tagLoving WivesA Fantasy Fulfilled

A Fantasy Fulfilled

byRico Suave©

Why it turns me on so much, I really don't know. But the truth of the matter is that watching the woman I love having and, even more importantly, enjoying sex with another man drives me absolutely wild, more so than just about anything else. It's a fantasy that was satisfied for me several times, many years ago, by a naughty ex-girlfriend of mine named Melinda, but it's also one that, in all actuality, drove me crazy with lust long before I ever even realized it did, going all the way back to when I was 18 and my first girlfriend broke up with me.

Back then, after Gwen had broken up with me and, later, had gone off to college, I used to masturbate myself to sleep at night thinking about her being out on her own, having sex with other guys, and I thought at the time that it was just making me jealous. But when I reflected on it years later, I realized it was really just making me horny as hell. And a few years after that, when another girlfriend of mine actually asked me for my permission to have sex outside our relationship with another guy (ostensibly because she didn't trust herself not to just go ahead and do it with him behind my back anyway), I consented because – or so I thought at the time – I wanted her to "get it out of her system." In reality, as I realized later on, that event turned me on at least as much as it did her, especially afterwards when she told me all about it while we had sex.

Unfortunately for me, it's also a fantasy that my wife of ten years, Marie, has never even half-seriously contemplated acting out for me. Simply put, she has never shown any desire whatsoever to sleep with another man (not that that in itself is a bad thing at all, mind you). This is despite knowing about my odd sexual kink pretty much right from the start of our relationship and knowing also that she was absolutely free to act out on any fantasies she might have, at any time, not to mention the fact that I'm the only guy she's ever been sexually involved with. I suppose that's what makes this story so remarkable. That's because this is the story of the night my wife made my wildest, hottest, most improbable fantasy come true. This is the story of the night my wife got her brains fucked out by another man and then came home and told me every wonderfully dirty detail.

Now, it used to be that my fantasy always entailed me actually watching Marie having sex with someone else, at least for the very first time. I mean, that sounds reasonable for this type of fantasy, right? However, over time the fantasy actually morphed so that I actually began wanting her to fuck another guy without me there. I mean my ex-Melinda had permission, when we were together, to go ahead and screw other guys without me around so long as she told me all about it in vivid detail later on (which she was quite good at). But the very first time she ever fucked another guy I naturally had to be there to witness that for myself (I was and I did and it was so fucking hot!). And so it was for years in my mind with Marie that the first time – in the unlikely event that there was to actually ever be a first time – I would absolutely need to be there to see it all happen. I'm not exactly sure when that changed, but somewhere along the line it did.

I know, I know, it's crazy, right? But for me, it just is what it is. Maybe I just feel like if I weren't there watching her, maybe she'd be more likely to do it, and I'm quite sure that most other guys would be more comfortable fucking her without me hanging around gawking at them. And even if she were willing to screw someone else while I sat there watching, she might still be more comfortable doing it if I weren't. What I mean by that is that she wouldn't have to worry about whether or not she was performing up to my expectations, or whether or not I was enjoying it enough. I think it's also probably more likely that she'd be there of her own accord and not just doing it because I wanted her to. Instead, without me there, she'd probably be more relaxed and more fully able enjoy herself than she would if I were in the room watching. She'd be able to fully concentrate on her own pleasure instead of mine, and ultimately that is what I'd want her to do.

It's also quite probable that I just really like the idea of her being so downright naughty (doesn't every man want their wife to be a little bit naughty for them?). Doubtless it's a little of both, and maybe even a few other things thrown in for good measure. But regardless of the reason, the plain fact of the matter is that the thought of my wife, naked and getting laid by another guy gets me worked up like nothing else does.

As remarkable as it sounds, that is exactly what happened very recently, around the time of my last birthday. Call it a very special birthday present if you will, though the spur-of-the-moment nature of it all suggests that this particular coincidence was nothing more than simple good timing. Whatever you call it, it has since thrown our love life into hyper-overdrive as she continually recounts for me all the naughty things that happened to her that wild night. As it turned out, that night was all that either of us could have ever hoped for, and more. Much, much more.


