tagBDSMA Pony is Broken

A Pony is Broken


It is Friday evening. They are sitting at the sushi bar at Blowfish and have just finished their first couple of pieces of fish. The bar is packed and their favorite chef, Kenji, is working this evening. She is looking as beautiful as ever. He slowly slides his hand up her inner thigh under her skirt and feels her pussy is wet even though her panties. However, he pulls his hand back.

As he retracts his hand, she utters, "Fuck," under her breath. She realizes she's blown it.

"Kenji, can you pack the rest of the order to go?"

"Is there something wrong with the fish?" Kenji inquires.

"No. It is as wonderful as always. But I need to take care of something at home. My apologies," he replies.

She looks at him, her eyes are wide and flitting about, scanning him. She touches his arm and with a playful tone, "Why are we leaving?"

He pulls his arm free of her grasp and sternly replies, "Do you even have to ask?"

He finishes his beer and pays the check. Kenji hands him the to-go bag.

"Good night, I hope to see you two soon."

They get up to leave. He takes her by the upper arm and pulls her discretely out of the restaurant.

As they exit the restaurant, she complains, "You are hurting me."

He flings her arm aside.

"I am sorry. I fucked up." He just walks on with her in tow and pleading her case. "It is just a pair of panties!"

He turns to her, "No, it is more then that. You and I both know it. You know you are better off following my directions!" He turns his back to her and heads toward home.

She runs to catch up with him, trying her best to smooth things over. "I will suck your cock! I'll do anything, just love me!"

"Never doubt my love for you!" He takes her hand. "Lets go home."

She kisses his cheek.

They enter the through the basement instead the main floor. He unlocks the door. As he follows her in, she starts for the stairs to the main floor.

In a curt voice, "Princess, we will be staying down here for a bit."

With his words, her demeanor softens. He posture relaxes as she sits on the arm of the couch. He glances at her, she is biting her lips, and she looks up at him as she brushes back her hair. Her lips go from biting to a slight smile. A bit nervous. But, a smile. Why? Because this is where it happens. This is their play space.

"Princess, I would like you to strip."

"Are you going to watch me?"

He walks over to the closet and retrieves a box. With the box in hand, he takes a seat on the couch.

Now nude, she sits next to him on the couch and crosses her legs. "What is that?" she asks.

"Nothing." He continues opening the box. He looks at her and realizes how difficult it can be to be stern with her. She is always in his heart and mind. But, her obedience is required for both of their wellbeing. "Princess, retrieve your collar, bit, ankle and wrist cuffs, and my flogger."

He hands her a key, and she hops up.

As she unlocks the cabinet and retrieves the requested articles, he adds, "Also, Princess, bring me six small locks."

"LOCKS? Why locks?"

In scolding tones, "Princess, always with the questions. Just do what I say."

She returns with the articles to him and kneels at his feet. She has been there before.

"May I ask a question?"

"Yes, Princess"

"What was in the box?"

"A baby monitor."

"What do you need it for?"

"So I can hear what is going on in another room."

"I know that. But, why do YOU need it?"

"Enough with the questions."

He locks the cuffs on her wrist and ankles. With her kneeling, he places the collar around her neck. He gives her a deep kiss, as he locks the collar.

"Princess, never doubt my love for you."

He clips the leash to the collar.

"Princess, on all four please."

She gets on her hands and knees and follows his lead into the bathroom.

"Princess, stand, turn and face the wall, and grab the lower towel rod."

The rod is about waist level on her. She grabs the rod and he secures the wrist cuff to the towel rod. He places a spreader bar on the floor behind her and directs her to step back.

"Princess, step back and straddle the spreader bar."

She steps back a bit.


She steps again.

"Good." He secures the ankle cuffs to the spreader bar. He takes the leash, wraps it once around the towel bar, and pulls her in close to the bar and secures the leash. In this position, her back is forty-five degrees to the floor.

He lean down and kiss her cheek.

"Princess, you know I love you."

"Yes, I know. I am sorry I failed you."

