tagBDSMAcing Mr. Davidson

Acing Mr. Davidson


St. Edward's Academy was a Private College, Mr. Davidson was a professor there who taught British literature. During his lecture that day, a student of his, Micki, she was 21 and a junior at the time, screamed at a fellow student "You fucker, why did you do that?" She then hit him in the arm, as he and his friends laughed.

"Micki, what did you just say?" he said back to her, giving her a menacing look of displeasure from his lecture being interrupted.

"Derek grabbed my tit."

"Micki, that is no reason to scream obscenities." As he finished that comment, the bell rang, and the class began to file out of the hall. "Micki, I need to talk to you." He then motioned with his finger for her to come up to the front of the class. she acted somewhat dejectedly, not wanting to stay afterward. "Micki, I need to talk to you about your behavior, and your grade, this incident today was the last straw, you are constantly disruptive, and you are currently failing my class. Now, I've tried talking to you before, and it hasn't worked, I think we need to try something a little different."

"I didn't do anything wrong, Derke grabbed my breast during class." She said, trying to plead her case.

"Why did he do that?"

"I don't know."

"Y'know, I've watched how you and Derek act toward each other. I'm not surprised that he would do what he did today, I see how you look at him, and all the suggestive movements you make toward him." Micki didn't know that he had seen her do those things, and she was too embarrassed to say anything. "I'm just surprised he hadn't done anything before with how much you tease him, do you like being such a tease?" he asked, questioingly.

"I don't try to tease him."

"Well, teasers always need to be dealt with a bit harsher punishment." he said, while moving around behind her, looking at her legs in white stockings and her short plaid skirt. She was a little on the short side, being only 5'2" but she did have 34C breasts that were partially exposed by her shirt, the top 2 buttons were undone. His larger size made for his dominating effect he had on others, he was 6'3" with high, broad shoulders, brown hair that was parted perfectly. He was in his mid 30s, and had concentrated on school rather than marrying. He put his hand on her shoulder, and ran his fingers through her hair, and bringing his head down to smell it. She tried to turn around, but he held her facing forward, and then put his hand underneath her skirt, she had on panties, which he moved his hand underneath. He began carressing her ass, it was nice and a firm.

"Ready for some punishment?" He whispered into her ear, and pushed her over the desk, making her plump ass stick up into the air. She offerred no resistance, bending over his desk, beginning to get moist in anticipation. He lifted her short skirt up, folding it over her waist, then pulling down her panties, exposing her soft skin. She watched as he rummaged through one of his desk drawers, producing a wooden ruler. He walked behind her, dissappearing from her sight. He pulled the ruler in his hand back, and struck her ass hard. He them repeated this exact movement three more times. Micki's ass was stinging from the impact. He then pulled her back up to where she was standing, and noticed the trail of wetness that went down her leg. "Did you enjoy that?" He asked, feeling her breathe heavily as he pulled her close to him.

"Yes, Mr. Davidson, I did enjoy it, very much." She looked apprehensive as she said this, not realizing the total effect he had had on her. She avoided eye contact as much as possible, but he wanted to look into her bright eyes, and grabbed her chin, lifting her head up so he could see them.

"Do you want an A in my class Micki?"

"Yes, very much so sir."

"Then come to this address wearing the outfit you have on right now, no bra, panties, and please be there at 7:00 exactly. Understand?"

"Yes sir." He handed her the address which she quickly pocketed the address and left the room. She hurriedly made it to the bathroom, wanting to clean herself so no one would see her in this condition, wanting to keep her image up. She got ready, as to his orders in her dorm room, and left at 6:45 to make it to the address in time. It was an address just off campus, and should only take 10 minutes to get there. As she stood outside the door, waiting for 7 o'clock to arrive, making sure she had followed his instructions, same outfit, no bra, panties on. She knocked at 7:00 according to her watch, and he opened the door, wearing khakis and a white polo shirt. "Come in Micki." he said, and closed the door after she walked inside. "Have you followed all of my instructions?"

"Yes Mr. Davidson, what do I have to do to get an A in your class?" They sat down on the couch, and Mr. Davidson gave her a glass of wine he had already poured.

"Well, Mickie, for you to get an A in my class you must be my slave for the night, you will do what I say or be punished, if you are an unsatisfactory slave to me, you will not get your A." He said, taking a sip of wine before continuing. "I will ask you to do some things you have never done before, and if you feel that the pain is too much for you to continue, you will say Micki as your safe word, and everything will stop, understand?"

"Yes, sir, I haven't been very far with a guy, but I really need my A.'

"OK, from now on you will be referred to as slut, do you have any other questions?"

"How long are we going to do this for?"

"It will last until I am done with you. I also need to know if you have any injuries, or anything that inhibits your movement?"

"No, I am quite flexible, I used to be a cheerleader."

"Good, now to make sure you are committed, slut, stand in front of me." She followed the order, and he began inspecting her, taking off her shirt, and then lifting her skirt up to make sure she had followed his instructions. "Good girl, now go upstairs." She walked up the stairs, and when she got to the top, he grabbed her arm and led her into the bedroom. "Spread your legs slut."

"Yes, Master." She obeyed, and he reach up and took some scissors to cut her panties off of her. He then went to the bed, and grabbed a large box, which was filled with toys. He grabbed two vibrators, both 9" in length, and put lubricant on the top of both of them, and then slowly worked them into her ass and pussy, slowly filling her completely. He then turned them on to low, and cuffed her ankles together, keeping them inside her, and making her movement very limited. He then picked her up, and placed her onto the bed on her stomach. After grabbing her arms, he put a cuff on the left one, and pulled her legs back, putting the chain around the chain for the ankles, and then cuffed her other hand, leaving her in a hog-tied position, where she could not move at all.

