tagLoving WivesA Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05

byPaul Pines©

It is so exciting when a woman spreads her legs. Oh, yes, I love seeing her expose her breasts, or slide her panties off, but when she opens her legs... well, that does it for me.

Maybe it goes back to high school. Growing up in the age of miniskirts, I was always in awe of - and frustrated by - how well the girls managed to keep their modesty intact, especially given how little material there was to cover up with. I always longed for a peek, a momentary glimpse between their legs. So to this day, when a woman willingly, happily spreads her legs, it drives me wild.

These were the thoughts going through my mind last Tuesday, as I sat in a chair and watched my wife spread her legs for her lover, Ty.

It started Sunday night, two days before their date. Of course, Sally and I had not had sex in days; that is always off limits to me when she's preparing for her lover. But on Sunday night she bathed, then laid down on the bed for me to put nail polish on her toenails and to put lotion on her skin. In the past, she has favored me by spreading her legs while I ministered to her; even if I could not touch her, I still reveled in the sight of her open pussy lips, and thought about her lover there, inside her. This time, however, she kept her legs closed. While I applied the nail polish, I thought it was just coincidence; but when I spread the lotion on her skin, and tried to work my hands between her thighs, the steady resistance made it clear that this was no accident. I didn't say a word, and I went to sleep with a raging erection: her pussy was, truly, for him alone.

If you read the story of Sally's first date with her new lover, you know that this experience is very different from that of her first lover, Ted. Ted was great sex, but no emotion; with Ty, Sally is feeling all kinds of emotions, and they have great sex, too. The difference was clear to me even as they made love the first time, and it was confirmed by Sally the next day when she asked, as a little girl in a candy store would ask for a treat, if I would let her see him again.

She thought it was "cute" that I was jealous, and in fact, she enjoyed it. And when, a few days later, I asked her if there was anything for me to be jealous about, she gave it some thought then responded, "Yes, I guess there is." The lowest point (though it's hard to describe it as "low" when my cock stood up so high as a result) was just the other night. We were making love, and I was determined to do my best to turn in a performance that was not second best to anyone. As I neared my climax she looked into my eyes and said, in her dreamiest voice, "I really miss him." Hearing that, I came as hard as I ever have, and her words have echoed in my ears ever since.

Back to the story of her spreading her legs!

On Tuesday, the day of their date, Sally came home from work, showered and dressed without allowing me in the bedroom. We got in the car and drove to Ty's house; after our first date in a hotel, she decided she was comfortable enough to go to his home! On the way, she talked about what she liked about him, and what turned her on; she also reminded me that I was not to cum the entire time we were there; a hotel room was one thing, but I had no right to mess up his carpet.

When we arrived, he welcomed her with a hug and a kiss, and gave us a tour of the house. He collects art, loves music and hoards books on the widest variety of topics; Sally has always said that intelligence turns her on, and given that, he was engaging in world-class foreplay. They shared some wine, and sat and talked for nearly two hours. I know that for them it was truly foreplay; for me it was simply excruciating. Finally, as he showed her more of his artwork, I finally broke down and asked him to show her the bedroom. He smiled, said "with pleasure," and led her up the stairs.

Even in the bedroom, they took their time. He showed her the paintings on the walls, she admired the fish in the fish tank, and only when there seemed to be nothing left to talk about did they sit down together on the bed. Ty leaned back, and Sally followed.

They kissed for just a minute, and then Sally turned to throw her leg over him. As she slid up and down, rubbing his cock with her pussy through all their clothing, I realized that this was the first time she had spread her legs in four days. She sat up on him long enough to pull her blouse over her head (she was not wearing a bra), and Ty immediately leaned forward to take her nipples in his mouth. Sally let out a tiny gasp of pleasure and sat down harder on his cock, as if she was trying to draw it out through his pants. After a few minutes of her humping and his sucking, they separated only long enough for Sally to push his pants to the floor, and for him to do the same to hers.

She started to go down on him, but she had his cock in her mouth for no more than 30 seconds when he rolled over on her, placed himself between her legs, and slid his cock into her. When she and I make love, she always wants me to use some lubrication, but he slipped into her without any problem. She spread her legs wide, curling them around his ass to draw him deeper inside her. As he pushed into her, she grabbed her legs and held them up and out. My wife, the woman who had not even let me see between her legs, was now holding them apart for her lover.

