tagLoving WivesA Special Occasion Ch. 03

A Special Occasion Ch. 03


We began to talk about going down to the bar, or perhaps getting something to eat. Gee suggested that we take her out with out giving her a chance to clean up, and I agreed that she should keep the slut look. But Sam wouldn't have any part of that. She said she'd dress as a slut and act like a whore but she wouldn't go if she couldn't clean up. We reached a compromise where she'd wash her face and pussy, but would leave the cum on her tits.

After Sam had washed up I handed her a dress that I'd brought along so she could wear something in public/ The dress was one that she'd worn many times before and was familiar with how it was supposed to be worn. It was just a loose black sun dress that was held up by two little straps that tied at the shoulders. Most of the bottom of the dress had been trimmed off so if the ties were tied up tight the dress was extremely short. If they were left long then the dress seemed to only be held in place by her hard pointed nipples.

Gee and I adjusted and pulled the dress up and down while Sam patiently waited. Since this was the only piece of clothing she was going to wear we finally let the dress hang low. The top of the dress was just above her nipples, and the bottom came to about mid thigh.

After Gee and I got dressed we quickly headed out to the elevator. As Sam walked the dress settled a little more, evidently we had tied it a bit too loose, and as she walked first one nipple, and then the other popped into view. Since the hallway was cool she could tell she was showing and pulled the dress down in the back so it came up in front.

While we waited for the elevator I rubbed her back a little and in doing so once again pushed her dress forward so her nipples began to peek out from above the dress. She realized that this was how I wanted her to look so when the elevator door opened she didn't stop to adjust her dress.

The elevator was empty so we stepped on and waited for the door to close. We only went down one floor before we stopped and the door opened to let in more people. Although her nipples were clearly showing Sam stood still and acted as it she didn't realize what was showing. Five more people, 2 couples and a child got into the elevator with us, so now it was full.

Gee was watching Sam from the front of the elevator and I was standing behind her. Evidently Sam's nipples had also been noticed by one of the men as he intently stared at Sam's chest as we descended in silence. Both Gee and I noticed where he was looking and I quickly moved my hand up the back of Sam's dress to slide it forward a little bit more.

Sam continued to stand still as if nothing was happening. Gee started grinning as the dress slowly slid forward and I could tell from the look on their faces when the dress had fallen off her nipples.

Sam was now standing in silence, in a full elevator with the dress hanging just below her nipples. Since everyone else was facing forward only Gee and the other man saw what I was doing. When the elevator reached the main floor I tugged the back of the dress down and it once again slid up in front to cover Sam's nipples.

As we walked into the restaurant Gee began to comment on how great the show had been, and he was sure that the husband that had watched us would probably go home and jump his wife since it was apparent that he was enjoying the show. Sam didn't say anything, but simply walked between us. I'm sure she was wondering what we were going to do next.

We asked for a quiet table in the back and were seated in a large semi-circular booth. As soon as we were seated we noticed that the waiter who had previously delivered the drinks to room was talking with the rest of the staff. I think that the must have been discussing who would get to wait on our table, but eventually someone came with menus.

Our table seemed to be the center of attention as all the waiters, and even the bus boys, kept looking over at us and talking to each other. They took turns bringing the menu, setting the table, taking drink and food orders. We never did have the same person wait on us twice. I suggested that it looked like Sam established a "fan club" but she just frowned and didn't say anything.

We drank a couple more drinks while we waited for our food and we were all beginning to feel a little more relaxed. Even Sam was starting to loosen up and laughed at the parade of waiters that kept going by our table. She didn't seem to notice that as she sat there her dress was slowly moving forward. If her nipples hadn't been so hard the dress would have fallen off her breasts, but it seemed that the hard points were the only thing keeping it from falling off.

Eventually she leaned forward enough that the dress slipped off one nipple completely. This time she really didn't notice what had happened and as the food arrived her left nipple was completely exposed to the waiter. When he saw this it quickly brought a succession of the rest of the staff to fill our water glasses, and see if we needed anything else.

By then she realized that something was up, or perhaps down?, but when she looked down at her exposed nipple she only said "oops" and after looking at me left it alone. About halfway through the meal the dress finally let go and slipped off her other nipple.

This caused another flurry of activity as almost everyone of the waiters came by to offer us desert, coffee or more drinks. At the same time I noticed that they hadn't seated anyone else near us, or in sight of our table. They knew that the reason we were there was mostly to show, not to eat, so they had arranged the seating to keep the show for themselves.