"I do love how women look when they are tied like this." He said, smiling evily, as he undid his belt, and zipped down his fly, removing the khakis, and his polo shirt, leaving him only in boxers. She was astonished at what she saw, he had a hard on, and from the bulge he looked enormous. As he pulled the elastic down on his boxers, and unwielded his cock like a sword out of it's sheath. At the sight of his 10", her eyes grew to the size of saucers. "You like looking at this don't you slut."

"Master, you are so big, I've never seen a penis that large." Still in shock at his incredible size, she had only had sex a handful of times, but the guy she had been with was only 6", this was considerably larger. He then moved forward, and put the head of his cock on her lips, she instinctively kissed it, feeling it's heat. Grabbing her head, he moved his cock forward, and into her warm moist mouth. She accommodated his cock for 7" but the last 3" gave her trouble, she concentrated, relaxing, and then his cock would slide in farther. He moaned softly, and began moving his hips back and forth, pushing it all in, then taking an inch or 2 out. She concentrated on pleasing her master, trying to control her own orgasms, which had made her body convulse, but she couldn't, her body was restrained and couldn't move. He grabbed her hair, and ran his fingers through it, she felt his member throb, and could feel the increased bloodflow, and along with his moans and heavy breathing, she knew he was about to cum. Her moans were not audible because of his cock blocking any sound, not letting it escape. He gave her no warning, grabbed her hair, pushing all of his cock into her, and then grunted loudly, as the cum exploded into her throat. Upon his cumming into her mouth her orgasm came, and the rush of pleasure overtook her. After 3 or 4 more spurts of his juice, he slowly moved it in and out, making sure all the cum was in her mouth, before pulling his cock out of her mouth.

"Good girl slut, that is the best blowjob any first timer has given me." She felt honored at the compliment and smiled. "Did you orgasm slut?"

"Yes, master."

"I figured you would, but for now that is acceptable." he then uncuffed her hands and wrists, but still gripped her wrists in his hand. he tied her right wrist to her right thigh, and likewise to the left, leaving her completely exposed to him in a "frog" position. He turned the vibrators off, and pulled them both out, but held them, putting the one that was in her pussy in front of her face. "Open." He commanded. She opened her mouth and he stuffed the slick vibrator into her mouth, letting her taste her own sweetness for the first time. "You like?" she had never tasted herself, or any woman before, but still nodded her satisfaction to him. He then took it out, to her dismay. He put that vibrator off to the side, and put the other vibrator into her mouth. She had a course look on her face, not enjoying the taste of her ass, preferring her pussy much better. He then took it out of her mouth. He went back to the box, and held something behind his back, and then produced it, a large ballgag, which he put into her mouth, stretching her pouty lips over it and then hooking it behind her neck.

He began kissing her neck, nibbling at her veins, and pinched her nipples hard, as Micki closed her eyes from the pain and pleasure of the feeling. He then mounted on top of her, his 10" hard once again, and ready for another opening. He pushed the head of his cock into her pussy, slowly teasing it, then in one motion he shoved all 10" into her, filling her entire pussy. He began thrusting violently, pushing his cock hard into her pussy, then drawing it back, before jamming it back inside her. Micki's moans came out muffled from the gag, but her heavy breathing was obvious to him. His cock was hard again, which amazed Micki, but she was enjoying this too much, and was having trouble thinking straight. His grunted during every thurst, and grabbed the headboard in order to gain the leverage he wanted, as he thrusted one last time, gave out a grunt, and Micki felt his cock burst inside her, and could feel her pussy fill with his hot cum. He pulled out of her, his cock still wet from her cunt juice and his cum. he then moved up the bed, took the ball gag out of her mouth, and put his cock in front of her mouth.

"Clean it." She had spit coming out the sides of her mouth, , which allowed her to easily put her mouth around the head of his cock, licking it, as he let her have a few inches in her, but not allowing her to have it all. He then pulled it out of her mouth, and went back to the box. He grabbed some nipple clamps, and moved over to her, and played with her nipples. He rubbed them, and pinched them between his fingers, and then sucking on them, making the nipples hard and having them stick out. He quickly snapped the clamps onto her nipples, letting them bite down hard on them. Micki let out a yelp, as the pain was getting to her. He moved them up and down, making her breasts move, and then pulled them out, making her moan, and then wince as it felt like her nipples were getting ripped off. Mr. Davidson inserted a finger into her cunt, which was getting wetter and wetter. He used his thumb to rub her clit. He then pulled his finger out, and took off the clamps, and undid her restraints. "Slut, you have been a very good slave girl, so I will let you have the ultimate reward."

"What is that master?" She asked, obviously excited.

"I will let you ride my cock for as long as you can stay on it."

"Thank you master." She said, while smiling. He laid down on the bed, and she climbed on top of him. She began to kiss him, pushing her tongue into his mouth, her passion overflowing. He reached his hands up, and rubbed her breasts, kneading them as he took handfulls of them. She then put her pussy over his cock, making sure to line it up correctly, then sat down, taking all of his cock inside her. It impaled her pussy, spreading her wider, and gravity pushed her farther down on it. She moved up and down, his hands on her hips, and then reaching around to grab her plump ass, holding her down on him.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH" he could tell she was cumming, as her eyes rolled back, and her movements slowed, she then laid down onto him, although kept him inside her, knowing she would want some more later that night.

"Micki, congratulations, you got an A." He said, and she kissed him, happily smiling.

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