tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 08

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 08


Space, a cold vastness, it is both a cruel mistress and a beautiful lady to those who frequent her. Hela'alta made space her home on board her light star cruiser the Lusty Wench, she has used it to raid robot freighters of their cargo, elude the authorities and take on missions for a price paid for by the wealthy who could not get their hands dirty.

Now a communication was coming from a location far away, from someone whom she considered a friend, a mentor and he needed her for a mission. Grand Admiral Kova'aval was asking her to come to a place called Earth, for a mission he felt she was best qualified for. She remembered the days of her youth when she served as a young lieutenant aboard a battle cruiser the Grand Admiral commanded.

He taught her everything he could on tactics, commanding a ship and being a good citizen to the Teyven Empire. Then on one fateful mission to capture the pirate Drek'aka she lost everything she held dear to her. She was having a passionate affair with a pirate and when Kova'aval had an opportunity to capture him, she helped him escape prosecution.

One day in a battle with Kova'aval her beloved Drek was killed and she was captured, Kova took mercy on her, pregnant with the pirate's child. He made out his official report that she too had died in the battle and then he let her go. She had made quite a name for herself since then, alway managing to stay one step ahead of the law and making a small fortune for her services.

The message simply stated 'I need your help, I have a mission for you, deep in your heart you are still a citizen of the Teyven Empire, you owe me and you owe the empire. Kova'. She deleted the message after she typed the coordinates into the ship's computer navigation system.

"Where are we off too this time mother?" Asked her son from the engineering station.

"Well Kova'alta we off to a planet called Earth so I can help an old friend, you will get to meet your namesake as well, the Grand Admiral Kova'aval." She explained to her handsome son.

"Mother are you insane, which would be like turning ourselves in, turn us around and head back for Tegathu Minor." He pleaded.

"No son, after today I'm done being a pirate, an outlaw, a mercenary, I want to live a quiet life, maybe this will get me back into service in the fleet and maybe get you into the academy. You are smart enough, you know engineering, science and you are a good pilot as well." She explained to her son. "I loved your father, I loved the excitement he offered as a pirate, yet I love the empire and I miss it."

"Sorry mother, it has been the only life I've known." He said to her in soft voice. "I will abide by your wishes, it will take us eight days at full power, I recommend using three quarters power for half of the trip and we will get there in twelve days and not cause major fuel depletion and a drain on the ship's power systems."

"I will compromise with you Kova, we will travel on full power for six days and three quarters for the remainder of the trip. That will put us at earth in." Before she could answer, her son was answering for her.

"That will put us at Earth in nine point six four days." He answered for her, she was very proud of her son, he is too smart and too good to be a pirate.

The ship lurched forward and the star drive kicked the ship into sub light speed, someday somebody will come along and develop a way to break the light barrier, who know maybe it will be her son.

Meanwhile on Earth, Rick and Karen had gotten married and were off enjoying their honeymoon in a secret location. Bryan was staying with Maya out at the farmhouse, and he enjoyed playing with her and Derna's children during the day. At night when he slept his dreams were filled with the Gomtu, and they were teaching him in his dreams. They were developing his mind teaching him how to use it to its fullest potential.

Bryan was already showing increased ability to use his mind, he could read the thoughts of the other children, he could move small objects and he could foresee future events, even if it was only a few hours into the future. This morning as he sat and ate cereal with the other children, he blanked out as if he was in some kind of trance.

"Bryan, are you all right?" Asked Maya. "Bryan!?"

"I need to talk to the Grand Admiral, right away Maya." He said calmly.

"I will take you out to the shuttle, children behave while I'm gone, come along Bryan." She said to take the boy by the hand and leading him out to the shuttle.

The two of them got on board the shuttle and sat down at the communications console, she was able to contact the dreadnought and the grand admiral. He too was just finishing his breakfast, but he was both delighted and concerned to hear from Bryan.

"Bryan, my boy, what is it that is so urgent for you to speak to me?" Asked the old man.

"Sir I saw them, they are coming and they are coming today." He said excitedly.

"Who my boy, who is coming?" He asked with amused bewilderment.

"I saw two fleets both of them different, one was a small fleet of large ships, they belonged to a bunch of people who looked like gorillas. They called themselves the Goronites, their leader called himself Graga, he is very mean. The others had a large fleet of small ships belonging to a bunch of creatures who look like big bugs. They were communicating back and forth with each other, they said a person named Delag'ala is wrong and they intend to strike while you are at your weakest." Bryan explained everything he heard and saw in his vision.

"Well thank you Bryan, this has been very helpful, now you run along and play, I will handle this personally." The Grand Admiral turned off the communications.

"Well Bryan, why don't you go get the other children, they said something about wanting to build a fort out of the scrap lumber in back of Rick's barn." Said Maya. "Let me know right away if you have any more visions."

With that the boy ran out of the shuttle and back up to the farmhouse, Patton and Rommel were sitting on the front porch waiting for the boy to return. Then the children and the two dogs, were heading behind the barn to build a fort.

"Scamble the royal fighter squadron, moves the fleet out to the edge of the system, full battle alert." Ordered the Grand Admiral.

