tagSci-Fi & Fantasy'57' Ch. 02

'57' Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. The characters and events in this story are not real, although some of the characters have been loosely patterned after people I know.

I've chosen to list this story in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category since that's where it seems to fit best to me. There will be a substantial amount of BDSM in the story however; just a friendly warning, in case that's not your thing.

I want to thank a former submissive of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) for her contributions to writing this story. Her insights and feedback have been invaluable to me as is her continued friendship.

A good portion of the dialog of this series was originally written as a role-play between my friend and me, thus the back and forth narrative nature and dual points of view of many parts of the story.


57 woke from a troubled sleep. Sitting up, she noticed that the RV no longer seemed to be moving. She wasn't sure how long she'd slept. At some point in her journey, she'd completely lost track of time. In the windowless space, she couldn't tell day from night and, in fact, she'd not even seen the sun since her strange "rebirth". There had been a few other times when the vehicle had stopped, but it had always started moving again shortly afterward. She assumed they were refueling stops and such.

She'd found that her initial impression of the vehicle's interior hadn't been quite accurate. There actually was more to her transport than just a table and sleeping platform. There was a concealed refrigerator with various foods that didn't require cooking and a small bathroom area that opened with the press of a button. There wasn't much to keep her mind occupied though and she'd found herself becoming bored. That surprised her. You'd think that after what she'd been through and told about what was going to happen, she'd be climbing the walls trying to get out or scared out of her mind. Granted, she had felt like climbing the walls, but more from boredom than anything else.

57 jumped as the voice of Diana broke her silent contemplation, "Hello, 57. We've arrived at your destination. Welcome to the training facility. You're instructed to exit this vehicle, walk to the front entrance of the house, and wait inside the foyer to meet with your trainer. I would suggest that you neither deviate from your task nor keep him waiting." With that pronouncement, the door to the RV swung silently open.

Standing up, 57 nervously tucked her tee-shirt into the top of her jeans. She took one last look around the interior of her vehicle and then stepped out of the door onto red brick pavement. She found herself in a courtyard facing a large house that appeared to have been taken straight from the stories of the antebellum South. Part of her mind found it somewhat humorous that a slave training facility would look like a southern plantation. It seemed a bit over the top or perhaps it was just that someone in the Corp had a twisted sense of humor.

57 found that she wasn't in the mood to meekly follow orders. Instead, she turned to the left and walked along the side of the RV toward the driver's compartment. Trying to look in the side windows, she was thwarted by darkly tinted glass. She figured she could look through the windshield, but as she continued to walk forward, her legs became leaden and it began to feel like she was walking against a swift river current. Remembering what "Sir" had told her about the paralysis modification that had been made to her, she resignedly reversed her course. Coming even with the side door on the RV once more, she turned to face the house and began walking slowly in the direction that she'd been instructed.

From a balcony above the courtyard, two people observed 57's arrival. One, a tall, well-built man dressed in leather pants and a black tee-shirt. The other, a voluptuous woman who appeared to be of Italian descent. Her uniform was a bit more daring than the man's, it consisted of stiletto heels, a lace bra, silk thong panties, a garter belt, and sheer black hose -- other than the hose, everything was red with black accents.

"I'm going to need your assistance with this one, Serafina," the man said as his eyes followed 57. "I've been told she has great potential, but she's completely untrained."

The woman let her eyes drift from her observation of 57 to the man and then back. "You know I am always happy to assist you in any way I can, Sir," she replied in a lightly Italian-accented, sultry voice, "and if I may say so, this one looks... deliziosa," she said with a smile.

"Well, it's good you think so, since a significant portion of your participation in her training will be to introduce her to new 'tastes'," the man said with a chuckle, "We know she has the proclivities, but she's repressed them. One of the main goals of her instruction will be the breaking down of these barriers. I'll introduce you to her soon. Have Diana give you a general rundown of her history and psychological profile when you get the chance." He turned toward her, looked her in the eyes, and ran his fingers through her the long curls of her hair, "I know you won't disappoint me, Fina."

Serafina purred, "Of course not, Sir. As I said, serving you is always my pleasure."

