tagErotic CouplingsA First Time for a Little Something

A First Time for a Little Something


It was another beautiful summer day out, warm but picturesque. My wife of nearly thirty years and I started off our day like most of our days since I'd started working from home, we chatted over breakfast before I went downstairs to my home office. I worked for a few hours and around noon Ellen called down that lunch was ready. We met at the kitchen table, ate and talked a bit again. It was relaxing nowadays not having to commute into the office and being able to eat lunch away from my desk and with my wonderful wife. But I had to go back downstairs for another few hours of work.

Later that afternoon, I finished one project and as I was about to get a head start on another due by the end of the week, I felt the urge for a cold to drink. On the way to the kitchen, I called out for Ellen, but didn't get a response. I made it to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water then went in search of my wife. She wasn't in the living room or the dining room nor upstairs in any of the bedrooms or bathrooms. I thought maybe she had left to run an errand, but on my way back down the stairs I looked out the window. There she was out on the deck, sitting on her new lounger.

I smiled the minute I'd saw her and kept smiling as I walked to the sliding glass doors. I peered through at her sitting there reading a book. Beside her on the round glass table was a tall glass of iced tea. As I took a sip of my water, I watched Ellen hold her book in one hand and absently run the fingers of the other up and down her thigh just below her shorts. She was wearing one of her 'sexy outfits' as I called it, a pink sleeveless top and a pair of white linen shorts, these shorter than most her others. It gave me a good look at her lovely long legs. It was then I noticed she'd gotten a good start on tanning them this early in the summer. They were so very sexy, brown and smooth, now crossed casually at the ankles. Her cute feet and toes wiggled in the sunshine, fresh from a pedicure a couple days ago. Yes, I loved her feet. I could massage, kiss and make love to them all on their own.

I stood there studying her, okay ogling her, for a minute or two more.

Her glasses lay low on her nose as if they'd slipped down with the warm summer moisture on her skin. She had this serious expression on her face and I watched her lightly bite her lower lip as she read on, still skimming her thighs with her fingernails. As she was totally absorbed in her novel, I realized there was something about a woman in glasses that had always turned me on. My wife wore glasses all the time, but right then it seemed like the sexiest thing I had ever seen. For some reason the scene gave me the appearance of a hottie secretary or very naughty teacher was out on our deck, a depiction right out of one of the naughtiest erotic stories I'd read recently. Naughty 'Miss Ellen'...the sound of her name in my head accompanied by the sexy sight of her on the other side of the glass had me aroused in no time.

I smiled even wider, took a calming breath and finally opened the sliding door. I walked over to the patio chair on the other side of the little glass table from my lover.

"Hello dear," I called before sitting down, needing to adjust myself in my shorts before I did so.

Ellen wasn't the least bit surprised by my intrusion into her peaceful world. In fact, she continued to read her book without once looking up at me. She said nothing for the next several seconds. When she finally did look over at me she only made it halfway up my body, her gaze stopping below my waist. Her eyes obviously focused on my distinct arousal for her.

"Hello indeed." She replied with a grin.

"Oh that," I looked down at my bulging crotch. "You know how I get around beautiful women."

"Unfortunately I do." Ellen chuckled softly.

I grinned feeling proud of myself for being so hot for her still after all these years. I took another swig from my bottle of water and tried to get comfortable in the chair.

"How's it going at work, dear?" She spoke, looking back down at the page.

"Uh, so far so good." I shifted in my seat easing over toward her a little, feeling the ever-present swelling squeezed between my thighs. "I have one project done that is due tomorrow. But thought I'd take a break before I got into the next one."

She raised the hand she had caressing her thigh and brushed back her bangs before she turned the page. That innocent gesture only heightened my 'naughty teacher' fantasy as I looked at her again, my lecherous gaze on her lovely face behind those sexy glasses, then on down that beautiful body. Her very full breasts rose and fell in that pink top, which was scoop necked, revealing her very generous cleavage, also very tanned already. It wasn't until then that I noticed her puffy nipples were showing themselves. She must have been wearing one of her thin bras, but even then it certainly wasn't cold out, so something was exciting those twin peaks.

