tagIllustratedA Week to Remember Ch. 07

A Week to Remember Ch. 07

byChris Cross©

A Week to Remember (Chapter Seven)


If I hadn't already woken up with an erection, I'd have started to get one only seconds after I first opened my eyes. I realised that I was awake and the room was bright with morning sunshine. Stirring on the sheets I also discovered that I was alone in the bed. Where was Marie? We'd fallen asleep together at some point in the morning. I remembered watching the rise and fall of her chest as she slept. Curious, I turned to look across the room and see if Marie was still actually there. Maybe she was in the shower, or the kitchen, or perhaps she... oooh-kay! Sunlight gleamed off naked curves. The curtains were thrown wide open and Marie's body seemed to be lit by the sunlight streaming in through the window. She was standing, stark naked, in the middle of the room. Her long black hair, straggly in places with that very sexy 'just out of bed' look, fell down around her shoulders and against her back. As I watched, she began arching to one side, her right arm held aloft and stretching across over to her left. It took my sleep fuzzed brain a few seconds to realise what I was seeing.

Marie was going through a series of Yoga exercises (I recalled her telling me about doing yoga at one of the few points when we weren't busy screwing each other senseless yesterday), but why was her body gleaming like that? It didn't feel that hot in the room yet, it couldn't be perspiration that was ... ah. I noticed the plastic, squeezy bottle of baby oil on the desk by the window (where Sheila and I had made love on Wednesday morning) its pink flip lid standing open. I decided to keep quiet and just watch. My eyes were drawn by Marie's smooth movements and the gliding of the muscles under her skin. As she was facing away from me, I could watch her unobserved.

My cock throbbed and demanded attention, half a foot or so of hard pressure under the thin cotton sheet. Marie leant forwards, placing her hands on the edge of the desk, lifting her face towards the window and raising her right leg, toes pointing and slightly curled, up away from the floor. The sunlight from the window meant that between her legs was mostly in silhouette, but I could just make out the line of her labia and felt a pang of lust at remembering plunging my cock deep between those pouting lips. Her leg descended and its partner began its own journey back and upwards. Her flesh of her left buttock dimpled slightly as she held her leg out, arching her back. Then her leg descended and Marie brought her feet together, beginning another set of exercises.

I ogled her curvy body, her proximity to the desk raising memories of what Sheila and I had got up to there only a couple of days ago. I pictured her sitting on the edge of the desk, ankles crossed and feet swinging playfully. Sheila had such a contrasting figure and looks to Marie; petite and lithe where Marie was broader and more curvy; small, pert breasts compared to Marie's much (much) larger, fuller pair. Short dark hair compared to long, straight raven locks. Sheila was naughty and playful where Marie was just damn horny and so confident about her sexuality. Marie gave fantastic head where Sheila had never gone down on anyone. There was no need to use a condom with Marie, but Sheila had had sex with another woman! Adele. Oh, there was another story. Heck, Adele and I hadn't even talked properly over what had happened that night, but I hoped that all would be okay between us on what little we had said. And then what about Belle...?

I remembered her dark curves, perfect breasts, the rough feel of her braided hair, the animal excitement of taking her up against the wall and the tender kiss and thanks she had given me for being 'such a good friend' to her. I mused over how much I actually had to think about. But looking across the room again; in the here and now, there was just Marie. I looked over at her, now on down on her knees, stretching forwards towards the window and then arching back in what looked to me like almost religious supplication. Yes, I should get in touch with Sheila and Belle later. But for now, I'd enjoy the view. I lay there with my eyes half closed for the next five minutes or so, barely resisting the urge to seize my cock and stroke it up and down. Marie carried on through her set of exercises and it was only as she was bent almost double, stretching down to touch her toes (and giving me a fine view of her bum and pussy at the same time) that I shifted slightly on the bed, making it creak. Still mostly doubled over, Marie looked around at the noise and seeing that I was awake, gave me a bright smile.

"Morning, sleepy."


"Been awake long?"

"A couple of minutes." She tutted and pulled a face of mock indignation.

"Have you been perving over me then?"

