tagAnal58 YO Woman, Ass Virgin, No More

58 YO Woman, Ass Virgin, No More


I was at the local Super Shop grocery store getting groceries for myself and maybe some sex. Between 1pm and 2pm always seems like a good time. It had worked once before.

I'm 55 slim, good looking for a certain kind of look, not great looking, graying, wrinkling, with a quick wit that some women fall for. Others couldn't care less.

I'm shopping for a 48-63 year old woman to have sex with me. Out in the parking lot in my tinted windows minivan.

I prefer married women with big tits, a big butt and a round belly. And usually black.

They must still be lusty. You can see it in their eyes and actions while shopping. They have a more sensual way about them.

One caught my eye today in the fruit and vegetable section.

She was white, big tits, big butt, full red lips, grey hair straight to her shoulders and married according to her big ring. Definitely still lusty looking after all these years. Dressed in a plaid blouse and chinos.

I park my cart nearby.

"Hi, how are you doing," I ask as she is picking out fresh green beans.

She looks up at me and says, "Do these look fresh enough to you?"

"They look heavily waxed to me. Hard to tell," I reply.

"Me too. But I'll take a chance. We haven't had any fresh for a while," she said.

"Risk taker aren't you?" I quipped.

She smiled and said, "Sometimes."

Sexy blue eyes, full red lips and a sensuous smile. She's worth going after.

"What looks good here," I ask.

"Whatever's fresh," she replied looking at me up and down.

"Melons?" I say testing the waters.

"Cantaloupes look good....you're a fresh guy aren't you?" she said with a smile and putting her hands on her big hips.

"Only with the right woman," I smile into her eyes.

"I bet you are," she says. "30 years ago we'd have had some fun."

"Why not after checking out?" I inquire.

"Look. I'm 58, married and flattered you'd be interested in me." She said sternly.

"Lucky guy...Say I've been divorced a few years. Do you have a secret for keeping your marriage going?" I ask seriously.

Sadness enters her eyes, "I don't know, at this point it's just a habit," she sniffs a bit.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry, or upset you. I'm sorry," I say sincerely. And begin to move off.

"No, it's not your fault. It's just that, well, it's dead. My marriage is dead. I guess we just pretend now. Why, I don't know. Comfort, habit?" she said looking at the various vegetables, then up at me.

"This may be wrong, but if you'd like to talk we can sit in my minivan after and talk," I say.

"Talk? Ha! You've got that look in your eye that says a lot more than talking will happen," she says.

"You got that right. But only if you'd like. Think about it," I say to her beautiful eyes then move over to the swiss chard.

I keep shopping up one aisle, down another. I was reading the ingredients on a jar of pasta sauce using my reading glasses when a cart bumped me from behind.

I turn to see who it is and it's her.

With a wry smile on her face, "Mona," she says.

"Rich, nice to meet you Mona," I say, "Did you think about having a chat with me?"

She looks around, "Yes, but I won't have long because Dan's ice cream will melt."

"What flavor?" I ask.

"Vanilla," she says, "Plain boring vanilla like so many other things in my life."

"Dark blue Honda minivan second row towards the far end of the lot. I like a little walk.15 minutes or so?"

She nods yes.

As we part I have a big grin and my cock is starting to harden. I finish shopping, check out and am in my minivan in 12 minutes without rushing. Groceries in the very back. The single leather bench seat's back can fold down flat, making a nice soft area to make love on. I leave it up.

My condoms and 3 different lubes are in the back of the drivers seat net thing that, well, holds things.

Music on, some oldies, side windows just cracked open.

A few moments later a red Impala parks next to me. I get out and wave, Mona gets out and smiles. I open the sliding van door and she steps in and sits.

"Hi!" I say.

"Nice minivan," she smiles.

"Thanks. Have and trouble finding it?" I ask.

