tagFirst TimeA Big Woman's Love Story

A Big Woman's Love Story


The name is Crystalline Benoit. I'm a big and beautiful white chick with a really big, beautiful ass living in the city of Amherst, Massachusetts. I recently graduated from Canton Technical College, a community college located in the town of Canton, Massachusetts. And I'm dating a tall, good-looking black man of Cape Verdean descent named Kelvin Mendes. He's the hottest guy on campus. The star of the men's wrestling and football teams. I used to play on the women's volleyball team until I got cut by the coach, some matronly lesbian named Kimberly O'Connor. I hate it when dirty old dykes come onto me. They think that just because I'm a fat chick I'll do it with anybody. Ugh. Even if I was gay or bisexual, I wouldn't hook up with a lesbian hag.

Anyhow, enough about that. Let's talk of other things. I'm really happy these days. There is a wonderful man in my life. He loves me for who I am. And I love him to death. When we graduate from Canton Tech, we're going to UMass-Amherst together. I've gotten an academic scholarship to study over there, and they're giving Kelvin a student-athlete scholarship for football. Isn't that great? Yes! We're going to be together, and successful, too. I can already see us walking down the aisle after graduating from UMass-Amherst two years from now. Oh, dear. I'm getting ahead of myself. I really must not do that. Seriously. Let me take you to the beginning of the tale.

A lot of people wonder how come a fat white chick like myself got with a sexy guy like Kelvin Mendes. He's so fine. Cape Verdean people in general are a good-looking bunch but they're not unattainable. I have a thing for black men. Especially the really hot ones like Kelvin. I decided I had to have him to myself. All I had to do was wait. It really helps that Kelvin and I had some classes together. He was a biology major. Well, so was I. Sometimes, I saw him at the campus library, doing his homework. I would approach him just to say hello and we would chat for a minute before I went back to doing my stuff.

There are more women than men at Canton Technical College and this really makes the chicks aggressive. The male student-athletes are what every chick on campus who's not gay or just plain stupid is after. First, there are the guys from the Baseball team. They're all white and white guys don't do it for me. Even though I'm white myself. The men's Basketball team is mostly black, with a few Hispanic players here and there. They're fine, but I like the stockier build of the guys from the Football and Wrestling teams. The guys from the men's Volleyball and men's Swimming teams are cute, but most of them are gay or bisexual. I got nothing against gay or bisexual guys. It's just that I am really, really into football players and wrestlers. Swimmers of any sexual orientation don't do it for me.

Don't even ask about my former teammates from the women's Volleyball team. Dykes, the whole lot of them. The gals from the Softball team are into licking pussy too. As are the female Basketball players, the female Soccer players and the female Swimmers. The female Golfers are a mixed bunch. Some gays, some straight chicks and a few bisexuals. As for the female Rugby players, the female Wrestlers and the female Gymnasts, do you really have to ask? The most demanding and competitive of contact sports tend to attract the really butch chicks on campus. Yeah, almost every female student-athlete at Canton Tech is a dyke. Or at least bisexual. Straight women are in the minority here. I don't know why. It's not my problem. I do feel bad about the straight guys who chase them, though. They're really wasting their time. Oh, well. Not my problem.

Anyway, I was fast becoming obsessed with the sexy Kelvin Mendes. He was one of the most famous young men in the National Junior College Athletic Association Football world. And all the young women on the Canton Tech campus knew it. The black women seemed to think all the hot young black men on campus were their own private property. Especially the sexy black sportsmen. Well, I wanted Kelvin. And I wanted him completely to myself. I knew he was a special guy and I would do whatever it took to make him happy. Whatever it took. Those black chicks didn't seem to know how to treat a man. All they did was yell and cuss at their boyfriends all day. They never showed the black men any love. Never showed them any affection. All the black women on my college campus were angry women. Small wonder black college men didn't seem too keen on dating them. And they knew it. Yet these black women would never try to change their ways. It was pathetic, really.

