tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 04

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 04


Wednesday - February 15, 2006

Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the fourth day of a fourteen-day vacation that began with the hope of turning a ten-year fantasy into reality. It is no longer a fantasy. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

After kissing Harry 'bye, I remember that I want to do Amy in the shower, a little practice before our date tomorrow with guests X & Y.

I walk over to her bedroom having grabbed the finger extension on my way. She is sitting on the bed and looking at the book with the guys' pictures.

Amy has her knees drawn up, the book lying on her thighs, and she is spread wide open. I see her swollen, pink, lips and her pussy is glistening with those nasty sex juices.

I sit down next to her. It startles her because she is lost so deep in concentrated thought. It must be of those cocks she is looking at in the pictures.

"You must be really turned on good because your pussy is glowing like deer eyes from a head light at night. Are you?" I place a hand on her mound, feeling the heat and moisture. By now, her fem odors are penetrating my nostrils.

"God yes, Heather! These pictures have me horny."

"Maybe I can help you out. Why don't you keep looking at those pictures and let me suck on those juices that are leaking from your puss."

"Oh cool, Heather, I need to cum really, really badly from looking at these hung guys. I am so happy you took the chance to answer Mistress Trudy. Just think, we have experienced so much in such a short period. God, I am glad we decided to come here."

I move myself and work my way up to her leaking pleasure box and flick my best friend's swollen, hard, clit with the tip of my pointed tongue.

I hear, "Uuuuunnnnnnggggggggg!"

I raise my head so I can talk and ask, "Feel good?"

"Oh! Heather, I wish we had been doing this since high school. Since being with the twins, I have been thinking about girls doing it a whole lot. I wonder if we would have ever gotten around to doing this at home."

I place my tongue again at her clit and begin flicking. Her pink pussy lips are swelling more and her clit is poking out from its hiding spot wanting attention. It has become rigid like a guy's cock. I give it plenty of attention by sucking, nibbling softly, and tongue flicks to make sure her pussy puuuuurrrrss.

Amy increase in hip thrusting is telling me all is well and is getting better. The moans are increasing in numbers and intensity. My hands leave her pussy lips. They are wide open on their own to expose the clit. I reach up and roll her nipples, "Ooooooooo!" I feel a small spasm with an increase in the flow of pussy nectar. God, this is turning me on. I wish a guy were behind and in me as I am doing this.

I moan into her pussy. After about five of these small cums, I take a hand from her left breast and insert a finger from it into her hot playpen.

She arches her back, tosses the book aside, grabs my head, and holds it at her pussy.

I insert another finger with the extension and begin to finger fuck her fast, like a guy with his cock. I search for that magical spot and find it.

She again arches her back and is pulling me as hard as she can into her playpen and screams,

"Heathhhhhhhhhher, I'm...!




As I continue the lashing of her clit with my pointed tongue and continue the G-spot stimulation with my finger extension.

The "OOOOhhss and AAhhhhhh'sssss," continue for maybe a minute or two. She just keeps cumming and cumming. I am sucking and slurping all that I can.

Finally, it ends.

After she calms down, we jump from the bed and head for the shower. To my surprise, she attacks me with obvious desires. She kneels and eats me and finger fucks me with the new toy she had grabbed along the way. Glancing in the mirrors from time to time to watch her working on me is so cool. I decide to cup and massage my breasts while she continues her tongue attack along with fingers doing my pussy with my legs spread wide for her.

As I open my mouth to announce my cumming, she jams a finger into my ass-hole. My knees buckle at the intrusion. Thank God I am leaning with my back on a mirror. My orgasm intensifies from the fingers. I moan and scream from the pleasures that are surging through my body. She looks up at me and says, "Did you squirt when you were cumming?"

I blush saying, "I must have, since you are asking. Yes, I'm afraid I did then."

"Wow, I'd like to see that some time when we are on the bed."

The rest of the morning we just sit around. Jenn and Stace are still asleep.

Entered on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

11:30 AM

At the bungalow before lunch

I am reaching for the book with pictures to do some homework. Wow, it dawns on me that yesterday was Valentine's Day. I will always have a smile on my face February 14 for the rest of my life knowing it is the anniversary of the day that I was introduced to awesome female sex. In addition, to the best doggie fuck so far, from an Australian guy named Harry. Jeez I am starting to leak again. My goal is to wait until I am thirty before looking at a guy for marriage but...huuummm...

