A Tease Too Far


"And I'll tell you what else isn't right," he continued. "It's when a woman leads a man on, only to turn tail and run as soon as she's gotten her's." He leaned closer, a controlling, almost frightening look in his eyes.

"You're a cock teaser, Auntie, plain and simple," he said as he leaned even closer. Then, in a voice that was barely more that a soft whisper, he continued. "And it just so happens that I know just how to deal cock teasers." And with that he slid to the edge of the sofa and pushed me forward until I slipped off the seat and onto my knees before him. And with a mixture of absolute stark terror and unbridled lust coursing through my body, I looked up into my nephew's eyes.

"Bend over my knees," he said in an unseemly calm voice, confirming what I somehow already knew was coming.

My body was shaking and I could almost taste the fear in my mouth. From somewhere, I found the strength to move my head from side to side. "Nathan, please," I pleaded in a weak, scratchy voice, even as visions of the woman in the movie lying bent over the young man's lap while he rained blow after stinging blow down on her ass filled my head.

But Nathan ignored my plea. Instead, he released my arm, moved his hand to my left shoulder and slid the robe down my arm. Then, in a motion that seemed to last several seconds longer than necessary, he eased the hand to my other shoulder and slid the robe off of it, leaving me completely naked with the robe -- the last vestige of any dignity I might have still had -- now lying in a pile on the floor beside me.

"Bend over, Auntie," Nathan whispered again.

With a healthy dose of fear and nearly uncontrollable shakes, I inched closer and leaned forward, lowering myself onto his thighs. And as my stomach came to rest on his lap, it hit me -- the only difference between me and the woman in the movie was that my young man wasn't some actor on a porn set, he was my sister's baby. And another shiver shot through my body as I waited for the spanking I knew was coming.

If I'd been expecting a gentle lead into a symbolic spanking, perhaps a soft tickling of the back or sides, or a gentle squeezing of the buttock's, I would have been disappointed. In fact, Nathan didn't even afford me the brief transitional moment the young man in the movie had given his woman, he simply placed his left hand on my back and began delivering blows to my ass with his right, each blow separated from the others by four or five seconds. And the blows -- if you must know -- were anything but symbolic. In fact, they flat out hurt.

I screamed loudly as the blows hit home, and I squirmed and wiggled atop his thighs, searching for any position that might lessen the pain. But the only thing that succeeded in easing the pain was the brief respite he allowed me after the tenth blow.

And it wasn't even that long a reprieve, fifteen seconds tops, which was just long enough to allow my mind to come to grips with one simple fact -- this wasn't a sexual spanking at all, it was punishment. It was punishment for being a cock tease, and it was punishment for instigating a very dangerous and inappropriate game. When it came right down to it, the only thing even remotely sexual about the whole ordeal was the inexplicable rush I was getting from the shame and humiliation I was being subjected to, a rush that, strangely enough, seemed to emanate from the very heart of my pussy and grow stronger with each new blow.

Even as my mind was trying to churn through the flood of thoughts and emotions running through my head, the blows started up again, and like before, another ten blows were delivered smartly to my rear end. Unlike before, however, this time when the second set of blows ended there was no pause, as Nathan quickly slid his hands onto my shoulders and pulled me to my knees.

"So, let's see where we're at," Nathan started without hesitation. "First, I took care of your needs, and then I punished you for acting inappropriately and being a cock tease, correct?"

I hesitated, the pain still throbbing on my ass. But the look in his eyes made it clear he wanted an answer. "Yes," I whispered.

"Okay," he said. And then he rose to his feet and turned towards me. "That only leaves me then, doesn't it?"

This time there was no way I could answer, I simply watched in shocked disbelief as my sister's son pulled his shirt over his head, tossed it aside, and then pushed his cut-off sweat pants and underwear down to the floor and kicked them aside.

I looked at my nephew's engorged cock in disbelief, unable to draw my eyes away from the forbidden treasure before me. My mouth was hanging open, almost as if I was trying to say something. But nothing came out. Finally, my nephew's voice shattered the silence.

"Touch it."