He kisses her and whispers, "Next time I tell you not to wear panties you will not forget!"

He leaves the bathroom. When he returns he places some items on the counter. He approaches her and gently pulls her hair into a ponytail. Then he places the bit in her mouth, locking it securely around her head, and places a blindfold over her eyes.

"Princess, I will be asking you only yes and no questions. So simply nod your head to answer. Do you understand?"

She nods yes.

"Princess, don't come unless I tell you to come. Do you understand?"

She nods yes.

"Do you understand what you did wrong?"

She nods yes.

"I am not sure you really do."

He retrieves his flogger from the counter. "Now for a little warm up."

The tresses of his flogger fall lightly up her shoulders, slide down her back, and fall off her ass. Then again, down her back and ass. Then again, down her back and ass. However, a little harder this time. As the intensity increases, he starts to focus the strikes on her ass: with each stroke coming a little harder than the previous one, increasing with a slow steady pace building with deliberate intensity.

"Princess, your ass is turning a little pink."

The strokes now come hard and fast. Her ass is now red. He smoothes her ass with his hand and finds that it feels hot to the touch. He slides his hand down her ass and between her legs.

"Your pussy is soaking wet. Pleasure, pain, and punishment. What a complex mix."

He kneels behind her, slides a lubed finger into her ass, and begins stroking in and out. When her ass can easily accept his finger, he inserts a small plug and slowly rubs her clit.

"Remember, Princess, don't come until I let you."

With this, he starts fucking her pussy with his fingers.

"Do you want to come?"

She nods yes.

"Well, not yet."

He removes his fingers and places a pair of chained clamps on her inner lips. With the addition of weights to chain, he can see her lips stretching, the folds hiding her swollen clit. He pulls the weights back, releases them, and lets them swing. The swinging motion clauses the clit to emerge and retreat. She struggles to moan around the bit in her mouth.

He positions himself alongside her and begins spanking her ass.

Smack 1

With each smack, the weights sway and tugging on her pussy.

"Princess, you know you are much better off listening and obeying me."

Smack 2.

"I have my reasons for my demands."

Smack 3

"Do you understand?"

She nods yes.

Smack 4

"Submitting gives you boundaries, a safe place, the structure you need, and my love."

Smack 5

"Will you try harder to follow my directions?"

She nods yes.

Smack 6

With the last strike he smoothes her ass with his hand. As he removes the clamps from her pussy, he can see the blood rush back into the pale points where the clamps had been. With the intensity of sensation she throws her hair back. He rubs her clit and smoothes her lips with hands.

"Again, pleasure, pain, and punishment."

"Princess, do you want to cum?"

She nods yes!

He slides his finger into her pussy. It is soaking wet. With his other hand, he slowly rubs her clit, all the while stroking the roof of her pussy with his finger. SLOOOWLY. Then the pace quickens.

"Princess, nod yes when you are ready to come."

He barely gets the words out of his mouth, and she is nodding yes!

"You can cum when have three fingers inside you."

He inserts a second finger and continues probing and thrusting. As her clit withdraws, he can tell she is close to coming. He teases her a bit more, inserts a third finger. She throws her hair back, and he feels her pussy contracting around his fingers. As the contractions subside, her pussy begins to open up and he slides a forth finger into her. "Princess maybe next time I can try fisting you."

She nods yes!

He releases the cuffs from the spreader bar and towel rod.

"Princess, please stand up."

He pulls close and holds her tight as he strokes her. He removes the bit and her gives her a kiss and their tongues meet.

"Sometimes your punishments are so excellent!"

"Princess, what makes you think that was the punishment!"

"Oh," she replies.

"Princess, there was a lot of poking and prodding around your pussy. You need to pee, I don't want you getting a bladder infection."

She sits down on the toilet with her legs together like a proper shy girl.

"Princess, I want to watch your pussy as you piss. Spread your legs!"

She hesitates. With her hesitation, he says, "Fuck that."

Before she realizes what has happened, he has her hand cuffed to the towel rod above the toilet and he is standing between her legs. He grabs her hair, yank her head back and he looks down at her.