I give up day dreaming. I go to looking at the pictures in the book, finally.

I get to a page with the picture of Jeff, that black guy at the buffet the first night here. It captures my attention.

The stats reveal that his cock is 8-1/4" when erect. I have a hidden desire to watch a guy fuck between my tits so I can watch him shoot; this guy could definitely do me like that. I flip on the box and go to channel 37 and find that he is available from 2PM on today; I place a request for him.

Ten minutes later the telephone rings and it is Jeff. "From the message I received it appears you would like for me to be of some assistance."

"Yeah, Jeff, can you drop by around three?"

"Is there anything special that I should bring with me?"

"Yes there is."

"And that is?"

"Bring me that fantastic looking thing between your legs that I see in the picture."

I hear him giggling. "I don't go anywhere without it, Heather. It caught your attention I take it?"

"Good, see you at three, Jeff."

I continue to look at the pictures and give myself mini cums from time to time.

I am shocked to find a black dick that is 6-1/2" soft and 10-1/2" hard, according to the stats. The guy is 35 years old. He looks so funny naked. His cock is halfway to his knee when soft or so it appears. His name is Kevin. When erect the cock looks as thick as Harry's at the base and looks like a spear as it tapers to the head.

Entered on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2:30 PM

At the bungalow before Jeff's arrival.

I am snacking on some cold snacks. It is nearly three and I am still studying the guys' bios, so I put the book aside but leave the page open to Kevin's bio. Just as I place the book on the table Stace shouts that there is a Jeff downstairs.

I shout, "I will be right down."

I come down the stairs, walk up to Jeff, throw my arms around him, kiss him, and thank him for dropping by. I'm not sure what makes me throw my arms around a guy like this, being I just met him a few days ago? It is rather weird. I love looking at his shaved head. God he smells so good.

"And how may I be of assistance Heather?"

I look him in the eyes, reach for his cock and say, "I want to see this shooting as you are fucking my tits."

He gets a devilish grin. "I would love to do that for you, Heather."

Without another word I take him by the hand and lead him upstairs giving Stace a wink as we pass her.

I suggest we take a shower; he nods in agreement. We strip and walk into the shower, him following me saying, "Mighty fine looking ass and legs, Heather. Yes, indeed, mighty fine."

"Thank you, Jeff."

I feel myself heating up just from his compliments.

"Your tits look mighty fine too. It will be a real pleasure to fuck them for you Heather."

"Jeff, do you get many request from the guests for titty fucks?"

He lets out a light chuckle and then, "Depends on circumstances, Heather. Many guests request it when other things are going on. Many also request an ass fucking."

I smile and say, "By other things, I assume you are referring to a girl's period, interfering with activity in the playpen."

"Yes, I am Heather."

I mess with the water to get a nice comfortable spray. I turn to see that he is at half-mast already. As we step into the spray I reach and stroke his cock to full erection while we kiss each other. I am surprised his cock does not feel as thick as the picture showed it; I can actually wrap my fingers around it. Because of the shower spray, I can not see any pre-cum if there is any. He is cupping my breast and rolling the nipples softly between his fingers. "God Heather, these are so soft and lovely," as he lowers his head to suck a boob into his mouth.

"Well guy it looks and feels like this thing needs to relieve some pressure," as I give it a squeeze.

Jeff moans.

We dry ourselves with soft towels and go back to the bedroom. I had earlier placed a tube of lubrication near the bed, assuming he might want it. I point to the jelly and say, "Feel free to use it." (Oh, by the way diary, the lube is grape flavored. I tasted it earlier. Not too bad for a cock lube.)

We stand and French kiss by the side of the bed. I continue to feel him up, now feeling some pre-cum. I lay down and he straddles my stomach with that gorgeous purple head staring at the ceiling and his balls resting on me

Jeff reaches down and begins massaging my soft boobs while staring at my face. He plays with my nipples; they begin getting long and hard. I notice a drop of pre-cum glistening at the opening of his cock. I take a finger, lift it off, placing it in my mouth, and make a slurping sound as I lick my finger. He just smiles and rolls my nipples and stares into my eyes.

