tagIncest/TabooAdventures of Curtis

Adventures of Curtis


Chapter 1

"Hey! Curtis," Deloris said opening the door and giving her cousin a hug.

He was followed in by his mother, Alice Swain. Deloris, her aunt Alice, her mother Lauren, and her older sister Stephanie and planned a night out. It was already after 10 PM and the ladies where already dressed to go. Curtis drove his mother, because she was celebrating her birthday and already had a few drinks before they left home. Lauren and Deloris had also been drinking, but Stephanie who was the designated driver only had a couple of beers.

The ladies were loud and where raring to go. Curtis was feeling down over a break up with his girlfriend, and his mother wasted no time spreading the news. After some teasing about his broken heart, he excused himself to watch TV in Deloris' bedroom, since she had cable.

Curtis shut the door and turned up the sound on the TV to drown out the loud noise his mother, aunt, and cousins where making. Soon they were gone, and he turned down the sound and lay on Deloris' bed to relax. All he could think about was his now ex-girlfriend. They had sex almost every time they were together. She liked it doggie-style, and she had the softest ass he had ever felt. He got a major hard-on just thinking about her. He drifted off to sleep thinking about how good it felt to feel her soft ass against him while he was deep inside of her.

It was after 4 AM when Deloris was dropped off at her home by Stephanie. Stephanie was to take Alice home before going to her mother's house for the night. Deloris was drunker than she had been in years, and had a fantastic time. She found Curtis out cold on her bed and decided to let him sleep. She was stumbling as took off her clothes for bed. She didn't even realize that she had taken off her panties with her skirt leaving on her bra and top as she climbed into bed. She was out seconds after her head hit the pillow.

Curtis stirred in his sleep pulling the covers over him. He began to dream about being with his girlfriend. They had made up, had a big wedding, and was on their honeymoon. She was lying in his arms as they made plans for their future. She wanted to have as many kids as they could and he was eager to get started. He looked the way her soft butt-cheeks melted into his body as they lay on their side and he worked his hard cock into her. Her pussy felt especially good to him being that it was their wedding day. He held her tight and slowly worked his cock in and out of her warm love hole until they both fell asleep.

Deloris's eyes popped wide open. The sun was shinning through the bedroom window and her head felt like it had been in a meat grinder. But there was something else. She winced as she slid her hand under the covers to her throbbing pussy between her legs. It wasn't a dream. She quickly turned to look over her should seeing her sleeping cousin. He had his back to her and was still asleep. She curst under her breath and quickly slid from the bed grabbing her skirt, panties and housecoat and ran into the bathroom.

She didn't know what to think. The weird dream she had of being fucked by her cousin wasn't a dream at all. She was feeling guilty, because she was enjoying herself in the dream. Now that she realized that it wasn't a dream at all. She jumped into the shower and tried to wash it all away, but it was no use. Every time her soapy rag came close to her cunt it began to ache for more. She finally gave in to her desires, fingering herself until she came.

Stephanie showed up as Deloris was making a pot of coffee. Deloris was naked under her housecoat, but that was the least of her problems. She ushered her older sister in to the kitchen. Curtis was still asleep in her bed.

"Steph, you wouldn't believe what happened last night," Deloris whispered eager to tell her sister.

"What? What?" Stephanie asked eager to hear what ever it was that had her sister so excited.

"Curtis screwed me!" Deloris exclaimed.

"What?!" Stephanie asked not believing what she had just heard. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Deloris said trying to keep her voice down. "I thought I was having another one of those dreams, but when I woke up I had cum all over me, and I didn't have on my panties."

Stephanie began to laugh.

"It's not funny," Deloris said.

"I guess Curtis got over that little twit, huh?" Stephanie continued to laugh.

"Steph, it aint funny," Deloris said. "I really thought I was dreaming...I...um"

"You came!" Stephanie said laughing even harder.

"Sssh...you'll wake him up," Deloris said.

"I thought you said that nobody could make you have an orgasm?" Stephanie continued laughing. "I guess you were wrong."

Curtis woke to the sounds of laughter. For some reason he was feeling good, but after realizing where he was he knew that he had been dreaming. His ex-girlfriend would be walking into the bedroom with a breakfast tray. "O'fuck!" he said realizing that he was naked in his cousin's bed. He looked down to his half hard cock seeing the evidence of sex. "O' fuck!" he repeated. He quickly dressed and went into the bathroom to clean up. He began remembering his dream, and his cock stiffened as her remembered how good it was. He chuckled remembering how his cousin ribbed him at times about him wanting to fuck her juicy ass. He began to feel go that he finally had something up on his trash talking cousin. He recognized the sound of Stephanie's laugh.

