tagNonHumanA Dream Come True Ch. 03

A Dream Come True Ch. 03


Marie awoke early Tuesday morning, her excitement making further sleep impossible. She tore through her closet in an effort to find the best outfit for meeting her mate. She mewed in glee when she found her favorite blue dress. It was knee length and had a V-neck that dipped just low enough to show some cleavage without showing too much for teaching a class. She set it aside with matching undergarments and a black shawl with a clasp in the front.

After setting a few steaks in the oven on medium, she rushed back upstairs for a quick shower. She took great care in using her favorite shampoos and soaps to scrub herself clean. Then, she carefully styled her hair in pinned waves that framed her small face perfectly. She rushed through breakfast and dressed quickly, smoothing out her dress and checking her appearance once before exiting the house.

She arrived a few minutes before class started and rushed to get to the classroom. In her haste, she nearly ran into Arianna just inside the door.

"Miss Dower!" She gasped. "Jeez, where's the fire?"

"Sorry!" Marie winced. "I was running a little late."

Arianna rolled her eyes and walked to her seat, muttering something about inattention.

Trying her best not to blush, Marie faced the class and smiled nervously. "So, today I will be teaching about female anatomy. Despite each morph's anatomical differences, they all share similar human organs. We all have hearts, gastrointestinal systems, lungs, etc. But there is a key difference. Only females can bear young. And that is what this class is about."

Marie nodded to a girl in the back who was a young Rabbit morph. She stood up hesitantly. "Why do gestational periods for morphs vary so much? Shouldn't it be similar to the human half?"

"Well, it really just depends on the animal size. Bears are around seven months as one of the longest while rabbits are closer to three months. No pregnancy will last as long as a full human's nine months. This is because of the morphs' size. A bear is huge, while rabbits are small. Thus, bears take much longer to develop. Most morphs will share a similar gestational period however because many of the animal species are about the same size. That group includes all felines, canines, and similar predators. Bats are also in this category."

Marie looked towards a seal morph in the back with her hand raised. "Well, Miss Dower, are there any morphs that have an animal half that is not a mammal?"

Marie smiled. "That is a good question, but no. You see, mammals and species other than another mammal could not mix genetically. Humans used to say that dogs and cats could not mix. Well, obviously they were wrong but still. Anatomically, a reptile and a mammal are far too different. Canines and felines are both mammals with similar anatomies. So there is a difference."

"So, could any morph mate with any other technically?" She asked.

Marie frowned slightly. "Theoretically, I suppose so. But usually your mate will have a similar animal half."

"Why is that?" A young female wolf morph asked.

Marie frowned. "No one knows really. Scientists have just chalked it up to instincts."

Marie turned to the board and began writing the assignment down for the day. "All right class, I want you to open your books to chapter one and read the introduction to the topic. Then, find the excerpt relating to your own animal genus and take notes on the things that make you different from the other types of animal morphs. Begin now."


About ten minutes before 4pm, Ash entered the college building and stepped into the main office. "Excuse me, could you please tell me what room I may find Miss Marie Dower in?"

The raccoon morph secretary looked up at him and smiled sweetly when she saw the bouquet of lilies he was holding. "Of course I can, young man. She is just down the hall, fifth door on the left. You may want to wait until the bell rings though. Today's class is female-only," she chuckled warmly. "Tell her that tomorrow's class is cancelled by the way, and to have fun."

Ash smiled and nodded. "Thank you, ma'am." He exited the office and found the room with little difficulty. He peeked through the window on the door and blushed. Female anatomy class...

Well, five more minutes couldn't hurt.


Marie grew impatient as the clock slowly neared 4pm. She was almost about to scream as it moved to five till. Glancing around the classroom, she decided to let the class go early. It wasn't often done, but they had all finished the assignment anyway.

"Well students, since you have behaved so well today, I have decided to let you all go early," Marie announced, smiling. "Have a good day and I will see you next week."

She watched them file out the door and quickly packed her bag to go. Once they had all left, she rushed out the door, intent on getting outside as quickly as possible. She gasped in surprise as strong, gentle arms grabbed her and pulled her back.

Chuckling, Ash sat her down on the bench and sat beside her. "Anxious, love?"

Blushing furiously, Marie stared down at the floor and muttered, "No."

"Could have fooled me," Ash chuckled as he pulled her close and kissed her muzzle. She started to purr and nuzzled against him.

"Shut up," she pouted. She tried not to smile and failed. "I'm just so happy that you are real."