While part of me undoubtedly knew the proper response -- 'no,' 'I can't,' or 'this isn't right' -- that part of me was so deeply buried that those words never even crossed my conscious mind. The words that did seemed to give final proof to just how much our roles had changed.

"Yes, sir."

I reached out slowly, my hands shaking so badly I could hardly control them. I slid my fingertips lightly over the head and down the sides. Then, I slid my hands underneath it, first cupping his balls and then tickling my way back up the underside of his monster. Finally, I wrapped my fingers around it and began stroking it, even as my other hand returned to his balls.

Nathan stood above me, watching as I worked my hands and fingers over his manhood, sneering just a bit as the depth of my surrender became more and more obvious. And then, apparently tiring of the current game, he grabbed hold of my hair and twisted.

I gasped at the sudden pain, my hands freezing on his cock and balls as I looked up at him, now panting noticeably.

"Kiss it," he ordered.

Without releasing my hands, I leaned slowly forward and planted a soft kiss right on the tip of his cock-head, not failing to notice the pre-cum that had already seeped out, nor the salty taste it left on my lips.

"Now lick it!"

A shiver ran down my spine at his words, but I wasted little time, first removing my left hand from his balls, then sliding my right hand to the tip of his meat, taking hold of the head and pulling it against his stomach. Then I leaned forward and ran my tongue ever so slowly up the bottom of his cock, starting at his balls and continuing all the way up to the bottom of his head.

For several moments there was silence, my nephew standing over me, dominating my world, while I continued kneeling before him, licking up and down the underside of his cock as he'd instructed, just like a good little slut was supposed to.

"Now suck it!" he demanded, breaking the silence. And without hesitation I lowered his awesome tool, arched my back and slid my lips over him.

At first I worked him gently, bobbing my head up and down his shaft while my right hand circled its base and my left hand slid back to his balls. I gave his nuts a slightly firmer squeeze, cooing as his groan filled my ears, and then gave the base of his shaft another squeeze. Finally, I began picking up the pace, bouncing my mouth up and down his shaft like a woman possessed.

But my mad passion was cut short as Nathan slid his hands to each side of my head and stopped my motion. With part of his cock still buried in my mouth, he tilted my head back until my eyes met his. Then, after holding my gaze just long enough to ensure that I truly understood my place in our new relationship, he began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth.

The face fucking -- and that's exactly what it was -- didn't last long. But it did last long enough to ensure that I was fully cognizant of the fact that I was literally nothing more than a receptacle for his pleasure. And let me tell you, the humiliation and shame that came with that realization somehow raised my lust to a level it had never before reached.

The face-fucking came to a quick end when Nathan grabbed hold of my hair with his left hand and pulled my head away, then took control of his tool with his right hand, held it over my face and began pumping it savagely. A moment later his cum was splattering across my cheeks, forehead and hair, even as a few precious drops managed to find my mouth. And then he shoved his cock back into my mouth for me to finish off, even as my cunt was erupting in its own orgasm.

A few moments passed before Nathan recovered enough to withdraw himself from my mouth and take a half step backwards. Then he leaned forward, placed his index finger under my chin and lifted.

"Stand up."

I rose to my feet, my nakedness now no more than inches from his, and waited. While I now had no doubt that the evening wouldn't end until my nephew's cock had slammed my pussy at least once, I truly had no idea what course the young man would take to get there. Was there more humiliation coming my way? Or more punishment? I really had no idea. I simply knew that I no longer possessed the will to resist him, and whatever he wanted was his for the taking.

That's why I don't think I can ever adequately describe the mixed up conglomeration of emotions that exploded in my brain when, instead of taking advantage of my vulnerable state, my sister's son bent over, picked up my robe and held it out to me.

"You'd better leave now," he said simply, "before I change my mind."

I had no idea what to say. I'd been so certain how the evening would end, I'd even begun to accept it. But instead, here was this young man, barely more than a child, dismissing me when I -- the adult -- was ready to lie down, spread my legs and take our incestuous affair to its rightful conclusion. At one point I even opened my mouth to protest before something resembling common sense finally reappeared in my head. I tell you, if you thought I was humiliated before . . .

Feeling about as low as a person could possibly feel, I took the robe from Nathan's hand and, without bothering to put it on, headed out the door, making my way to my bedroom as fast as my naked ass could go.