Curtis went into the kitchen with his chest poked out. As soon as Stephanie saw him she began to laugh harder. Deloris shot a hard look at her sister.

"Sleep well," Stephanie joked.

"Slept great," Curtis answered giving her a smug look.

Stephanie laughed louder. Deloris threw the drying cloth at her.

"How did you sleep, Deloris," he joked.

Stephanie nearly fell out of her chair laughing.

"Mother-fucker," Deloris said.

"You mean, cuz-fucker don't you," Stephanie said not able to contain her laughter.

"It was the best you'll ever have," Deloris snapped back.

"I'll give you that one, cuz," Curtis said.

"What happened?" Stephanie said.

"I fell asleep dreaming about banging this fine assed babe and woke up naked," Curtis said.

"I was drunk," Deloris said.

"But you came," Stephanie said exposing her sister's secret.

Curtis burst out laughing. "Who's da-man, huh!" he said giving Stephanie a high five. "She-it! Bust dat ass," he ribbed Deloris.

Deloris sat down at the table cutting her eyes at her sister and cousin.

"Do get mad, Dee," Stephanie said. "We teased him a lot...you gotta give this one to him," Stephanie said.

"If it was you, you wouldn't find it so funny," Deloris said to her sister.

"Hey, it just happened, ok?" Curtis said. "But it surely took my mind off that bitch."

Stephanie laughed and Deloris could help, but crack a smile.

"She-it, she could only wish she had an ass like yours," Curtis said. "Hell, I got a woody just thinking about tapping that again." He grabbed his crotch showing his cousins the large print of his hard-on in his pants.

"Damn! Boy!" Stephanie said looking at the print of her cousin's cock. "That's a horse dick. Hell, I would have cum too." She laughed.

Deloris looked at the print and became very aware of her nakedness under her housecoat. She pulled it together tighter at her chest and squeezed her thighs tighter together to sooth the throbbing that began again between her thighs.

"Remember we pulled your trunks down at the beach?" Stephanie chuckled. "It was so tiny." She laughed and Deloris laughed with her.

"It aint so little now, is it?" Curtis said shaking his hard-on in his pants.

They all laughed.

Stephanie got up to make herself a cup of coffee. "Kissin'-Cousins," she laughed.

"You're next," Curtis said grabbing a hand full of Stephanie's butt-cheeks.

Stephanie pushed her ass out shaking her hips from side to side as she laughed. "I would wear that thing out," she joked.

Curtis moved behind her and playfully grinded his hard-on against her plum butt-cheeks. "You wanna go for a ride?" he joked.

"Boy, you couldn't handle this," Stephanie said laughing.

"Don't mean that I wouldn't try," Curtis joked moving away to grab a cup for his coffee.

"Steph, remember you said that you would fuck his little brains out?" Deloris said trying to get the heat off herself.

"O' you will, huh?" Curtis said reaching to grab his older cousin's butt-cheeks as she went back to her seat.

Stephanie laughed. "Yeah, I remember that," she said.

"Bring it on then cuz," Curtis said thrusting his hips at the air as he went to sit across the table from Stephanie.

"That was when you were a player, before you started going with Kathy," Stephanie said. "You was hot, even if you are my cousin. That bitch ruined your ass."

"Not any more, she won't," Curtis said.

"That's what they all say," Deloris said. "As soon as you see her you'll go all pussy again."

"Yep," Stephanie agreed.

"She-it! I had a taste of some good pussy...there's no way I'm goin' back to that," Curtis said.

Deloris blushed.

"That's the best way to get over somebody...is to get something different," Stephanie agreed.

Deloris nodded.

"That's to my juicy ass cousin here," Curtis said grabbing Deloris' forearm. "I'm not even thinking about that bitch."

"She was playing you for a chump," Stephanie said.

"Yep," Deloris said getting up to pour herself another cup of coffee.

Curtis got up from the table to sneak in behind Deloris while her back was turned to him. He motioned to Stephanie to be quiet. He got in behind her, grabbed her hips, and thrust his hard-on against her thinly covered ass.

"Boy! You better stop," Deloris said swatting at him. As she turned her housecoat came open showing that she was naked underneath. She closed it quickly, but not before they had a good look.

Stephanie and Curtis laughed. Stephanie stood up to freshen her cup again.

"You done had all you're going to get of this," Deloris said flashing him quickly as she began to leave the kitchen.

Curtis lunged at her able to get a hand full of her butt-cheeks before she got out of range. Stephanie laughed loudly.