"I just had trouble working up my nerve. But what the hell, you seem nice, I'm 58 and you only live once," she says smiling into my eyes

I take her hand in mine. "Scoot closer to me. I'd like to put my arm around you," I say. She scoots next to me and my arm goes around her. She leans her head on my shoulder.

We begin talking small talk for a couple of minutes, then I lean down and kiss her on her thick lips. She's wide eyed but kissing me back.

I slip my tongue into her mouth she's receptive and her own tongue gets busy with mine.

We embrace, sitting there. I feel her big tits against me. I put a hand on her big soft round ass. She puts her tongue in my mouth. My cock is stiffening and is bent at an odd angle.

I break the embrace saying, "My cock is bent in an awkward position." I say as I begin to try and free it without unzipping my pants.

"What's it look like?" she asks.

"It's pink and about 7 inches long."

"No, I mean show it to me. I haven't seen another in 30 years."

I unzip and pull my pants and boxer briefs part way down. Boing, out comes my almost hard cock.

"Beautiful..." she says, "Can I touch it?"

"That's what it's here for," I say.

She puts her left hand on my shaft and slowly strokes it. Her eyes looking at my cock and then up at me.

"You can suck it if you'd like," I offer.

She kneels on the soft carpeted floor, and says, "I used to be such a good cocksucker."

Mona swallows my whole cock in one quick gulp and slowly my cock reappears from her full lips. On my newly moistened shaft she uses her left hand to move my cock very quickly against her tongue.

It feels good having my cock in her warm wet mouth then brushing quickly against her tongue. She is still a good cocksucker.

Watching her straight grey hair fly around as she starts to bob her head on my cock in a quick rhythm looks sexy too.

I'm getting close, "Mona, I want to fuck your big tits."

She stops sucking, "No ones ever fucked my tits."

I begin to unbutton her plaid blouse, but she takes over and removes it, leaving her big white plain bra over her big tits.

"Take off your bra, so I can fuck your big tits." I say.

She reaches back and undoes the snaps, takes it off and her tits hang down almost to her belly button.

Her full round tits had never seen the light of day. There were lots of blue veins against her white skin, going down to her dark big brown nipples. Her nipples were pointing down to the carpet. Very sexy to me.

"Put them around my cock." I ordered.

Her tits were wider than her hands and heavy as she lifted them.

"What'll work better, is let me unfold this seat flat." I said. Leaving her topless and kneeling there I folded the seat flat. And pause to admire her sexy pose.

"Lay on your back on the seat and I'll straddle you." She did. And I did.

"You look beautiful" I said as I started fucking her big tits, my cock going up to her lips as she bent her head to meet it.

"MMMM," she said with my cock in her mouth.

She pushed her tits together to wrap around my cock, like I showed her.

We fucked like this for a few minutes.

"Let's fuck," I said.

"Wait...Sucking your cock is one thing, but fucking, I don't know. I'm married," she said, "That would feel like I'm cheating somehow."

"Well, what about me fucking you in the ass instead," I asked. She looked surprised.

"I've never done it, you know, down there," she said softly.

Her being an ass virgin at 58 got me even more excited and motivated. White virgin ass territory for my cock.

Usually I plow the big round asses of black women who have taken it up their assholes for years. And I love it. But once in a while a white woman's ass appeals to me.

"We'd go slow and gentle. Stopping if it hurts. And continuing on if it feels good. I've got some lube," I offer.

I wave my cock in front of her mouth, she tries to tongue it.

"You're a great cocksucker, you know," I say.

"Did you enjoy it? I did," she said. "OK, Let's try it."

I shove my cock into her willing red mouth and fuck her white face for a minute.

Then we both take off the rest of our clothes.

Her white ass is big and dimpled and still round at 58, not flat and saggy like most white women.

Her pussy hair is totally grey and there's lots of it, too. Her red pussy slit is peeking through it. Looks sexy to me and I tell her so.

Laying on her back, she lifts her legs up and I get to see her asshole. Her rosebud is a little darker brown than her nipples. And she has a little silver hair rim around it too. God I wanted my cock in her virgin asshole.