I must admit that Ty does not make love like anyone I've ever seen. With him, it is a constantly changing picture, like a kaleidoscope. He changes position, changes angle, stops fucking for a while, kisses and sucks, sticks his cock back inside her... it goes on for hours, and he never seems to slow down. Every new position, every new approach, brought sighs and squeals of pleasure and delight from my wife, and every touch of her hand, her lips and her pussy made him harder and spurred him on. And they kissed - God, how they kissed! Sometimes he drew her lips to his, and just as often she offered her mouth to him. They only stopped kissing long enough for him to kiss her breasts, and for her to take his cock in her mouth.

Through it all, her legs were spread. She kept them open - for his fingers, for his lips, for his tongue, and for his penis. She offered herself willingly, and as they made love, her pussy lips swelled and her vagina gaped open more and more. As I watched from the chair at the foot of the bed, I could not help but compare: I had been offered her legs, closed tightly from her hips to her knees; but to him she gave everything. From a complete view of her pubic hair to free entry to her vagina, my wife gave it all to him.

Her orgasm was huge. She built toward it for a long time, and when it hit he held her tightly as she bucked and spasmed in his arms. I watched with my heart banging through my chest with jealousy and, I admit it, excitement, as she transformed from my classy, modest wife into a grunting, gasping woman in the throes of ecstasy - and in the arms of her lover. She came for a long, long time, and as the spasms subsided he kept holding her tightly, kissing and touching her all over her body. The "aftershocks," as she calls them, went on for another 10 minutes - far, far longer than they ever have with me.

Even then, her legs never closed. She got up and knelt over his cock, facing her ass toward me as she sucked and licked him. From my vantage point, I could see her pussy lips hanging down and open, and I could see way up inside her. Her vagina was coated with a mixture of their bodies' fluids, and her lips were deep purple, engorged with blood and virtually begging for sex. I sat no more than a foot from her pussy, but I knew that the invitation was not for me. Sure enough, soon after I thought that, she moved up to kiss him, reached down with her hand, and slid his penis into her body's open lips. I watched her fuck him - dangling her breasts in front of his face, inviting him to suck them, and alternately loosening her body's grip on his cock, then tightening it with those wonderful "Kegel exercises" she learned before childbirth. Each time she squeezed his cock with her body he moaned in appreciation, until finally he could take no more. He pulled out of her, turned her on her back, and drove his cock into her. I saw her continue to squeeze and release his penis with her body, and as the squeezes and the fucking increased in speed and intensity, his moans turned into shouts of pleasure. Again and again he drove his body down onto her, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him, drawing him into her and drawing his orgasm and his cum out of him. I watched in awe as he ejaculated in my wife, as her open legs and open lips welcomed his sperm into her womb.

When they were done, her legs still remained open: wrapped around him, hugging him as she was doing with her arms. Only when they arose from the bed did she look at me, and then, for the first time in a week, she spread her legs for me: she told me to lie down on the floor, and she squatted above my face. I looked up into her gaping pussy, and saw her lover's cum flow out of her body, into my open mouth As I licked his ejaculate from her body, the two of them had a good laugh about how turned on it made me.

We dressed, Sally and Ty said their good-byes, and we got in the car for the ride home. She was very excited about the evening, and told me all about how good he made her felt, and how much she enjoyed every minute and every sensation. Passing a rest area, I pulled in; she thought I was going to jump her right there, but I assured her that I would not. I said there was one question I wanted to ask, and I wanted to look in her eyes when she answered.

When we stopped, I reminded her of the definition of a cuckold - "a man with an unfaithful wife" - and I asked her to tell me, truthfully, if there was any point in the evening when she had been unfaithful to me.

She thought for a moment, then softly said, "Yes." I asked her when that was, and she said it was when he first went inside her. All she wanted in the whole world was to open her legs as wide as she could, and to feel him slide into her body. She said it would not have mattered one bit if I was there or not, because she thought of nothing other than feeling him in her.

That, she explained, was why she had not opened her legs for me. She was saving it for him.

I told her I understood.

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