tagLesbian SexA Kitty for Santa Ch. 03

A Kitty for Santa Ch. 03


Once I arrived in Mexico, I was asked to stay on the plane by one of the flight attendants. I sat in my seat until the whole plane cleared out, from there a gentleman in a black suit boarded the plane and said the key words only I would know, "Captain America awaits for you in his car."

My biological father was known as Captain America because of his strikingly American facial features.

I deplaned and walked to a black SUV that was sitting on the tarmac. It was here that I met my birth father for the first time. He was just like the picture, except he had aged about 30+ years.


When I had first decided to run I thought maybe I could go to a place where no one would know me and I wouldn't stand out, then I realized I needed protection. A few years ago I started looking into my family background and I found nothing. For the first few months I searched and came up empty, and then it hit me after about a year that my birth father looked familiar. I thought to myself, I've looked at that picture for years, of course it looks familiar. Then one day over a cup of coffee and the newspaper I spit my coffee right onto his face.

Inside the LA Times was an article, the latest on what 'Victor Guadalupe Lopez' was up to. I couldn't believe it on top of trying to put the pieces together my only clue had coffee all over it. I tried asking my parents questions but the answers were always the same. They didn't know much.

I used my resources and started looking and there it was, all this information on my biological father. Almost forty years of crime and they could not prove a thing, all allegations. If anyone found out can you imagine what that would mean for a Detective in the LAPD.

I found a way to coerce my mother to call him once, with the excuse that I was sick, just so I could see if he wanted anything to do with me. He said if I really wanted him around he would be there for me. I panicked and decided I wasn't ready and I never called again. Not until I had no where to hide or run.

"Buenas Tardes." I had downloaded an app, and that was the best I could do with my spanish.

"Good afternoon, Tiffany, welcome to my country."

"Thank you. I'm glad you speak English, I don't speak spanish." It was fairly accented English but it was light years beyond my Spanish.

"Is not perfect but it will do for now. Come inside."

Why had I run here, well I knew no one would find me here, not Jane and not the U.S. government. My father, well he is a notorious Mexican drug-lord. 'Captain American', one of the most wanted men for his connections, to say the least. Did I mention he's filthy rich? No one knows where to find him or how, he finds you not the other way around. And here I am a detective for the LAPD on my way to his personal home, no chance of anybody finding me here.

"I hear you been attacked, someone try to kill you."

"Yeah, I was working a case and I got too close to the killer, and apparently my death was the easiest way for them to avoid getting caught. Does it bother you that I am a cop?" He laughed a good laugh. We were sitting together in the back of his SUV.

"No my daughter, I think it is how your people say ironic. We both make a living doing what we do best that is all. I do this to make a living and once you are in there is no out, unless by death." Daughter only two other people called me that. I mean it is not as if I am ready to call him father or anyone else mother.

"I would appreciate it if I didn't see anything too illegal please, if they find out where I have come to hide they will try to get as much information from me and I rather not know anything."

"Of course not, that is why your mother and I gave you for adoption. So you would never have to be force into life of crime. Pero here you are a policia."

"Is that why you gave me up, for my protection. You don't have other kids?"

"No you are my only daughter, my beautiful Rosita, you look just like your mother but with my eye color, skin and eyes. You are beautiful." He stroked my cheek it was unsettling and I winced, but he meant no harm. He immediately retracted his hand. I had been on edge for a while now.

"Can I meet her?" Bad question because he broke eye contact.

"I am sorry she die a few years ago, she never was able to get over the pain of letting you go, I think she died of a broken heart, doctor says heart attack."


It's easy to talk to someone who is a total stranger. Upon arrival he wasn't my father, he wasn't anything. He was just someone who was helping me out. I didn't have all the questions I had as a kid, none of them mattered anymore because I was happy with what I had, a loving family.

As a child I always knew I was adopted, my sisters and I looked too different. My parents told me that my adoption had taken place before I was born and at birth my mother held me for two hours crying and then she handed me to my new mother. I had never seen her after that but my adoptive parents always sent them pictures of me.

