tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Secret Place Ch. 04

A Secret Place Ch. 04


The next day I again called in sick to work. Early in the morning, I made my way back to that secret place in the forest. I found my entry and crawled through. Nothing had changed, it was beautiful, calm and enchanting. I made no pretense of why I was there. I knew and the enchanted place knew I was there for sex. I took off my clothes and lay them in a pile. Then I wandered further into the meadow, walking along the creek.

I spoke out loud, "Mo? Mo? Are you here Mo? It's me Gabriella, I'm back!" but there was no answer.

As I walked I began to notice things I hadn't seen the day before. Here and there I noticed little mounds of grass with a mushroom growing out of it. The cap looked very much like a penis head. I knelt down to get a closer look; it really did remind me of a dick. A short little dick. At once I started to feel that old horniness again. I reached out and touched the dick like mushroom, it moved. I touched it again and it twitched and I was sure it seemed to grow a little bit.

I caressed the cap and it did grow! I was so excited at this little discovery that I got on all fours and licked it. Then I licked it some more and it grew again. My body took on a life of its own and I began to treat the mushroom as I would a real dick. I took it in my mouth and proceed to blow it. It grew to a firm ten inches till it was done and nice and thick. I knew why it was growing on the mound.

I straddled the mound of ground and engulfed the mushroom penis in my pussy. I sighed a sigh of pleasure as I slid down its length. I began to ride it up and down, twirling my hips, fucking myself with the mushroom. It felt so good. I rode and bounced and bucked. Grunts and moans escaped me, leaving no doubt as to whether or not I was enjoying myself. After some time, I began to feel myself start to cum. I savored it as it washed over me, making me grind down onto the dick like plant. I yelled out my pleasure, which was so intense that I passed out, falling forward, the mushroom still inside me.

When I awoke, the mushroom dick was gone, there was just the little mound with nothing growing from it. Here and there I spotted other mushrooms, and while I was tempted to repeat the experience, I had a feeling I should explore my secret garden of excitement a bit more. As I walked I looked at things differently. Instead of just a funny weed blowing in the breeze, I saw it as a tongue licking back and forth.

I tested my new vision be getting on my knees and lowering myself down to just above the plant. I lowered my pussy that last quarter inch till it touched the plant. I giggled as it passed over my exposed cunt with the light touch of a tentative tongue. I settled in over the plant and let it do its work. I was on my hands and knees, the plant lapping gently at my pussy. It was a pleasant feeling and I wanted more so I spoke to it, thinking it was worth a try. Stranger things were happening here.

"Lick me harder," I said. It worked! The plant used a firmer touch and I moaned, "Oh yes that's the way."

Like Mo, my pleasure seemed to egg it on. I reached between my legs and spread my lips with my two fingers. The tongue plant moved over my clit and the opening that was oozing with my juices. The more I moaned the more intense it became.

"Tongue fuck me" I moaned.

I felt the tongue dip inside my pussy and wiggle around. It was almost more than I could take. As I moaned and gasped, it worked over my clit and in and out of my pussy. I soon began to feel that old familiar sensation taking over my body. When it hit, it hit hard. I yelled out and went weak, falling forward as my arms couldn't hold me up any longer. I shivered and shook thinking it was going to be over, but as I lay there face down on the ground, legs spread wide, the incredible tongue plant kept working its magic. It was like having an ongoing orgasm. I bucked and moaned as wave after wave or pleasure engulfed my body. After what seemed like an eternity, it ended and I lay there trying to regain my strength.

I sat up and looked but there was nothing there. I had thought about digging up the plant and taking it home but it was gone as if it was never there. But I know it was, I touched myself and the evidence was there still. I was sopping wet between my legs.

Finally I got up and started walking again. I moved to the grove of trees with beautiful leaves in every shade of green you can imagine. I entered the grove and noticed that as I walked by certain trees, now and then a branch located about waist high and pointing downward would rise and point upwards.

I giggled at the obvious explanation. The trees were getting hard-ons as I walked passed them. There was one tree the caught my eye, the trunk was formed like an inverted V shape with a small branch at the apex and on either side larger branches. The small branch turned upwards and I couldn't miss the different shape it had. It was smooth and the end was bulbous.

I moved closer and took the branch in my hand and began to stroke it. It just seemed like a natural thing to do. Just stroking and holding that penis shaped branch had me wanting it inside me. I turned around and backed my ass up to the tree. As I knew it would be, it was just the right height, I leaned over and slid back onto the trees dick. I took it all inside and could feel the tree bark rough against my ass cheeks. I started to move back and forth. It felt good. So good that I couldn't get enough, I couldn't fuck the tree hard enough.

But this was my enchanted place, it never let me down. I felt myself being grabbed by the hips by rough hands that turned out to be the other branches of the tree. They took over my movements, pulling me back and pushing me forward as I limply stood there and let it. I knew the drill by now. I began talking to the tree, telling how good it felt and how much more I wanted.

"Harder, faster, yes! That's it, fuck me, fuck me hard!" I shouted as I was slammed back onto the tree over and over again. While the tree fucked me, I began to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples. Then another limb found its way between my legs and started rubbing my clit. It didn't take very long till I was beginning to cum again and again.

