tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbout To Be Fired

About To Be Fired


Myra sat nervously on the sofa in my office. The beautiful 18 year old was wearing a tube top and gym shorts. Her panties were peeking out of the leg holes of her shorts as she pulled her knees up to her chin and wrapped her arms around her legs. I gazed across at her and let my eyes wander along the smooth firmness of her deeply tanned thighs.

At the other end of the sofa sat Lauren, also 18 years old and quite attractive. She was also scared but didn't have as much to lose as her best friend. Lauren sat quietly, her long legs pressed together and her hands folded in her lap. She had the biggest tits in the whole camp and now they were framed by her slender arms. Lauren wore a tank top over her black bikini, the bottoms barely visible as her long legs disappeared under her shirt.

It had been some twelve hours since the two young beauties had been caught leaving the camp program to visit a guy they knew, who was staying at the Holiday Inn. They knew they could be fired for this stunt and that would mean unbelievable grief at home when their parents were notified. I'd decided to let them sweat it out for the whole day before meeting with them. My patience paid off. As I reviewed the events of the previous night with all their ramifications, the two young beauties grew more and more worried. They hadn't thought about many of the ramifications I'd listed for them and were now positive they would both be fired.

For Myra, firing would be a disaster. Her parents were very strict and for this type of thing, she'd be lucky to be off of restriction by next summer. Her new car, which her parents were getting for her upcoming birthday and which she'd been hoping for so long to get would vanish forever. She buried her face between her knees as her thighs parted, revealing her soft flesh and giving me a clear view of her pink panties.

Lauren was harder to get a reading on. She was trying to be brave and even nonchalant about it all. She turned a bit, putting her arms on the sofa back and arm. Her huge mams were peaking out of the top of her scoop-necked shirt and were a real distraction for me.

As the two girls awaited their fate, my thoughts returned to the previous week. The two of them had been sitting at the snack-bar discussing the available guys in camp. They went down the list, commenting on each one. I listened intently from where I sat, behind a partition, to their descriptions, evaluations and occasional fantasies about each of the guys. I was surprised when they got to me. They felt I was strong and strict. They like a man who took charge and there was something exciting to them about feeling dominated by someone. None of their friends seemed capable of intimidating either of them or any of the other girls for that matter or commanding their obedience. They were about to have their chance to live out a fantasy.

"You realize that I don't have too many options in dealing with the two of you." I said firmly. Myra began to cry and Lauren sat numbly.

"Please don't fire us." Myra pleaded. "We'll do anything. Anything at all." she promised. I sat impassively. "Do you have any idea what will happen to us?" she begged. I nodded because I knew and she knew it. Looking at the two of them, I decided that if I got Lauren to succumb, then Myra would have to follow her lead. She didn't have much choice, since she had the most to lose.

"You've been very quiet." I said to Lauren. She nodded. The facade was beginning to crumble and now I realized that she wasn't as tough as she'd seemed. She had a look in her eye that said, 'help me and I'll do anything you ask.'

"Lauren, come here." I said softly and turned my big armchair around to face the side of the desk. As she slid off of the sofa, her golden thighs parted and her massive tits bounced gently in her shirt. I motioned her around to the side of my desk and she stood before me nervously. I took both of her hands in mine and smiling up at her, pulled her wrists forward and then wrapping my thumbs over the tops of her wrists pressed downward. Lauren felt the pressure on her wrists and her upper body bent forward, her huge tits filling her bikini top and pressing out of the neck of her shirt. I drank in her full chest as she sank to her knees in front of me. I eased the pressure on her wrists and as she sat back on her knees, I pressed her warm palms to the crotch of my shorts.

Myra lowered one knee and leaned forward to see what was going on. I released my grip and Lauren began to rub my crotch. I smiled when she looked up at me and she sighed with relief as her fingers reached up for my zipper. She had my shorts open in an instant and then reached into my briefs to retrieve my cock. Her grasp was nervous but firm as she stroked my ramrod with one hand and her other reached into the leg of the shorts to fondle my heavy balls. I looked over at Myra, whose mind was racing. She knew what her options were and blushed deeply when I winked at her knowingly.