"I see she is not totally meek and compliant, though," Serafina commented as she watched 57 take her side trip toward the front of the RV.

"Neither is she an out-and-out rebel," the man countered. "She's testing her limits but not getting hysterical -- showing some backbone, tempered by intelligence. I like trainees that have a brain. I want my pupils to understand why they do things, not simply obey blindly. The brainless and spineless, I'll leave to Greta."

Turning to the woman he said, "You're dismissed for now, Serafina. I'll let you know when I'm ready for you to play your role. It's time for me to put our newest trainee in her place."

"Yes Sir. I almost envy her being able to experience all of this for the first time. Of course, she probably will not see it that way." Serafina said with a musical little laugh.

Their meeting broke up and the man made his leisurely way to the staircase leading to ground level. He was in no rush. It was always best to impress upon new trainees the value of patience.

57 had been waiting nervously in the foyer for approximately five minutes. She was doing her best to retain her composure, but she still fidgeted and shifted her weight back and forth from one foot to the other. The urge to pace was almost overpowering, but she thought that probably wouldn't be a wise choice. She was going to play the good girl for now since, at this time, her captors held all the cards.

She stopped her fidgeting and straightened up when she saw a man coming down the hallway. He was of an indeterminate middle age, about six feet tall, blond, had a swimmer's build, and was dressed all in black. He approached and walked in a slow circle around her, not saying a word. She remembered the similar inspection at her previous location and tried to do now as she had been instructed then; she stood at attention and picked a spot on the wall to concentrate on.

After completing the slow circuit, the man broke the silence, "Welcome to your new home while you're being trained, 57. I'm Master Evan and I'm in charge of your instruction. You, however, will address me only as "Trainer". You haven't yet earned the right to use my real name. You're on the bottom rung of the ladder here, and you can expect to be treated that way. Even the cooks and cleaning staff outrank you. You can accept it or fight against it, but it won't change the reality of your situation, only the amount and type of discipline that is meted out. Am I making myself clear?"

Her heart felt like it was going to hammer out of her chest. His commanding voice intimidated her, but she also couldn't quell a flutter of excitement deep in the pit of her stomach. As she forced her body back into the remembered positioning with her hands behind her back, she dug her fingers into her forearms, her knuckles going almost white with the force of her nervous grip. Being told that she was the lowest of the low was certainly a daunting prospect, and only added to her nervousness. She tried her best to keep her inner turmoil hidden though, and appear outwardly calm and collected.

"Y-yes Trainer," 57 replied. She couldn't quite keep the quaver out of her voice, but that seemed inevitable considering the state of her nerves combined with the fact that she'd not really used her voice much at all since her "rebirth". She was actually surprised that she was able to get out more than a squeak.

"Let me elaborate on what that means," Evan continued. "It means that if someone has a task for you to do and I've not already set you one, you do it. If someone wants to cop a feel or give your ass a swat, they're allowed. I'm not saying that someone can just throw you down and have sex with you, but fondling by the staff is accepted and encouraged. They view it as a perk of their employment. I also view it as a training tool since it helps you to know your place. In addition, I expect you to be well mannered and thank them for any such attention they give you."

While, intellectually, she was aghast at how she could be used as a sexual plaything, the flame of sexual desire in her stomach burned even more brightly as she contemplated what such treatment might entail. She was grateful random strangers couldn't force her into sex, but her mind still struggled to accept that she could be callously used. She concentrated on taking one breath after the other, using the relaxation tricks she'd taught herself. Anything can be accomplished, she repeated in her mind, you just have to take one step at a time.

"Understood Trainer," 57 was proud that her voice sounded less shaky and unsure even though, internally, her thoughts were still terribly chaotic. She didn't know if she was allowed to ask questions yet, but she chewed her lip and decided to plunge ahead anyway. Her need for information outweighed her fear of punishment. She thought to herself that it was better to find out now how much freedom she had to question her trainer. In a timid voice she asked, "May I ask a question, Trainer?"