He chuckled and laid the bouquet of lilies in her lap. "For you, my love."

She purred happily and kissed him. "You are the only thing I need, Ashton."

He pouted playfully. "I had a date planned and everything though."

She giggled. "If it means that much to you..."

She squealed as he suddenly scooped her up in his arms and kissed her. "You mean everything to me."

Various hoots and sounds of congratulations echoed around them as he carried her outside to his car. Like a gentleman, he held the passenger door open and helped her inside before moving to the driver's side. He typed in the destination before turning to her with a grin.

"I love you, Marie. Just finally meeting face to face makes me love you even more," he told her gently before kissing her. "I plan on getting to know you very well in the next twenty-four hours."

She groaned softly as he gently kissed down to her neck. "What...about...my...classes?"

"Cancelled," he purred softly. "The secretary told you to have fun."

She moaned softly. "Ashton...if you keep doing that we are never going to leave this car."

He pulled away with a grin. "We'll get to that eventually, I suppose."

She rolled her eyes as she tried to control her breathing. "Where are we going, anyways?"

"My uncle owns a restaurant. He said he would give me and my mate a free five course meal when I finally met her. It's his gift to all his close relatives." He turned back to the panel and smiled. "Almost there."

She gasped when she saw the name of the restaurant -- Della Sirena. It was one of the best restaurants in town. So good, in fact, that you needed a reservation a week in advance.

"Wow. The owner is really your uncle?" Marie gasped.

Ashton smiled. "Yeah, it's kind of a family business too." He turned and pulled her close for a kiss. "Don't be nervous, ok? I love you."

She nodded and kissed him back. "I know. I trust you Ashton." She smiled at him as he got out and opened the door for her. "You don't have to try so hard, Ashton," she told him gently. "I love you completely as it is."

"I'm not trying to impress you, love," Ash told her with a grin. "You are the best thing in the world to me so I plan to treat you like a queen."

Marie blushed and followed him inside without responding. The waiter led them to a private room with one way glass so that no one could see in. He left them with a couple of menus and instructions to press the buzzer when they were ready.

Ash turned to her with a mischievous look. "This room is nicknamed the love nest. My uncle only lets family members and their mates use it..." He chuckled softly. "I have it reserved for as long as I need today."

Marie flushed crimson. "My god...you've really planned this out haven't you?"

"Not really," he chuckled. "I just planned ahead."

She made a point of avoiding his eyes and opening her menu. "Wow...I don't know any Italian..." She frowned and peeked up at him sheepishly. "Can you recommend anything?"

He chuckled. "Well, my mother recommends the Pancetta which is basically Italian bacon. But my uncle also offers steak for those customers that are meat lovers."

"Oh...I'll probably just take a rare steak..." She frowned. "You can pick the rest, but I don't eat vegetables."

Ashton smiled. "Few carnivores do, love." He pressed the buzzer and within thirty seconds the waiter was back.

"Have you decided on your meal, Signore e Signora?" He asked politely, holding up his pad.

"Yes. For the appetizer, we will have the Braciola. For the soup, the traditional Italian Wedding soup, minus the vegetables. For the salad, we will have a fruit salad with Cannoli cream. For the main course, two rare steaks with conchiglie and orecchiette in marinara sauce. And we will order dessert later." Ashton turned back to Marie and smiled. "What would you like to drink?"

"Do they have anything other than wine?" She asked softly.

He chuckled softly. "For the drinks, we will have the Bicerin."

"Very good, signore. The food will be out shortly," the waiter announced politely and exited the room.

Ashton studied Marie as she played with the edge of her shawl. "Are you ok, Marie?"

"Yeah," She replied quietly. "Just, um, distracted."

"By what?" He asked gently. She continued to play with her shawl and not answer. He sighed and kneeled down beside her. "Honey, please tell me."

She frowned and looked at him. "I'm fine. Just nervous."

Ashton sighed and kissed her hard. "I told you not to worry." He frowned as her pupils widened and she flushed red.

"Hmm..." He mused quietly. He pulled out his cell phone and filed off a request to his uncle to postpone the food until further notice.

Marie watched him with an unusual awareness of his every move and frowned. "What are you doing?" She watched as he locked the door and led her over to a bed set into the floor.

He turned to her and kissed her gently. "Please. Lay down."

She sat down but watched him with a confused expression. "Is something wrong with me?"

"No," he chuckled softly. "Honey...you are in heat."

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