"Royal fighter squadrons have been launched, coordinates sir?" Asked Derna'ala over the communications system.

"Derna, we have reason to believe that the Goronites and the Zentoids fleets have broken off from the main force. They are preparing a surprise attack, I want your squadron to do combat patrol, if you make contact, communicate the location and rejoin the fleet." Ordered the Grand Admiral.

"Yes sir, commander Derna out." He said.

About two hours later his squadron made contact with the two different fleets, the intelligence reports were right the Goronites and the Zentoids have sent every ship they had in their military. Derna ordered his fighters to turn back and he sent the location to the Grand Admiral.

"Attention fleet we will split into three wings, Commodore Kata'tal will command the left wing, Commodore Tayat'amak will command the right wing. The royal squadron will form up on the dreadnought and we will use battle formation Gamma seven, right wing you will attack in battle formation Delta nine and left wing you will use the classic power V formation. The attack will begin on my mark, good luck." The Grand Admiral watched on the main viewscreeen as the ships took formation.

The fighters arrived and they formed up on the massive dreadnought, the large ship lurched forward and the attack was beginning. The plan was for the dreadnought and the fighters to crash through the enemies lines and wreak havoc. Then the right wing would come in and engage, the left wing using the power V was designed to come around and close the enemy off.

The attack began with a large volley of heavy laser fire coming from the enemy, the fighters dodged and then started targeting the cannons on the enemy ships. The dreadnought with its heavier shielding and larger weapon's load was blasting its way through. Several Goronites ships were now disabled and a large number of Zentoid ships were destroyed.

The right wing was now fully engaged with the enemy as they were now in full battle, one that the Goronites and the Zentoid's had no hope of winning as they were only inflicting minimum damage on the Teyven ships. The Goronite flagship was destroyed and seventy percent of the Zentoid fleet was also gone, they signaled retreat.

As the enemy ships were attempting to turn and run the left wing came sweeping in, it's V formation was blocking the escape. They finished off the enemy fleet, leaving no survivors, it may sound cruel, but anyone whoever fought the Goronites' and the Zentoids' you would know they would rather die than to be captured.

"Fleet damage reports." Ordered the Grand Admiral.

"This is Commander Derna'ala we have lost four fighters, two heavily damaged, eight light damaged, that makes our casualties at four dead and ten wounded." Reported Derna'ala.

"This is Commodore Tayat'amak we lost one heavy cruiser and two light cruisers, one battle cruiser has sustained heavy damage, all other ships report moderate or minor damage. So far our casualty report is one hundred and twenty-five dead and one hundred forty three wounded." He reported. "We are retreating to the Mars base to make repairs."

"This is Commodore Kata'tal of the left wing, and we report very minor damage, no casualties." She reported.

"Left wings continue combat patrol, have you fighters launch for a long range re con of the area." The Grand Admiral ordered. "Androids get me Admiral Kella'dora on Earth."

"On the screen." Came the mechanical response.

"Kella we had our first battle, the Goronites and the Zentoids seem to have broken alliance with the traitors." Kova'aval reported to her the news of the battle and the ships they lost.

"Well that is good news Grand Admiral." She replied joyfully.

"Status of both how soon will the Earth fleet be ready and trained, but I have a feeling our final battle is coming soon?" He asked his trusted advisor.

"The ships will be ready in three months, and the fighters are ready now. The training is going very well, and the Earth people have a thirst to learn from us." She said proudly of the job they have done.

"That is great news Admiral, let me know if you need anything, Kova'aval out." He said in hope that the fleet would be ready in time.

Meanwhile, on Earth in an undisclosed secret location Rick and Karen were enjoying their honeymoon. Karen was complaining from time to time that she was starting to put on weight, yet Rick alway reassured her by making love to her, making her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

While they were enjoying dinner, Derna'ala sent them a communication that they had a battle and eliminated two of their enemies. He went on and on how this was good news for the Teyven, Rick was elated at the news and disappointed he did not get the chance to prove himself in battle.

When they got back to the hotel room Rick undressed down to his boxer shorts and laid down on the bed. Karen went into the bathroom and came out wearing a long white silk night gown, it had a long slit up the side to show off her shapely leg.

Karen slid her way up his legs climbing onto the bed, she smiles up at him when she got his crotch and she pulled his cock out. She took the semierect penis into her soft hands and licked the underside of it up and down. Rick shivered at the erotic stimulation she was giving him and then he sighed deeply when she got him fully erect, engulfing his cock into her mouth.

She loving sucked and slurped on his cock for a few minutes, then she stopped climbing on top of him. She raised the nightgown up to her waist and lowered her pussy down onto his waiting manhood. Karen began to slowly lower herself up and down on her husbands cock, moaning softly as she did. Rick reached up and pulled the night gown down off of her breasts, he gently teased and fondled her sensitive tits.

Soon the intensity of the loving making increases as Karen begins to bounce harder and faster on his cock, her breathing and moaning become louder as she approaches orgasm, then together as if they had perfected their timing they both came together.

Falling asleep in each other arms, Rick dreaming of glory in a future space battle, Karen dreaming of her husband, her son and their future child having a peaceful long life.


Next chapter the beautiful Hela'alta arrives on Earth.

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