tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Wife's Submissive Journey Ch. 02

A Wife's Submissive Journey Ch. 02


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Susan had a few days to reflect. She thought about her young neighbor and how Nadine appeared strong and overpowering. Sue could practically feel the young woman standing in front of her and staring into her bewildered eyes. A shiver went up her back when Sue recalled how easily Nadine seduced and gained complete control over her. She remembered Nadine's parting remarks after the sexual episode the other night. The young woman ordered Sue to refer to her as Mistress when they were alone or with any of her friends and Sue couldn't see a way out of the growing dilemma.

She was in the middle of the daydream when her husband startled her. "I'll only be gone for the one night... be home tomorrow afternoon," Ben informed her. "Glad you're working on the party... with the Clarks."

Sue watched her husband set his bags down. "Yes, Nadine is coming over in a little while and we're going to work on the barbeque... hopefully get all the details worked out," she said. "Don't worry about me. I'll have tons of things to do plus all this party planning."

Ben had to admit that the move across the country to a new city had gone much better than he anticipated. His job was terrific and he didn't mind the occasional day or two he had to be away from home. Because his company had offices in nearby cities, it meant he worked long hours and had to be away for a day or two at times. Ben assumed his being away didn't bother his wife, or so he thought. He reasoned that a healthy paycheck made up for any inconveniences caused to his family.

Ben was like most men who married beautiful women; he was proud when other men found his wife attractive and sexy. He was thrilled when Susan accepted an invitation to help a close-knit group of women in their neighborhood. The Clarks were highly regarded by everyone and Ben insisted Susan work with them when they planned for hosting the upcoming fall barbeque. Ben never gave a second thought to the numerous hours spent on arrangements and planning and he encouraged Susan to work with Mrs. Clark and her daughter.

When he heard that Nadine Clark was coming to visit his wife so the two could finalize some of the plans, Ben was thrilled that Sue would have something to do while he was away. Even though he was only going overnight, Ben felt better when Susan had something specific to occupy her time. He liked the fact Sue was working with Nadine because he found the young woman very attractive and had to admit he noticed all of her seductive curves.

"Be good while I'm gone... and don't do anything I wouldn't do," Ben said, as he gave his wife a kiss on the cheek.

Susan blushed and tried to hide the fact so her husband wouldn't ask why. Vivid images filled her head, as she fantasized about what might be in store for her once Nadine came over. The young woman had already informed her that once Ben was gone, she was to phone and let her know. She stood over the phone and desperately wanted the courage to resist and refuse to call the young woman. Her stomach churned with great doubt and hesitation, as her willpower dissipated within seconds when the dream got even more dramatic.

Sue's body seemed to betray all of her morality and ethical reasoning. She remembered the demoralizing intercourse with the woman's boyfriend and the memory made her stomach quiver. She recalled experiencing multiple orgasms with Kenny and allowing the young man to ravage her body at will. She had never been unfaithful with another man in her life before that night and the memory still haunted her. Susan remembered experiencing an orgasm, which she would never forget.

Sue thought she had the strength to resist and not succumb to Nadine's powerful seduction, but then Kenny destroyed her willpower with his cock. A royal session of sexual intercourse ensued and once again she was forced to surrender, cumming like a slut just as Nadine demanded and requested. Sue could barely control her hand when she reached for the phone and her fingers virtually vibrated, as she dialed the number.


"Uugh... Nadine. He... he's gone."

"What did you call me?"

"Uugh... Maaa, Mistress, I'm sorry."

"That's better, much better. Now what?"

"You can come... come over."

"You still don't understand... do you?"

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry, I won't make another mistake."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Come over... Mistress. Ben is gone. You can come over, now."

"Good... and what?"

"Oh Mistress... please, don't make me."


"Ben just left. Please come over... we can go over our plans for the party."


Susan's heart pounded and she had a difficult time breathing. "Yes, we can go over plans and... and... oh gawd, I can't."

"Do you want to make Mistress mad? DO YOU!"

"No. I'm sorry.... I will try harder. Please, I will... will do anything you say."


"Yes, I'll do whatever you order me to do, Mistress. I'll obey... be your loyal slave."

"Yes, you'll be my slut, or else!"