I looked down at Lauren as she stroked my cock. "Arms up." I said and as she raised her slender arms, I reached over her body and grasped the bottom of her shirt. I pulled it over her head and lay it on the desk. Her tits were just magnificent. I'd watched her for weeks as she bounced around the pool and wondered what it might be like to enjoy the pleasures that they could provide. I placed my hands on her shoulders and then slipping my fingers under the neck string of her bra, pulled up as she rose on her knees and her huge tits came to rest on the tops of my thighs, framing my cock as she stroked it. Lauren got the idea and pressed her tits around my shaft. She could feel the hardness of my cock as it pressed deep into her magnificent cleavage. She looked down and saw the tip standing up and pointing at her face. She slid her tits up and down the length of my cock and then bowed her head and kissed the tip as it emerged from between her pendulous breasts. I moaned softly and then she lowered her head and sucked my cock between her soft, wet lips.

"Myra," I called as my attention shifted from the beauty crouched between my legs. "Take off your shorts." The girl was stunned. She wanted to run but she slowly stood up and slid her shorts down over her supple thighs. "Over here." I instructed and the young beauty came around the side of the desk. She watched as her best friend knelt in front of me with my balls pressed between her huge tits and my cock buried deep in her mouth. I reached down and untied the back of Lauren's bra as she continued to suck on my shaft and fondle my heavy balls. Myra stood motionless as she watched her friend, kneeling bare-breasted between my legs with my cock in her mouth. I reached out and slid my hand between Myra's golden thighs. She gasped as she felt my fingers slide between her legs. She'd never had someone just reach between her thighs before. It excited her as did watching Lauren suck on my cock. I wrapped my fingers around the back of her thigh and pulled her forward. As Lauren continued to suck on me, I guided Myra to sit on the arm of the chair. I eased my hand from between her thighs and then placed it on her slender waist. I drew my hand up over the gentle swells of her breasts and then peeled down the front of her tube top. I gazed up at her firm breasts. They were dark and capped with unusually large and very dark nipples. Her chest was magnificent, though not as large as Lauren's.

My fingers cupped Myra's panting breast and I teased her taut nipple with my fingers. She gasped as she felt my fingers pinch her taut nubbin and pull on it gently. I fondled her other breast and then let my hand wander back down to her thighs. She looked down at my hand as it rested only inches from her pussy. I could feel the heat that emanated from her young womanflesh. I could see wisps of her dark muff as it peeked from under her shorts. As my fingers crept closer to her pussy, her jet black muff tickled my fingers.

"I'll take these." I said as I tugged on her panties. Myra lifted her ass and slid her panties down her long, shapely legs and handed them to me. "Over here." I instructed as I motioned her to sit on the desk in front of me. She lifted her ass onto the edge of the desk and then as I nodded, she lay back across the desktop on her side, her arm stretched out and bent to support her head. She stared down as Lauren's head rose and fell on the length of my cock. My hand reached out for Myra's warm, dark breast. I began to caress and tease her beautiful tits. Her nipples grew very hard as I pinched them gently. She began to moan with sexual heat as I saw her raise her leg.

Following her lead, I let my hand wander down her body and caress her exposed pussy. She was already pretty wet in anticipation. Pulling gently on her smooth thigh, she spun her body around to face me. Lying flat on her back, her legs across my lap, I lifted Myra's legs up into the air and she grabbed the corners of the desk to brace herself as her legs pointed to the ceiling. I leaned forward and kissed the back of her tender thigh and her entire body shook. I ran my fingers through Lauren's long hair as I said to Myra, "Spread them for me." Slowly, deliberately, Myra split her magnificent thighs wide apart, presenting me with complete access to her dripping pussy. I lowered my face into the young beauty's womanhood and began the pleasurable task of eating her to her first orgasm. I teased her clit and nibbled on her swollen pussy lips as I felt Lauren's talented tongue bring me to the edge of explosion.