I had hopes of seeing them some day when I was ready, but I was told I could only call my father if it was a life or death emergency. So, I put it away along with the thoughts of who they were and why. I knew it was because they could have raised me and chose not to. I only knew that they were Mexican, I knew the basics. I didn't care because they had given me up, not the other way around and I had a family and sisters who loved me.

I had stopped talking for a while. I thought I would get to see her at least once.

I wanted to learn about my origins so I could someday tell my kids but now here I was with only my birth father. I didn't know what to do or say, but I knew I needed space to process everything.

Why had I run? I know that parts really clear to me. The woman I thought I loved told me I was insane when I told her that her soon to be ex-wife was a serial killer. I had all the proof but would need her help to get all the evidence together.

We weren't together officially, but we were dating and like an idiot I fell for her. She was getting a divorce and only waiting for Jane, her ex-wife to sign the papers. Then when I told her everything I knew about the killings and her ex-wife's involvement, she tells me that Jane is her wife and how dare I say those things. She might as well have shot me in the face because that might have hurt less than those damn words.

I don't exactly have a plan as to what I'm going to do but Captain America says I can stay here as long as I want. He has even offered to set me up for life if I want, without any connections to him or my past.

If I didn't have a loving family I might have done it. I never want to see Jane or Solo again. I'm going to stay here for as long as it takes me to figure out a plan. I'm no longer on the case so I don't feel I'm a threat anymore as long as Santana keeps her big, luscious, juicy lips shut. Fuck, no I hate her, I hate her so much.

I cut myself off from the world when I threw away my cell phone in Ft. Lauderdale. When I arrived at Miami I left the airport for Ft. Lauderdale making sure to leave a trail somewhere in between and had a different taxi drive me to West Palm Beach. As far as they knew I was in Miami headed God knows where.

In between all that I bought a few prepaid phones and had money cards for each of the different companies. I was determined to stay in hiding.

Captain America said he would find a safe way for me to contact my parents and have them tell the U.S. Marshals who are looking for me to not look for me since I had willingly left. I would later deal with the consequences of my actions, if I ever went back.


I have been gone for 24 hours now. I haven't slept in a while, every time I sleep I relive the morning of the attack at my place and the killings and everything and I wake up in a cold sweat panting and sometimes screaming. This is how it was in the FBI house and now I know it'll be the same here in Mexico.

I was able to contact my parents and they said that Agents Solo and Butler were looking for me because I was missing. I told them I was fine and that I was in Canada staying out of sight, I didn't want to be in protective custody living like a felon on the run. I also told them to stay away from Butler and keep and eye out for her. I needed time away from everyone and everything. I gave them a guess as to where I may be and there were people that worked for the Captain (my birth father) that would alert us if they were listening in and went looking for me, I had asked my parents to not say anything.

Two things would happen; Butler would go looking for me or send someone who was not FBI or the Marshals would go looking for me.

My sister Tori had come on the line. Tori was the next youngest with husband and a daughter Tiffany, named after me, to give me a message from Agent Solo.

"Hey baby sis what you running from?"

"The government, my death, everyone, anyone." Just hearing my sisters voice made me tear up at the thought of never going back and seeing my namesake and my sisters, hiding for the rest of my life.

"Anyone in particular?"

"What are you saying?"

"Nothing, Agent Solo, asked me to let you know she was sorry about the things she said. Did she hurt you, Tricia's more than happy to kick her ass." Tricia is the oldest and like me has two black belts.

"No one needs to hurt anyone." I had been trying to put her behind me and just move forward with my life. Sorry, that's all I get after being offended she was sorry, she could go suck Jane's boob for all I care. However my voice had broke and I missed her. I couldn't sleep without her close by.

"What's wrong baby sis?"

"Nothing I have to go now, make sure you guys stay safe and never go anywhere alone ok sis, please."

"Ok hun, you too and I'm here for you. I love you."


Screw Solo, screw her and Jane and they could screw themselves too. Sorry, fuck sorry, REALLY calls me a killer, insane and full of shit and she was sorry. I never want to see her again. I need to move on, fuck I'm in a foreign city and I can't even speak the language. So much for sleeping with someone, anyone I really don't even care now. I need to clear my mind.