I reach for his cock, pull it down, and say, "Please let me suck on it a little." He scoots forward until he can place it on my lips.

He lets out, "AAAAAHHHH!" as my mouth encircles his hard throbbing cock. I massage that sensitive area at the crown with my tongue. His eyes are closed now and his cock is expanding even more. God it is hard. I feel some new warm pre-cum oozing out of the eye.

I open my mouth and let go to let his cock pop up again pointing at the ceiling, "Show me your juices."

He takes the tube of lube, spreads it over his cock, and adds a generous portion between my tits. I chuckle inside because the lube makes his black cock really shine from base to the head like it has been in a steaming pussy already.

He asks me if I had ever done this before. I shake my head, no.

He then takes my hands and shows me how to press my tits together, "The more feeling you desire the harder you push them together, ok."

I look at him, "Ok."

He leans down, "It's up to you to hold them there while I fuck them."

He places his hands beside my ears and lowers himself to where the cock is at the bottom of my boobs. It is a funny feeling, a guy's sack lying on me like this; it feels like two warm hard-boiled eggs resting there at the bottom of my tits.

I push my tits together. He begins with slow thrusting and with each thrust, he brings it up further in the formed tunnel between my tits. After about five small thrust I see the head poke out and it is glistening with lube. He continues the thrusting and soon the purple shining head, almost black, is touching the bottom of my chin and his balls seem to be going a little into the tit cleavage. He makes sure that the cock is all the way to the bottom of my tits before shoving forward again. I wonder how long he can do this before he loses it. His eyes are closed and he is moaning slightly. I am trying to imagine the feeling he is getting from fucking his hard cock from the bottom of my tits to my chin. God, it must be a sensational feel for his cock to glide so far in a warm, slippery environment like a simulated pussy.

He stops and looks at me, "Heather if the head is out of the tunnel when I blast, the first and second shot of cum will hit you on the bottom of the chin. The third one and others will land short of your chin, on the top of your chest. Some girls like to take all the shots into their mouths, some part of it and some none at all."

"Do you have any thoughts, suggestion or preferences?"

"Jeff let me watch the first two firings come out. Try to have just the head poking out from my tit tunnel so that I have a good view. Then I will open my mouth and you can drain the rest of your hot sticky semen in there. If you want you can place the head inside my mouth."

"I love to cum in a white girl's mouth. It gives me the feeling that she really loves me when she lets me do it there. God, you really have me turning on. Could you do me a favor, Heather, please? When I put my cock into your mouth, would you massage my balls while I am shooting? I can deliver more of my love juice to you then."

"Sure, Jeff, I'd be happy to do that. I want you to squirt all of that you possible can into my mouth"

"Great, you are so cool.

"Ok Heather, the show is about to begin."

The thought hits me I am going to soon see a real life cum shot, from a black guy and swallow sperm for the first time in my life. I feel myself getting flushed and more aroused from what is soon going to happen. I want this to happen in private just in case it is yukky tasting. I don't want to make a scene later in front of my friends if a guy is fucking my mouth and wants to make a deposit.

Jeff begins fucking my boobs harder, just like it was a pussy. He closes his eyes and perspiration is dripping from the end of his nose and chin. I am pushing my tits together tighter so they make a tight pussy like tunnel for him to fuck. It even sounds like a pussy being fucked.

He is making throaty noises along with, "Oh God, Heather, your tits are so hot and soft. Oh Jeez, my cum is loading up to shoot. God, oh God, Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrr here it cuuuuummmmmmms!"

I feel him arching his back and a growl begins. I focus on the head of his cock as the first shot hits my chin along with an ear deafening,


God the aroma of his hot semen hits my nostrils.

Another "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!" with the second shot.

I open my mouth quickly to get his cock in for the third blast. I also reach for his balls at the same time. I lift my head, close my mouth around the unloading prick head, roll his large nuts with my fingers and I am greeted with, "UUUNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!"

Along with the grunt, more cum squirts from his pulsing cock, almost filling my mouth with his stuff. Since the taste is not objectionable, almost like warm, salty, half-and-half or maybe egg whites, I decide to go ahead and swallow it, knowing it really turns guys on.

