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A Susie Party


(Author's Message: The organization and people mentioned in this story are purely figments of the author's imagination. No such organization and no such people are truly meant or actually exist.)


They were all at the breakfast table, Earl, Mandy and Little Susie were seated and Susie, who'd gotten it read for them, was only then sitting down. Earl was drinking from his coffee cup and talking softly with Little Susie, when Mandy spoke up:

"Mommie, Daddy, how did you two meet?"

Earl almost spit his coffee out, and Susie just barely suppressed a squeal, at the question.

"Well, honey," Susie said, "It's a long and involved story; one day, when you're older, we'll tell you all about it."

Earl grinned at his wife, his Susie and she grinned back at him. Both of them were hoping that the lovely little girl would forget about the question for at least the next 10 years!

This is the story:

Doctor! She said it again, more slowly---Doctor---and loved the sound of it. Then she said it a different way: Dr. Susan Warren, PhD! She just loved the sound of it, and now it happened and that's who she was.

She'd persevered; she'd done the work; she'd taken the courses; she dedicated herself to doing this and had, by jove, gotten it done. She was pleased about that.

"I can get out of bed now with Clement Vallandigham!" she said with a giggle, referring to the figure about whom she'd written her dissertation and with whom, in her phrase, she'd been in bed for such a long time. She didn't have to worry about old Clement anymore, or put up with his copperheaded ways anymore. Because now the degree was hers and she could relax.

"I can begin to have a life again now!" she said to herself, and raised a glass to toast the idea.

Susie had spent so much of, a majority of, her 'free' time over these past years dealing with the dissertation and old Clement's sourness and pigheaded ways.

She just never took the time to have a life, any kind of a life for such a long time.

Then the thought struck her and she said: "Maybe now I can stop being celibate!

Now that was a pleasing thought! She'd been so career driven, so focused on her course work and the dissertation leading to her degree that sex had been a stranger in her home, in her bed, in her life!

"Wohoo!" she said at last, reveling in the thought that she'd just had, "Susie, it's time to live a little!"

As an after thought from that process, she went on: "Maybe go out tonight, if not soon and have sex with whoever offers it, man, woman or dog!"

This sent Susie into another fit of giggling. But that was her mood, with her living now in the shadow of having received her degree, but the shadow, thanks be to all the angels, was behind her. And the one thing that she knew was that Susie was going to live a little.

Susie Warren, newly made doctor of philosophy, was in the ripeness of her womanhood but there were no appreciating eyes to see that, and tell her about it. Moreover it wasn't certain, if the truth were known, that Susie would believe the teller at all. She had just not entertained such thoughts or thought processes for such a long period of time. As a matter of fact, when she did think about it, she thought she was fat and that was the end of it for Susie. So, she brooded over the fact, if she thought of it at all, which normally she simply did not do!

It was a Tuesday night, with autumn getting one last chance to imitate summer. Some called it 'indian summer', in some cultures it was called, strangely 'babske leto' or 'grandma's summer' but it was in reality, for Susie Warren, the summer of her Susie Party, the summer of her letting go, the summer of her being finished, the summer of putting old Clement up on the shelf where his copperhead ass belonged.

Here it was 9 o'clock and she'd allowed herself one last glass of merlot. This was somewhat strange for Susie, who was not really a drinker. She saw in drinking a short cut to not being able to do the daily work on her dissertation that she'd assigned herself. But this was a pretty fall night, she had her degree and she gave herself an extra glass after dinner.

She went to take an aspirin to stave off a 'merlot headache' in the morning, as she called them, only to discover that there was no aspirin left in the bottle.

She swore at herself, truly displeased and decided on the spot to run to the local Walgreen's to pick some up.

"It'll also get me out a bit!" she said, being reasonable about it.

Susie Warren was nothing if not sensible. She had a sensible car, she led a sensible life, she was the all around sensible gal. As she drove out into the night, driver's window open to allow the spicy breeze of this late autumn surge of warmth in, she was feeling better and better. She was actually getting out, doing something that she almost never, ever allowed herself to do. She saw the possibilities, once she got out of the house and into the garage, as endless, now that she was no longer a slave to academic work.