What's the point of all this melodramatic crap. I've known Solo what all of a month give or take and I'm letting it get me all worked up. Twice she has screwed me over and here I am dreaming of her and our time together. I'm here wondering how she feels about me about all this. What's the point If something were meant to happen for us it wouldn't be this hard.

How much more of a sign do I need that she and I are just not meant to be? Psycho ex-check, liar-check, asshole- check. She was definitely not on the top of my list of great people to date.

As the days went by, I was able to really get to know the Captain, that's what I had taken to calling him, using his name or father just didn't seem right to me. He had tried to teach me spanish and I spent some time in the kitchen with the ladies learning to make traditional Mexican plates and on one occasion made some of my food for everyone in the house. The captain was upset that I was working but he loved the meal so he stopped grumbling.

I had taken a liking to him and he talked to me about my mother everyday. I fell in love with the country and I didn't have to see any real illegal activity. Yes there were guns, but the drugs and everything else was out of my sight.

Ultimately I realized I couldn't keep running and hiding. After only a week and a half I was feeling home sick. More than that I was ready to move forward no matter what that meant. If it meant no Santana then so be it, I was a big girl I could deal.

The Captain had created an account for me where he would be transferring money so I wouldn't have to work if I didn't want to and he felt, to make up for the lost years. I didn't need it but now without a car or house I would have to find a place, refurnish and everything that comes with a new place, not to mention shoes and clothes. My insurance wasn't going to cover everything, if anything, since it was on purpose and all the legalities, whatever none of that mattered anymore. All that mattered was that I got out alive and got to live my life, not filled with anyone else's drama.

I had thought about Santana everyday and with each passing day I hated her and Jane a little more, how dare she. How dare she treat me like that, I didn't fucking deserve it but that's what happens when you're nice and try to live by the rules you always get screwed. I trusted her, I let her into my life all to have it blow up in my face.

I had gained some muscle since I spent my days swimming, working out, riding horses on the ranch and cooking. I was eating more but working out twice as much. I had so much energy trying to work out all the extra food, and emotions. Emotions I didn't want to feel; not the loneliness, not the anger, not the pain. I took up boxing in my free time, nothing better to let out some frustration than a punching bag. I really took to it, the captain even brought in a sparring partner for me. She was a New Yorker who did business with him and was in town letting things die down for herself in her neck of the woods.

She was one hot piece of ass if I say so, and I do say so.

"You're American?"

"Los Angeles to be exact." No one knows that I am his daughter some people do suspect, because of my resemblance to him and my birth mother, but no one dares question anything here.

"What you doing with Captain America?" She was wrapping her wrists, I had been training for about an hour so I was set. She was slightly bent over and that gave me a bird's eye view of her nice chest, within her nike sports bra. Her stomach was tight but she had nothing on my Santa's abs and stars. Her shorts were tightly wrapped around her nice ass.

"Staying out of trouble, avoiding death believe it or not." That one got a good laugh.

"Most people stay away from him to avoid those things."

"Ha, I guess you and I are a piece of work then because from what I hear you're here for the same reason."

"Yeah, that and I heard this beautiful blonde was staying here." She looked me up and down admiring my physique. I was a little bit more conservative compared to her. Standing in Nike training capris and a tight cotton rib tank top.

"Is that right?" She stood up came to me and tapped my gloves to start a friendly spar.

"Yup." As she swung a jab to the face.

"Missed." Jab/cross to the face but she moved out of my way. She's quick, damn her grin reminds me of Santana, fuck Santa. Jab/cross to the ribs, HIT.

"I see were playing rough. Good luck honey, I fight for pride where I'm from."

Jab/cross/jab. None landed. We went four rounds a few hits from both of us. Until I finally realized the thoughts of Santana were making me angry and unstable. I stopped and threw of my helmet and mouth piece, and jumped out of the ring.

"Hey, where you going?" I turned to see her coming after me.