After the last deposit of cum, he withdraws slowly, rolls over onto his back next to me and is gasping for air. He is panting and all sweaty. I watch as his cock softens and more of his sperm is leaking out onto his stomach. The contrast of black skin and white juice is awesome This causes me to stare at it. After five minutes he utters, "Thanks for inviting me Heather, I will always remember this."

I do not know how receptive he might be to me kissing him after just having a mouthful of his sperm. I approach his mouth and he grabs my head and goes eagerly to French kissing. I moan with pleasure knowing he is taking his own sperm into his mouth from mine. His tongue has me climbing again wanting more of his cock elsewhere.

He breaks the kiss and rolls me onto my back. He licks his cum from my chin, and breastbone and begins a tongue trail to my ever so now on fire pussy.

He lifts my legs, wraps his arms around them, places fingers on each side of my pussy lips, opens them and devours my blood swollen, engorged, pink clit with his tongue.

I place my hands on his black, sweaty, baldhead and hold him at my clit with all the strength I can gather. I am arching my ass off the bed to get him as tight as possible to my clit.

He is sucking the trigger into his mouth and is flicking it with the tip of his tongue. I am on the verge and he senses it. He goes to sucking the clit into his mouth, along with a very fast flicking which is sending me into bliss-land. At the same time, he also is playing at my other hole, which is wet from the leakage. He rams his middle finger in my ass.

I scream, "Oh God, Oh God!



"Oh God more, more, more, give me more!

"Yes, Oh God yes,


"I can't stop...aaaaaaaaaaaa...aaaaaaaaaaaaa...ooooooooooo!



"My God, oh my God, oohhhh God!"

I am panting for air.

I look at his face and it is covered with my love juice and he is licking it as best he can with his tongue.

I motion to him to kiss me. We kiss then collapse in each other's embrace to regain some energy.

"Heather, I know you asked for a titty fuck. It would please me very much if you would permit me to do your pussy or ass. You are so lovely and have me so turned on, may I please?"

"Jeff, if you did not ask I was going too. You have a wicked tongue and I still have a fire going in my pussy that needs quenching. Please, my pussy, pleaseeee!"

"Heather, I am going to push my luck and hope I do not piss you off but can we do it doggie?"

"Jeff, two things. Let's do doggie and no raincoat!"

"My God, Heather, you are one hot lady. I will never cool down as long as you are on the island."

I reach for his face and pull our mouths together for kissing. I break the kiss. I get into position, as he is already very hard and leaking. I reach for some of the ooze, leaking from his hot, hard, throbbing cock and place it on my tongue and go, "Yummy" with a wicked smile. This causes Jeff to grin ear to ear and say, "Holy shit! Heather, you are hot, hot, hot!"

He wastes no time getting it in and begins with slow thrusting. My God, this pace is causing me to build. These guys take their time. He places one foot flat on the bed for extra support as he reaches around and plays with a boob and my clit.

"Jeez, Heather, it has been months since I was in a pussy this tight. My God, this is awesome. I am glad I came a little bit ago or otherwise I would have already fired."

I moan my appreciation because I am strung like a guitar string ready to snap when he cums.

I can not hold out any longer. My pussy walls clamp down sending me into my orgasm, which sends him on his way. However, when I clamp down on his hard cock, he shoves a finger into my ass-hole along with shooting his black seed into me. OMG it is the same sensation that Amy gave me earlier today. This was unexpected from Jeff. He did not ask before. It comes as a complete shock. I am sure the screams coming from my mouth are as strong as the another night with Richard.

We both collapse. He rolls us onto our sides with me still impaled on his cock as we both continue to shake from aftershocks from time to time. I thought when Harry and I did it, it was awesome. Maybe it was Harry's massive cock. Rich gave me an awesome cum and now Jeff. It must be that they are black which is making it so intense and that is why I am here.

After slowly returning to normalcy, we sit on the edge of the bed before showering. "Thanks, Heather, for calling me and for pleasuring me. I hope I pleased you as well. I hope me inserting my finger did not displease you. Many girls enjoy it, saying it intensifies their cums. Just seeing that white rose bud got to me. I got carried away."

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