So I began to run into Kelvin Mendes 'accidentally' at school. I would hang near the Athletic Department, pretending to be writing this paper or that one about college sportsmen and sportswomen. Nothing too big, I guess. Kelvin was friendly and warm when talking to me. He has a really nice smile. I can tell he's a really nice person and I loved that about him. Through our numerous conversations, I learned quite a lot about him. Kelvin Mendes hailed from the city of Brockton, whom he affectionately referred to as Little Cape Verde. His parents, Leo and Maria Mendes lived there, along with his sister Angelina and his brother Paolo. They were both students at Brockton Community High School, which Kelvin attended before coming to Canton Tech.

Kelvin Mendes had the perfect life. Playing college football. Being tall, good-looking, smart and well-liked. And coming from a good family. I can't say the same. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, and I weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. My tits are huge, my hips are wide and my ass is big, round, and often causes trouble when I'm putting on my pants. My face is kind of pretty, with my long black hair framing my icy blue eyes. But then a lot of big women like myself have cute faces. It's our bodies that drive away potential suitors. And that really sucks. And to add insult to injury, I'm a total tomboy. I can count on one hand the number of times I've put on a dress. And while guys love to have me as a friend, they don't want me as a girlfriend. Sucks, huh?

In spite of my best efforts, some chick came along to get my Kelvin. Her name was Sandra Brown. A tall, gorgeous black chick with big tits and a big ass, but a trim figure. She was the only straight black chick on the women's soccer team. And Kelvin fell for her. The day he told me, I was sick to my stomach but pretended to be happy for him. That Sandra chick was trouble. I could see it clear as day. But Kelvin couldn't. And that really sucked. The man I loved was in love with a floozy. The universe is so unfair! I went home that night, and sulked while watching an episode of Supernatural on TV. I really love those monster-hunting Winchester brothers. And the cute Angel they hang out with too.

I didn't see Kelvin for a long time after that revelation from him. I didn't want to see him walking all over campus with Sandra. The six-foot-three college football stud and the tall and sexy black female soccer player. The perfect couple. Seeing them together would be like driving a knife through my heart. I decided to focus on my studies, and try not to think about Kelvin. It wasn't easy. His kind smile. His beautiful eyes. His sexy lips. His really, really nice ass. How could I forget him? Weeks went by. I saw Kelvin in class. He was always with Sandra. He would say hello to me, and I would say hey. We'd make small talk, then Sandra would come over and stare at me icily. I got the hint. I made myself scarce.

Yeah, my heart was broken. I had lost the man I loved. And I wasn't a strong enough woman to tell the object of my affection that I wanted to be more than friends. One night, I went to a bar. Just to check out the scene. I ordered a Pepsi because I can't stand alcohol. I'm a puking machine after a single drink, I am not kidding. You would never guess who I saw at the bar. It was Kelvin Mendes. My Kelvin. Except he didn't look like the Kelvin I remembered. He wasn't shaved, and looked like he hadn't bathed in a day or two. And he was drunk. He was arguing with some big white guy, and the guy's skinny red-haired girlfriend. They looked mad. The situation was escalating. The big guy took a swing at Kelvin. He hit Kelvin's jaw. I flinched, and sprang to my feet. Before I got there, the redhead grabbed a pool stick. She was going after Kelvin, who started toward the big guy while looking dazed. I couldn't let that happen!

Before the redhead could get to Kelvin, I grabbed her. Startled, she cursed and struggled in my grasp. She was barely five-foot-one and a hundred pounds. I could take her. And so I did. Down she went. That distracted her boyfriend long enough for Kelvin to knock him out. Everyone at the bar had watched the fight go down. I pulled myself up, but not before knocking out the skinny redhead. Kelvin stared at me, and I winced. He was bleeding from the lip. Holding my hands up, I approached him calmly and told him everything was going to be okay. He watched me carefully. I smiled. He didn't have to. I would never hurt him. Not the man I loved the way a fish loves water. Slowly, I went up to him. And wrapped my arms around him. He reeked of alcohol, but to me he smelled glorious. For he was in my arms at last. Together, we left the bar.