The night air felt good; the streets were pretty much deserted. She waited at a light, when a car pulled up next to hers. It was a large older chevrolet. She heard a voice and looking to the left, noticed that a young guy, sitting in the passenger seat was smiling at her and talking.

"Hey, pretty lady!" he said.

Susie smiled in spite of herself.

"Yes, you, pretty lady!" he said.

Then the light changed and she drove off, a little ahead of the chevrolet. She was grinning into the night, at the thought of being called 'pretty lady' by a group of college kids.

The next light and they pulled up again. He spoke to her again:

"Hello again, pretty lady!" he said.

This time she could hardly resist:

"Hi!" she said.

He grinned at her and his grin was infectious.

"What's your name, pretty lady?" he asked.

She said "Susie" into the night and maybe to him, if he heard it, which he actually didn't, as she zoomed away from the light, making a turn in the middle of the block, in the direction of the Walgreens, and away from the chevrolet. As she drove, she had a vague sense that she was sorry that she'd worn an old sweatshirt and ratty running pants.

She set it all aside and arrived at Walgreen's, now conscious of how she looked in her outfit. The smiling comments of the young man made a difference in her mood for that evening. She hurried about her business and went scuttling outside, promising herself that she'd be more careful in the future to at least dress a little more acceptably, especially since she was going to become 'Susie the social animal' again, or at least, 'Susie the gal who was getting out now and then'.

She stopped dead still, as she arrived at the front of her car. There parked next to her car was the big chevy, with the four grinning guys sitting in it. Without even another thought, she smiled at them.

"Found you, pretty lady!" the smiling one in the front passenger seat said.

She barely suppressed a giggle at this, which was surprising, since Susie wasn't normally a giggling person, at least not lately, when she'd been so busy with research and writing, not to mention defending.

Without a thought she said: "And just what do you propose to do with me, now that you've found me."

She sounded outrageous, the immediate reaction that she had to what she'd said was that it was outrageous. She knew that she blushed right then.

"You're pretty, when you blush!" he said.

"And you're full of it!" was her response.

"Hey," he returned, "After all the time that we've known each other, why would I try to fool a pretty lady like you?"

Susie laughed outright and the guys joined her in the laugh.

"So what are you doin'?" he asked her next. Then he added: "What's your name, pretty lady? I guess I could just call you 'pretty lady' though."

"It's Susie," she said again simply, not really sure why she was being such a 'mark' for these young guys on the make. It was hard to deny, however, that they were making her feel good with their easy manner, and his kind words.

"So, Susie, tell me, what are you doin'?" he asked politely.

"Just out for some aspirin," she said. "Kind of celebrating."

"Celebrating, Susie?" he asked.

"Yes, I recently was awarded my PhD!" she said proudly.

They cheered; they actually cheered, Susie, enthused with it all now, bowed to them.

"What subject, Susie?" he asked.

"History," she said, "With a major in US 19 century history.'

"Hey, guys," he said then, "Susie is smart as well as beautiful."

"Thank you, "Susie said.

She was about to leave, since she had already decided to run by WalMart to pick up a few things that she wanted for the morning.

"We're going to a party and wanted to know if you would come with us?" he said.

She laughed: "That's one of the oldest lines in creation! Can't you come up with anything better?"

He laughed along with her and held up his hand: "No kidding, a party!"

"I really look like I'm ready for a party!" she said derisively.

"You look like a princess!" he said, and Susie blushed again, realizing that his breezy manner was beginning to work with her, and she wasn't exactly sure if she wanted to leave and get away.

She opened the door of her car, and he spoke again:

"Where to now, princess?"

She laughed at the grin on his face, and said:

"If you must know, Wal Mart."

"Mind if we follow you and make one last attempt at convincing you to go to the party with us?" he asked.

She laughed at his outrageousness and said:

"It's a free country, love."

"Thanks, love," he said in return and he winked at her. She smiled in return.

On the way to Wal Mart, she said to herself:

"Don't you dare, Susie Warren!"

But the very next thought was: "Why not?"

That was followed by: "Because they're talking about sex."

"So?" came the other part of the dialogue, followed by: "It's been so long since I've had good sex, maybe I should."