It was a Saturday night, and my wife Marie was getting ready for a girls night out with three of our friends; Lynn, a newly divorced mother, Terri, recently separated from her husband, and Marcia, who is married but not really all that adamant about it. An otherwise sane man would have forbid his wife to hit the town with that particular threesome, but as you've gathered by now, I'm not really all that sane. So while I did not in any way create the scenario that led to the events of that night, I certainly did nothing to discourage her from going out with those three "cougars on the prowl." Being no fool my wife took my encouragement for exactly what it was, a thinly veiled attempt to facilitate her realizing my fantasy by going out drinking with three horny women, but nevertheless she still allowed me to pick her outfit for the night, including her lingerie, knowing that even in the very likely event that nothing at all sexual would happen, I would still get all worked up about her going out looking so hot, which in the end was a win/win situation.

I went straight for the new outfit she had recently purchased with Lynn ostensibly for just this sort of occasion; a knee-high, ruffled black skirt, and a sexy kimono sleeve sweater-top in beige with a black and teal flower print. Underneath that, per my instructions, she wore a black lace bra, the fabric of which was so wonderfully sheer that her areolas showed clearly through (always a big turn-on for me). I've always really loved my wife's 36B breasts; soft, yet firm, small, but not too much so, and topped with the most deliciously big, hard, pink nipples. Beneath her skirt she wore my favorite pair of panties, black and white zebra print on satin with black lace trim. She even made sure that I noticed she had cleanly shaven her pussy in preparation for the evening, knowing this would simply heighten my excitement and inflame my imagination, not to mention lead to some seriously hot lovemaking later when she got home. Rounding out the outfit was a pair of dark, thigh-high stockings and a pair of black low-rise heels. She looked gorgeous and sexy, in a beautifully sophisticated way.

A little about Marie, she's 32 with brown hair and brown eyes, and stands five-foot-three with curves in all the right places, especially her full, round delicious ass. I mean she's got a really great ass. In fact, after a recent diet, and now five-years removed from delivering twins, she is looking about as good as she's ever looked. She is the plain Jane, girl-next-door type who has always been shy to the extent that people simply look straight through her without even noticing her (part of her master plan most of the time, I think), but she would most certainly garner some looks from other guys going out looking this good. Maybe even have to shoot a few of them down. It was enough to make my cock throb with eager anticipation. Spotting the salacious look in my eye, and perhaps reading my mind, my wife turned to me and said, "Don't get your hopes up, babe." I knew it was ridiculous to do so, but looking as sexy as she did that night, I couldn't help but hope that at the very least she'd do a little flirting and possibly even a little dancing. Maybe even a slow song, though I knew that would be pushing it. I knew better than to hope for anything more, and even that much was unlikely to happen.

Surprisingly, she didn't get home until very late that night, long after I'd gone to bed in fact, so it wasn't until late the next morning that I got the first subtle hint that something out of the ordinary had happened. But oh how she made me wait for it, too, teasing me throughout the day, dropping subtle little hints here and there about what might, or might not, have occurred, knowing all the while that it was making me go crazy. She had a secret that she knew would drive me wild and she was milking it just the way she knew that I'd want her to, building me up so that when the moment came, I'd be ready to burst.

Though I had lingering doubts throughout the day that anything really serious might have happened, it was simply driving me nuts thinking that maybe, just maybe, something might have, something exciting and amazing. Did she flirt with someone? Dance with him? Dare I hope for a drunken goodnight kiss? Hoping for anything more would seem to be inviting disappointment. So as soon as I had the boys in bed and asleep, and she emerged wet from her nightly shower, I began to hound her until she finally gave in and told me everything, totally blowing my mind and leading to the most explosively hot night of sex we've ever had. What follows is the thrilling tale she shared with me.


Lynn arrived to pick up Marie a little after 8:30, on their way to a girls night out of drinking and dancing, while her husband stayed home with the kids. Marie knew Rick had ulterior motives in mind when he had picked out her outfit for the evening, but that didn't mean, she thought to herself, that she would have to indulge him in his fantasies. On the other hand, it was kinda fun to see how worked up he always got from her going out looking like so good, and the resulting sex they'd have later was always off the charts so she allowed him that much. She'd simply leave the rest to his decidedly vivid imagination.