"Go ahead, 57"

"Trainer, what if you have set me to a task and someone else comes to me with another? Whose do I do first? And...how do I know if a person has the right...or permission to take me sexually...will I know? Are people trustworthy here?" She bit her lip almost hard enough to break the skin in order to limit the flow of her questions. She didn't want to start babbling. The sharp pain gave her something to focus on and she managed to quiet her racing heart somewhat.

"Firstly, my instructions to you always take precedence over anything anyone else tells you to do. If someone tries to turn you from a task I've set for you, you're to politely inform them that you're following the instructions of your trainer and are unable to do as they ask. This is a hard and fast rule and everyone here knows it. As to sex, you're not allowed to participate in any sexual activity whatsoever without my knowledge and consent. That includes masturbation, by the way. To put it bluntly, I am the gatekeeper to your holes, and no one gets in unless I say they do... including you. Anyone who tries to break that rule will be gone from this facility as soon as I find out about it... and have no doubt, I will find out about it."

"Yes Trainer, you are perfectly understood," her face blushed crimson as she remembered how sensitive her nipples were and how easy it had been for her to climax.

"But...what if-what if I, uhh..." She trailed off slowly, at a loss for words since she's never discussed such personal issues with anyone. Her face turned a darker shade of crimson that spread quickly to her ears and neck. She couldn't make herself say the words, and her tongue felt like it was in knots as the rest of her question petered out into silence. She struggled inwardly to continue while taking a deep breath to steady her nerves.

Master Evan locked eyes with her, "If you have a question, 57, I recommend you ask it. Making assumptions is one of the quickest ways to get yourself in trouble. If something isn't clear to you, I consider it your duty to ask for clarification. As to being embarrassed, you need to get over it. You have no secrets from me -- none whatsoever. The Corp has given you to me to train. Right now, I own you, body and soul. I take my responsibilities to the Corp very seriously and you should take your commitment to your training equally seriously. So... out with it."

She started to curse, something she did only rarely and only when frustrated about something but, even as the foul word was on the tip of her tongue, she managed to bite it back. Cursing at her instructor seemed an extremely foolhardy thing to do. She was pretty sure that would be a major offense worthy of major punishment. Taking another deep breath, she tried calm herself as much as she could before she spoke, "I um, my bre-nipples...they're very sensitive. I've f-found that stimulating them can make me cum, very quickly." As she spoke, her voice got softer and softer, her voice nearly a whisper by the end of her sentence. Her eyes had shifted from the spot on the wall, to Master Evan, then down to the floor as heat had flooded her body with acute embarrassment.

"Understandable," Evan answered, ignoring her embarrassment. "Let me use an analogy; your new body is like Formula One race car. Up to this point, all your driving experience has been in a used family sedan. It's going to take some time to learn control. That's going to be a big part of your training. Until that time, you may have some accidents. When you do, I expect you to report them to me."

"Yes, Trainer. Thank you, Trainer," she answered quietly, still staring at the toes of her shoes.

"Have your questions been answered sufficiently?" Evan asked her after giving her a minute to digest what she'd been told.

"Yes, Trainer," 57 found she was experiencing conflicting emotions when it came to Master Evan. On the one hand, she found him powerfully arousing, on the other she was intimidated by him in the extreme. Fear and lust combined to make it hard to think in his presence. He affected her in a way no other man had in her previous experience. She struggled to keep her mind on their conversation and not on her emotions.

"Good," Evan said in a business-like voice. "In that case, we'll move on to the next item on the agenda. Could you tell me what Diana told you when you arrived here?"

57 thought for a moment, and was amazed that she was able to pull the words verbatim from her memory. Though she paraphrased a bit, she enumerated the main points of Diana's message, "I was told to exit the vehicle, go to the front entrance, then to wait inside the entrance hall to meet with you. Diana also warned me to neither keep you waiting nor to deviate from what I was told to do..." As she finished, she began to see where Master Evan was taking this.

"How well, in your estimation, did you follow those instructions, 57?" Master Evan asked smoothly.

"Um... I got sidetracked, Trainer. I won't try to excuse myself because there should be no excuses, but I do apologize." Her cheeks reddened perceptibly and she couldn't help but grit her teeth in frustration and embarrassment. Was she not even allowed curiosity for curiosities sake?