The tree kept fucking me till it gave one final pull and I felt something shoot from the dick like branch inside of me. It was warm and thick. I was exhausted and the limbs lay me down on the fallen leaves. I could feel the trees 'cum' oozing out of me. I reached down and got some on my fingers. I tasted it, it tasted like maple syrup. When I was rested yet again, I left the grove of trees. I felt refreshed and strengthened but there was that sticky syrup between my legs.

I walked back into the meadow, intending to wash up in the cool water of the creek. I spotted a lone animal grazing along the sparkling creek. It was the size of an average pony but it wasn't a pony. It must have sensed my presence because it turned around and looked at me. From the shoulders back it resembled a pony like animal, but the neck was like a small giraffe and the head was that of a dog. I was sure it smiled at me and licked its lips. I was drawn to the animal and found it to be interested in me too. I spoke softly to it, murmuring soothing words. I petted it and it licked my face.

As I continued to pet and talk to the strange animal, it started sniffing me like dogs are apt to do. It sniffed at my crotch and its tongue darted out and touched me between my legs. It must have got a taste of the syrupy tree cum because it pushed it's nose between my legs and licked me. I wasn't sure what to do at first, it seemed weird to let the animal do that but I had to admit I sort of liked the way its tongue felt and it was only on the outer part of me. I suddenly wondered what it would feel like if I let it really lick me.

I opened my legs a bit and let the animal have entry to my pleasure pit. It's long pink tongue wasted no time. It snaked out and gave me a nice lick, slipping slightly between my pussy lips. I gasped at the feeling, liking it yet knowing I shouldn't. The naughty side of me won out and I sat down and lay back with my legs spread. The animals long neck allowed it to dip its head down proceed to clean me up.

It licked and lapped at me, as I spread my legs wide. I sighed and moaned as the tongue glided up and down between my lips, gliding over my hole and over my excited clit. Each lick was long and I couldn't stop the moan that came from me each time the long length of its tongue glided over my clit. It felt so good, I wanted it to go on forever. It licked me for a long time. I didn't have a big screaming orgasm like I usually do with the wonders of the forest, but instead it was like having little soft orgasms that sent shivers up my spine.

When the animal quit, I sat up and noticed that under the animals belly was now and erect cock. It didn't look human, or like a horses or even a dogs. It was about ten inches long and had bumps all over it and was shaped more like a prism with rounded edges than a tube. I was staring at it when the animal moved forward placing itself along side me, with its cock by my face. I ask the animal if it wanted me to suck its cock and it responded by nodding its head up and down. I figured I'd already gone this far, I might as well reciprocate for the pleasure it gave me.

I got on my knees and took the triangular dick in my hand and started by stroking it a few times. Its head bobbed up and down and it's tail swished in approval. As I got more comfortable, I leaned in and pulled it toward me. I tentatively licked the bumpy dick of this strange animal. It made a sort of whimper. I took the tip in my mouth and it whimpered again. I proceeded to take more of it in my mouth and worked my tongue over its bumps and sides. I sucked and licked and sucked some more while the animal whimpered more and louder. While I was working its cock with my tongue and lips, I wondered what to do when it came. Should I pull back and let it shoot on my body or my lips on it and let it shoot into my mouth?

Turns out I didn't have to do either because the animal moved away, leaving me feel bereft and very horny. I didn't even realize how turned on I was till it moved away from me. I sat down on the ground wondering why it moved away. It didn't have to wonder long though as the animal made its desire known in an obvious way. It maneuvered its way over me till its chest was forcing me to lie back. I lay back, raising up on my elbows as the animal tried in vain to lower its hind end so its odd cock could get into my pussy. It jut wasn't happening.

The animal couldn't get down low enough to touch my pussy with its cock. I felt something wet drop onto my tits. I looked up at the animals face and there was water, or tears coming from its eyes. I felt so bad for the poor thing, wanting so bad to fuck me but not being able to. I couldn't let it suffer that way. I told the animal to let me up, I would fix it. It moved back and I got up on all fours and wiggled my ass and patted it with my hand. I told it to try it this way. The animal came behind me and stood over me. It only had to lower its hind end a little bit to have its hard bumpy cock enter me from the rear doggystyle!

It pushed inside me and started pumping. On one hand I felt great. I was horny and there was something fucking away at me, its size and bumps adding even more to the experience. On the other hand it was a bit strange, I felt like I was doing something wrong. This thing pumping its cock in and out of my wet, slippery pussy was an animal. I could feel the fur on its belly rubbing on my back and ass cheeks as it pounded away at me. The forbidden aspect just served to make it that much more exciting though.

I just let the thoughts go and decided to enjoy the feeling of the odd cock inside of me, and it did feel good. So good that I found myself moaning and grunting with each hard thrust. After a while out of nowhere, I let out a scream of pure pleasure as an orgasm it me hard. I started to cum so hard that I couldn't take it. I let myself fall to the ground, the humping animal bellowed and shot its load of cum onto my back. It was warm and thick as it landed on my back and oozed over me. As I lay there the after effects of the orgasm had me shaking. When I stopped feeling the torrents of cum hit me, I looked back and the animal was walking away. As I watched it turned to look at me, I was sure it winked.

To be continued...

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