tagRomanceA New Prescription Ch. 03

A New Prescription Ch. 03


Author's Note: Sorry it took so long! All comments are welcome!

The house music was intense. The bass made Charmion's heart skip an extra beat. Involuntarily, her hips started moving. She couldn't help it. Dancing was one of the few activities that Charmion could completely lose herself in. Tonight was going to be even better because she had a mask and the anonymity would cause her to lose a few more of those tenacious inhibitions.

Charmion had chosen to dress as a phoenix. Her mask surrounded her eyes with gold, silver, and orange metallic feathers. The contrast between her dark hair and the brilliant colors was striking. So striking it looked painful; that sweet pain that magnifies other emotions. Her outfit continued into a gold mini dress. She had painted her nails blood red, so the contrast continued down her body. She finished it off with gold flat Greek style sandals. The shoes were practical. No one can seriously get down in heels, plus it's not good for your back. Beside her Marika was a very sexy feline. She was in a full body black leotard. Markia had added ears and a tail. In the dark of the club the body suit was even more daring than a short skirt because it clearly outlined every curve and nuance on Marika's body.

Charmion took a breath. Her hips started moving. Marika grabbed her hand and dragged her into the middle of the ground. Slick, bodies rubbed against each other. Charmion couldn't see faces, but their bodies ground against each other. Her ass against someone's thighs, while floating hands held her hips. Her hips were dictating the rest of her body. She rolled her hips pressing urgently against the guy next to her. She leaned over and he felt her vibrations. Her whole body shook. She could feel him getting hard and smiled to herself. Her legs started to burn and she moved to a new position. She turned around wrapped her leg around his waist. He held up her leg and balanced her hips and they started grinding. In this position Charmion could feel everything. She could feel his strong arms, the contractions of his abdominal muscles. His hips thrusting against her. His smell eventually sought her out, wrapped as she was in his mini cage of muscles and bones. He smelled first of sweat. Sweat that was dirty sweat, not nervous sweat. She was so close she could smell it. Almost lick it. Salty, tangy. It reminded her of when you shower after the pool then breathe on your arm and the chlorine is still there. Reminding you of your subversion, submission to the water. How it stroked every intimate part of you. How invasive it was. She imagined that if she licked his skin it would be initially salty and then musky, maybe like wood.

As the beat slowed, their gyrating hips also slowed. The intensity remained constant. Charmion leaned in and licked his neck. She couldn't help it; her next action surprised her even more. She bit her dance partner. The bite was impulsive and primal. Her body was tired of the superficial surface contact; it wanted to consume his body. She felt him tense and she knew he groaned because she could feel the vibrations of his throat. She inspected his throat. She watched as he swallowed. His neck was erotic. The ridges and muscles made Charmion think of what his dick might look like. Would his dick be as strong as he was? Would it contract and move as gracefully as the muscles in his throat? Charmion leaned in and kissed his neck, running her tongue over his Adam's apple and the ridges in his neck.

Normally, Charmion didn't like to get too personal with her dance partners. Sometimes she never even looked at them. However, he was one of the best dancers she had ever danced with. He followed her hips and led them in new directions. He met her half-way at all times. She leaned back a little and inspected his face.

The first thing she noticed was his lips. They were soft, pillowy, not chapped. They pursed as he concentrated on dancing. He bit his lower lip as he enjoyed the sensations. In all, they were perfect. He licked his lips and Charmion's heart almost stopped beating at the sight of his tongue. Her stomach clenched and she gasped. She tore her eyes away from his lips and looked at the rest of the face, or what wasn't hidden behind the masks. Dark hair and strong jaw line. She quickly glanced over the rest of his face before she concentrated on his lips again. As she stared at them she realized that they started growing. Growing because she was getting closer to them.

Aiden was floating. He didn't hear any of the music around him. He was completely engrossed in the beautiful and enigmatic bird he was dancing with. She had dark hair and her face was covered and surrounded by gold, orange, and silver feathers. He could see eyes were vacant. Green eyes that were concentrating on other senses: they were looking at the skin touching, watching the vibrations of sound, watching him. He ground himself a little harder and watched her lips open in a gasp that was swallowed by the club.

He watched as she looked over his face, his neck. She was staring at his lips and could feel her lean closer. Her tongue prepared her lips in preparation. Aiden's cock twitched as it reminded him of other parts of her.

They were so close they could feel one another's breath. Someone bumped them and their lips mashed...

Charmion umphed as she felt her teeth crash into her partner. As she regained her balanced: Soft. Wet, but slick. Not water: spit. Lick. Tender. Warm. Warm. Warm. She sucked his bottom lip. In her mouth: so soft and tender, but his body was so hard. She released his lip. His turn: His tongue searched. Soothing. Dancing with her tongue. Consuming. Voracious. This kiss was voracious. It was sucking. She couldn't breathe. But then, did she need to breathe? Pleasure. Blisssssssss.

Aiden groaned. His legs were shaking and he had stopped dancing to kiss this woman better. He set her down and dragged her to a corner in the club. He pressed her against the wall and kept kissing her. He surrounded her with his body. Each part of his body was kissing her as he kissed her lips. His legs hugged hers, his hips battled with her hips.

He wanted to touch other parts of her. He slowly moved his hand to her breast. At that moment her hand squeezed his ass cheeks and gripped him hard. Every inch of him was rubbing against her. God he was getting hard. Her breasts were soft, perky. He sensed franticness to her. Her sounds had a hit on naivety to her, she was so responsive. Desperate. That was it. She was desperate.

Charmion was desperate. No coherent thoughts passed through her head. Need. Need, every nerve in her body screamed through it. She pictured the action potentials in her body running and conspiring to plan this assault on her senses. Pleasure they yelled. She grabbed the man's hand and pressed it against her pussy. Relief. When was she going to be touched like this again? His hand was strong and he knew what she wanted. He lifted her short dress and brought his hand up between her inner legs. Gently rubbing her outside her panties he touched her around her clit. Warming her up. Slowly he increased his speed and every once in a while massaged her clit. Charmion couldn't contain her moans. She gripped his arms, digging her nails into his arms as he slipped two fingers into her. He gently started to thrust. Fucking her with his fingers. Charmion thought. F-u-u-u-u-u-ck me please...she felt her pussy start to clench. Sensitive. She nearly screamed as he started massaging her clit. He had found the spot just to the left of her clit. The sweet spot. Within minuets Charmion was beginning to spasm. Every muscle clenched.

She was shaking. Above the music Aiden could barely hear her moans. He could almost see each scream slipping away grasping and scrambling to get to his ear. He felt her contractions gripping his fingers. He watched her face as she came. There was so much emotion. The intensity of her orgasm made her eyes close. Slowly she relaxed. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at him. She was about to say something when a cat came out of nowhere and grabbed her.

'Wait!' He shouted. His bird struggled a little bit. She turned her head to tell him something. She tried to get out of the grip of the cat.

'Marika! Why are we going? Stop! You're hurting me!' screamed Charmion. She wanted to know this man more.

'I'm really sorry, but I just go into a nasty fight with some chick back there and I felt it prudent to leave.'

"Yeah, yeah, take the high road." Charmion said sarcastically as the made it to the cool air of the street. Wistfully, she glanced back into the club. Was he still there? Would she ever meet him again? How would she know? He was wearing a mask.

Aiden started following the two women. He had to know who this woman was. He had never encountered a woman like that. White-hot passion. He felt it; he wanted to burn himself against her. He made it to the street. In the distance he saw her get into a car, but it was too late.

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