The stirring in my shorts became more of an all-out growing at that thought.

I continued to watch her, not wanting to interrupt whatever pleasurable thoughts that latest novel of hers must have been giving her. At the same time I didn't want to leave her side. So I quietly sat and took in the moment with my girl.

I did look up once long enough to see the sun was low in the sky already. Only wisps of white fluffy clouds kept it from being a perfectly clear summer late afternoon. It was in the upper eighties, but with the light breeze it was very comfortable. The air even smelled like early summer, still fresh from spring rains and newly mown lawns.

It was a wonderful day in our neighborhood. It was a wonderful day on our deck as I looked at my sexy wife.

But as aroused as I still was I knew she wouldn't be interrupted from her book to take care of my wants, besides I was supposed to be working. So I figured I'd had a long enough break. I eased up out of the chair preparing to take a drink as I did, when...

"So do you think the sex is still good between us?" Ellen spoke up.

"What?" I nearly spilled water on myself being taken back at the surprising question. I lowered the bottle without taking a drink. "Yeah, sure, sex has always been good between as far as I'm concerned. But why do you ask?"

Ellen closed her book and placed it on the table between us and turned to face me. "I don't know. The couple in this book asks the question of one another. They are about our age, with grown kids. They found they could discover new things in their love life even at their age."

I wasn't sure where this conversation was going so I stayed pretty vanilla with my response, as I'd learned to do in similar situations over the years. "I see and so you're asking the question now." Making it sound more like a statement than a question.

"They discovered they had not made love in certain ways in a long time. Like, well, she realized she hadn't given him a blowjob in a few years."

"What?" Luckily for me I didn't have the water bottle near my lips this time or for sure I would have spilled the whole thing all over me. "What kind of book are you reading? They talk about blowjobs in there?"

"No, no, not really. I mean not that graphically, but the writer does a good job of inciting your imagination to knowing what the female character is talking about and then does for her husband."

"Okay, wow that is some kind of writing for a non-erotic novel."

"Yeah but you know it still got me thinking. I've, well, I've..." Ellen trailed off and pulled her tanned legs up a bit, putting her hands in her lap.

"You've what?" I said sitting my water bottle on the table next to her glass and book.

"Actually it's not what I've done but what I've not done."

"And that would be?" I turned her way a little more, very curious to hear now what she had to say.

"I've never given you a blowjob."

I fell back hard in my chair staring right into my lovely wife's face, but really not seeing her. I had an immediate flashback to before we were married and when she had offered to give me my first oral sex ever. I had just gone down on her that night and she was all smiles and glowing.

"You remember the one time I tried?"

She was reading my mind. "It didn't go well as I'm sure you remember." Her statement this time.

It hadn't, as she barely had me in her mouth when she fell back on the bed in tears.

"Yeah that's true. I remember how nervous and reluctant you were when you first tried."

"I told you then I had had a bad experience the one time before doing it." She defended herself. "After he came without warning me and it all got in my eyes and stung like crazy, well, his was the first and last one I ever did."

"I know, you told me and I've never brought it up again in all these years." Although I wasn't going to admit right then I had thought about it plenty enough, especially in my solo sex times. "So why do you bring it up now?"

"Because I want to share with you something I know you've always wanted and I'm ready right now to give you."

"What?" There was that dumb man response again.

"Don't be so surprised. Also, don't expect me to turn into a blowjob addict. But I'm willing to do it right now for you."

I suddenly was at a loss for even my one word response, unsure of how to reply or act. It had always been a fantasy of mine, the erotic act of a blowjob. I suppose it is a common male fantasy, if not a reality with most men. For me it had remained a fantasy all these years.

"I really want to do it for you now."

"Like right now?" I shifted in my chair realizing my manhood had answered for me already as it tried to force itself out of my shorts. "Shall we go inside then?"

"Let's do it right here."

"What?" Yep, man speaks.