"Sidetracked?" Evan said as he quirked his eyebrow at her. "So I'm to assume you have the attention span of 10 year old? Does this mean I'm going to have to hide all shiny objects in the future to keep you on task?" he asked sarcastically and then turned his penetrating gaze on her, "Tell me the truth. Are you saying you had no other motivation for not following your instructions?"

She was confused by this line of questioning, but ultimately, he was her trainer and she'd been instructed to tell him everything, so she did, "I didn't want to do what I was told, and I was curious as to who or what might have been in the front of the vehicle...so I decided to try to get a look at the inside of the front seat," 57 wasn't sure why this was important, and she hated having to explain herself. She hadn't obeyed her orders and, in her opinion, that was all that mattered. From her memories as Lindsey, she knew she wasn't used to explaining her motivations and it was reflected in the tone of her voice. Lindsey had simply and stoically accepted whatever punishment she'd been told she deserved. She'd come to think of it as a silent "fuck you" to the authoritarians in her life -- they could abuse her body but her thoughts and motivations were hers alone.

Evan, however, continued asking questions, "So there was an element of defiance in what you did? Would you say that such purposeful disobedience is worthy of punishment?"

"I won't lie, Trainer...Yes, there was defiance," she replied, still feeling a bit indignant. She had all these memories of being free to do as she wished. Yet, in this new incarnation, they immediately impressed upon her that she wasn't who she thought she was and that she was property. Surely they couldn't expect her to be completely, immediately compliant -- a doormat? She concentrated on her thoughts, quite unaware that she had actually said out loud what had been running through her head.

"To follow orders willingly and to the best of their ability is one of the signature skills submissives must learn, 57. Can you see how your failure to do so would disappoint me?"

"In addition," Evan continued, "You only answered half of my question. I ask you again; given what you've been told of your situation and the instructions Diana relayed to you, would you think your defiant behavior is acceptable or something worthy of punishment?"

57's fingers dug into her forearms again. It surprised her that she'd felt a pang of shame and regret when her trainer had expressed disappointment in her. She collected her thoughts and answered, "Honestly Trainer, that's a difficult question. I don't know all of your rules and I don't know how strictly they're enforced. If it's policy to punish a person for any disobedience, then it is your job to fulfill that, I assume. Everything that I have been told so far has indicated that I have no say in the matter. Truthfully, I don't see the purpose of this line of questioning. I screwed up and now you punish me for it. It's simple cause and effect," She knew she was being rather bitchy and still not answering his question. Mainly, she was pissed off because a big part of her wanted or even needed the punishment in some way. That confused her. She'd been kept so off balance since this all started that she hadn't been able to find any anchor point for her thoughts and emotions. In essence, she felt that she was floundering in a sea of unfamiliarity.

Evan answered calmly, ignoring her bitchiness, "For one thing, no one said your training would be easy. For another, I'm the sole arbiter of the rules. There's no policy other than what I decide. I determine what deserves punishment and how severe it will be. But I also want your understanding of and participation in the process. You need to understand the rules and what it means to obey them. I don't want you to be an automaton. I'm pretty sure that, deep down, this resonates with you. I know you have a need to submit, but have neither the frame of reference nor experience to know how to achieve that goal. I'm here to give you that framework. Now, again, would you care to answer the question?"

57 tried to put herself in a parental mindset in order to determine whether or not punishment was necessary, but she already knew the answer. She thought back to Lindsey's experiences with punishments. As a child, she had been raised with an iron fist, a "spare the rod spoil the child" mentality. She felt that most of the punishments meted out to her at that time had been capricious and harshly out of proportion to her actual infractions. Later, as a rebellious teenager, those harsher punishments may even have been justified -- at least in the dogmatic, fundamentalist framework her parents inhabited. She met Master Evan's gaze and said grudgingly, "I would say that if you could find a punishment that fits the crime then, yes, punishment should be forthcoming," She hated giving that answer because, even though her heart said that she deserved it, punishments were, by definition, unpleasant.

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