"Absolutely." She smiled and straightened, turning and walking over to the bed, sitting next to me. The oil had mostly been absorbed into her skin by now and looking at her breasts I saw her nipples were swollen and hard. Her eyes flickered down.

"Been having naughty thoughts have we?" A hand came to rest on top of the covers, right over my erection, and squeezed it experimentally. "Ohh, you feel hard." I breathed more heavily and forced a smile to replace the look of pleasure and longing that wanted to dominate my face.

"Afraid so. Waking up to find a contorting, oily beauty a few feet away has a particular effect on me." She chuckled, repeating

"Contorting oily beauty..?" under her breath and grinning. "Well, I do a bit of yoga every morning," she explained "and doing it naked just... feels better. It's a good time to do a bit of skin care too; the baby oil can soak in whilst I work out. It keeps my skin nice and soft." She pushed her shoulders back, sticking out her mouth-watering breasts. "Don't you think...?" The following silence was accompanied by an 'innocent' smile. I accepted her unspoken invitation and sat up, reaching over to cup her breasts, caressing them thoughtfully.

"H'mm, they do feel nice, but I think they might just need a little more baby oil." Marie's eyebrows arched with exaggerated surprise.

"Really? I'm so glad you noticed that. Would you be a sweetheart and do the honours for me?"

"It'd be my pleasure." She squeezed my cock before standing up.

"Actually, I think it might be ours..."

With that, Marie set off across the room, collecting the baby oil from the desk. On her return trip, she stopped in the middle of the room, looking at me. I returned her gaze, albeit quizzically. She extended a single forefinger, beckoning me over to her. I smiled in return and stood, the thin bedsheet sliding off my body, my cock bouncing slightly in front of me. Joining her in the middle of the room, Marie's left hand oh-so-gently took hold of my engorged purple helmet between thumb and forefinger and squeezed a line of oil up my length. As the oil dribbled around my girth (I thought back to the video clip I watched with Adele two nights previously) Marie moved quickly; squirting oil above each of her breasts, just below the collarbone, before snapping the lid shut and tossing the bottle carelessly across the room and onto the bed. Then both her hands were working my cock, slipping up, down and around its girth.

I watched the oil run down her body in shiny riverlets, spreading left and right to follow the swell of her breasts and gasping in pleasure at the feeling of her hands gliding around me. As the flow of oil reached her ribs I intercepted it with the palms of my hands, smearing it back up and around each breast. The plentiful flesh slid and slipped in my hands. Our eyes met and Marie said, quite matter of factly;

"I'd love for you to fuck me right here, but I'll end up with lint from the carpet stuck all over my back." I winced in pleasure as her hand circled the ridge of my helmet, briefly wondering if getting baby oil inside her pussy would give her any kind of allergic reaction, before replying.

"Why don't you go on top then?" Marie's nipples repeatedly skittered from under my fingers as she paused to consider this with exaggerated thoughtfulness.

"I'm feeling kind of... submissive this morning. Yes, I think I'd like you in control, giving it to me hard." Heck, was there no end to this woman's directness? I was about to suggest we try the bed when Marie's face betrayed the fact she'd just had an idea.

"In fact, y'know how a woman should be good for fucking and cooking?" I thought that I'd never dare say that, but smiled.


"Well, how about you take me in the kitchen, we both have some fun there and then I'll make us some breakfast to get our energy back, h'mm?"

"Best offer I've had so far today."

With that she took both my hands in hers and led me through into the kitchen, walking backwards, eyes locked on mine. As her buttocks bumped against the edge of the worktop she dropped into a crouch and pressed her large, soft breasts around my cock, rubbing it between them and looking up at me from beneath her eyebrows; green eyes sparkling.

"Wanna fuck me?"

I gripped Marie's shoulders, pulling her upright and crushing my lips against hers before twisting her around to face away from me. I knew I'd have to stoop to penetrate her and thinking back to taking Belle up against the wall of my flat, and Marie on the bonnet of her car last night, I knew that this eventually wrecked my back. I also remembered how supple Marie's hips had seemed when she fooled around in my bedsit last night. I slid my right hand between her legs, enjoying the moist heat there, and gently pushed up and out, whispering

"Leg up."

