tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Gypsy's Tale Ch. 02

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 02


A hot rough hand lightly touched Tecor's inner thigh. She sighed at the touch and moved her still sleeping body slightly. The hand lightly caressed the spot earning another sigh from the sleeping gypsy. A large smile crept across the unknown face in the dark.

A second hand moved up under her nightgown slowly. Hot skin on hot skin, this hand caressed all the way to the swell of Tecor's breast and lightly touched the left one with hardened finger tips. This was rewarded with a small moan from the young woman's slightly pale lips.

Her body moved slightly, caught up in a dream that she couldn't escape. Colors dancing, and a face smiling but nothing she could pin down.

The unknown figure smiled again, but he was getting impatient. He needed release from his hard member soon.

Tecor let out another moan as the hand continued to caress her breast. The visitor took this as a sign that she was ready to please him.

The hand that was on her thigh moved down her leg ever so slowly. It grabbed her ankle roughly and yanked her down so that his body was over hers.

The rough grip and pull woke Tecor up, and she saw a pair of dark lustful eyes looking down at her.

She let out a loud scream and tried to kick the man off of her. She hit him a few times with little result.

Suddenly the unknown man was tackled by a shadow, pulling him off her.

Tecor was breathing hard as she sat up to watch the shadows fight.


Esric felt the bed move with weight but figured that Tecor was moving in her sleep again. He sighed wishing that he could hold her to him to make her stop moving. However she would never allow that and he really did not want the woman mad at him. He was not truly disturbed by her moving around anyhow. It was her shrill scream that made him bolt up.

His eyes narrowed when he saw a large figure over Tecor.

His whole body filled with rage and he tackled the man to the ground.

The larger man struggled against Esric, but Esric had the advantage of grip and leverage.

The man finally gave in and sank to the floor in defeat.

Once Esric calmed down a bit, he was able to see who the assailant was by the moon light.

"Malik what in the name of the great one are you doing here?" He growled in anger.

The drunk man, who had sobered considerably now, looked up at him ashamed.

"I honestly did not think you would be here." he said in a soft tone. "Everyone knows you have never touched a woman."

Esric blushed at that and glanced at Tecor who was watching the situation with interest in her wild eyes. Those eyes drove him insane, almost past reason. What Malik said was the truth. He had yet to bed a woman, though many made themselves available. Countless women wanted to be bedded by a Prince. However, none of them truly inspired him to go through it. Not until he met Tecor. Esric moved his eyes back to his friend when he began to speak once more.

"Honestly I thought you were joking..." Malik smiled at him and raised one of his thick eyebrows. "By the underworld Esric did you..."

"NO!" Both Esric and Tecor said at the same time.

"I am here for her protection. I promised her she would be treated with respect if she came here, and you know that I am a man of my word."

Malik nodded firmly. Everyone who knew Prince Esric knew this.

Esric sighed and moved off of the larger man, and offered him his hand. Malik smiled, took it, and pulled himself up.

"If you were just protecting her, why are you in the same bed?"

"It is a long story I will tell you in the morning over breakfast when you are not drunk. Now get out of here before I really have to hurt you."

Malik scoffed, but walked out of the room.

Esric sighed and looked over at Tecor with concern. "Are you alright?" he asked gently.

"I will probably have a bruise on my ankle which will affect my dancing." she said softly as she rubbed the tender spot gently. "Other then that I am fine, thanks to you."

Esric smiled and let his shoulders relax. "Good. I am glad you are alright."

"I should give you something for saving me."

"You really do not have to, Tecor. I did not stop him for my own gain. I promised that you would be treated with respect. Being raped did not seem very respectful to me."

"All the more reason to give you something," she said with a slight tilt of her head.

"But..." she put her hand up killing the words he would have said.

"Esric." She said so softly that it made him shiver slightly. "I am very stubborn. Once my mind is made up there is no changing it, so accept it." Tecor said in a firm voice. Esric simply nodded. "I will grant you one request that does not involve you touching me, or seeing any of my naked body, nor will I be your slave including marriage. I will not harm or kill for you. I also maintain the right to negotiate a little bit."

"You truly have thought this through. How many times have you done this?"

"You are the first but I have heard stories," she said with a smile.

Esric smiled back, walked over to the bed, and sat down on the edge. He looked at her softly, and wondered what he could ask of her. Then it hit him.

"Stay," he whispered.

"What?" she asked looking at him confused.

"Stay with me," he said with soft eyes moving closer.

"Why in this world would you want that?"

Esric smiled a bit. "I would think that was obvious. I really like being around you Tecor. I like talking to you, watching you. I may be greedy, but I want that everyday for as long as I can get it."

Tecor sighed heavily "I told you that I am a complexity you do not want in your life."

"I think I do," he insisted.

"And I am telling you that you do not!" She shot back.

"Then stay and prove me wrong," he challenged.

Tecor sighed in defeat, knowing she was not going to win this battle.

"Very well. My tribe is staying here for another month, maybe two. When they leave so do I. I do not wish to be separated from my family sir." she said in a soft tone.

Esric smiled and touched her warm shoulder, happy that she did not pull away.

"I would never be the one to do that."

Tecor gave him a smile, then let out a soft yawn.

"We should get back to bed. We will talk more about this over lunch," Esric said softly as he removed his hand and slid under the covers, then watched her do the same. He sighed and tried to slip into sleep for the second time the night.

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