Myra's legs shook and her body bucked as she reached yet another orgasm. Lauren wrapped her fingers around my balls and using her long fingernails to tease them was rewarded with a shower of hot cum shooting into her talented mouth. As she gulped and swallowed valiantly in an effort to drink all of my cum, I continued to suck on Myra's dripping pussy. I held Lauren's face to my cock and she continued to suck on my spent tool after she'd finished swallowing my load. Her lips felt wonderful on my cock as she continued to pleasure me. Releasing my grip on Lauren's head, she sat back and watched as I sucked on her best friend's pussy.

"What about me?" she asked as she looked up. I lifted my face from Myra's seething pussy and glanced down at her huge breasts as they stood out proudly on Lauren's chest.

"What about you?" I teased her. "I scarcely know where to begin." I complemented her. Lauren rose to her feet and then grasping the bows on her hips, she pulled them open as her bikini bottoms fell from around her flaring hips. As she stood up, naked before me, I realized just what a goddess she was. Her breasts were huge and firm and her nipples pink and very hard. Her waist was narrow and her hips round and smooth. She took very good care of what nature had given her.

Lauren took my hand and lifting her foot onto the chair beside me, guided my hand to her dripping pussy. I slid my fingers over her swollen labia and then slipped them into her steaming pussy. She was unbelievably wet inside as my fingers probed deeply into her tight quim. My other hand slid down to Myra's juicing twat and I probed both girls as they moaned with pleasure.

"Sit up." I said to Myra and the naked beauty slowly lifted her body up from the desk. I stood up and sat beside her on the desk. I nodded and Myra sat down in my chair. She reached up to my shorts and slid them down to my ankles. As she lifted her body back up, she saw my cock in front of her. Wrapping her fingers around the base of my shaft, she leaned forward and sucked it into her hungry mouth. I lay back on the desk as my feet came up to the seat of the chair. I felt Myra's hands slide under my hips as she cupped my balls and continued to suck on my cock. She loved the way it grew in her mouth as she licked and sucked on it.

"Climb on." I said and Lauren walked around the desk and then climbed on and straddled my face. I looked up at her dripping cunt as she lowered her seething pussy to my lips. Her hips began to buck as my tongue probed her most intimate flesh. In seconds she gasped and her insides let go with buckets of cum. I pointed my tongue and slid it between her engorged labia as I licked the sweet nectar from her loins.

Myra was not to be denied. She grasped my cock and pumping it with one hand, licked and sucked on the tip with her talented mouth. I was ramrod hard and wondering which of the wonderful holes available to me would be the next one to be filled. I didn't get to choose. Myra climbed up onto the desk and straddling my hips, she guided her seething pussy onto the tip of my ramrod. I felt the warm wetness of her pussy slide down the length of my cock until she was fully impaled on my shaft. I moaned softly as her powerful inner muscles began to massage my invading cock. The two naked beauties faced each other as they both straddled my body and used their dripping pussies to pleasure me and themselves.

With my cock firmly embedded in her tight quim, Myra began to piston her pussy up and down the length of my shaft. I could feel her pussy milking my cock as she rolled her hips each time her body descended onto mine. I heard her gasp as a powerful orgasm overwhelmed her beautiful, young body. Lauren watched as her friend's tits bounced wildly each time she slammed her pussy down onto my cock. Myra watched as Lauren's huge tits heaved as my tongue brought her to orgasm after orgasm. The two girls watched each other intently as they both ground their cunts against my body. Myra came again with a shudder and then so did Lauren as my tongue explored every inch of her seething quim.

The two girls both leaned towards each other and then wrapped their arms around each other's shoulders. Their panting breasts touched as they embraced and then looking deeply at each other, they kissed each other as they probed each other's mouths with their talented tongues. Both girls were surprised by the passion of their kisses and the lust of their embrace. I pressed up on Lauren's smooth asscheeks and she lifted her body off of my face as she continued to kiss Myra. I looked up and watched the newfound lovers as they kissed each other and mashed their beautiful breasts against each other.

