tagBDSMMy Weekend Fuck Pet

My Weekend Fuck Pet


I have a girlfriend I meet almost every weekend. She's a married little slut is what she is. And she's developed a craving for my attention. Maybe I should say she needs it. You see she's a disgusting little bitch. She'll do anything I ask of her no matter how degrading or abusive it might be. Over this past year I kept pushing her limits to see how far she would go. Amazingly enough, I don't know that she has any limits to the perverted and humiliating things I inflict on her. Let me give you an idea of what goes on during the course of one of our weekends.

We usually meet on Friday nights. I live alone and she arranges to get away saying its business. We've been doing this for so long that she knows the routine. The first thing she does is dress herself in a skimpy pair of see-through panties and a garter belt. Sometimes she'll wear stockings, but mostly I like her legs naked. Then she slips on a push up bra that leaves her nipples exposed. I like that because of the way it accentuates her full breasts with respect to her slim waist. It pushes her bust up nice and full, actually making her breasts look even bigger. Lastly she puts on her collar and hands me her leash. That's right, she wears a leash. She's treated as a slave and obedient slut. Well, maybe that's not exactly the right description of her. Actually, every weekend she submits herself to me and becomes my pet. I call her my "fuck pet." She's a lovely female whose body I use for my enjoyment to fuck, humiliate, degrade, abuse, torture... well you get the idea. Let me continue explaining.

She knows never to speak or ask for anything. She understands that she's expected to please me no matter what I might have in mind. Of course, I fuck her many times during the weekends and other times I'll just use her body in some perverted way. Also she has come to learn to be obedient regardless of the amount of pain I inflict on her. That may sound a bit ruthless and inconsiderate of me, but she enjoys it because she knows it satisfies my rather unusual sexual urges.

On many occasions I like to simply masturbate while she kneels in front of me watching. I'll shoot my load all over her face and she knows to leave it there. "You like wearing my cum, don't you Bella," I'll always ask? That's her name, Isabella, or Bella for short. I remember one time I shot my load all over her face and then I made her go with me to the grocery store. She was getting a lot of strange looks seeing this white creamy substance dripping down her face. I know she was extremely humiliated that day.

When we first met I had her nipples pierced. That was the first night. I took her to a local piercing/tattoo parlor and explained that Bella was my new pet. This guy who owned the place strapped Bella to this table. It almost looked like a GYN chair only there were straps to hold her down. Of course, she had to remove her top and expose her breasts to him. I could see that this guy really like what he saw. He then fastened both arms and both legs to the chair so that she was pretty near spread-eagled. I'm not quite sure why he needed her legs apart like that other than he could catch a peek up her skirt. He proceeded to prepare her breasts for the piercing by attaching clamps to each nipple. A few moments later Bella was whimpering when he took a long needle, punctured each nipple and inserted the rings.

When he finished I asked if he'd like a closer look at Bella. He liked that idea. So I pulled up her skirt and ripped her panties off. He must have spent a half-hour eating her pussy while I asked Bella if she liked me letting another man use her like a whore. When he had enough he stood up and jerked off shooting cum all over her thighs and cunt.

I'm glad I had Bella's nipples pierced in the beginning. I like the way the rings look hanging from her breasts. When I don't have her leash connected to the collar I have it attached to her nipple rings. In that way I can lead her around the house pulling her nipples out from her breasts. She whimpers out from the pain, but seeing her like that gets my cock hard every time.

One night I attached the leash to her rings and then tied it off to the bottom of the bedpost. I didn't leave much slack in the leash so she had to kneel all night long at the foot of the bed without moving more than a few inches. In the middle of the night I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I got out of bed, stood above her kneeling body and pissed all over her. Then I stroked myself till I was hard and fucked her in the ass while she tried not to move too much. After I shot my load up her rectum I crawled back in bed leaving her there. I couldn't fall back to sleep right away so I talked to my pet. "You're a good slut Bella. There's nothing like getting up in the middle of the night and fucking your pet whore." She didn't get any sleep that night.

She always asks permission when she has to go to the bathroom. That's because I like to watch. If she has to piss, I'll give her a glass or a bowl to do it in. I'll make her squat over it so I can see it coming out. Most of the time I make her drink it or lap it up. I know she hates doing that too. She's not a piss slut by any means, but she knows better than to deny me my satisfaction of seeing her perform such a degrading act.