Marie shifted her balance onto her right leg and lifted her left up and out to the side. I guided the back of her knee until her foot was up on the surface of the worktop and slid my hand up her leg whilst fondling her breasts from behind. They were so slippery with the oil that as I squeezed them they squirmed out of my grasp, despite their size. Supporting herself with one arm, Marie used her other to reach behind her head and pull me closer to her. My cock prodded her buttocks as we kissed over her shoulder and as her tongue darted into my mouth I pulled my face away from hers, seized her hips and aiming my helmet for her spread, exposed pussy; thrust forwards hard.

Marie groaned and lowered her head (narrowly avoiding banging it on the kitchen cupboard). I held onto her hips and thrust into her again, slipping deeper inside her and smacking against her soft buttocks. The baby oil helped my cock to slide back and forth easily and the friction felt like an intense, fleeting tickle. Marie huffed and gasped as I rammed into her. I felt an odd sense of elation and power as I took her from behind in this manner and rose up onto the balls of my feet to be able to penetrate her even more deeply. Marie gasped and with a bang, jerked her right hand up flat against the door of the kitchen cupboard in front of her to brace herself. She couldn't quite push back against me because of her somewhat precarious balancing act. Instead, she lifted her head and turned it to one side, eyes closed, teeth gritted, hissing between gasps.

"Yes. Fuck me. Hard. Fuck me. Hahrr-r-r! Oh!"

I did as she asked, her soft buttocks cushioning my groin as I worked.

What a start to the day! God, I could get used to this. Marie always felt so tight. The sensitive tip of my cock scraped against the ribbed walls of her pussy so nicely. I could feel the friction with every single thrust. And her bum. So round and soft. Her hair; sticking to her skin where it was damp with oil and perspiration. Her bouncing breasts, toned shoulders, soft gasps and grunts as I took her. Awh god, this was good. No, don't think about how good it feels. Think about something else. Look at the cupboards. Do they open up to the left or right. The left. How many tiles are there on that wall? How many down... nine? No...seven, eight. Across... seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. What's eight times nineteen? Eight twenties are a hundred and sixty. Oh, listen to her moan. One hundred and sixty minus the groove down her back either side of her spine. A trickle of sweat just ran down it. The friction against my cock. No, one hundred and sixty minus eight... one hundred and fifty two. Fifty two. How big are her breasts? Forty four double d? Bigger? Look at them move. Oh, look at her face. She's really enjoying this. The way her eyebrows are set, the tingling in my cock, that wonderful, wonderful soft, glowing burn. Oh, keep going. Listen to my groin smacking against her bum. Feel that burning. Oh God, I'm going to cum!!! It's starting, it's ahhhhrrr-

Snarling in pleasure; my orgasm coursed through me. Marie moaned as I spasmed inside her for several seconds, her forehead coming to rest against the cupboard with a soft bump. My own forehead felt damp with perspiration, my balls sticky with oil, sweat and Marie's honey.

"Wooo..." Marie said softly to no-one in particular. I think I knew what she meant. I pulled free from her sticky embrace and eased her leg back onto the kitchen lino. Marie slowly turned to face me.

"Now that..." a slow smile grew at the corners of her mouth "should be how every morning begins." I slowly nodded in agreement.

"What time is it, anyway?"

"Still early. Hang on." Marie made to move forwards and away from the worktop but paused as one leg came forwards and wiped at her pussy with the flat of one hand. Cum and honey glistened on her fingers.

"Would you pass me some kitchen roll? I'd better not drip all over the carpet." I followed her gaze to a quilted roll of tissue paper and tore off three sheets, handing them to her. As an afterthought, I tore off one for myself and as Marie re-entered her room, dabbing at her crotch, I wiped the excess gunk from my cock, scrunching the tissue into a ball and dunking it into the kitchen bin before joining her. Marie was sat on the bed, pulling at her labia and studiously cleaning her pussy. She smiled at me and nodded at the clock on the mantelpiece.

"9.45am." She looked down at her pussy again. "Jesus, Steve; how much bodily fluid have you got in you anyway?" I chuckled and joined her on the bed.

"A lot less than when I woke up." She laughed and apparently satisfied, threw her tissue into the bin.

