tagNonHumanA Night With A Vampire

A Night With A Vampire


Michelle Watson is lying in her bed enjoying her last night of freedom before she completes her final year of school at the local college. Michelle is 21 and a history major. She is really into urban legends and anything to do with vampires.

Michelle has always loved her body. She is tall, almost 6' barefoot and chubby, but her tits are her best feature as far as she is concerned. She topped out at 18 wearing a size 42DD. She kept her reddish brown hair cut just above her shoulders. Her amber eyes liked to change when she was getting her pussy reamed by a hard cock. She had just let her boyfriend go home after spending all afternoon riding him.

Her window is open letting in the cool air after the hot day. She has her eyes closed as she remembers how her boyfriend had fucked her repeatedly for 3 hours straight. Her pussy starts tingling again as she relives the afternoon in her mind.

She opened her eyes when a blast of wind blew in her open window. Her eyes widen and she opens her mouth to scream as she saw what suddenly stood there.

A pale man, with jet black hair and blood red eyes stood at the end of her bed. He was dressed in a black suit with a cape billowing behind him. He held up a long slim hand putting his finger to his lips. "I wouldn't scream if I were you my dear." He smiled showing sharp fangs.

Michelle's scream died in her throat as she saw the fangs. She had read about vampires but had never met one. As far as she knew they didn't exist. Although she would willingly argue that point since one stood in her room. She quickly pulled the sheet over her naked body. "What do you want?" She asked her voice coming out in a squeak.

The vampire smiled as the cape closed around his slim body. "I have come to make you my queen of course."

She gasped when the cape opened. He stood there with nothing on but the cape. There was a light dusting of hair covering his chest, leading down to his crotch. Her eyes widened even more when she saw his cock hanging between his legs. It was at least 12 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. She cowered against the wall as he moved silently onto the bed.

"That will never fit inside me." She whimpered as he grabbed the sheet pulling it from her body then, locked his hand around one of her legs pulling her towards him.

"Don't worry my love. I will never hurt you." He continued to pull her towards him until he was resting comfortably between her spread legs. His cock poised at her entrance.

"Please." She begged feeling him throbbing against her.

He leaned his lean body down over hers as he slowly pushed into her. She whimpered as her pussy was stretched. "Shhhhhh..." he moaned pushing deeper into her depths.

She closed her eyes, as pleasure ran through her as he started sliding slowly within her. "Oooohhhh..." She moaned lifting her hips to meet his slow thrusts.

Suddenly she let out a soft cry as his fangs dug into her breast. She could feel her life's blood seeping from her body as he drank from her. He started thrusting faster inside her as he drank her. Her blood like wine on his lips.

Michelle closed her eyes as she slowly died. "I'm dying and it feels good." She whimpered as she lifted herself harder against his thrusting cock. "Fuck me." She cried weakly.

Damien continued to drink from her even as he battered her pussy with his hard strokes. She was crying out in desire and lust as he slowly felt her life slipping away from her.

When he had drunk his fill, he continued to slam into her pussy as he slit his wrist bringing it to her lips. "Drink my pet." He purred as he filled her with his pounding cock.

Michelle licked weakly at his wrist as he continued to fill her, faster and harder until she was panting with need. He shoved his wrist into her mouth where she sucked greedily even as her body convulsed in orgasm. She screamed around his arm but didn't stop drinking his blood. Feeling it bring life back to her body.

As she drank, Damien pumped harder and faster inside her. He growled when she started slamming back against him. He felt her convulse around him and he moaned deep in his throat even as he continued to slam into her. "Fuck me. Oh god Fuck me." She screamed pulling her blood stained lips from his arm. "I feel so good. Make me cum again baby. Make me cum."

Damien pulled out of her to her dismay. She let out a whimper then a squeal when he rolled her over onto her stomach with her legs spread wide and her butt sticking out. He slid into her from behind as he dug his fangs into her back. She screamed at the pain then screamed longer as his pumping hips thrust her into another orgasm.

Damien fucked her all night long. He took her on her side with him slamming into her from behind, he took her on her stomach again, and then she rode his hard cock feeling him deep inside her depths. She welcomed him into her body again and again as she screamed out her pleasure.

As dawn approached Michelle slept. She never felt him lift her into his arms or fly out the window taking her to his home in Transylvania.

She awoke at dusk with him once again drove his hard cock between her legs. She wrapped her legs around him as she pulled him deeper inside her. "Fuck me." She screamed digging her sharp, blood red nails into his chest. He retaliated by digging his fangs into her neck.

They rode the waves together. Each of them screaming in pleasure as they slammed their bodies together in the ancient dance. When he finally came inside her, she smiled, her fangs gleaming in the moonlight. She knew she would spend all eternity being loved by her new husband. All because of her night with a vampire.

The End

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