If she has to take a dump, she never uses the toilet. She's not allowed. She knows that she's a sex pet to be enjoyed by me. The first time when she said she had to go, I led her by the leash to the kitchen and put a piece of newspaper on the floor. She squatted over it and shit there. When she was done I grabbed her head and pushed her nose in it calling her a "dirty slut" and that even my dog doesn't shit in the house. So from then on I make her go out in yard to crap.

She sucks me off regularly whenever I ask and always swallows every drop of cum. When I have to piss all I do is say, "here girl," and she crawls over to me, kneels up and waits with her mouth open. Most of the time I piss in it and she reluctantly swallows. I really enjoy watching my urine fill her mouth. And when I say to her, "swallow it girl," she gulps it down and gets this glazed tear eyed look on her face. I know I'm pushing her limit. Actually it's beyond her limit because she had told me in the beginning that she wasn't into any piss play. But that's what makes it even more exciting. It amazes me why she submits herself to these perverted whims of mine. I guess it shows her need to be controlled as an obedient pet.

So you might think it's pretty cruel of me forcing her to do things she really doesn't like. But don't forget, she's only a pet... a toy to play with... a willing female slut that loves being treated dirty. So that's what I do. In fact, sometimes I'll defile her even more by stuffing my cock to the back of her mouth and making her swallow as fast as she can while I urinate down her throat. A few times I even made her kneel there so I could piss all over her body drenching her from head to toe. And I made sure her hair was well soaked. I usually do that to her early in the weekend so she smells like piss for both days. And a shower is out of the question for her. She has to stay that way all weekend. When we fuck, she smells so disgusting that I scream at her for being such a filthy pet.

I love having her lick my asshole, so she knows to ask hourly if I want her mouth cleaning me. I've even watched TV with my legs up while she tongue fucked my asshole for over an hour. She always starts out kneeling in front of me like a good pet and nuzzles her face between my legs. I'll comment, "just a minute Bella, you just can't get enough of my crotch, can you?" Then I'll stand up to remove my jeans and underwear and relax with my legs spread apart. She licks me thoroughly, my cock, my balls and my ass.

Sometimes if I've been outside doing yard work, I'm rather sweaty. I consider that an extra treat for her. "Suck my balls Bella," I'll command her. And she'll all but swallow my entire nut sack taking it in her mouth and thoroughly cleaning me. Then I'll slouch down in the chair with my legs pulled up and she starts on my ass. She licks and scours my asshole probing into my rectum with the tip of her tongue. And it doesn't matter how filthy and smelly I might be either. She knows her place is to be an asshole-cleaning slut and give me enjoyment. Every so often we go the local adult sex shop. I make her dress the part of a slut with a short skirt, tight fitting top, black stockings, garter belt and heels. I let the owner fuck her in the ass whenever he wants. In return he lets us hang out in the movie room. We've had some incredible nights there. Well, at least I have anyway. For ten bucks I'll make Bella give anyone a blowjob. I make her crawl behind each guy as they go off to a movie booth. She kneels on the floor in the confined booth that's covered with cum from men jerking off. She blows the guy and then comes crawling back. She waits for him by my side and when he comes out to pay, Bella swallows his load. "Thank you sir," she says obediently. "Your cum tastes very good."

Now for twenty dollars I'll let any guy assfuck her. After a few cocks up her butt she's pretty messy. So we go back home where I give her an enema to clean out all that cum. Last week I let fifteen guys fuck her ass. By the end of that ordeal her rectum was flooded with sperm. That night I gave her an overfilled two-quart enema bag full of water. Her stomach bulged out and she quickly got cramps from so much fluid inside her body. She wanted to expel it right away, but instead I stuffed a butt plug in her ass and told her I was going to fuck her first. And I did. I told her that she had better not lose anything from her ass and get the bed all dirty or I'd punish her more severely than I had ever done before. When I finished fucking her she was doubled over with cramps. I told her to go outside to release the enema because I didn't want her stinking up the house.