"If I hesitate I'm afraid I may chicken out. I'm ready to do it right now." Ellen reached over and caressed the still growing bulge in my shorts. She gazed at me through her glasses for a second as the proposal ran through my mind. The image of the naughty teacher also ran through my brain. The direct line to my groin was fully established.

"I guess we could do that." The words came out much more calmly than they should have.

Ellen immediately got up from her lounger and knelt down in front of me as I pulled down my shorts and underwear. My mostly erect manhood slapped back against my belly.

"You've always wanted to put on a show for the neighbors haven't you?" She said as she grasped my hardening manhood.

I had forgotten all about the neighbors as I was so flabbergasted she was going to do what she was going to do. I sucked in a deep breath as she squeezed my quickly stiffening shaft in her small hand. As I did I looked over her head and scanned the backyards and decks around us. I was pretty confident even if there was someone out there, they wouldn't be able to see Ellen down that low.

"I think the deck railing pretty much has you covered."

"If not, then Sherri or Tina might get treated to a live sex show."

"Hmm, makes the risk that much more exciting."

Ellen tugged on me before she began to stroke my cock. She was about to remove her glasses.

"No!" I nearly shouted.

"What?" Woman speaks.

"Keep the glasses on. Please." I asked more calmly, but already I was starting to breathe heavily.

She grinned up at me and went back to manually massaging my manhood. Ellen has always been good with her hands. She is a true expert in stroking a cock. She ran her right hand smoothly up and down my now fully hard shaft while she used her left hand to play with my balls. Like two large marbles in a bag, she fondled and rolled them between her fingers. I always felt so good in her hands. She performed a very relaxing but truly stimulating hand-job. She stopped once and squeezed the mid-point of my shaft then ran her fist up the rest of my length. My crown swelled even more and a clear pool of pre-cum formed in that single little eye.

"Man, that feels good dear," I somewhat more mumbled.

"You haven't felt anything yet," and before I realized what she was doing she stuck her tongue out, formed it into a point and dabbed it into that clear pool of liquid. The sight and sensation caused such a jolt of pleasure to surge down my hard cock and spread throughout the rest of my body that I involuntarily jerked my hips. It made the flat of her tongue smash down over my cock head. So then another stronger shock of pleasure raced through my body at both the sensation and the utterly erotic sight.

"Oh yes!" I more hissed through my mostly clenched teeth.

I watched Ellen draw back and a slivery string of my pre-cum hung in mid-air still connecting us.

"You like it, huh?" She asked with that thin string dangling from her lower lip.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah."

I was still sure this was not happening. But the last of my uncertainty melted away when she abruptly leaned forward and enveloped the head of my cock with her open mouth.

"Damn!" I bellowed out and then immediately bit my tongue as I canvassed the neighborhood again with a quick glance. I didn't see anyone.

Securely griping my cockhead in between her lips, Ellen paused there and sucked so hard I thought she was going to forcibly pull the cum up from my balls without giving me a chance to enjoy this new found pleasure. But then she slowly worked her way down my length until she had most of me in her mouth. My fully swollen crown literally hit the back of her throat. The sensation was nothing like I'd felt before, it was purely blissfully exquisite; her warm mouth on my eager manhood was incredible.

Where had this been all my life!

I could feel her breathing through her nose as the warm air wafted across my lower stomach before she slid back up my length. She gripped the base of my stiff shaft this time before she slowly swallowed it up again. My hands gently went to either side of her head as I watched my manhood reappear and disappear again and again. My mind and body both were transfixed by the marvelous sensation of my cock sliding through her soft lips and into her hot wet mouth.

I was in full erotic rapture!

Ellen coquettishly stared up at me behind her glasses. I noticed they had slipped even further down her pretty nose.

"Damn, if you don't look sexy!"

I realized she watched me be thoroughly enraptured by her sexual act. She watched me intently as I uttered alternating gasps and heavy moans while she lunged down over my cock swallowing me over and over. The entire length of my shaft was drool drenched. I felt the intense pleasure of my cock rush back and forth between her lovely pursed lips, her warm tongue gliding underneath my pulsing shaft before my tip touched her throat again and again.