They met up with Terri and Marcia at a favorite local sports bar for a couple of drinks before heading downtown to Finnegan's Irish Pub, where the music was loud, the dance floor was crowded, the drinks were flowing, and the pheromones were bouncing off the walls. After getting themselves a round, it took no time for Marcia to disappear into the crowd looking for someone who could take care of her needs for the night, while Terri, who was having a fling with the club's deejay, soon wandered off to the DJ booth to "make a request." Lynn and Marie, meanwhile, after finishing their drinks, decided to go hit the dance floor where they moved and grooved to all the top club hits by artists like Rihanna, Taio Cruz, and Lady Gaga.

After a while, Marie and Lynn decided to get themselves another drink and left the dance floor, heading for the bar. It was there that they ran into Tim, a guitar player in a local band and a longtime friend of Lynn's. Marie had actually met him a couple of months earlier on another girl's night out at a Cajun bar where his band had played a gig. She made quite an interesting impression upon him when she had drunkenly described in vivid detail to him, as well as a few others within earshot, an excellent blow-job she had very recently given to her husband.

Greeting and pleasantries were exchanged and Tim then introduced his friend Erik, a tall, lanky blonde guy in his mid-30's with rough good looks, who seemed to make an immediately favorable impression on Lynn. The four of them began looking for a booth to sit down at and talk for a while, and when they found one Lynn made sure she was sitting next to Erik, leaving Marie, in a fortunate turn of events, sitting next to Tim.

The four of them spent a little time shouting over the music about trivial stuff until Lynn and Erik decided to go hit the dance floor, leaving Marie and Tim, who seemed to be getting on quite well themselves, alone at the table. Marie, now onto her third drink of the night, was feeling very relaxed and was really enjoying herself, not to mention the attention being paid to her by Tim, who was in his early 40's, tall, handsome, and outgoing. After they had finished up their drinks Tim asked Marie if she'd like to dance and she quickly agreed, so together they hit the floor, shaking and grooving to the loud, bumping music. The two of them danced together for a good long while, seemingly oblivious to everyone else around them as the night grew late. There was nothing overtly sexual in the way they danced together, but the chemistry between them, Marie would later admit, was obvious.

Finally they decided to go to the bar to get another drink and cool down, when they ran into Terri who was quite drunk and complaining loudly that Marcia had ditched her and left with some guy she'd just met that night. Marcia had been Terri's ride to the club, though that didn't matter too much as Terri had been intending to leave with Anthony, the deejay, anyway.

It was then, just after midnight, when Lynn, with Erik in tow, approached Marie and asked her if she might be willing to take a cab home. "I know I drove you here but Erik really wants to go back to my place and I'll pay for the cab," pleaded Lynn. "Don't worry about a cab Lynn," said Tim, "I can make sure she gets home alright."

"Really?" said Lynn, "oh that would be awesome Tim, thanks! You're a great friend! Would that be okay with you?" she quickly asked Marie, "Tim's cool, I've known him for years, and besides, you two seem to be getting along fine." Marie thought about it for just a moment and said, "Sure that'd be fine. You go have fun!" It was a decision, she concluded days later, that all-but-sealed her fate.

With Lynn and Erik having gone to do the deed, Terri headed off to go flirt more with Anthony, while Marie and Tim finished up their drinks before heading back out to the dance floor. Marie knew that her husband had a seriously freaky side and would be thrilled when he found out that she had spent the whole evening dancing with another guy, and even more so when he learned that that Tim had also been the one to drive her home. She knew Rick would not get upset about anything she had done so far and would actually even want her to go further, yet when a slow song came on she still hesitated for a moment before thinking to herself, "ah, the hell with it" and fell into his arms.