She hurried out the back door while I stood on the porch watching. Right in the middle of the backyard she squatted and shot this flood of brown sludge from her ass. I was yelling at her too. "Bella, you filthy little bitch. You're disgusting. Don't think you're coming back inside with that shit all over you. You better clean yourself good."

When she finally finished expelling the enema I could see that she was using her hand to wipe her ass. Then she cleaned it on the grass and wiped her crack some more until she thought it was clean enough to meet my approval. Once she got back inside I inspected her bottom.

"Did you clean yourself good Bella," I asked?

"I think so Master," she replied very timidly knowing at times I'm hard to please.

"Let me see," I ordered.

Bella turned around in her kneeling position, reached back and spread her cheeks apart so I could examine her ass.

"You call that clean you fuckin' dirty slut," I reprimanded.

She put her head down knowing she had disappointed me. Then I spanked her bottom like a bad dog and took her to the tub. While she knelt there I turned on the faucet and used a scrub brush on her ass. She was whimpering as I scraped over her asshole with the stiff bristles. Her whole crack was bright red when I finished scouring her.

One weekend I tied Bella to the coffee table. It was just perfect. When she laid down on it, her head hung just off one end and her ass off the other. She was spread-eagled with arms and legs tied to each table leg making her completely exposed for anything I might have in mind.

I started out roughly abusing her tits squeezing them, yanking them, pulling on her rings until her nipples were rock hard. Then I attached screw clamps tightening them until they were digging into her nipples.

After that I used a speculum that I had placed in the refrigerator. It was ice cold. "You're gonna love this you little fuckwhore," I deviously laughed. I stuffed that cold metal speculum into her hot pussy all the way. She thrashed against the ropes violently as the ice cold traveled deeper and deeper into her body. Then I spread the instrument stretching her cunt open.

She was screaming at this point, so I walked to her face and simply stuffed my cock down her throat and fucked her mouth. Just before I was about to cum I pulled out and pushed my balls into her face. After sucking them for awhile I move up so she could lick my asshole too. That felt so good I began smacking her tits with my hand. When I had enough I tied a ball gag in her mouth and walked away leaving her cunt wide open. For the rest of the day whenever I felt like it I stuck a few fingers through the speculum to feel the inside of her cunt. Once I jerked off and shot cum inside her. Another time I walked up and spit into her hole. I spanked her tits and pulled her nipples almost every time I walked by. I tormented her all day long asking over and over, "I'll bet you want to cum don't you?" And I'd rub her clit when I asked that.

"If you think I should be allowed," she answered moaning as she neared an orgasm every time.

"I don't think so," I replied. "You're only a fuck pet Bella. So I'll decide if you should cum. And honestly, I doubt you deserve that feeling." Then I walked away leaving her at the brink of an orgasm. And she knows not to touch herself and make herself cum. I caught her once doing that. She remembers how I paddled her ass for a good half-hour leaving her rear end hurting so bad that she couldn't sit the whole next day.

I love binding her breasts too. I like to wrap them until they bulge from her chest. When she hasn't performed to my expectations, I bind them extra tight. It doesn't take long before they start turning purple from the lack of circulation. I deliberately wait until they get that way and become real sensitive. Then I'll take a rubber crop and whip her swollen bulging breasts until she's crying in pain. Her sobbing doesn't bother me either. I just tell her to exercise better self-control and despite the tears, I keep whipping her breasts until I've made several deep welts in her tits. I want her to have something to remember her misdeeds and lack of self-control.

There was one time she didn't suck my cock good enough. I beat her breasts pretty hard. When she wouldn't stop crying I spread her legs apart and whipped her pussy too. I made her pull open her own cunt exposing the pink delicate flesh inside. Then I began whipping her hard right on her exposed fuckhole. She pleaded for me to stop. When I did, I stuffed the handle of the whip all the way in her sore pussy and made her crawl on hands and knees the rest of the night with it dangling out of her cunt.

Another time I attached these suction tubes to her breasts. I had never used them before. I was amazed at how much they sucked her tits outward into the plastic cylinders. By the time I took them off, her breasts were completely deformed. They looked like nothing more than elongated masses of flesh attached to her chest. And her nipples were huge and extremely sensitive bulging from the end of her tits. I couldn't resist squeezing and pinching them. I could see in her face how much it hurt, especially when I sucked them into my mouth and bit the soft dark tips that were pierced with the nipple rings.

