tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 18

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 18


Just for You

My Dear Little Girl,

I want to write you a letter, dear. Wouldn't you like that?

I want to write you soft, private words just for you. Words like tender kisses on your eyes as you read them. Words that will caress you and make you long to tell me everything.

Are you done with your homework? Come, darling, make yourself comfortable again tonight. I'm working late in my studio but I'll be up to see you later on. Curl up in my bed for now. Slide your clothes off.

Be a good little bad girl and touch your breasts for me. Tease your nipples. Make them hard. In a little while you will come for me and when you do, you will call my name. But we have time. There's no hurry. Play with your sweet breasts, dear. Keep them warm until I can be there to touch you myself.

Think about my kisses. Think about the flavor of my breath. I'll be there soon to kiss you, but in the mean time; are you getting wet, my love? Slip your hand between your legs. Spread them open for me — those lovely strong legs that hold me so tight when I'm inside you. Spread them for me and slip your finger between you pussy lips. Stroke your clitoris gently. I'll be there soon, my love. I'll be there soon.

Gently caress your pussy lips. Very soft and tender. Like when I kiss you there as we begin. Like I kiss your sweet cunnie lips before I take you. So gentle. So warm. My breath on the inside of your legs as I spread you open.

Your fragrance is intoxicating me as you become excited. Your skin is so smooth. I love to run my hands up over your belly as I press more firmly — as I nuzzle you — spreading your pussy lips open with my lips so I can begin to suck your clitoris.

Your clitoris is becoming swollen as I encourage it with my mouth. I'm running my hands up the insides of your legs. I'm gripping your firmly at that muscle right there — right there on either side of your pussy lips. I'm gripping you firmly so you feel my strength.

The strength in my hands from the years of playing piano — the articulation of my fingers from years of caressing the strings. Let me bring that strength now to bear right here, holding you open so you can feel it — my strength — so it can thrill you as I hold you tight, as I suck you gently, as I caress your clitoris with my teeth.

Perhaps I'll bite you now. Gently for now. A nice little bite just hard enough. And then more tender sucking, holding your legs open right at their base, now also spreading your pussy lips open with my fingers.

I'm opening you like a flower. Petal by petal by petal. Layer of excitement by layer. Lifting you. My thumbs are pressing into the backs of your legs right at their base. I am thrilling you. And I take my left hand now — up to my mouth to get my fingers full of my saliva.

They need to be wet and slippery, my little love so I can transfer that wetness down below you sweet cunnie. Down across you tight ass hole. I'll get you slippery and wet while I softly work your clitoris with my tongue.

And now, my love, I will start to flirt with your ass hole. Teasing you. You are so excited my my sucking you. You are breathing hard and deep. Now let me slip inside. Relax just enough.

My finger slips into your ass and I begin to slowly work you. Stretching you and slipping in and out. I withdraw my finger so you can feel it slip back in. Over and over, my dear, while we take our time. There's no hurry.

Think of these things while you play with yourself. Think of my finger sliding into you. And now, my dear, think of how it feels when I work another finger into your tight ass hole. So sweet. So naughty.

I'll suck you harder now. I'm going to make you come. I'll stroke you a little harder. It won't take much more, you are so close.

Think of my bite. Think of my grip. Think of my fingers sliding in your ass hole. Now, my dear little girl, come for me. Come on, my little flower, I've opened you now. Come on, my darling, come for me for real.

There, in your room, homework all done, say my name as you come. You will write me a letter. You will tell me all about it. You will come for me now. My little love. Come for me, darling. Come.

You are so beautiful. You are so strong. You are my little muse, my inspiration. Please sing your heart to me, for tonight you are mine again — you are mine again as always. I will play your skin like fire. I will write your name in the sky. My little girl. My own little love.

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