* * *

Hey guys, it's Nathan again. I gotta tell you, I can hear some of you screaming all the way to my house, yelling stuff like 'Why the fuck did you let her off the hook?', or, 'What' the hell's wrong with you? You had her in the palm of your hand and you let her go!', and the ever popular, 'You should have fucked the bitch until she couldn't stand up straight!'

Well, the truth is I could have fucked her. After all, she was right there for the taking. But the way I saw it, if I'd have done it that way, if I'd have taken everything, if I'd have pushed her completely over the edge, there's a very good chance she would have closed up tighter than a drum and never let me near her again. Or worse yet, she'd confess everything to Uncle Ted.

Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that neither of those results interested me. Simply put, I wanted Aunt Brandi. I wanted her on my terms and on my schedule, and not just as a one time deal.

Okay, I can imagine the question that's running through your mind. 'So how does letting her off the hook accomplish that?' Well, in point of fact, I'm not really letting her off the hook at all, I'm just delaying things a bit. You see, I'm in her mind now. She threw everything she had at me and the results were pretty apparent -- I outplayed her at her own game, and I outplayed her bad. And worse than that, she knows it, and she knows I know it. Now, all I've got to do is let that knowledge fester in her brain a bit and then . . .

Anyway, that's my side of it. I guess we'll see in a bit whether I'm right or not. Now I'll let Aunt Brandi get back to the story.

* * *

Chapter 3

I hardly got a wink of sleep that night, tossing and turning with thoughts of my bare ass spread over Nathan's lap, or his cock shoved in my mouth ever present in my mind. By the time I finally gave up on sleep and climbed out of bed it was 5:00 AM, and the realization that I was in no condition to face my nephew was firmly implanted in my mind.

I cleaned up quickly, threw on some clothes and headed for the garage, stopping in the kitchen just long enough to write a note to Nathan saying I'd be gone all day and that he was to fend for himself. Two minutes after that I was backing down the driveway.

I had no idea where I was going when I left, I just knew I had to go somewhere to think, somewhere Nathan wasn't. I drove around aimlessly for a while, then pulled into a truck stop for coffee and breakfast. I managed to drag breakfast out for nearly an hour-and-a-half before settling the tab and making my way back to the car.

The next stop was gas, followed by another aimless hour or more behind the wheel before I finally pulled into a state park and headed out on one of the nature trails.

I spent an hour wandering the trails before finally making it back to my car. That's when I realized it was only 10:00 AM, and if I truly wanted to avoid Nathan all day I had another 12 or 13 hours to kill -- 12 or 13 hours of wandering pointlessly while thoughts of Nathan and last night's encounter continuously haunted my mind.

Seated in my still parked car, I lowered my head to the steering wheel and sighed. "This is crazy," I said, scolding myself out loud. "What are you going to do, spend the rest of your life hiding from him. You've got to face him! You've got to suck it up and face him!"

Somehow, this sudden realization seemed to give me new strength and determination. And when I started the car and pulled out of the parking space, there was actually a very small smile forming on my lips.

I took a slightly less circuitous route home, stopping only for soup and half-a sandwich at a roadside cafe. By the time I pulled into the driveway it was fifteen minutes past noon.

A new wave of nervousness threatened my convictions as I approached the door, but a slow, deep breath got things back under control, or at least under enough control to enable me to enter the house and make my way to the kitchen.

I noticed that the basement door was ajar and the stairway light was on. So, after setting my purse down on the counter, I took another deep breath and moved to the top of the stairs. "Nathan," I called out. "Are you down there?"

"I'm in the rec room, Aunt Brandi," came the reply. Even though he'd addressed me by the more familiar, more proper 'Aunt Brandi,' I was unable to stifle the shiver that shot down my spine at the sound of his voice. And for the first time since I'd pulled out of the state park, I began to wonder if coming home to face him this soon had been such a good idea after all.