I know, all this sounds pretty cruel, doesn't it? But sometimes I just like experimenting on how much she can take. For instance, she's got a pretty tight asshole. And I just love the idea of fisting it. She thought it would be impossible to stretch her anal hole that much. Regardless of her concern, I fist her all the time anyway. I lube up her ass and then simply twist and turn my hand through her tight rectal orifice until it swallows my fist completely. She tries holding back the cries and screams when I force my hand into her rectum like that. I know it must hurt a lot. But I have to tell you, it's one of the hottest and nastiest things I do to her.

Sometimes I like to use an inflatable dildo in her ass. It's shaped like a cock about six or seven inches long. When I pump it up it bulges out like a balloon. Needless to say, I stuff it in her ass and pump it up until I can see her squirming from the discomfort. One time she begged me to stop. I put an end to that begging nonsense real quick. I ripped it out of her ass while it was completely inflated. Her asshole stretched open like I've never seen before. She screamed and cried for a half-hour after that and even made a few disrespectful comments to me. I whipped her ass with a wooden paddle until it was bright red while she cried. She never begged or complained again whenever I want to use that inflatable dildo.

I've punished and humiliated her in so many ways I doubt I can remember them all. I really enjoyed the night I put clothespins all over her. I had one on each nipple and several all over each breast pinching her flesh. I even spread her legs and clipped a few on her cunt lips. I knew she was uncomfortable that night, but I have to say that she controlled herself pretty good, especially when I clipped the one on her swollen clit. I knew she was in agony but she didn't say a word. I made her stay that way for an hour. I fucked her ass too while she endured the pain and told her how much I enjoy abusing a worthless slut like her.

There was one Saturday morning I was in an exceptionally nasty mood. I had Bella spread her legs and I stuffed a clear bottle up her cunt... bottom first. I shoved it in deep until only about two inches of the neck were protruding from her hole. Then I attached the leash to her collar and lead her around all morning making her crawl like a dog. I just wanted to watch her cute little ass wiggling with that bottle sticking out from between her legs. I even lead her into the bedroom to pick up my dirty underwear off the floor with her mouth and carry that around too.

I've been trying to teach her how to deepthroat without choking. She still has a lot to learn yet. I told her that we would keep trying until she mastered how to swallow my cock completely. Although I must say it's a big turn on seeing her gag and cough up her guts when I stuff my cock down her throat.

I do take her out to dinner and sometimes shopping or a movie. It's not like I keep her locked away all the time. But when we do go out I have my idea of how she should dress and behave. I never allow her to wear panties. If we go to a diner or restaurant she has to wear a short skirt and high heels. In that way when she sits, her cunt can be easily seen. I always make her sit so other men having dinner can get a look at her pussy. Then I tell her, "see that Bella, all those men are staring at your cunt. Reach down and rub it. Then lick your fingers." She gets so embarrassed when I do that to her.

One day we were out to dinner and I saw this guy watching from across the restaurant. He got up to go to men's room and I told Bella to go follow him and come back with his cum in her mouth. Fifteen minutes later the guy came out with Bella right after. She sat back down. "Well," I asked. She opened her mouth to show me this massive thick load covering her tongue. I could see the guy was still watching Bella. "Let it dribble through your lips onto your dinner." I instructed. I knew the guy would be able to see his cum running out of Bella's mouth and all over her food. Bella turned bright red from embarrassment when she spit all that cum out. Then we ate dinner. While we were eating I told Bella, "I'll bet you're driving that guy nuts eating his cum off your plate like that."

Don't think I'm not grateful for having a slut like Bella. I know it's not easy to find such a willing whore. And she IS willing. I've told her on a number of occasions that she's free to leave if she doesn't like what I do to her. But she comes back every weekend. So what does that tell you? She likes it, right? She likes being a worthless abused whore. And I treat her exactly that way. She understands that her body is for my enjoyment and nothing else. What she wants doesn't matter and I tell her that too. I don't want her to have any expectations of personal gratification from our time together. She's a whore..., a slave..., and yes the proper name for her is a "fuck pet" and that's it.

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