tagInterracial LoveAcrobatics 07

Acrobatics 07


Acrobatics 7 - Beer Helps Joan

The slow padding of feet came into Jack's consciousness. Joan walked up and fell to her knees beside him. Her speech was slurred.

"You white people willll do annything with your mouths."

In an attempt to help Jack wipe his mouth clean, Joan tried to use the fabric from her outfit. It wouldn't stretch far enough. In frustration she just removed one arm from her outfit, totally exposing one breast. Jack's eyes bugged out to see the tit spring free and stand straight out with a nice dark puffy nipple. Joan leaned forward and brushed the material against his lips as her bare tit bounced up under his chin.

"Yeahhh, I wouldn't do thaaat with myyy mouth, but it turns me on to watch ya'll."

Joan shakily got to her feet but she wasn't shaky at all as she totally rid herself of the outfit. Joan stood swaying totally nude in the starlight and she was a gorgeous woman. Her stomach had a slight pooch and the outline of muscles was there. Her hips were somewhat narrow while her ass protruded back into a large well-shaped butt. Joan's evident ribcage would have made her look thin except for two beautiful protruding tits. They did not sag, and there was just as much tit above her nipples as below.

When Joan plopped back on her knees her tits bounced and she smiled at Jack. He realized that she was beautiful in every way.

Jack just sat there stupefied as Joan knee-walked up to him. He couldn't help but look down at her exposed pussy and his dick surged. Joan gently pushed him in the chest and Jack rolled back onto the mat. She straddled his chest with her knees outside of his arms.

Joan clearly wanted him to perform cunnilingus on her as he had done with Mary. Jack lifted his hands to cup her large round ass cheeks. Joan pushed her hips forward and Jack raised his head to place his mouth on her glistening pussy. Joan quickly placed a finger in the middle of his forehead and pushed his head back down on the mat.

"Naahh, thazz not what I want."

Again Joan reared up on her knees, reached backward, and grabbed Jack's shorts. In confusion Jack lifted his hips as she pulled them down and off his legs. With Jack's hands still gripping her ass Joan slid back until his rock hard dick stopped her. She lifted up enough to reach between her legs and grip Jack's dick with her warm hand.

In the earpiece came his wife's firm voice. "Jack, you cannot have sex with this girl, she's drunk."

Jack quickly brought his hands around to Joan's hips and pushed her out of position. "OK Joan we've all had enough fun tonight."

Joan had lost her grip but not her determination. She again got a hand on his dick and again it felt really good to him.

In his earpiece, "Jack, I don't think I feel good about this. I'm scared. You can't have sex with this woman!"

"OK, OK, Joan. Let's not do this."

Jack hesitated slightly at the sight of Joan above him with her hand around his aching cock. She was looking down to eagerly aim it into her hungry hot pussy. His hands were on her hips and he knew he could push her out of position at the last second. He considered just letting her come down enough so that he could feel the sensation of that first dick to pussy contact.

In a total surprise Jack felt hands push down on his forearms. He looked up to see Mary bending over him and pushing his arms down.

Joan lowered herself onto Jack somewhat and the head of his cock got wet.

They both said, "Uhh!!"

Jack struggled to get his hands into a pushing position again but Mary was leaning her weight on his arms. In this position he could not lift them.

Joan came down some more.


Jack started digging his heals into the mat to push himself backward. His heals slipped on the leathery surface.

Joan bent forward to the right angle placing her hands on Jack's chest. She wiggled her hips as she slowly pushed onto him down to the hilt.

"AAHHHHHH!!!" came loudly from both of them as Joan continued to wiggle while totally filled.

Karen's voice came over the earpiece. "It sounds like it's too late." There was a pause before Karen came back on the line. "You can't stop now or she'll feel rejected. I'll probably be OK even though I'm scared."

Jack quit fighting and Mary kept eye contact with him as she backed away. Jack looked at Joan who was totally absorbed. He slowly moved his hands to her large perfect tits as she continued to gyrate on top of him.

Joan's tits felt terrific. They spilled outside of his hands as she leaned forward into him. He lowered her until they were kissing deeply and then she pushed herself back up again. She began to go up and down with a hip wiggle on each down stroke. Jack held onto her tits as Joan did the work.

Jack was surprised at how snug her pussy fit around his dick. He had heard all his life about the size of black men's dicks so he assumed black women must have larger pussies. This certainly was not the case for Joan.

Jack moved his hands to grip her hips. Joan was kneeling astride him and bouncing so that her tits swung wildly up and down. He moved one hand between her legs to stimulate her clit with his thumb, which she seemed to ignore. Joan was intent on the fucking.

Jack moved his hands up under Joan's ample ass and tried to sit up. Joan may have been a little drunk but even so she knew how to fuck. She recognized that he wanted her to lean back, which she did.

Jack was able to hold her up by supporting her ass like curling a barbell, while he got into a kneeling position. Joan's shoulders were on the mat and her ass was up in the air supported by Jack. In this position Jack could start taking over some of the thrusting. She groaned and purred with his movements.

Joan's legs started flying around as Jack became like a piston going in and out. Sometimes her legs would go up over his shoulders and sometimes swing wide or even cross. She pushed back against him with her ass held up and her shoulders on the mat.

As Jack's butt was repeatedly clinching he felt a cool movement on his ass. Mary was standing behind him lightly using her hands to explore what his ass felt like as it moved.

Joan made plenty of noise to go along with the fucking.


Joan's tits were sliding back and forth with their body-slamming movements. She reached her hands up to touch Jack's face. In the frenzy she sort of slapped him. Jack just continued to fuck as he shook his head. Joan took the cue and began to push and lightly slap at his face while they fucked.

Joan was beginning to make louder noises and Jack thought she might be nearing an orgasm. Without ever stopping he gradually lowered her down and moved his hands to grab her firm ass from the other direction. Joan wrapped her legs around him to urge him on.

As Joan got closer she moved a hand between them to frantically rub her clit. She started to get really loud.


Jack continued to move in and out with her movements. When she quit yelling he craned his head to kiss her and she hungrily responded. He started to thrust faster and faster until he was at his top speed.

Jack felt his balls signal that the uncontrollable slow explosion had already started. He spoke to Joan.

"Oh Yeah...I'm almost there...Yeah Joan...You are SO HOT!"

His ass clenched along with his entire back. He pulled on her butt to get even deeper into her as he shot load after load into her depths.


Jack collapsed on top of Joan crushing her tits between them. He could feel the walls of her pussy with his cock and sensed that both were throbbing. Joan was breathing heavily and so was Jack. He lifted up a little bit to give her a chance to breathe easier. She took a couple of deep breaths and then pulled him back on top of her.

They lay there for what seemed like a long time before Jack raised his head up to kiss Joan affectionately. She kissed him back and nuzzled against his neck as she spoke in his ear.

"That's what I wanted."


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