush into a bag and left. She called her husband from the hotel Astrid had booked in Sorrento, telling him she was going to stay away the whole weekend... The poor guy was quite pissed, but behaved as a good, understanding husband, and after having been reassured by Astrid and received the phone number of the hotel to call during the evening, he even wished the girls a fun weekend.

When he called on Sunday night, interrupting the girls' intimacy at the wrong moment, Astrid was so pissed with him that she just told him they were going to stay an extra day; and they did.

The weather was very good, and the hotel rate cheap due to the late season, so the girls really enjoyed their time, getting a lot of sun, sea and sex.

When they were finally back, Lella was sexually satiated and her husband for once was in desperate needing himself...

I came back on Friday and got the whole torrid story, between one love session and the other, all through the weekend.

Again Astrid decided to discipline her pet for a couple of weeks, during which she didn't even answered her phone calls, letting her fry in her own frustration.

I left again for a working week to Bavaria, and Astrid again took Lella out for a three-day event to Fiuggi spa, just fifty kilometres south of Rome. There again the girls shared a fantastic time between Jacuzzi, saunas, body massages and hot baths, mixing it all with a lot of sex in their private room. When I came back, Astrid was really in great shape, beaming and horny.

She didn't cut Lella out again this time though, since she didn't want my cousin to associate their best moments to my travelling away and their bad ones to my presence. They kept on seeing each other on a steady schedule about once or twice a week, generally at Lella's place, otherwise somewhere outside Rome, but didn't sleep out.

I never saw my cousin during these months; I happened to talk briefly to her on the phone when I answered her calls in the evening or when she was asking for intercession with her stone-hearted lover.


Then my birthday came. I turned thirty-eight, and I wasn't really thinking of a big party for myself... Most Italians tend to let their birthdays fade away after their twentieth, and just expect a greeting kiss or a birthday card; I wasn't that lucky. For Danes, birthdays are serious business.

The first birthday I had with Astrid, she woke me up at six o'clock in the morning (Saturday, when non-Vikings are supposed to sleep till late), with music, songs and flags (Danish flags of course, we have nothing like Italian birthday party paper flags). I thought the Vikings were invading us...

By year 2000, I got accustomed to this tradition, and resigned to the idea of having to celebrate my birthday again. I smiled as I got my early morning party, followed according to this barbarian fashion to a rich and nice breakfast, and went to work without having any idea of what the evening would take.

When I came home, I found nothing strange, apart from my wife all dressed up and the table ready and dressed with our best dishes, silver cattery and candles.

Nice, I thought: Astrid prepared a romantic dinner for us...

I was directly ushered into the bathroom for a good shower, and when I came out I found clean clothes ready to wear on the bed. Thanks God no tie, but for the rest it was my best set of clothes.

I dressed up, shaved and put on some after-shave, and finally marched into the living room.

...And there, I got my birthday present.

Sitting at the table with my loving wife, all dressed up like her and smiling her best smile, was my cousin Lella.

I must say, they both looked great. Lella was wearing a loose purple blouse which enhanced her gorgeous breasts, one of her infamous knee-high skirts with long side cut, grey stockings and high-heel shoes. A golden necklace, a pair of heavy earrings and even heavier bracelets completed the setting.

My wife looked if possible even better. She wore dark blue shirt, my favourite leather miniskirt and boots, which gave a combined great look to her long legs and to her perfect ass.

Lella was paling down quickly after the summer, but Astrid was still quite tanned, and her complexion was such that she needed very little makeup and no pantyhose. My cousin had quite a lot of makeup on, but she was doing better than she used to, and I assumed Astrid had had a hand on it.

All in all, two very sexy women, with two bodies to die for.

"I thought that after all the patience you showed the two of us, you deserved yourself some satisfaction and a very special present..." Astrid said with a smile, caressing my cousin's cheek: "Happy birthday, my love!"

I got my loving wife kiss, while Lella was blushing at her master's wordings, which implied she was my birthday present.

Then she rose on her feet too, and came to kiss me happy birthday: "Hi, cousin... I hope you are happy to see me."

I was, and I showed my appreciation with a deeper-than-brotherly kiss, as my wife smiled her permission.

We sat at the table and enjoyed a tasty light dinner. It was Astrid's typical kitchen: a beautiful salmon fried with rice and vegetables, supported by a good bottle of Pinot Grigio from Trentino.

The two girls were sitting at my sides, facing each other, and never lost an opportunity to smile or touch me. It was a beautiful torture to be teased through the whole dinner, until the fish and the wine were over.

Then it was time for the Tiramisù, sided by a bottle of Moscato d' Asti.

I popped the bottle open, and the cork bounced on the ceiling to fall on Lella's shoulder, which triggered some happy laughing.

"Happy birthday, my love..." Astrid kissed me again, holding her just filled glass: "Isn't it time to open your present? Or should I say, to undress it?"

Astrid's Story

Roberto smiled from one ear to the other at my remark, while Lella blushed of embarrassment.

I was very satisfied of myself.

My husband rose from his seat and moved behind his cousin, caressing her shoulders.

"You may kiss your present," I allowed with a benign smile.

Roberto kissed Lella's delicate neck side, making her shiver. I knew all too well how hot the chick was.

When I told her what my idea for Roberto's birthday was, the week before, she almost cried of happiness. My pet went on thanking and kissing me for hours, and behaved even more submitted than usual. Even her oral ministrations were far more loving and passionate than I was used... I came twice under her tongue that afternoon!