After we finished eating I put my arm around Sam's shoulders to give her a hug and encourage her a little more. Both Gee and I had been complimenting her so much on how great she looked, and how proud of her we were that she was almost embarrassed. We also commented on how appreciative the waiters and staff must be as they were certainly giving us great service.

Once again the whole staff showed up to clear off the table and Sam sat silently as they stared at her exposed breasts while taking away the dishes. Finally the manager came over to tell us that in appreciation the staff had decided that the meal would be on them, and would we care for some desert? We chatted a little bit with him but decided that we had eaten enough.

I then asked him if he would like to see a little more, and his eyes quickly lit up as I untied the straps which held up one side of Sam's dress.The result and effect was immediate. The dress fell down to expose her left breast completely to his eager eyes. He just stood there staring as I then untied the other strap as well.

Sam was now sitting between Gee and I with her dress down around her waist. She couldn't pretend any longer that she was covered up, or accidentally showing a little bit too much skin, this was show time. It seemed like she wanted to shrink under the table so I gently pushed her back against the booth. She quickly closed her eyes and put her hands down to her sides so that the manager could have a clear view of her little titties. The manager was still standing just a few feet away, and seemed to be a little nervous about this complete display of her bare breasts. I suppose he could have gotten into trouble if someone had complained, but only he and the staff could see her exposed titties.

Sam had now resigned herself to whatever would happen next, and as Gee began to tug on the hem of her dress she quietly lifted up her hips. Her dress was now bunched completely around her waist. Gee began to grope her under the table and as he reached between her legs she quickly spread them apart to accommodate his fingers.

Since Sam was almost naked I decided that this would be a great time to see how far this really could go so I began to slide her dress up from the bottom.

She quickly realized that I was about to take her clothes completely off in a public place and began to squirm just a little bit. She reached up with one hand to stop me, but as I continued to gently pull her dress upwards she let go and bent forward so I could pull it over her head.

By now all the waiters had gathered next to the table to watch the show and were ignoring the rest of the customers. It was obvious that they were all enjoying themselves and many of them had begun to look under the table to watch as Gee was continuing to finger her pussy.

Although Sam said later on that she didn't enjoy doing this it soon became obvious to everyone that she was getting turned on. She was starting to breathe quicker and I could feel her heart rate quicken. I began to whisper in her ear to encourage her to let go and give in to her feelings. This only brought about a nod as she started to move her hips a little more. Gee was doing a good job under the table as she was quickly building to an orgasm. I asked Sam if she was enjoying herself, and although she didn't want to answer she finally admitted that it felt good.

I continued to tell her to let go, so we could all watch her orgasm. When she was almost ready to cum I started to tell her how great she looked, and then followed with compliments on what a whore and slut she was being. This always seems to encourage her and when I again asked if she enjoyed being a slut she gasped "yes" and after pushing Gee's hand into her pussy she began to shudder with an orgasm.

After a few moments she finally opened her eyes and looked at me. She then looked around and seemed shocked to see that all the staff was intently watching her from the other side of the table. She quickly blushed and pushed Gee's hand away from her pussy. However, she was still nude, and after seeing her dress laying on the floor beside the table, realized that she couldn't cover herself anyway.

I really didn't want the show to end, but I was so turned on that I was ready to get Sam back up to the room for more sex. I think that everyone of the waiters would have followed us up to the room, but after I told them the show was over they all began to go back to work.

I gave Sam her dress and after she slipped it on we slowly moved to the elevator. As we were walking out of the restaurant I noticed the salesman that we had previously flashed in the hallway.

Immediately my mind began to race, and I thought that since this had been Sam's first night for a double, that maybe we should try for a triple as well. I made the suggestion to Gee, and he thought it was a great idea. Sam said she didn't think it was a good idea, but after looking at the eagerness in our faces she didn't say anymore and as she realized how much we wanted this to happen simply nodded yes.

I suggested that Gee go ask him while we waited near the elevator. Less than a couple of minutes had passed and Gee soon appeared with smiling salesman right behind him. As we waited in silent anticipation for the elevator to arrive I reached up and pulled one of Sam's dress ties so that just as the elevator doors opened her little breast was fully exposed to the people getting off.

As soon as the elevator doors closed behind us Gee untied Sam's other tie and the three of us watched intently as gravity took over and Sam's dress slowly slid to the floor. Just as she became totally exposed we were all surprised to hear the elevator doors open again.....We were already at our floor.

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