tagBDSMA Brutal Kidnapping Ch. 01

A Brutal Kidnapping Ch. 01


It was a warm Saturday night and I was unusually horny. I got on craigslist and posted an ad looking for a group of me who were up to kidnapping me, take me to a private place and have their way with me. I was to have no say in what was to happen. I have tried this on several occasions and never received any serious responses. Until this time!

My post read as follows: "Masculine white dude looking to be kidnapped" was in the subject line. In the text I wrote: "Good looking, masculine dude, 5'10 180, 30 yo, short dark hair and brown eyes, goatee, smooth butt, HIV-, shaved balls. I am looking for two or more MEN who are willing to kidnap me and take me to a secluded private place. You get me in the back of your car or van, tie me up, blindfold and gag me and drive away. Once we arrive you drag me into your private place and do as you wish to me. Punish, spank, paddle, sodomize, restrain me. Show no mercy. Make it hurt, make me beg for mercy but you give none. Work me over for as long as you like. I only ask that you don't leave any permanent marks, blood or broken skin. If you are white, under 50 and like it ROUGH please respond. Pic for pic."

So, there it was, out there in print for all sadists to see. Within five minutes I received a message with an attached pic of two men. They were hot looking, dirty blond, muscular, big strong and holding leather straps in their hands glaring at the camera. The message read: "Two strong bi dudes who would love to work you over and work you over hard. We have a van and a play space. If you are serious, send a pic."

I sent along several pics of me x and g rated. They liked what they saw. I immediately received a message "be at the corner of Mission and 8th, we will swing by and nab you. Be ready to be punished and worked over hard for several hours. Wear clothes that you will not need as they will be ripped off and bring a fresh set to wear afterwards. Everything that you listed will be done to you and much more. If this sounds too intense, let us know now."

I replied that I would be there at the agreed upon time. I took the bus down to the corner and waited. I was wearing old clothes and had my backpack with me. I brought an enema, lube and fresh clothes. After five minutes I saw a white van drive by. It went around the block and came back. The van pulled over a few feet in front of me. The two men got out, ran towards me, grabbed me and forced me into the back of the vehicle. They pinned me down, blindfolded and gagged me and hogtied me face down. My pants were yanked down and I was spanked hard for about a minute. "This is just a preview, fucker! You belong to us now and you are going to be sorry!"

I was scared, REAL scared. Crazy thoughts rushed through my head at breakneck speed. What if they beat me senseless, robbed me or worse? I was in a panic but turned on at the same time. My cock was growing at the thought of these two incredibly strong good looking men abusing me. They drove off and after about twenty minutes the van stopped. The side door opened and I was picked up and carried away.

I was untied, the gag removed and the blindfold taken off. They stood me up and one was in front of me grabbing my balls while the other was holding my arms behind my back. "You are going to regret this!" Suddenly without warning three other men appeared in the room from a side door. They were similar in build, a little older, maybe in their late 40s but mean looking. All five of them forced me on my stomach. My clothes were literally ripped off. They were egging each other on while they kept me pinned down. I tried to struggle but to no avail. I was at their mercy. "Who wants to go first?" I was dragged to a mattress that was on the floor and was held down on my stomach over a large pile of blankets so my ass was raised. Three guys would hold me while the other two began spanking me hard with their hands. They kept changing places, tagteaming me. After several minutes my ass was beginning to burn. My balls were being pulled and now they were taking off their belts and beating my ass and legs hard. I began to beg then the more I struggled the harder they hit, the louder they yelled and the rougher they pulled on my nuts. My begging turned into screams. They just laughed and hit harder. My ass was on fire. I was scared to death.

Now one of the thugs whose name was Kevin went through my bag and found the enema. "Hey guys, lookie here! How thought ful to bring a douche so we can shove shit up his ass and rape a clean hole, tear it open good!" "I want part of that" bellowed this guy whose name I think was Mike. He had a Scottish accent and was scary. He was about 6'4 250 and ripped muscle. They dragged me along the floor to a toilet room and bent me over and shoved the nozzle in my ass and filled me up with four bottles. I was told to release and wipe. This went on several times until my release was clear. Mike picked me up and carried me back. The others were now shirtless with their jeans unzipped and cocks out. I was forced on my knees and made to suck every dick in the room. I gagged, choked, was slapped in the face, my ass was beaten unmercifully while I was sucking.

Suddenly on cue they grabbed me and pulled me across the dirty concrete floor to a platform that had posts. They got me on my back, raised my legs and pulled them open wide and forced them back so I was tied in a diapering position where my ass and genitals were exposed. My ankles, wrists, thighs and arms were tied down tight. They forced a thick strap across my stomach to keep me down. One of the men approached with a bag. He pulled out a vagina stretcher and a large can of Crisco. Others dipped their hands into the can and while my cock and balls were being tied up and slapped, my cheeks were forced open and fingers were slamming into my rectum. The pain was incredible. Kevin mounted my chest and force fed me while fingers, dildoes and sticks were shoved hard into my hole. Then they began to undress and for what seemed like hours I was sodomized hard by all of them over and over again. I was soaked in sweat, screaming at the pain. After one pulled out I would be whipped and spanked, stretched open and pounded again. I must have been entered a hundred times. My hole was stretched so wide I could feel air entering it. Clamps were attached to my balls, my nipples were being squeezed, my cock beaten with a long ruler...

Part II to follow................

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