Ellen seemed to continue to focus on my face. She looked up at me, her lips staying firmly wrapped around my cock. She had never in all our years gone this far with her mouth. She had kissed my hard-on plenty of times and even licked me a couple of times, but never had she taken me fully in her mouth. And now peering over the top of her glasses...damn if I didn't finally realize one of my long-time fantasies being played out for real in front of me and on me.

I could have never imagined she would have been the one to suggest the act, and outside even!

Ellen was doing an excellent job. It was like she nursed and laid pure affection on the head of my cock. When back inside her warm mouth her agile tongue even wrapped partly around the shaft and all too soon I knew I was on the verge of cumming.

Ellen read my mind again or felt the sense of my impending climax.

She quickly gripped my cock around the base and expelled it from her mouth. She squeezed hard as she looked up at me with a flushed face and spittle running down her chin. "Not so fast!" She acted angry at first, then smiled. "I'm enjoying this, too. So you have to enjoy it a little while longer yourself, before you pop off."

"Sorry." I apologized meekly. "I'll try. But, its, well, you...you have never done this before and..."

She didn't say another word and I couldn't either as she smiled broadly, took a deep breath then me back into her eager and talented mouth. She gazed up through her shiny glasses, realizing already how much I loved making eye contact with her as she sucked on me. Her pursed lips slid up and down my shaft again. Her head bobbed as she stole glances up at me on each upstroke. I could see her beautiful green eyes behind those lenses each time. She brushed back her hair once and tucked the one side behind her ear.

"Oh yessss!" I moaned as my hands went to the top of her head. They remained there gently feeling her head bob up and down as I received my girls' first wonderful blowjob. The sensation was so great I completely relaxed back, and enjoyed every second my cock was in her mouth. She stared up at me with those lovely green eyes of hers, as her sexy mouth eagerly sucked on. She was in total control of the situation and I loved it. Her pretty head rose and fell, her straight brownish, slightly graying hair bounced along. I struggled to keep myself from climaxing, but I was feeling it build quickly again as I enjoyed the new sensation, the sensation of my cock slipping in and out of my wife's hot mouth.

It was almost overwhelming!

Just when I was about to go over the edge, she stopped again.

She was panting almost as heavily as I as she pointed my wet cock toward her face. She stuck out her warm moist tongue and playful flicked the tip on my swollen crown while still smoothly jacked me off. Looking down at that lovely, sexy face behind those glasses, I felt the urge to cum on the spot. And so I did to initial squeals from my wife as the first blast sailed passed her head and landed out on the deck. Almost instantly another jet of cum splashed across her glasses in front of her closed eyes. Another and another quickly followed splattering across the same lens and down across her nose and cheek. Before I was done thick strings of white dripped down from her glasses to her chin.

My loving wife redirected my cockhead toward her lips and she proceeded to smear the rest of my cum across them. Sensing it was over, Ellen opened her eyes and looked up at me, one eye peering through a cum smeared lens. That whole side of her face was covered in my cum, some had even made it passed her glasses and dripped down off her eyelashes.

I couldn't help but laugh, before stifling it quickly, "Are you okay?"

"Since you've made a mess of me, I'll have to go wash up. That means you'll have to wait for your dinner now, mister."

"Not a problem. It was well worth it." I answered as I sat up in the chair and watched Ellen stand.

"You know, I actually loved you cumming on my face," she said as she licked some of my thick mess from her lips.

"Well that worked out for the both of us then. I certainly think it added to my exhilarating climax."

With her cum covered face and glasses, she retrieved her book and glass of iced tea. I shoved my cock back in my shorts, stood and went to the sliding glass door to open it for her. She walked on in and I trailed right behind her, ogling backside in those white short shorts.

At fifty I still can't get enough of her!

Ellen did end up cooking dinner after she had cleaned up my mess. We sat at the table long after we had our fill. Without bothering to clear or wash dishes we retired upstairs and after a good amount of cuddling and kissing I had 'dessert', served up warm and very delicious.

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