After a brief look at me to get my approval, Roberto kissed his present on her trembling lips, while his hands were wandering on her body.

I saw their tongues play between their lips, and wandered weather I was feeling jealous...

I didn't. I organized the event, and it was my game. My present to my husband, to show my appreciation for his tolerance and patience with my unconventional affair with his cousin and own former lover.

Lella wasn't a threat to me any more: she was my dedicated sex slave, and I could do whatever I wanted to her, including sharing her with my husband... Without that representing an intrusion in my own marriage.

Lella was a more-than-willing offer, but Roberto looked still a bit hesitant at taking full advantage of her... So I decided to take the show into my hands.

I reached them behind the table and kissed my husband, like the other girl wasn't even there: "Can I help you, lover? You know, I got some experience at unwrapping her, recently..."

He looked like a child in a toy shop, and kissed me fondly. I felt his hand on my breast as I placed mine on Lella's.

I started unbuttoning her blouse and slowly opened it on her beautiful décolleté.

Her lacy bra showed up in all its transparent beauty.

I placed a hand on my husband's crotch and moaned: "Hmmm... I can feel you like your present!"

I know he can be rather clumsy undoing a bra, so I continued opening the hook and unwrapping Lella's breasts from their laced cups.

I felt the girl shiver when my hands caressed her erected nipples.

I stopped kissing Roberto and went down kissing my lover for just a second, before going down to her tits to sip a nipple.

I looked up at my horny husband and smiled, "Take the other one... It's tasty!"

He gladly met my suggestion, and the two of us proceeded suckling and nibbling Lella's swollen, dark nipples untie she gasped and let go of a long moan of pleasure: "Oohhh... Oh my God, it's so good! Sooo gooooood... Hmmm..."

My lover's hands went to caress both our heads as we made love to her breasts.

She was still sitting on the chair, buckling and thrashing on the cushion under our combined mouth job.

I felt my husband's hand on my ass, and knew he was still fully aware of me... He wasn't lost in his lust for that hot cousin of his! But still, he wasn't taking the initiative as he used to.

Again, I took it into my hands.

"Let's go to the bedroom," I proposed to him with a dirty smile: "We can finish unwrapping your present there!"

I grabbed my pet's hand and drove her over to our bedroom, with my husband taking my arm and fondly caressing my leather-clad buttocks.

I pushed Lella on our bed, and she sat, all so happy to be at the very centre of our combined attention.

Her bare chest showed in all its beauty. Roberto sat next to her, and started again caressing her firm breasts, kissing her on the neck. I remembered from his tales he liked to mark her there before sending her back home, and thought it was a good idea.

So I sat on her other side and proceeded doing the same... After all, she was my pet, and I thought it appropriate she sports my mark too.

"Aahhh..." Lella moaned as we suckled her neck from both sides, "Michele will notice the bite marks on me..."

"Your problem," I commented mercilessly, grabbing one of her tits and cruelly pulling a nipple: "Stop complaining now, and forget your husband... It's my husband you are here to please today!"

"Aww!" she cried as I pinched her swollen nipple as to pull it out of her chest.

The little bitch didn't complain any more and reeled in our attentions to her body.

We made love to her upper body for some minutes more, relaxing her to the point she was moaning and shivering almost continuously, then it was my dirty-minded husband the one who went the first between Lella's legs.

He opened her knees and pushed a probing hand under his cousin's skirt, exploring between her open thighs. I saw delight on his face as he realized she wasn't wearing anything under her garter; it has always been one of his favourite fetishes, the lack of undies under a woman's skirt.

Lella shuddered, and I understood Roberto had started masturbating her.

I kissed my lover, sipping her tongue until she started watering, and grabbed a handful of her tits into my hands.

"Oohhh..." she moaned, "I like it... It's so nice... You make me melt! Hmmm..."

I thought it was a good moment to get rid of unnecessary garments. While my husband was taking good care of our sex toy, I rose on my feet and slipped out from my own skirt and shirt. I threw my bra on Lella's face, grinning at her surprise, and then I climbed back on my bed, naked but for my leather boots, my watch and a golden waist lace.

Roberto was suckling Lella's nipples while finger fucking her, his hand concealed under the hem of her skirt. The girl's breath was quickly accelerating towards a point she could only cry out...


There it was, I knew it. I knew my sex pet pretty well by then, and her breathing rhythm was so precise an indicator of her approaching orgasm.

"Okay, my dear," I smiled to my husband, as he pulled his wet fingers out of Lella's body: "I think it is due time we offer you a demonstration of what we have been doing the last couple of months. Would you like a show?"

Roberto withdrew with a wide smile to a chair next to the bed, leaving me to deal with our sex toy.

I quickly finished undressing her, pulling down her skirt and getting rid of her blouse until Lella was naked in her stockings, garter and high heels.

Her nice clean skin was a bit pale compared to mine, but her hairy pussy was nicely trimmed according to my instruction, perfectly shaped in a black triangle which contrasted with the white of her belly and upper thighs.

"You got your high, sweetheart," I grinned, grabbing her hair and pushing her head between my open thighs: "Now it's my turn... Lick me!"

Lella gladly went down on me, kissing my moist pussy as I closed my legs around her head.

I felt her probing tongue wandering amongst my own curls until it found my labia, and then it slowly opened me, exacting a slow moan directly from the depths of my throat.

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