She's on her back and we're kissing and the tip of my hard cock is on her vagina's outer lips. I reach down and rub my cock on the outer lips pushing in to the her very moist inner world. My cock is gently rubbing her clit.

She spreads her legs a bit and tilts her hips up and my cock slides easily and swiftly into her soft wet pussy. I begin fucking her slowly. Then speed up. Her eyes are glazed over.

"Stop, Rich. You're fucking me in my vagina."

I pull out.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good," she says. "Let's try fucking me in my ass."

I reach over and get some handy lube and I put some on my finger and rub some on her asshole.

"MMMM, that feels better than I thought it would," she says.

I insert a finger part way, then all the way. And begin going in and out of her ass. She gasps. And relaxes.

I use more lube and put in a second finger.

"Oh wait....that really fills me up. I don't know if i could take your cock in there."

With 2 fingers in her ass I scoot down her body and lick her pussy fast and light. She's breathing heavier and faster.

I put my tongue in her pussy in time with my fingers going in and out of her ass. She's getting wetter and wetter and moving her hips with me too. She bucks and cums.

My cock is very hard and I want it in her ass or her pussy.

So I scoot back up to her full lips and kiss them with her pussy juices all over my face and put my tongue in her waiting mouth. She enjoys it and I slid my hard cock into her pussy. Deep.

Then slam it in again and again and again as she can't speak. And I am pinning her thick upper arms to the seat so she can't move. But she's not resisting, her hips rock upwards to meet my cock.

She cums in a whimper as I fuck her silver haired pussy.

Without missing a beat I pull my cock out and put it on her asshole and push my wet cock in in slowly. I'm in 2 inches and wait for her asshole to relax before my cock to go deeper.

She's breathing shallow and staring at the ceiling.

Deciding I need more lube, I pull out and put more slippery lube on my cock and her asshole. I begin pushing in again. She's more willing and making a cooing sound as I go deeper and deeper until I bottom out in her bottom.

"How's that feel?" I ask.

"Oh god. I....you....it's good, fuck me harder," she said.

I fuck her her ass harder and harder until I am slapping my pelvis hard and loud against her softer wet ass.

I cum in about a minute, both hands cupping and squeezing her ample soft ass. I love fucking a big assed woman like that. Lots of ass to grab onto and lots of ass to fuck in to.

We both look at each other, breathing hard, sweating. My cock is shrinking and I slid it out of her asshole.

"I can feel your cum in my ass. It feels good," she said as she hugged me.

"Your big ass felt great around my cock," I say.

"Let's see, I haven't gotten fucked in about six months, sucked a cock in 2 years and never been titty fucked or fucked in my ass before. It was all wonderful Rich, thanks," she said looking in my eyes.

"It's amazing what you a can find at the store these days," I said.

We linger a bit and talk before we get dressed.

Mona and I fucked in my minivan 3 more times then she decided it would best best if we stopped having such wonderful sex and happiness and go back to our "normal" lives. Damn it.

I saw her shopping about 6 months later and we went into my minvan for more fucking and sucking. It was wonderful.

She told me she had left her husband and had a serious boy friend now.

"But are you having any fun? Or sex," I asked.

"No, it turns out he's just like my ex husband. Vanilla," she said a little confused and sad.

"That's OK, just put my cock in your mouth and suck on it."

So she did.

I came in her mouth and she swallowed it.

"So why are you with your boy friend," I ask, cock still in her mouth.

"You want to be my boy friend," she asks as my cum is dribbling down her mouth, "I never considered it."

"We can still have sex in my minivan or your bed," I said.

So we ended up together for about a year. Then things began getting too vanilla for me.

I met Susan while shopping for Mona and I. She was 53, black, grey hair, big tits, big butt and big brains. And she liked fucking me in my minivan every week.

After 6 weeks of this, no more vanilla for me, just chocolate.

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