"Princess, listen to me! Do what you are told."

He whispers to her, "I love you; trust me." He slides his hand down her belly and presses it tenderly but firmly. "Now pee for me."

She begins to pee, and he kisses her mouth. As she finishes, he stands up and his eyes appear to have teared up.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing," he replies.

He brushes back her hair, pulls his cock out of his pants, and begins to piss on her tits. He slowly raises the stream to the bit around her neck.

"Princess, open your mouth."

She opens her mouth, and his piss begins to fall upon her tongue. He puts his cock in her mouth and she begins to suck the piss from his cock. She swallows as he holds her firmly by the ponytail. As the stream slows, his cock hardens in her mouth and she begins to suck it.

His cock begins to throb. "Fuck!" He grabs her hair, pull his cock from her mouth, and start shooting cum into her mouth, across her face, and on the bit hanging loose around her neck.

"Ah! Fuck! Princess!"

As he finishes off, he put his cock back into her mouth.

"Suck it clean."

He feels her tongue work along the shaft and head of his cock.

He removes his cock from her mouth. "Stick out your tongue." She complies, and he squeezes the last drop cum onto her tongue as she licks the tip. He puts his cock back into his pants. He places the piss and cum coated bit back into her mouth, and releases one of the cuffs from the towel rod.

"Princess, for being such a good submissive, I will let you masturbate."

She begins to rub her clit and fingering her pussy.

"Now, Princess, remember you can only cum when I let you."

She franticly rubs her clit and pussy.

"Do you want to come?"

She nods yes.

"Don't you always?"

She shudders as he reaches in and grabs her hand away from her pussy.

"Ok, now you can."

She looks at him confused and he slowly returns her hand near her pussy. Her fingers are just out of reach. She struggles to touch her clit, her pussy, and anything to make herself come. She attempts to squeeze her legs together in order to come. He quickly places his knee between her legs stopping her.

He looks into her eyes and sees her frustration and he slides his hand into her hair and pulls her head. "Ok, Princess, you can come for me."

He releases her hand, and she quickly returns to rubbing her clit and pussy. She starts shuddering and arches her back as she begins to come. He can see her breasts heaving as she looks at him.

He uncuffs her other hand.

"Princess, please stand in the tub facing the shower corner."

She complies, and he comes behind her and places the blindfold on her. As she stands there, he can see his cum drying on her face and the piss still glistening on the bit.

He removes the spreader bars and chains from the towel rod and places a small foam mattress on the floor. He imagines her mind is reeling. He grabs up some heavy chains and secures them to the towel bar he had used while flogging her earlier. The chains crash to the floor as he drops them.

He takes her arm and helps her out of the tub. He attaches the ankle cuffs to the chain and then attaches the wrist cuffs to the chains. As he releases the chains, he can see that she is struggling under their weight.

He turns the water on and fills a cup with water. He removes the bit and offers her some water. She drinks it. Some of the water spills out, and flows down her chin, neck, and tits, and around her pussy.

He removes the blindfold and bit.

"Princess, you going to sleep in here tonight."

"Please no! I want to be next to you! It was just panties!" she pleads.

He put the bit back into her mouth.

"No, it isn't just panties. It's your old patterns of behavior creeping back into our relationship. I need to know when I tell you to do something you will do it. I need to trust you as much as you trust me. When you fail to comply, it erodes the trust. Just has as much as if I let you down."

He pulls her close and kisses her.

"I love you. Now lay down, I will tuck you in for the night."

She complies.

"The baby monitor is on the counter, so I can hear what is going on, and I will check on you. There is enough length in the chains so you can take care of your personal needs.

"Princess, when we first stated seeing each other you asked me if a dom could love a sub. I told you, I know no other way. You told me the more the dom loves the sub the harder it is for him to dominate her. You were right. Now go to sleep. Morning will be here soon. If you are good I will get us coffee and bagels and I will let you mess up my new paper. Good night."

He gets up, turns off the light, and shuts the door.

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