tagBDSMA Little Nice

A Little Nice


This is the second half of "A Little Mean."

* * * * *

He had gone out to the bar with his buddies, knowing that his wife was bound and being fucked by two vibrators at home. After another one of her bitchy moods, he needed a drink. Besides, the camcorder was catching it all.

He had left her about eleven. The bar closed at 2:00. Three hours should be enough to make her sorry. If not, she could just be left there for longer.

At 2:30, he and his buddies were finally kicked out, definitely drunk, and looking for trouble.

"Come back to my place! I'm punishing my bitchy wife."

The others, five in all, were a little intrigued. They all went back to the house, waiting to see what type of punishment was being handed out. They did not expect what they saw.

She was on her back, spread eagle, bucking wildly with tears streaming down her cheeks. Nipple clamps attached to a chain and then to her belt, pulling her nipples to the point of bruising.

He moved to her and somehow managed to undo the strap, pulling two clamps off her pussy lips. The vibrators immediately popped out with a gush of fluids.

Her body lay limp except for the weakening spasms of almost four hours of continuous orgasm. The gag was removed from her mouth. A small trickle of blood could be seen from where the gag had ripped the tender flesh at the sides of her mouth.

He carefully lifted her head so she could take a sip of water. She swallowed greedily.

"Are you ready to be nice to me now sweety?"

"No, please, no."

"You don't have much of a choice."

He cuffs were undone and with gentle hands, he turned her over to her stomach. She was too tired and hurt to fight. A pillow went under her stomach as she was positioned for him, her ass in the air.

Slowly, he moved down and started licking her clit and pussy.

"Please, NO."

"But you want it, Baby. Feel, you're getting wet again. You're such a slut, aren't you? You want to come again already."

"No, please, I hurt."


Slowly, he lifted her hips. He motioned for his buddies to strip as he did so himself. With a jar of cream from the bedstand, he lubed his long hard on, getting harder in anticipation.

"Relax, Darling."

He pushed against her ass hole and felt her tense. She cried out and jerked forward. He pulled her back by the hips and slammed into ass. His hand came down on her ass leaving a bright red hand print.

"Jimmy, why don't you try her pussy. Mikey, see if she'll suck for you."

"No, please, NO!"

She cried out as the men moved to comply. She was pulled to her hands and knees, doggy style on the bed. Mikey's partner came into full view, ten inches of meat, three inches wide. Her eyes widened in horror and she tried to move her head back and away. Instead, Mikey grabbed her hair and slammed her face onto his cock, forcing her to take it deep.

At the same time, Jimmy had moved under her and slammed his cock into her already tender pussy. He pushed against her cervix, causing her to try to cry out. Instead, she merely gasped as Mike held her hair, forcing her to face fuck him.

"Oh God, she is good! Oh GAAAWWWWDDDD!"

Mike starting cumming in her mouth, making her choke until she swallowed. As he orgasmed, he pushed his way down her throat, cutting of all of her air.

Jimmy started to spurt, just as He started to come in her ass, both thrusting as hard as they could into her for that final sensation, before pulling out.

The other three buddies quickly moved in and continued the rhythm set. Each one taking a hole and plugging it as best as they could.

She started crying and squirming as her assaulted body went out of her control and she started orgasming again. She squirted her own liquids as she set off the others to squirt theirs.

The three pulled out and she was able to collapse on the bed. Come and her own juices soaking it and staining it. Her husband was jerking off and released himself all over her back and ass. The others followed until she was covered with their sticky white love juice.

Exhausted, she just curled up into a ball. Carefully, he shut off the video camera, then picked her up and carried her into the shower where he cleaned her gently. He admired his handiwork, the bruises from the belt and nipple clamps, as well as on her hips from where he had gripped her. Her ass still had a hand print.

He carefully cleaned her and then carried her to the spare bedroom where he wrapped her in a towel and snuggled in with her under the covers.

"I hope now you'll be a good girl and won't get bitchy. A man can only take so much you know."

"Yes, dear. I've learned my lesson. I'll be nice, I won't be bitchy again. Unless of course I want another lesson."

"Good girl, that's my nice little girl."

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