The declaration sent a shiver up and down her spine. Susan held the phone and listened to the young woman who had somehow taken control. Sue had never been weak or passive in her life and suddenly she felt totally submissive and overwhelmed by Nadine's strong character. "Yes, Mistress."


Nadine's planning was shrewd and possibly the smartest manipulation, as she was determined to gain full control of her naive neighbor. There were many alluring aspects about Susan that Nadine found too tantalizing to resist. She thought Sue was one of the sexiest women and her being so tall and gorgeous was the icing on the cake. Nadine loved how the mature, married woman appeared to resist and try to overcome any of the tricky attempts made to force her into a submissive role in their newly developing relationship.

What Nadine planned to make evident to Susan was that any further struggles were futile. Once she heard that Ben was out of town for the night, she cleverly scheduled a meeting with Sue to finalize the party planning. An entire evening gave her enough time to implement her underhanded scheme, as she spent tireless hours coming up with the perfect plan. She ordered Sue to phone her as soon as her husband departed and Nadine played her role to the hilt when the call happened.

Nadine loved nothing more than exerting power over someone. She forced Sue to blabber everything over the phone and reconfirm her submissive nature. Nadine felt confident about controlling Susan's actions and thinking, but only total dominance would satisfy her insatiable desire for power. She hung up the phone and instantly headed out the door towards her neighbor's home with incriminating evidence in her pocket. There was a DVD containing everything that happened during her boyfriend's sexual encounter with Susan and the movie was evidence of Susan's infidelity, which would forever ensure the woman remained a devoted slave.

Nadine practically ran down the block and arrived at the door completely out of breath. Susan met her and the two women moved to the living room sofa together where they carried on a light and cheery conversation. Nadine's heart fluttered in anticipation of revealing the final plot. The thought of Susan being a loyal submissive puppet after she saw herself with Kenny was amazingly exhilarating. "I have something I want to show you," Nadine said. "I don't want you to have any doubts or hesitations about me being your mistress."

Sue stared at the young woman and she was too stunned to say much. "I... I don't understand."

Nadine walked over to the media center and popped a DVD into the player. "You probably didn't realize what I was doing when you were having sex with Kenny," she informed Sue. "I recorded everything that happened... everything that you did with Kenny."

The television come alive and then scenes of that fateful night flashed on the screen. With some skillful editing, Nadine set the opening segments showing her boyfriend laying flat on his back and a delirious naked woman riding his bucking hips. Nothing was hidden or shielded from the viewer. The luscious tits bounced wildly and freely in the air and it appeared that the woman experienced a profound and obsessive climax.

Susan stared in disbelief. Her out of control body jerked and thrashed on top of the bucking bronco and she appeared to be a maniac in the midst of a gigantic orgasm. "No woman climaxes like you do," Nadine whispered in her ear. "I love watching you with Kenny... watching you orgasm while riding his big cock."

"Dear gawd, no, no," Sue moaned.

"Watch, keep watching... it gets better," Nadine whispered.

"Oh please, no more. Please, turn it off," Sue pleaded. "I can't... can't watch anymore."

Nadine grabbed Sue by the shoulders and twisted her around so that they faced each other. "I've dreamed of being your mistress. Dreamed of you being my faithful slave and being totally submissive with me," she said. "If you dare disobey or not do what I demand, I'll ruin your life. Your husband will see what you do when he is not around."

Susan stared into the steely eyes and there was no leniency at all. "Yea... yeah, I'll do anything, please don't let anyone see what happened."

"Today is the first day of the rest of our life," Nadine said. "Your lessons start today and Mistress will judge if you are faithful and obedient."

"What... what do you have planned?" Up until now, the drama was simply a game and one that Susan felt confident she could retain a measure of control. True she obeyed the young woman and seemed to willingly comply with every demand, but Sue still felt that she could stop at any time. She heard the lewd sounds of sexual bliss coming from the television and her heart pounded in her chest, as she watched Nadine's lips move.

"Two of my dearest friends are coming over," Nadine informed Sue. "They should be here within minutes."

"What? Here," Sue replied.

"Yes, my girlfriends who happen to be twins are coming here. I am also their mistress," Nadine said. "Ella and Emma are due in ten minutes and I want you ready."