In all honesty, I almost left then. I thought about it seriously. But in the end I knew that if I didn't face him then, if I didn't put this unconscionable affair behind me once and for all, I'd never, ever be able to look him in the eyes again. So instead of leaving, I took a long, deep breath and started down the stairs.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and turned into the rec room, finding my nephew leaning against the side of the pool table. My eyes were drawn immediately to his face and the same strong, controlling eyes I remembered from the night before -- the same eyes that quite literally zapped every ounce of willpower and strength I'd possessed. And the feeling that I was in deep, deep trouble began slowly seeping through my body.

"What were you doing down here?" I questioned in a scratchy voice, realizing the idiocy of the question as soon as the words left my mouth -- he's playing pool, you dolt!

Nathan didn't even bother acknowledging the question, stupid though it may have been. Instead, he pushed himself away from the table and stepped forward, not stopping until he was immediately in front of me.

"I thought you were going to be gone all day," he countered, reaching out to brush a strand of hair from my eyes.

A noticeable shiver shook my body, a shiver that had to be visible to my nephew. Still, I somehow managed to keep myself from falling completely apart. "We need to talk," I managed lamely.

But Nathan didn't respond. Instead, he reached his hands for the top button of my blouse.

"Nathan, don't," I eeked out in protest, even managing to take a half step backwards. But Nathan, undeterred by my protest, countered my retreat with a half step forward of his own before returning his hands to the top button. Only this time, before I could manage to calm my nerves enough to rebuff his advance, the button had slipped its hole and his hands were sliding to the next button.

"Nathan, please," I pleaded, nearly on the verge of tears. "We really need to talk." But even before the words were out of my mouth, the second button was hanging free.

"Okay, talk," Nathan finally responded, lifting his eyes to mine while stopping his hands with the third button already partway through its hole.

I have to admit, I was taken somewhat aback by my nephew's apparent willingness to talk. Still, I managed a deep, calming breath and then began. "What happened last night . . ." I started, pausing to swallow the lump in my throat. "It can't happen again. Ever."

"I see," he said softly, looking so deeply into my eyes that I felt like my very soul was laid bare before him. "And here I thought you were here for a completely different reason." And with that he slid the third button through its hole.

I gasped, his renewed assault somehow managing to catch me off guard. Then I took another half step backwards and lowered my eyes to my blouse.

Even though I knew exactly what his fingers had been doing, it was still a shock to see the top three buttons of my blouse completely undone and a large part of my bra-covered breasts on open display.

I tried to protest, tried to formulate all the reasons this was so wrong, but found myself unable to cut through the haze that suddenly seemed to engulf my mind. And in a state of absolute dismay, I watched as Nathan stepped forward and lowered his hands to the fourth button.

'Do something!' I screamed at myself. 'Do anything!' But despite my desperation, all I could manage to do was stand there and stare down at his hands as he slipped the final button free.

Time seemed to stand still as I stared down at my now completely unbuttoned blouse. I could feel my body shaking, feel my knees wobbling unsteadily from side to side. I don't even think I took a breath until Nathan's hand slipped under my chin and tilted my head up to reestablish eye contact.

"Please stop," I whimpered weakly.

A knowing smile slid across Nathan's lips as he moved his hands to my shoulders. "If you really want me to stop, Auntie, just stop me," he whispered. And with that he began easing the blouse over my shoulders and down my arms.

But I couldn't stop him. Indeed, I couldn't even move. All I could do was stand there and shiver as the blouse slid down my arms. When I got up the nerve to lower my gaze, I saw the blouse lying in a pile around my feet on the floor. He was doing it again, I realized in dismay. And I was just as powerless to stop him as I was the night before.

"Actually, Auntie, I don't think you have any idea what you want," he started again, interrupting my reverie as he eased around behind me and slid his hands onto my shoulders.

"The way I see it, you are one of the hottest women I've ever known," he continued, giving my shoulders a light squeeze before lowering his hands to the back of my bra.

"You have an amazing ability to flirt and tease just about anything on two legs to the point where they're barely more than putty in your hands," he said quietly, unhooking my bra as he spoke, then easing the straps off my shoulders and pushing the bra down my arms. And as I stood there, trembling helplessly, he reached around me, eased his hands onto my breasts, took a nipple between each thumb and big finger and twirled them around. Then, as my breath was catching in my throat, he moved his mouth to my ear and, in a very quiet voice, continued.

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