tagBDSMA Severe Whipping

A Severe Whipping


The sun has gone, and the moon shines down through the curtains. You continue to kneel in the bare room - your cell. You have been there all day, without relief from your bonds.

You were taken there by Master this morning, without any explanation, without any word at all. You had tried to ask why, but you had received just silence, and a few hard slaps as you crawled beside him on all fours.

Your naked body, sweating due to the heat all day, was now becoming cold as the night fell. With horror, you realised that you may be there all night... naked, shivering, trembling.

You dare not cry out. You were told not to move from your kneeling position, and to keep your head up and your eyes down. The camera in the corner of the room stares down unblinking at you, and you know that if you disobey, He will know.

The room get steadily darker, and you begin to lose all hope of being released that evening, when the door bursts open, and Master stands there, silhouetted in the bright light.

"Get up"

You thrill to hear his voice, even so severe. You dare not raise your eyes, but as you rise, you see that Master is naked, and carries something that fills you with dread - a long, severe, bullwhip.

You are collared, and led from the room by a chain fixed to the collar, into the warmth of the living room. Master stands you up against the wall, and ties the chain to a ring placed there.

He ties a small piece of ribbon around the ring in your belly button, and fixes that firmly to the wall as well, you cannot move.

Your hands are untied, and then secured above your head to a chain in the ceiling, forcing you up onto your tiptoes, which pulls the ribbon tight. Your legs are attached to a spreader, forcing them wide open. You are now completely secured, unable to move more than an inch.

Your Master pulls your head back by your hair, looking deep into your eyes. You get so hot, you feel so helpless, held by his gaze, in awe of his power, completely at his mercy.

You tremble as your Master let's your head go, and moves some distance behind you. You know what is to happen, you fear the pain, yet at the same time you crave the punishment.


You scream as the bullwhip lands on your taut buttocks...Fire courses through your body as you jerk, and the ribbon cruelly yanks at your belly piercing...


Tears fall, as the whip lands again, this time on the other cheek. You cannot move - you beg for mercy, but you recieve no reply. Mercy is not on Master's agenda.

Again and again the whip falls, landing each time on your bottom, sending your mind into a frenzy, your body growing hotter and hotter, your screams growing louder and louder.

Finally the whipping stops, and your Master moves behind you. Suddenly you feel his large cock filling your pussy, as you remain tied to the wall. You try to respond, but you cannot - you are simply a vessel for his penis, he is using your body, and you thrill to the domination he has over you.

You cum - you cum so hard, all pain forgotten as your Master and Owner continues to pound away inside you, until he shoots deep inside you, roughly grabbing your breasts as he does.

Without a word you are released, your bonds untied, and you fall to your knees as I stand there, my cock still glistening with your juices and my cum...

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