tagHumor & SatireAdam & Mary Jane

Adam & Mary Jane


Adam absolutely loved Mary Jane. She was so gorgeous that she attracted all the attention of anyone near her. Her smile was miraculous, and her pussy was always wet.

Yes, Adam had many jerk-off sessions to the thought of Mary Jane's vast bosom. Sometimes he would get so involved in the thought of her sweet, hot pussy lips straddling his pulsating cock that he could actually feel it. His lust became more and more intense everyday.

Mary Jane was in Adam's sociology class. He liked her because she was so slutty. She liked to come to class bra-less with her erect nipples leading her huge tits through her shirt. But Mary had other assets. Her legs were long, smooth and tender, she liked to wear short schoolgirl skirts, as well as very short, but very loose fitting shorts. Adam knew she wanted guys and girls to catch a glimpse of her panties, and maybe even a small hint of her pussy lips. Some days, Mary opted to exhibit her beautiful round ass, by wearing super tight stretch pants.

One day as Adam got tired of listening to the professor (like always), he turned to his left to check out Mary Jane (like always). Usually Mary would be intently listening and taking notes but today she looked different. Her eyes were partially closed, but she was sitting upright, obviously not asleep, and her hands were not on her desk.

Adam looked down at her legs. She was wearing a skirt today. Then Adam noticed something-Mary's hands were in her skirt! She was rubbing her pussy through her panties!

At the sight of this, Adam's penis went from limp to fully erect in 4 seconds, and he found himself rubbing his own cock, and staring at Mary. He was lost in a gaze when Mary kept rubbing herself, but then looked at Adam and smiled. Adam jumped at the inviting gesture, and then smiled back. Mary's lustful smile then turned into an exotic smirk. She stopped rubbing, and slowly put her middle finger in her mouth and moved it back out slowly. Adam was mesmerized.

Adam could not wait to get out of class. He knew exactly what he was going to do. Finally the professor dismissed the class and Adam walked over to Mary.

"I could have been mistaken, but um..." Adam pondered. "Um... what?" Mary asked nonchalantly. "Were you getting off just awhile ago in class?"

"Yes, I was. I got very horny, and I still am horny. Did I offend you?"

"Not at all. I was wondering if you wanted me to help you out."

"Finally!" Exclaimed Mary, "Finally you ask, why do men have to be such cowards, come on, let's go to my place."

Mary Jane and Adam got in the car, and drove to Mary's building. Mary unlocked the door.

"I live alone. You're going to fuck me now Adam." She ordered.

Mary unzipped Adam's pants, pulled them down, and grabbed his cock tightly. She pulled him by his dick over to the bed's edge. She laid down at the edge of the bed, still in her skirt, and lifted up her beautiful long legs in the air.

"Remove my panties."

Adam did so.

"Eat my pussy."

Adam savagely ran his mouth over Mary's mound which was hot and sweaty from her masturbation in class. Mary cooed with excitement.

Adam pulled away from her pussy and plunged his cock into her vagina he pumped his dick in and out of her quickly, Mary let out vicious moans and screams. He held her ankles on his shoulders and watched as his penis disappeared in the folds of her pussy, exposed out of her plaid skirt. He looked at her cute face, and he felt a surge of cum coming up.

He pulled out of her, and yelled, "Put it in your mouth, now!"

Mary tried to but she was too late. The first explosion of cum covered her face and shirt, however she managed to get his dick in her mouth to get 2 more creamy hot loads. She swallowed.

With cum on her face and shirt, and Adam's thick, juicy cock in front of her, she smiled.

Then, Adam woke up with his penis stuck to the sheets, alone in his bed.

"Fuck" he said.

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