tagBDSM48 Hours

48 Hours


I'm in a fantastic mood. Work is over for another week. I'm free for two whole days. I begin planning activities for the weekend as I negotiate the evening traffic.

When I arrive home I notice only the entry light is on. You must be running late. I fumble with the key in the dark, unlock the door and step inside. I close the front door and turn to walk down the hallway but you're there standing in front of me blocking my path, dressed only your bath robe. I jump with surprise. You grin that cheeky, but slightly evil grin and put your hands on my shoulders and push me to my knees. You fasten my collar around my neck and hand me a pair of hand cuffs, ordering me to cuff my hands behind my back. I do as you command.

You will address me as Sir at all times" You begin abruptly.

"You must ask permission to speak."

"You must ask permission to stand."

I open my mouth to begin asking permission to stand but you continue.

"You must ask permission to sit, sleep, eat, wash."

"You must ask permission to do anything at all."

"Most importantly you must ask permission to cum."

"I own you until Sunday 6pm and for the next 48 hours you will obey my every command."

"Open your mouth!"

I grin, knowing that this weekend will be one filled with my fantasies coming true.

"Open your mouth now!" you bark grabbing a fist full of my hair and yank my head backwards. It hurts. It feels good.

I open my mouth and with your free hand you shove three fingers inside, poking around roughly, inspecting the first of my orifices that you will violate over the next 48 hours. You take them out and very quickly replace them with your cock. Gently for a few moments, I wrap my lips around it and flick my tough across the tip. But that doesn't last long. You grab my head with both hands pulling it towards you as you thrust your hips forward. Your cock is slammed against the back of my throat. I gag and try to pull away but you hold tighter. After a few seconds you release your grip and pull back, withdrawing from my mouth. I gasp for air.

"I was under the impression you wanted to suck me?" You enquire with a disappointed tone.

"I do Sir"

"Well enjoy it!" You command as you thrust back into my mouth, this time pumping your cock right down my throat.

I am choking on your cock and loving every second of it. My eyes begin to water and my face turns red. You release my head once more and saliva pours out of my mouth and down the front of my shirt. I look up at you and smile. "Thank you Sir. May I suck you some more please Sir?"

You spit in my face "Sure thing, slut" you reply as you slap my face with your saliva coated cock and then ram it back down my throat. Pumping in and out, occasionally you pause with your cock resting on my tongue to give me an opportunity to breath before assaulting my throat again.

This cycle continues for what seems like an eternity. Eventually my face is drenched with saliva; my eye makeup has been destroyed by my tears, leaving black streaks down my face. My shirt is wet and transparent. I am breathless and exhausted. The only reason I am still upright is because you are holding me up by the hair. You pump your cock into my throat one last time before you pull out and cum all over my face.

"I love you, my dirty little whore" you whisper as you catch your breath, still holding me up by the hair, and wiping your cock roughly across my cheek.

"Thank you Sir. I love you too Sir" I pant in reply.

"Now get those clothes off. You need to be punished!" You command as you drop me to the floor and walk away.

I lay there for a moment catching my breath.

"And don't wipe my seed from your face. I want you to enjoy wearing it for a while. I like the way it looks."

"Yes Sir"

I smile to myself and struggle to my feet, trying to work out how to get undressed with my hands still cuffed behind my back. This weekend will be nothing like I planned but it is certainly going to be one to remember.

To be continued...

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