tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Birthday to Remember! Ch. 03

A Birthday to Remember! Ch. 03


(This installment will make more sense and be more fun if the reader has read the earlier installments.)


Luxuriating in the warmth and fragrant steam that arose from the water and filled the bathroom, I took just a moment to let all the vanilla aspects of the week, especially those which has been unpleasant dissolve. There were no worries about what awaited me since I had absolute trust in my Mistress and knew she would have carefully checked out any sort of event or experience in which she wished to involve me. The fact that this was a birthday treat doubled the sureness that I had nothing to fear and much to anticipate. Also, while I had glanced through information regarding the event, I trusted that those conducting it would instruct me in a timely way as to its specifics.

Aware of the time schedule, I stroked my body with the abundance of rich, bubbly lather and carefully shaved. This, of course, involved more than my face, but it had been less than a week since I had done so. Combined with the fact that my body hair was not heavy made the task fairly rapid, but still one with which I took care.

While not removing my underarm hair and leaving a fringe above my pubes, my face was smooth and so was most of the rest of my body below the neck.. Soon I was able to rise from the water and begin to dry myself on the thick towels this decent hotel provided, completing the task once out of the tub.

My now smooth and hairless penis was semi-erect just as the result of the shaving ritual, and I briefly stoked it, moaning a thanks to Marita not just for this weekend but for all she meant to me.

Looking into the mirror, still naked, I began applying my base. Having developed, under Dominant supervision, instruction, and demonstration, basic makeup skills, in a relatively short time, I had my lips outlined and with a double coating of pink; eyelashes coated in mascara; a soft green eyeliner surrounding my green eyes (about which, along with my legs, I was vain), blush on my cheeks, and a light dusting overall with powder.

Sans panties, the hot pants I drew on required careful positioning of my still-only- semi-hard dick to prevent too-obvious display. My legs looked good (I thought!) after they were clad in their pink knee socks, with the perky little silk bows at the top, just above my knees. Careful not to mess my make-up, I drew the silky black blouse over my head, being sure that the straps crossing my largely bared back were untangled. Finally, on went the reddish-brown wig--short 'n sassy--and I stepped into my three-inch black "fuck me" pumps.

Checking both the time and also my appearance in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door, I found my timing on the mark, took my little pink purse, which could hold little more than compact and lipstick, and prepared to step out into the hall.

Admittedly, this was somewhat anxiety-provoking. I was not one of those in kinkdom who felt it my duty to "witness" to vanillas, and some vanillas were best left alone in any case. However, I made it the short distance through the cool air of the hallway and into the service elevator without seeing anyone.

However, when the elevator door opened, I saw that my ride would involve another passenger, who looked at me with the same uncertain air I likely displayed to him. A glance confirmed it was "him," but he did not at all look foolish in his CD appearance. As I started to press the right key and realized it already (of course) was lighted for the floor on which "PS" attendees were directed (and where the hotel's banquet and meeting rooms were located), I turned to greet my companion as the doors closed.

"Hi," I said in a bright and cheerful way, "I'm tammi."

He smiled and extended a hand with bright red nails, "Hi, tammi; I'm Haley."

We both giggled in a recognition of our mutuality and shared destination. However, the elevator moved swiftly so that before either of us spoke further, out eyes met as we felt the car slow for the floor we sought.

A sign on the wall facing the elevator directed us into the room immediately on the right, and we scooted into it without eye contact involving others exiting the guest elevator farther down the hall. No one in the hall except Haley and I appeared to be part of the "PS" party. However, that certainly was not true for those we saw inside the room.

(to be continued)

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