That thought shocked her but it didn't, wouldn't go away somehow, and sure enough, when she parked in the parking lot and finished he brief foray into WalMart, they were parked next to her car. She found herself smiling broadly at them, when she went back to the car. By the time that she arrived at the car, he was standing outside waiting for her.

"Princess," he said, "Come to the party." Having said that they handed her a drink. It was in a drinking jar.

"I don't really drink very much," she said.

"This is weak, Princess," he said to her, "A Margarita."

Susie said: "Well, okay," and took the drink jar. She was surprised that it tasted so good.

"So, you guys just out stirring up trouble?" she asked, and took another drink from the jar.

"Naw," a voice said, "Looking for a princess for the party."

She took yet another drink from the jar and began to feel a bit tipsy.

"Wow! This stuff is strong!" she said with a giggle.

"Take it easy, Princess," he said then, taking the jar back from her.

"Come to the party!"

She had decided by then; it was fun but she wasn't going to do it. She'd be sensible; she'd go home instead and maybe regret not doing it. She was good at that; it was comfortable. She put her things into her car, had her purse on her arm, and was going to get into the car.

Then he totally shocked her by simply grabbing her and kissing her. He was a wonderful kisser, this young man.

Susie made a kind of little throat noise and let herself be kissed. Then she opened her mouth just a bit, totally surprising herself, at the insistent urging of his tongue and let the tongue slip into her mouth. She pushed a little at his invading tongue with her own but then followed her instinct and simply sucked on his tongue.

It was almost as if it were a revelation: the whole process felt good, and she refused to let him go. When they 'came up for air', she kissed him again. But she had gotten her head back just a little bit by then:

"Tell you what," she said, still a little out of breath, "I will go to your party but if you really want me to, then you'll wait here and I'm going to go and change. Then I'll come back all ready."

"Oh, don't change, Susie," he said, in a pleading voice, "You're perfect as you are!"

She grinned at him and said: "Those are Susie's terms."

"Right here!" he said. "Don't be long, Susie."

"If you change your mind," she went on, "Just go and I won't be angry at all."

"But we'll be angry at ourselves!" he said then.

She did go back to the Wal Mart lot, and they were there waiting for her. She was dressed in a tee shirt and jeans now.

"Didn't know what to wear to the party!" she said, "If there is a party."

"There's a party," he said, "You're a party by yourself," was his next comment, getting a grin from her.

Then he kissed her, and this time his hand was under her tee shirt and running up her bare back.

"Ah, no bra!" he said into her half opened mouth.

"Ohhh,"she said to him, feeling the warmth of his hand on her back and asked softly: "One more kiss!"

"One more kiss for the princess!" he said to her, and he did.

It was as all consuming as the previous kiss had been. The hands were there. They slipped up her naked back and one reached around and grasped her nipple. She shivered then and pressed her lips harder against his, opening her mouth wide to accept his tongue and sucking on it fervently.

"Princess sucks tongue well," he said.

"Thank you," she answered softly.

One more kiss and this time his hands were inside the waist band of her jeans and descending to her ass cheeks.

"Oh, don't!" she said instinctively.

He pulled is head back and said: "Don't you say 'don't' to me, princess!"

"Sorry," she said right away.

Susie was losing herself; she knew it but the hands right then kneading her ass cheeks were all that she cared about in the world.

"Into the car, Princess!" he said, "Party."

"Party!" she said, getting into the back of the car with him.

It placed her between him and another guy, with two of them still in the front.

"Susie," he said, "I'm Earl, and this is Charlie at the wheel, Matt in the front and this is Larry."

"Hi, guys!" she said, "I'm Susie."

"The princess, our party girl!" he said.

"Is that what I am?" she wondered out loud, and his answer was to kiss her.

It was another fabulous kiss with her ending by saying simply 'ohh'!

She said: "You kiss so well!"

"You're so much fun to kiss!" he said.

"I'm sorry that I'm dressed like such a slob! I didn't know what you wanted me to wear; you never said. You sure you want me to go to your party dressed like a slob?" was her next heartfelt statement.

He acted again then:

"No dress code at the party, princess, and besides we can deal with that."

With those words he grabbed the hem of her tee shirt and pulled it off. Susie was off balance still because of the Margarita and just whooped, as she was stripped naked to the waist.

