tagErotic CouplingsA Match Is Struck

A Match Is Struck


The first time I met you, I was immediately taken with your sense of ownership of the room. You commanded respect and exuded such a presence, you were impossible not to notice. With dark hair, neatly trimmed and clean-shaven with intelligent brown eyes, you were my definition of sexy. And you didn't notice me at all.

Fast forward a year and we meet again while fatefully both attending the same conference. I was again struck by how attractive you were, both physically and in personality. This time, you took notice of me with my ample breasts, long dark brown hair and quiet confidence.

Throughout several days together, I was increasingly distracted by your lips. I could focus on little else but the thought of how your lips would feel on mine. As we flirted, I enjoyed the rush of anticipation in my belly, the soft burning in my clit. By day four, we had built up such a need for each other, the continuation and escalation was inevitable, despite us being from two very different worlds.

On the final day, I can hold back no longer. Seeing an opportunity, I grab your hand and quickly pull you into an empty room. Leaning into you, I breathe in your scent, the fragrance tipping me into a state of intoxication. I run my hand down the side of your face, feeling the days stubble rough against the palm of my hand. Tracing the contour of your lips with my thumb, I feel your hands on my waist. We have been waiting for this moment it seems like all of our lives and we savour it. I lean forward and run my tongue across your lips, feeling their softness. You press into me and our lips lock together, perfectly fitting together, perfectly matching in intense passion. As we kiss, you pull my body into yours. It feels so perfect to be joined with you, your kiss more exquisite than I could ever have imagined. Kissing you is like kissing me and I'm overcome by the feeling that I have met my match.

That first kiss was like no other. Ending that kiss and retreating back to our respective worlds, we both knew it was only a matter of time before we reconnected. Over the course of a few weeks, we shared more and more of our secret desires, our fantasies...and the more we shared, the more we realized we had in common.

Finally getting a chance to meet up, our anticipation so heightened, we say little, simply letting our lips lock together, our tongues exploring, our teeth gently nibbling. I feel your hands move from my hips, slowly caressing my back, moving up to sift through my hair and brush down my cheek. I grab your hand and this time lead you to the bedroom. You slowly undress me, and I watch with my breath held while you shed your clothes. Your body is everything I've imagined it to be and I immediately reach out to twirl my fingers around the small tuft of hair on your chest. My other hand encircles your waist as I step back into you and find your lips again.

You run your hands over my breasts, slowly, taking time to tweak my small hard nipples. You close your eyes and concentrate on feeling my soft skin beneath your hands. You trace the curve of my hips and reach around to grasp my ass. You lay me down on the bed, and lean over me. You squeeze my breasts together and bury your face in my cleavage. You plant kisses all over my breasts, sucking each nipple into your mouth. As you trail kisses down my body, everywhere, I open up to you, completely trusting you, my legs spread wide. Your mouth and breath are warm between my legs and I thrust my hips forward. Your tongue finds my bud and begins to play, nudging it. I begin to pant as your tongue begins a steady lapping at my clit. Fuck, it feels incredible.

I feel a pressure at the entrance to my pussy and I ask you to put your finger inside me. You continue to lick me, teasing me by stroking my hole. Reaching down, I run my fingers through your hair and push your face into me. I moan and you stop, sitting back on the bed. I look up at you, my juices coating your mouth, your eyes hooded with desire. You tell me that you want to watch me play with myself. I can't believe it when you reach down and grasp your big, beautiful cock with your own hand. My hand reaches between my legs, finding my clit throbbing and aching. Watching you jerk off while watching me is so incredibly hot. We are both close to cumming. I twist my leg up and begin to stroke your balls with my toes. I'm finger-fucking myself wildly with one hand while strumming my clit with the other and I'm watching as you rub your cock. You are so turned on by the feel of my foot playing with your balls, you can't hold it in much longer. I start to call out, my orgasm cresting and it puts you over the edge. You spurt streams of hot jism over my belly just as the muscles of my pussy spasm around my finger.

I rub your cum all over my stomach and you lay down next to me while the waves of orgasm subside. I think with a smile just before we drift off to sleep that you and I are going to have many fun adventures together!

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