tagLoving WivesA Husband's Revenge Ch. 01

A Husband's Revenge Ch. 01


There is just enough juicy sex to get the story line across, and the husband mad
enough to want his pound of flesh.

If you think this is one of those stories about how a husband fantasizes about seeing another man fucking his wife, you should stop reading now and not waste your time going any further.

I'm a normal, everyday type of husband who adores his wife and two kids. I am your typical middle class white guy, 5'11", 175 lbs, who's not hung like a bull, but has never had any complaints either. I've got a good job in sales, and my family usually wants for nothing.

My wife, Ann, and I have been together for eight wonderful years. To me, she's the hottest girl on the block. At 5'6", 125 lbs and a set of 34C's, she's got a body made for lovemaking. After all these years, I still call her my bride because; I still feel we're still on our honeymoon.

Ann said when we met it wasn't love but lust. She couldn't wait to get me in the sack. I was just coming off a long tern relationship and wanted to take it a bit slow. Her idea of slow was fucking my brains out on the first date. We compromised; she fucked my brains out on our second date.

We were married 6 months later, and settled into a routine of work, school and more work, to make ends meet. Ann was a first year teacher and didn't make a hell of a lot of much money, so I worked two part time jobs, along with finishing college. Within a year, I'd graduated and had landed a pretty decent job. Money wasn't flowing in, but we were doing all right.

After the birth of our two kids, I was on top of the world. I thought it couldn't get any better than this and that's when I first noticed a change; not a big one but a change nonetheless.

When you're with someone day in and day out, you sometimes don't notice the little changes. They kind of creep up on you, and happen when you're not looking.

Our sex life had been fantastic for all these years but lately it started to wind down more than a little. It was like she was losing interest in sex if that was possible. "Who could get tired of sex?" I thought. She could get me hot with just a look, and I was always ready for a roll in the sack. And even though she was a few years older, her body still looked great.

Being a very oral person, I loved to lick her from head to foot. Ann was a bit reserved, or should I say prudish; especially if someone was in the house. She was more than loud; she was a real screamer when we made love. So, I knew there would be no fooling around whenever had guests stay over, or if the kids were still awake; nonetheless, I attempted to ravish her at every opportunity.

On thing I'd leaned at an early age, "you'll never get a second shot at a girl if you didn't get her off the first time." I made it my goal in life to make sure whom ever I was with; she would be the first one to orgasm. Thus, I became very skilled at giving oral sex. The trick was, to take your time and concentrate on what you were doing. After dressing her down I'd start with little kisses on her lips, ears and base of the neck. Then, the passionate hard kissing quickly builds up the fire, and gets her wet; but the soft butterfly touches drive her over the edge.

It only took a few minutes before I noticed the beads of wetness dripping from her pussy hairs. Ann was from the old school, a natural bush is what she liked, and only shaved it once just before the birth of our second child. It never really bothered me though, and it really excites her when I pull on her long pussy hairs with my lips.

Diving between her legs, I would spread he moist lips to get to her hidden clit. I love to lightly tease it with the tip of my tongue, until it drove her wild.

"Eat me you son of a bitch," she would scream out as I worked on her.

I would consume her pussy from the top to bottom; making sure I licked every square inch of it. I found putting her legs over my shoulders and holding her ass cheeks with my hands, gave me better access to her pussy and everything below.

After tongue fucking her, and using my thumb to continually massage her clit, I moved down to her starfish. Even though she'd never say it, she loved when I reamed her asshole. Licking it, and then driving my tongue deep into it would cause her to gasp, and lift her ass off the bed to give me better access to it.

It would never take anymore than 10 minutes of tongue and finger action to get her off the first time. While she was still climaxing, I'd get between her legs and shove my dick home.

I'm surprised the neighbors never said anything when they heard her crying out, "fuck me, oh god fuck me harder or shit this feels so fucking good," because she usually screamed it out at the top of her lungs. I wasn't superman, but could hold off for about seven minutes before I'd shoot my load into her.

Drained of all my fluids, I loved to watch her come down from a good climax. She had that look of peace and satisfaction on her face. I'd always ask, "honey, you ready for round two?"

"Are you nuts, you rubbed me raw; I'll need time to rejuice." She'd tell me. "The second one takes too long, and isn't nearly as intense as the first one," was her normal reply.