"You just brought up a memory of this bitch I once knew and now I'm mad and it's not your fault and I don't want to hurt you. I'm sorry."

She had taken of her gloves and grabbed my arm.

"Look sweetie I don't know who she is or what she did but I can promise you I'm not her. How about a swim in that huge pool and then a drink, what do you say? It'll help you relax a bit."

Sexy beautiful woman who wants to have some fun with me. "Deal."

We left our gloves and went to the pool in the next wing where I was staying. The captain had given me the guest wing which included its own kitchen, bar and pool.

I showed her to the bathroom and she said she would be out shortly. I took off my clothes and put on a 2 piece black bikini, tied up my hair and as I finished a sexy woman came out of my bathroom. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit that showed of her back, her stomach and her ass cheeks. It was one long string wrapped very intricately if you ask me.

"Damn your even hotter than I expected."

"Thank you." I blushed. "You're a piece of work yourself, my names Tiffany by the way and you are?" I put out my hand.

"Anna, you kick my ass then give me your name." I laughed as she shook my hand.

"The bruise on my ribs, begs to differ."

"Come on, swimming and drinks remember."

She walked ahead of me as we walked out of my room. I swear she had a heart for an ass, I love my ass and it's hard for me to be unbiased, but her back side deserved to be spanked for being so naughtily hot. She was a curvaceous piece of work. The string was lost in her ass but who cares it was really just decoration, the real show was those globes. Her breasts were smaller at most a handful, begging to be sucked.

I'm having you for dinner tonight.

We made it to the pool and I dived in on the deep end and did a few laps. When I came up she was sitting at the edge of the pool wet and watching me.

"You know you have great form."

"Thank you, aren't you gonna swim?"

"No it was just to get you nice and wet."

"Oh I see." I walked over to her "Not into foreplay." I stood up on one of the stairs an kissed her as she wrapped her legs around my backside. It felt good to have human contact again. Our bodies were both full of goosebumps and it wasn't from the cold.

"I was ready when I saw you in the ring, boxing was the foreplay, swimming was just to get you naked."

We stood and started walking to my room. We're both grown women who knew where this was going.

I kissed her with the lust I felt for her, she was sexy nothing more, nothing less. The exact opposite of Santana, feminine and bubbly. No voice to make me feel dreamy, no power over my heart just a wetness in my pussy begging to be taken care of. My heart needed to be set free, it needed to remember that life wasn't perfect and those who hurt you only do it because you allow them. When you love someone you chose to let them get close, enabling them to hurt you.

As we walked into my room I shut the door behind me and slipped her hands around my neck, pulling my head back allowing her ample room to devour my neck. Teeth grazing my skin made my pussy tingle. My hands searched for something to hold onto and a great ass is always a good resting place.

I worked my hands down her back around her tight globes.

My hands roamed all around unimpeded. Her skin was cold from being naked but my heart was pounding and all the blood was going south. Pulling her close I felt her thigh right against my pussy, I needed to be taken for a good ride.

I walked us back to my bed and sat down with her between my thighs. I kissed her flat stomach working my way downward to where my mouth knew it would find a source of juice. She was sexy and willing and I was, not ready.

There was no hurt here, just lust someone to sleep with. Fuck, that's not me, I don't just sleep with anyone.

I stopped and just laid my head on her stomach.

"I can't." She pulled her hand away and stepped back.

"I hope she's worth it." She kissed the top of my head and walked away.

It's time to go home and stop running. I have to face this. I have to stop pretending. I just let one sexy ass bitch walk away from me half naked over some ...some....ugh... screw you Santana.


I'm headed home today or at least to the city where I grew up because I have no home. Saying good bye to everyone proved to be somewhat difficult, I had grown attached to the people with whom I had spent the last two weeks with. The ladies in the kitchen that taught me how to cook traditional dishes, women who had worked for my mother women who taught me about my mother, my heritage along with some spanish. The bodyguards that escorted me everywhere and knew that if something happened to me it would be there heads, metaphorically I hope. And the Captain, my father who hadn't been there a day in my life but who in the time I needed him most proved to be a great friend and protector.

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