I supported Kelvin by leaning under his shoulder. He was quite drunk. I brought him back to my apartment. I helped him get into bed. I tucked him in, and watched him fall asleep. Tomorrow, I would find out what happened to him. Why he got like this. You see, Sandra Brown dumped Kelvin Mendes for some thug-wannabe named Jack, from the men's Soccer team. Sandra's betrayal sent Kelvin over the edge. He stormed off campus, and hadn't been back for three days. No one knew where he was. He was wandering the streets, mumbling to himself, drinking and getting into fights. My heart wept when I thought of what Sandra reduced this sexy, smart, sensitive and wonderful man to. I wanted her head for what she did to him. And in time I made her pay. But that's a story for another time. Let's just say that Sandra's face had an unfortunate run-in with a switchblade one evening. The attacker is unknown and still at large. Wink-wink, nudge - nudge.

Kelvin was hurting. Nursing a broken heart is painful, and it takes time. I was happy to be there for him. And one day, we kissed, and passed that magic threshold which separates friends from lovers. We fell in love, and I am happy to say that we are now a couple. All's well that ends well, I guess. Oh, actually, wait a second. I almost forgot about all the fabulous sex Kelvin and I had.

The next morning, he thanked me for my hospitality and kindness. If I hadn't been there, he might have gotten arrested and ruined his chances for playing football at UMass-Amherst. Well, I found a pretty cool way for him to thank me. Actually, it's oldest way to say thank you in the book. I pulled Kelvin into my arms and kissed him. One thing led to another and next thing I knew, we were on my bed doing it.

Kelvin lay on top of me, kissing me and stroking me gently while I wrapped my arms around him. I welcomed him inside of me. As he thrust his big black cock into my pussy, I rejoiced. His penis broke my hymen, forever ridding me of my virginity. It hurt, but only for a moment. I welcomed Kelvin inside of me, thrilled to at last be making love with someone I loved. He happily pumped away, thrilled to be with such a willing and voraciously eager sexual partner. Hey, folks, I was making up for lost time. And I'm happy to say that I did.

Over the next few days, Kelvin and I were completely inseparable. We were seen walking around the Canton Tech campus together, holding hands. We didn't care who knew we were a couple. I enjoyed spending time with him and he with me. We made passionate love every chance we got. One time, we hooked up in a back room of the library, on a friday evening after a football game. Kelvin and I were getting busy on the table atop a thick pile of books. I was stroking his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock and he was fingering my glistening wet pussy. I loved it when he touched me in special places. He absolutely rocked my world.

I got down on my knees and sucked his dick, licking his balls and fondling them gently. Afterwards, I got on all fours and spread my plump white butt cheeks wide open. I wanted to experience anal sex. I've heard women and men talk about it so much that I finally got curious. Kelvin was all for it. I made him promise to be gentle with me and he was. Kelvin lubricated my ass, then fingered me for a few minutes. Then, he pressed his cock against my backdoor and pushed it inside. With a swift thrust, he went in.

I've never had anything up my ass before, and it felt strangely wonderful for Kelvin's cock to fill my tight backdoor. It hurt, but only a tiny bit. Spreading my ass wider, I urged Kelvin to fuck me hard. My sexy stud didn't need to be told twice. He thrust his cock deep into my ass, filling it with his manhood. I screamed in pleasure as I finally got fucked in the booty. I've always wanted to get fucked in the ass, but it had to be by a man I trusted and loved. Kelvin fit the bill to a T. And he fucked me right. Slamming his cock up my ass, he made me sing like a bird. And I absolutely loved it. We went at it until he came, flooding my ass with his cum. My screams could be heard across the deserted library but I didn't care. I was getting fucked in the ass and I loved it. If loving anal sex was wrong, then this big woman didn't want to be right.

Thus began a passionate, loving and respectful relationship between Kelvin and myself. I met his family and he met mine. We liked each other alright. We graduated from Canton Tech together, then moved to UMass-Amherst. He lived in one dorm and I lived in another, but we commuted to each other's places constantly. For we were a happy couple. Life was good. We're happy together.

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