"But wouldn't it be fun to try anyway?" I'd always reply with a smile. A few times she would go for a second round, but those times were getting fewer and farther in-between; but I didn't care, I was in love with the most wonderful women on earth.

Which brings me to my first point. After 8 years, you know your partners body both inside and out, and with my dick neither shrinking or growing, I knew how it fit in my wife's pussy; nice and tight. Lately however, it seemed that her pussy didn't feel as tight around my dick as it once had.

At first I thought it was the amount of juice she was gushing, when she climaxed; but she'd always done that. However, tonight was different. I had a hard time feeling the inside walls of her pussy; something was different, her pussy had changed.

We had our usual after sex talk, where I asked her if she'd enjoyed it and her stroking my ego saying if I couldn't tell by now, I'd better give up. I did casually mention, that I'd have to ease up on the lube because it felt a little sloppy. She just sloughed it off, saying I was just imagining it, and that she was getting older and wasn't as tight as a 16 year old virgin anymore.

I told her I knew another cavity I'd love to explore and all she'd say is, "not in my lifetime." She gave me a kiss and dropped off to sleep.

It stayed in the back of my mind but it'd be another five days before I got another shot at her pussy.

Ann always seemed to have an excuse lately. The kids were still awake, she was having cramps, she didn't feel fresh enough or the best one; "if you wait until tomorrow, I'll make it worth your while." Tomorrow it seems, never came.

Which brings me to my second clue that something just wasn't right. With my wife being a teacher, I knew that every semester there was an open house and other things like that; but lately, there seemed to be more than normal. Ann would always say she needed to this or that and would be gone for two to three hours at a time.

When she got back I'd ask her how it went, and would get the same generic answer, "you know, it's school stuff, it never changes." I even offered to drive her and pick her up afterwards. She snap back that the kids needed watching, and if I took them, they'd be up too late and so on and so on.

Tuesday night Ann announced that Wednesday she had to get with a few of the teachers, after dinner, and go over the new testing data.

"No problem hon, I'll watch the kids and make sure their in bed before you get back." Giving her a wink, I said, "maybe we can relax when you get home?" but with the look I got back, I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Late Wednesday afternoon I called Ann to tell her I had to work late, but I'd that I'd arranged for Carol to come over and watch the kids when she went to her meeting. She told me not to work too late, and she'd see me when she got home. Little did she suspect, but tonight was the night I found out what kind of meetings she was actually going to.

I parked down the block, with my lights off, and waited for her to leave. Just like clockwork, after dinner she got into her car and headed out. Staying just far enough back, to where she couldn't see me, I followed her for about 15 minutes, until she pulled into the driveway of a house we'd never been to; or at least I'd never been to.

Parking down the street I waited for what seemed like forever. I wanted to give it enough time for the others to arrive; but no one else showed up. Gathering all the strength I could muster, I quietly got out and approached the house. Taking out a pad I wrote down the house numbers. Why, who knows; I was new at this sleuth thing.

With no real plan in mind, I walked up to the front and tried to peek into the windows. "Damm drapes," I said under my breath, as I couldn't see anything through them, but could hear voices. I snuck around to the side, and finally to the rear of the house. The back yard had a screened in pool and I could see the sliding glass door to the house was opened slightly. With luck, the screen door wasn't locked and I moved in for a better look.

"Fuck." Looking through the screen doors I could see my lovely and faithful wife sucking the largest, black dick I'd ever seen. Stark naked and kneeling on the living room carpet she had both hands wrapped around a dick that had to be at least 12 inches long and 2 ½ inches around.

The only sounds I heard now, was the slurping of my wife's lips around this monster and the man telling her, "take it deeper bitch, I want you to take it all in tonight."

"Who the fuck was this bastard?" I thought to myself. It took all my strength not to rush in, lay this guy out and drag my slut wife, naked out to the car by her hair. Thank God reason slapped me in the face before I'd did anything so stupid. The dude was at least 6'4", and had to be at least 250 lbs. He would have wiped the floor with me in no time flat, and what would that have gotten me anyway?

As of now my marriage was over, and all I had was a raging anger inside me now. I don't know which one of them I hated the most as I watched them destroy my marriage. All I know, was I'd find a way to make them pay dearly for what they'd done to me.

Looking up he was now between her legs sucking on her pussy. I could hear her moaning as she lay quivering beneath his active tongue. With a loud cry, Ann grabbed the back of his head, pulled it to her wet pussy and ground it into his face.