They other guys in the car were cheering now, and she reacted to the cheering by putting her hands up in the air to kind of display herself, and wiggling back and forth, putting her large tits into motion, moving from side to side. She was totally lost in the adventure at that point.Then there was a mouth clamped around one of her nipples and a mouth clamped around the other.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Susie said, her head leaning back now, her eyes closed, as first one and then the other softly bit her nipples.

"Oh god don't stop!" she said, encouraging them to keep the oral stimulation of the nipples going.

Earl's head came away from her tit and he said urgently:

"Charlie drive, country, the farm."

They left the Wal Mart lot with Susie still having her tits sucked in the back seat.

She knew full well that this was out of control, and just didn't care. Old Clement had gone back to his rest, and she deserved this; that's what she thought, she deserved this night out, a night with the boys, almost naked in the back seat of the car with the boys.

They finally stopped and she was breathing hard:

"Wow! Guys!" she said. "Where are we going?"

"Party!" he said then.

"Dressed this way?" was her next question.

"We'll deal with the jeans next!" he said with a smile.

"Please, no," she said in a vain attempt to get some control, which she certainly didn't feel.

"No? Princess?" he asked patiently.

"I don't know," she said, her head still swirling from the drink.

"Tell you what" he said, "We'll give you a chance. See that fence." He motioned across the field to a fence, after they'd finally come to their destination.

"Yes," she answered.

"You run to that fence before we catch you and you get to go to the party with your jeans on."

"And if you catch me?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Then we get your jeans and the party starts now with blow jobs," he said smiling.

"The fence?" she said.

"Yes," was his answer.

They were out of the car by then and before she gave any warning she started running. She cried exultantly as she ran ahead of them but quickly saw figure moving to the right and left of her. They were fast and they were heading her off.

She was a grand sight for them with her large tits swaying in the night due to the effort of her running away. But the situation closed in on her soon.

Susie didn't know what to do. She squealed, when she saw Matt closing in on her from the left and headed for the right only to see Earl coming that way. She squealed again, hesitating for a second, and felt a hand grab the waist band of her jeans. Caught!

"EEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!" she squealed but Larry wouldn't let go of the waist band of her pants. Then she was surrounded by all of them.

"You . . .you caught me!" she said.

"Yes,"Earl said, "And what does that mean, Susie? What was our bargain?"

"If you catch me, I lose my pants!" she said in a tiny voice.

"Too true!" was his reply.

"Guys?" she said, realizing it was her positively last attempt at maybe defending herself, and also realizing that she was super turned on at this point.

"Off!" he said and they began to chant, all of them, 'Off, Off, Off, Off'!

Susie finally smiled and stood a away from the a bit and leaned forward. She was now totally involved in this. She swayed forward and let her tits dangle and swayed them back and forth. They cheered. Then she put her thumbs inside the waistband of her jeans and began to pull them down in time to the clapping. She inched them down, turning at one point to have her back to them, and swaying her panty covered ass cheeks at them.

They cheered louder.

Then down went the jeans and she stood with them puddled at her ankles with her hands up in the air making a presentation of herself, wearing now only her panties.

"Susie, Susie, Susie, Susie!" they chanted then and she swayed back and forth to the chanting rhythm, until Earl came up to her, put a large hand on her shoulder and pushed her to her knees.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she said in a rush, as he unzipped his fly.

She sunk back on her heels, and smiling to herself mainly, gave in to her 'slut' side. She let the rush of fantasies simply take over. There was a nagging suspicion that in the morning she wouldn't be pleased with herself, but for right now Susie was contented. She was also glad that this was going to be down and dirty. Just open the fly, take out the cock and feed it to the slut. Jus thinking that almost made her giggle.

She felt that what she needed was something so completely different from the deep concentration that she'd been using for so many years, on her academic plans. Well, this was certainly it for her.

Earl was now in her face, and said softly: "Suck my cock, Susie!"

"Oh,yes," she said and grabbed him and aimed him directly into her open mouth.

"Girl, you're kneeling out here on a hill side, in the middle of nowhere, in the semi dark with four strangers, all younger than you and you're going to suck their cocks!" She reasoned with herself, a voice of unbelief speaking from deep within.

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