"Ready... for what? But what is going to happen?" Susan asked the questions, but really didn't expect the young woman to answer.

Without any hesitation, Nadine grabbed Susan's hand and led the frightened woman down the hallway to the master bedroom. "I want you dressed properly," Nadine said. "I want you to look like a slut and also act like my devoted slut."

Sue's response was a confused mumble and she sounded unsure. "Yeaaaa, look... like what... dressed."

Nadine acted brazen and totally in control. She carried her purse, which she opened, and swiftly pulled out two skimpy garments that she wanted her slave to wear. She merely had to wave her hands and utter a serious order. "Strip! Take off all of your clothes... NOW!"

Susan was dumbfounded and she didn't have the courage to disobey. Every time the young woman waved her hand, she took off more clothes until she was fully naked and shivering like crazy in trepidation. When Nadine handed her a small miniskirt and a petite top, Sue panicked. Her hands were shaking, as she took the garments from the young woman, and she struggled to comprehend what was happening to her secure world.

Sue had a difficult time putting the skirt on because it was so short and the top was overly stretchy, which caused the garment to ride upward. She managed to get dressed and stood in front of the demanding young woman waiting for the next command. When the sound of the doorbell went off, Sue almost fainted. She realized Nadine's' girlfriends had arrived and that she was in great jeopardy.

Without a word or a backward glance, Nadine grabbed Sue's hand and led the frightened woman back into the living room. She left Sue standing in the middle of the room and then went to the front door. Nadine welcomed the twins and the three hurried into the large foyer, as the front door slammed shut.

Susan stood perfectly still hoping no one would notice her, as Nadine and her girlfriends were across the room in a hushed conversation. Sue couldn't hear what they were saying, but she noticed how all three glanced her way every once in awhile. She was afraid and had a hard time breathing when she took a closer look at the two young women. The twins appeared extremely imposing, which caused her heart to flutter wildly. Both girls were tall, about the same height as herself, and they were very well built with all of their curves in the right places.

All of a sudden Nadine turned and walked in her direction. Susan felt her heartbeat increase with each step the young woman took and the rate was quickly out of control by the time Nadine reached her. Sue could never know how silly it looked, as she tried for modesty by pulling the hem down on her skirt and the bottom of her top downward to cover her boobs. "I want you to meet my best friends, Ella and Emma," she said. "As you can probably notice, they are almost identical twins and they are extremely happy that you want to be their slave."

"But... but I don't. Please, you can't," Susan said, staring into the dark eyes. "Mistress!"

"Ella and Emma are truly loyal and love being submissive to me, but every once in awhile they like adventure," Nadine whispered with a chuckle. "Like it on the other side and the great rush they get when they are the ones in control of a sexy slut."

"But... but... but," Sue replied. She tried to indicate her reluctance and horror, but then she noticed the look of disapproval on the young woman's face. "Mistress."

"I've never met two more creative women in my life. They have lots planned for you," Nadine informed the shocked woman.

"No, but... aaaggghhh, Mistress, no," Sue moaned, as she didn't know what to say or do.

"I get to watch... sit over there and watch my dearest friends when they prove their strict dominance," Nadine said and pointed at a plush easy chair, which was situated on the far side of the room.

"Naaaa, noooo, Mistress, no."

"I'm going to watch the most fantastic encounter. Have you ever been spanked," Nadine asked. "Ever had a royal spanking? Ever had that pretty ass spanked?"

"Gawd, no, no. Not here... not at home," Sue protested and then she remembered. "Mistress."

"A slut should be at home... in her own bed." Nadine grabbed her elbow and started leading the way across the floor. "Come! It's time to meet the twins... your mistresses for the evening."

Sue had trouble walking, as her legs were weak and unsteady. She came up to one of the gorgeous young women and almost couldn't breathe because her heart was pounding so fast. When Nadine let go of her arm, Ella grabbed her hand. "Come, bad girls have to be punished. Nadine tells me that you've been really bad," Ella said and sort of passed Sue's hand to her sister. Then she grabbed Sue's other hand and the sisters practically pulled the reluctant woman over to a big chair. "A really bad girl who needs a spanking!"