Looking around, to make sure no one saw me; I inch closer to the open doors. "It would be really stupid of to get caught right now," I thought to myself. Looking around, I could see the pool and a dark backyard. As I look closer, it hits me, kids toys. The bastards married too. They weren't fucking up one family but two.

By now he'd finished tongue fucking her and I could hear Ann say "I want you in me now, I don't have all fucking night." Turning Ann over and putting her on her knees he moved in behind her. Lubricating the head he started to push in. "Quit teasing me, I want it all in me " Ann screamed. With a loud laugh, he shoved all 12 inches home. "Fuck me" was all Ann could say as her head hit the floor.

There was nothing gentle about this man. He was going to make her pay for all the whining she'd been doing for the last 20 minutes. I could tell by her initial gasp and the look on her face that it wasn't all pleasurable; as he continued to pound away she started to push back and meet his every thrust. The whore was really starting to enjoy herself.

All the moaning these two were doing was now getting on my nerves. That is until Ann screams out, "fuck me harder Nick."

Now I had a name to go along with the dick.

"When are you going to leave that pencil dick of a husband?" he said in a mocking tone; but Ann was in a world all her own.

I'd gone from total disgust to now hatred for Nick. "Payback is a bitch Nick and I'm going to make damm sure you get yours," I whispered to myself.

Nick was now pulling his dick completely out and shoving it to the hilt at every stroke. I noticed he was starting to lube up the area around her asshole. "Oh my God," I thought. "He's not going to shove that monster up her ass is he?" My rage turned to anxiety. "Do it," I thought to myself. "Put that fucker in there; stretch that asshole good." If she thought 12 inches in her pussy was tough to adjust to, this would be like shoving a baseball bat up her ass.

I could see he was inserting one then two fingers and moving them in and out. I don't think Ann had a clue what was going to happen to her and I couldn't wait. On the next stroke he pulled out and placed the head at her brown ring. "Your too big, I've never had anyone in there before."

Nick just laughed and said " I like nothing better than a tight, virgin, asshole."

Placing the head at the entrance, he pushed it in with his thumb and fore finger. Ann's mouth opened but nothing came out. I could see she was in pain and I wanted to see more. I wanted the bastard to split this whore in half with his fucking monster. With her head now resting on the rug. All she could say is, "oh my fucking God, oh God, your killing me."

Nick laughed, "shut up bitch and relax" as he slipped in a few inches more.

Wishing I'd brought a camera, I remembered I had one on my cell phone. Without really knowing what I was doing, I started snapping pictures every minute or so. I figured they would come in handy when I figured out what I was going to do.

Nick by now was now moving his dick in and out of Ann's gaping asshole with ease. She'd stopped complaining and was fingering her clit as Nick pounded away at her ass. I could tell Ann had climaxed at least twice not only by her screaming but by a steady stream of liquid that was now dripping from her cunt. I don't know how she physically took all 12 inches, but one thing for sure; she was going to be one sore motherfucker after this pounding.

With the increased pace of his thrusts, I could see Nick was close to cumming. On the last stroke he pulled out and moved around to the front of Ann. "Suck it bitch," he commanded. Slick with ass juice and everything else, she proceeded to suck and lick his dick as though it was the last cock she'd ever have. It didn't take long before Nick was depositing his load in my slut's mouth. "Swallow it all bitch, I don't want any going to waste." I could see a slight dribble coming down the side of her mouth but other than that, she took the whole load.

They were both kind of lay there, enjoying the afterglow, when Ann looks at her watch. "Holy shit, look at the time." "I've got to get out of here."

That was my cue to bid a hasty retreat to get home and get rid of Carol before Ann came home.

Quietly backtracking out the porch and backyard, I ran to my car down the street. Getting in, I started it and drove off with the lights off, until I rounded the corner.

To say I was mad was an understatement. The only thing I felt for Ann was hate. I'd done everything for her, she wanted for nothing and this is how the bitch shows her love for me. She had played the prim and proper wife and mother to a tee. I wonder what her family and friends would say if they'd seen what I witnessed for the last forty- five minutes. No matter how long it took I'd have my revenge on them both.

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Ah,The Good Old 12" Black Cock Strikes Again!

Would be interesting to know just how many stories there are on Literotica in which one or more huge black cocks are fucking a married white woman. I've read more than a few where the black guy could usemore...

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This is what women are really like

Selfish, unloving, sluts who use their husbands and whore themselves out.

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