It felt good to be there, swaying slowly in his strong arms; his touch gentle, yet firm. She had never done anything remotely like this, nor dreamed that she might, but she was enjoying it all the same. For his part, Tim was a gentleman, keeping both hands around her waist and off of her ass, as so many guys would be prone to do. He made no overt moves, but a casual observer would have been sure he wanted to. The chemistry was flowing between them like electricity.

After that song was over, they danced to another couple of fast songs before retreating once again from the dance floor. At this point it was nearly 1 AM and both of them were exhausted and sweating from dancing and they were heading to the bar to cool off when Tim stopped and asked Marie, "Hey, how about we get out of here. We can go back to my place and I can fix you up with a nightcap there before I take you home. I've got a full bar set-up at home and it'd sure be a lot cheaper than getting another drink here. A lot quieter, too, and we'd be able to hear each other talk." Feeling emboldened by four strong drinks and her inhibitions now seriously weakened, Marie simply answered, "Mmm... sure, that sounds good. This place is too loud and my feet are killing me!"

So with that, the two of them left the club, climbing into Tim's truck for the ride to his place. It was highly out of character for her to be leaving with a guy she barely knew, much less to be going back to his place, but at this point she still felt that despite all the flirtation, nothing was actually going to happen. And besides, she knew that it would give her husband a perverse thrill to know she'd be alone with him at his place, drunk, so why not go? It'd probably also frustrate the hell out of him that she hadn't done anything, and she was alright with that, too.

The ride back to his place was surprisingly short, for as it turned out he lived only a few blocks away from her. His place was nice, adorned with all the latest electronic gadgetry, including a 55" television and a huge amp for his guitar, and was pretty well-kept for a bachelor. The furniture wasn't cheap either, including a nice, soft, plush couch and matching loveseat; the latter of which Marie promptly fell straight into, while Tim turned on some light music and fixed them each a drink. It was evident that Tim made a pretty good living for himself.

Tim soon returned with her drink, finding her with her heels off and her legs stretched out across both cushions of the loveseat, looking extremely relaxed and quite sexy. He handed her a Lemon Drop and in turn she lifted her legs so that he could take the seat next to her, plopping them down into his lap after he had. "So," he started, "you given your husband any more of those great blowjobs you were talking about the last time we met?" Finally the elephant in the room was out in the open and they both laughed long and hard, while Marie turned bright red before replying sheepishly, "Oh you remembered that, huh? I was beginning to think you'd forgotten." Laughing, Tim replied, "Oh I remember alright, you think I'd forget?"

"No, I guess not," she replied, before adding "Well now that you mention it, you should have seen him the other night, begging me not to stop!"

"Oh I'll bet he was!" Tim responded, then asked, "So does you husband know you go around bragging about your blowjobs?" "Oh yeah, he doesn't mind at all," she replied. "He's all for it, actually. He's kind of a freak to tell you the truth."

"Really? In that case, what would he say if he knew you were alone with me here at my place, talking about 'em?" he inquired. "Oh if he knew that," she said, "he'd probably want me to show you instead!" She was giggling as she watched his jaw dropped open. "Wait, what? Seriously? Well what are you waiting for?!" he stammered, only half-jokingly. The sexual tension in the room had just been turned up another few notches.

"Oh, my feet hurt!" cried Marie, quickly changing the subject "I haven't danced that much in years!" she said. "Would how about I rub them for you?" asked Tim. "Oh my God, seriously?" she replied, "Would you? Yes, please!" and extended her right foot out to him. He took it in his strong hands and began to gently rub the sole. "Ohhhh..." she groaned as he began kneading her foot with his strong hands, "shit that feels sooo good!"

After taking a big sip of her drink, she then handed it to Tim so he could set it down on the end table next to him before leaning further back against the arm of the couch and allowing her eyes to close. If there's one thing she loves it's having her feet rubbed and she was basking in the moment as he firmly massaged her aching heels and toes. "Ohhh myyyy Gawwwd... that feels sooo good!" she said.

He continued to massage her right foot with his right hand, while with the other he started to rub her ankle and calf. She groaned her approval of this, and after a few minutes, she said, "mmm...now this one," wiggling and indicating her left foot, and he took that one and began to work on it, noting the satisfied smile on her face.

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