We took it in turns to go and clean up. After my trip to the bathroom I went back to my room and freshened up, putting on clean clothes. Marie had said to call back round for breakfast afterwards. I was conscious of possibly bumping into Adele, but met no-one on the landing or on the stairs. Around half an hour after our kitchen antics had ended I stuffed my mobile phone into my pocket and called back next door. Marie had left her door unlocked and I let myself in, finding her in the kitchen working on a fry-up. She'd was barefoot and wearing pair of black jeans with a purple vest top and black bra, her hair tied in a pony tail.

"Bacon and eggs sound good to you?"

"Sounds fantastic. What can I do to help?"

"You could get some plates and cutlery and pour us both a drink. There's some fresh orange juice in the fridge. If y'want a coffee, feel free to put the kettle on."

I gathered some plates and poured us both a tall glass of juice. Within minutes, we sat down to a good ol' greasy breakfast. My keys bit into my thigh a little as I sat down, so I removed both them and my phone from my pocket, placing them on the Marie's desk. Outside, a fine and warm day was shaping up nicely. I reflected that today was getting off to a very good start and just looked like it could only get better.

After breakfast, we chatted and I began to wonder what we might go on to do later today. Would we perhaps go out together tonight or stay in, enjoy more sex, sleep together again, or end up going our separate ways after breakfast? I liked Marie a lot, but had enough sense to realise that the last thing she'd be looking for now was another relationship. This was probably all 'just fun' and I felt that I could handle that. I didn't think I was ready for a full-on relationship myself yet, although I was conscious of the way my thoughts kept drifting back to Sheila. The only thing was, I'd had such good fun with Marie that I fancied more. I decided to buy some time in case Marie brought up the topic of what would happen later and told her that with her having done the cooking; I'd do the washing up. If she hadn't raised the topic of how we were going to spend the rest of the day by the time I was finished, I'd raise it myself.

Marie helped me to carry through the dishes and as I squirted lemon-scented washing up liquid under the hot running water, she went back through to the living room and put on the TV. I was a couple of plates and utensils into the washing up, when I heard the settee creak as Marie stood up. I wondered if she was coming into the kitchen to talk. Then a new sound reached my ears. My mobile was ringing.

"I'll get it for you!" Marie called. I wondered who was ringing me. Could the next few seconds be awkward? Nah, it could be anybody, I was fortunate enough to have lots of friends. Marie entered the kitchen holding out the phone to me as I quickly dried my hands on a towel. "Someone called 'Belle' for you". Oh boy.

Mind racing, I smiled and took the phone, thumbing the answer button. Marie flashed me a quick smile and turned to go back into the living room.


"Hi Steve, it's Belle." Man, did I suddenly feel awkward. I bit down my irrational unease. Then again, so much had happened since Monday...

"Belle, hi! How are you?"

"Fine thanks. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm great. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering what you were doing later on? If you fancied going out for a few drinks tonight? I thought we might have a laugh, y'know?"

I thought I did, but what to say, what to say? I remembered Belle naked and grinding slowly away on top of me, the sensation of her perfect breasts pressing against my chest, the brilliant flash of her smile. Then Marie, horny 'fuck me now and do me hard' Marie, hips rocking, long hair swinging, as she took me in a field under the night sky. I didn't even know if she and I would do anything tonight, let alone have rampant sex again. This was crazy, four days ago I'd have jumped at the chance to see Belle again, but now I felt... bloody hell, yes. I actually felt hesitant! I had to say something; we'd both agreed on Tuesday that we'd like to meet up again.

All this flashed through my mind in just a second and I answered before I was really aware I'd made a decision.

"Sounds good! I'm just not sure what time I'll be free later. It'll be after six though, I've got some things" (God, how lame?) "to do. How about we meet up after tea? Say...eight o'clock?"

"Yeah, okay! We'll go round town then?"


"Where d'you want to meet? I can call round at yours if you like..?"

H'mm. But by now I'd got up to speed and was in full bullshit mode.

"Could do. Why don't I give you a call later to make arrangements? It might be easier to meet you in town."


"Okay then, I'll ring you by six and let you know, is that okay?"

"Yeah, fine. I'll see you later then. Looking forward to it, Steve!"

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