Not wanting to interrupt their embrace, I slid my body sideways and then Myra lifted her dripping pussy off of my cock. They continued to kiss for a moment and then I wrapped my arms around the two of them and kissed them both on the cheeks. The two women stopped kissing and they both looked at me and then each other and they both kissed me. As they turned their bodies to face me, I let my hands drop down between their open thighs and I teased both of their pussies with my fingers. Then reaching up, I took each girl by the hand and then guided their hands down between each other's thighs to their pussies. Myra and Lauren each began to stroke and probe each other's pussies as my hands came up to their panting breasts and began to knead their magnificent tits. Both girls reached out with their free hands and began to stroke my ramrod. We were all moaning loudly as we stroked each other's bodies.

"Your turn." I whispered to Lauren as the girls eased apart. I helped Lauren to lie across the desk. I pulled her body to the edge of the desk and lifted her legs into the air as I'd done with Myra. Lauren raised her arms and reached for the corners of the desk as she lay spread-eagled before me. I lay my cock across her soft muff as I pressed her long legs wide apart. Myra sat beside her friend and gazed down at my cock as it lay between Lauren's open thighs. She leaned forward and kissed the tip as it lay on the soft mat of Lauren's dark muff. The scent emanating from Lauren's quim was overpowering and Myra's hand came around Lauren's raised thigh and probed her oozing pussy as her tongue licked my cock. I slid my cock back a little and Myra moved forward with it until her mouth was poised just above Lauren's gaping pussy. I reached down to her head and wrapping my fingers through her dark hair, I guided her mouth to Lauren's seething quim.

Myra kissed her friend's thigh and then licked the sweet nectar from Lauren's engorged pussy lips. I heard Lauren moan as she felt Myra's tongue caress her dripping pussy. I let her lick her friend as I teased Lauren's pussy with the tip of my cock. "Put me in." I said softly and as Myra lifted her face from between Lauren's thighs, she grasped my cock in one hand as she peeled Lauren's labia back with her other and guided my ramrod into her friend's pussy. She watched as I moved forward and my cock slowly slid all the way into her friend's dripping twat. I couldn't believe how tight Lauren's pussy was. I stood motionless in her body as I flexed my cock deep in her pussy. Lauren gasped as her powerful inner muscles grasped my shaft. Slowly I began to fuck this magnificent, young girl as her huge tits began to bounce and shake on her chest. Myra watched intently as I began to pump my ramrod in and out of Lauren's sweet pussy. I nodded to her and she moved around the desk and then climbed on, straddling Lauren's face with her satiny thighs.

Lauren looked up and saw Myra's dripping pussy descending to her mouth as she felt my cock thrust deep into her tightness and her huge tits bounce wildly on her chest. Her tongue began to lick the cum that filled Myra's pussy as I continued to ram my cock into her own. Myra watched Lauren's heaving chest and then brought her hands down and began to squeeze and rub Lauren's tits as she ground her pussy onto her friends' mouth. As I fucked her hard, Lauren's powerful muscles milked my cock and I pulled her legs further apart. Lauren was screaming softly into Myra's pussy as orgasms rippled though her beautiful, young body. Then suddenly Myra gasped and her pussy exploded with hot cum as a thundering orgasm enveloped her.

Myra felt Lauren's arms wrap around her open thighs as she pulled her pussy closer to her face. Her tongue snaked into Myra's dripping pussy as I felt my balls about to explode. I let go of Lauren's leg and reached forward to Myra. I wrapped my hand around her neck and pulled her body forward. She lowered her body onto Lauren's as her face came down close to my crotch. I took my final thrusts into Lauren's magnificent pussy and then just as my cock began to shoot, I pulled out of her pussy and aimed my spurting cock at Myra's face. She quickly opened her mouth and I shoved my cock between her lips as hot cum sprayed into her hungry mouth. I felt her lips close around the head of my shaft as my cock emptied onto her tongue. The dark beauty swallowed hard as she tried to keep from choking on my load.

Myra continued to grind her own pussy against Lauren's tongue as her own licked the length of my shaft. Then slipping my cock from between her lips, I lowered Myra's face back between Lauren's open thighs as I held the young beauty's legs. I watched as the two newfound lovers pleasured each other's pussies. Both girls moaned loudly as they tongued each other.

"We'll have to do this again soon." I teased as I watched the two girls go after each other. They didn't say a word, but just continued to lick each other as I watched.

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