tagBDSM24 Hours

24 Hours


24 hours.

That's what we agreed, 24 hours, during which time I was to be totally yours, never at any time to be free, to be used as you saw fit.

Now I lay on the bed, hands cuffed behind my back, cuffs on my ankles, rendered sightless by a blindfold, only a blanket covering my nakedness with one problem that was growing in urgency by the minute.

I needed to piss, badly,

I speak.

"Please, I need to piss."

I hear you move, feel the blanket being pulled of me, hear you say.

"You can wait awhile."

Bastard! Knew you would say that! No point in asking again, you'll let me go when you're ready, when I'm desperate. Thighs clenched, I try to ignore the mounting pressure, you walk away, leaving me uncovered.

Minutes, hours, days god know how long pass.

I start to sweat, humiliation, shame and discomfort obscuring my sense of worth, can't hold on much longer.


I know I'm begging, don't care anymore.

"Please, I have to."

I feel your hands on my ankles, the cuffs being removed.

"Get up."

I wriggle to the edge of the bed, ignoring the cuffs digging into my back and unsteadily stand, I feel your hand on my biceps, leading me, I hope, to the bathroom.


Warning me about the step into the bathroom. I feel the cold tiles under my feet, you uncuff my hands, recuffing them in front of me, I hear a click and feel my arms being pulled above my head, I start to feel panic.

"Let me piss first, please."

I hear myself begging, you ignore me as I knew you would.

"Spread your legs".

I obey, straps tightening on my ankles, you're using the spreader, my arms are pulled higher, my feet barely touching the floor, cuffs digging in to my wrists, bladder bursting.

"OK, piss."

But I can't, not like this, not while you're watching me.


I gasp. I feel your hands on my belly, pressing.

"Then you'll stay here until you do."

I know I have to, but I can't, the pain in my wrists an almost welcome distraction from my humiliation. I try again.

"Please, this is hurting like hell."

You ignore me after a moment I hear myself moan. I hear the sound of spraying water, the shower, multiplying my need to piss several hundred percent, a spray of icy water hitting my naked belly and thighs. The shock wrenching a scream from my throat and releasing my bladder, first a few short hot spurts and then a steady stream, you turn off the shower, I feel you watching me, my shame complete.

"Please dry me."

"After I've washed you."

I hear the shower again, feel the cold jet between my thighs, want to close them, can't. Now my belly and breasts, I felt my nipples hardening. You spray everywhere except my face, the cold making me fight against my restraints, increasing the pain in my arms, wrists and thighs, making me sob.

You stop. I feel you toweling me dry, you release my legs, they feel like jelly, you wrap an arm around my waist and release my arms. I sink to my knees, you lower me gently to the cold floor, you recuff my hands behind my back a second pair on my ankles. You lift me, your clothes rough against my nakedness and carry me back to the bed, replacing the blanket.

Only 20 hours to go.

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