If Susan thought her life was spinning out of control, she was utterly surprised when she lost all semblance of reality. She tried to struggle and resist the two women, but her fight was ended before it began. Her arms came up, as if she was going to struggle, and it was her last resistance of the night. Ella grabbed one arm and violently twisted it behind her back. She jerked the arm up as high as it would go and forced Sue up on her tiptoes to relieve the pain. Emma stepped directly in front of Sue and looked her in the eyes. "Now we'll see if you deserve to be our slave. Ella and I only like faithful and loving slaves."

Susan was petrified and she tried to stare back at the young woman. She wanted to show that she wasn't afraid yet it was impossible to put on a brave face. Without warning Ella grabbed a big handful of her hair and jerked her head back and forth a few times. The young woman was standing behind Sue and easily held onto the one arm and the handful of hair, as she pinned Sue's head back as far as her neck would bend.

Sue's face was almost pointed up at the ceiling and she couldn't see Emma. The young woman punched her in the stomach and Sue's knees buckled, as she almost fell. Suddenly Emma was breathing all over her flushed face. "Now you're going to pay. You're going to get a spanking... the naughty girl is going to get her bum spanked."

Susan felt cool air all down the front of her body and she knew the skimpy top was not in place. She desperately wanted to correct the garment and cover herself, but knew she would suffer severe consequences if the twins saw her react. Then her feet were moving and in one swift shove she was spread out on her stomach over Ella's lap. The twin abruptly sat in a chair and pulled Sue down with her.

Sue squirmed but any struggle was useless, as the twins were overpowering. Ella put her hand in the center of Sue's back and pinned her down while Emma pinned the woman's legs down. One of the twins rubbed her hand all over Sue's bare legs and all the way up until she reached the short skirt. The material was rolled upward leaving her entire butt exposed and then the spanking began.


The plan was simple. The twins would break her will and then administer a sexual beating that Susan would never forget. Ella was the one who held Sue's arms and enabled her sister to do whatever she wanted. Emma spanked the bare ass, as hard as she could, and left brilliant red marks all over Sue's butt. The harder she spanked; the more Sue tried squirming to get away.

Susan had never cried during sex, but the tears flowed freely when the humiliation increased. She was virtually naked, as her top was rolled up around her neck leaving her boobs fully exposed and flying around wildly when the spanking ensued. Her skirt was bunched up at her waist and she was pinned securely on top of the one twin's lap, while the other twin was giving her the spanking of her life. Her ass was on fire and Sue didn't think things could get any worse, but she was wrong.

"Spread your legs!" Emma whispered in her ear and lovingly rubbed her reddened bum.

"No, please no, it hurts... gawd, it hurts."

"Spread! Spread those gorgeous legs so I can see that dirty pussy."

Sue felt hands on her upper thighs and the fingers coaxed her legs apart. "Oh gawd, no, no, no!"

"Yes, spread... spread'em." Emma whispered the order and waited for the woman to react. She didn't force Sue because having the woman do it herself was far more enjoyable.

"No, no," Sue begged, but she obeyed. She felt the cool air wash over her heated flesh and then the twin spanked her pussy extremely hard. Sue tried to close her legs, but they were pinned securely out to the sides. She never imagined that something so horrible would turn into something even remotely gratifying. The gap between her thighs was wide and left her crotch fully exposed to the punishing twins.

Emma stared between the splayed legs and her heart almost pounded out of her chest. She noticed the pink slit and the puffy pussy-lips that were overly swollen because of the savage spanking. She already knew why the woman was shaven and that Mistress Nadine had been the one to do it. The very tip of Sue's precious clitoris poked through the labia and Sally knew exactly where to strike next. She spanked the bare crotch and made sure each slap hit directly on the exposed slit with one or two fingers striking the vulnerable clit.

The tears were enough indication that the woman had succumbed to the humiliation and that Susan's spirit was broken. Emma could have stopped the spanking, but she decided to administer the utmost punishment, as the loud sound of each slap echoed in the room. Ella was far too worked up to wait. When her sister's hand moved up to get ready for another slap, she slipped her hand into Sue's dripping crotch. There was no hesitation or delay when her fingers surrounded the swollen clitoris and squeezed.

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