"I really need that last night," Curtis said to his older cousin as he carried over his cup for a refill.

"I bet you did," she chuckled. She reached back and patted the bulge in his pants.

"She-it, I like to have some of this too," Curtis said putting a hand on Stephanie's hip as he pushed his hard-on against her soft butt-cheeks and began to grind.

"I bet you would," Stephanie said chuckling as she pushed her ass back against him.

"Man, I'll pump this ass so good," Curtis said putting his cup on the counter, so he could hold on to her hips with both hands.

Stephanie giggled holding on to the counter and grinding her ass back to him. Curtis grunted grinding his throbbing tool against her soft buns.

"Boy, you better not cum on my pants," Stephanie said standing up and pushing him away. She rubbed her hand over the back of her pants to check for cum.

"Damn, I want some of that ass," Curtis said.

"I know you do," Stephanie laughed.

Chapter 2

Curtis got up from his bed in the middle of the night to get himself something to drink. He had been out partying and all the beer he drank left him dehydrated. He found his mother Alice passed out on the sofa with the television still on. There was an nearly empty bottle of scotch on the coffee table. She had obviously drunk it by herself, because there was only one glass and she was in her nightgown.

He turned off the television and went to wake her. He shook her, but she only mumbled and rolled over on her back. Her loose nightshirt was twisted above her stomach and her oversized pajama shorts fell open at her crotch revealing that she was not wearing panties. Her curly matted cunt hairs did nothing to hide her swollen pussy lips. This was his mother, and he could hardly believe that he was just standing there looking at her pussy. A little mad at himself, he went into the kitchen to get himself a glass of water.

Something kept drawing back into the living room where his mother lay spread eagle on the sofa. He found himself pacing and out of the kitchen looking at his mother's exposed pussy. He finished his water and headed back to his bedroom trying very hard to ignore his sleeping mother.

Curtis lay on his bed unable to fall back to sleep. His cock was as hard as it could be. Frustrated, he sat up and then went back into the living room where his mother still lay in the compromising position. He shook her shoulder and called her name, but she did little more than moan. He sat on the edge of the coffee table and shook her again, and this time she began to snore. He sighed dropping his head and then raised his eyes back to the tempting cunt in front of him.

Curtis sat there just looking at his mother's pussy with his cock jerking in his boxer briefs. He thought that if he pulled the leg of her pajama shorts over her cunt then he would be able to forget about it and go to sleep. His heart pounded as he reached towards her cunt. The tip of his finger touched her pubic hair and he froze looking up at his mother's face. He relaxed his hand and more of his fingers came down right on her moist pussy. Curtis' cock jerked more under its cotton restraint. He could now feel the folds of her cunt lips as he pressed his fingers down slightly.

Sweat began to form on his forehead knowing that what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn't stop himself. He watched her face intently as he found her swollen clit. He pressed his finger down on it.

Alice's snoring stopped freezing Curtis right where he was. She moved her lower leg up and moaned softly. Curtis felt his heart in his throat. Her pussy opened and he could feel the path way where he came from more than 18 years earlier. He pressed down more on her clit with the tip of his finger and he felt her push up against him.

Curtis bit on his bottom lip as he slip the tip of his middle finger to the entrance of her cunt hole. Alice pushed up again and her pussy seemed to grab hold of his finger and pull it inside. She moaned again moving her legs wider apart. Curtis looked at his position and knew if she opened her eyes she would know immediately what he was doing, but even the possibility of being caught didn't matter to him at that point.

He pushed his finger in deeper and was met with an upward motion from Alice. With his finger embedded up to his knuckle, he stopped pushing and moved his thumb slowly over her clit. Alice began pushing up on his fingers with a steady rhythm. Curtis squeezed his throbbing cock as he felt his mother's hot pussy. Her rhythm seemed to increase and then slowed to a stop. He felt her cunt pulsating around his finger and then she let out a long low moan.

Curtis knew she had cum. He slowly backed his finger out of her wet pussy and then from her crotch. He moved the leg of her pajama bottom over to cover her exposed cunt. He exhaled feeling that he had gotten away with his invasion. He shook her shoulder again caller her name, but this time she finally came around.

Alice struggled to sit up on the sofa putting her hand to her head. "What time is it?" she asked groggy.

"It's after 3," Curtis said standing. As he did, his hard-on popped out of the pee-hole of his underwear nearly hitting Alice in the face.

Alice jerked her head back getting a good look at her son's hard cock before he could turn to put it away. She looked up at him, but said nothing. She tried to stand, and almost fell back on the sofa had he not caught her.

"Are you ok?" Curtis said helping her to her feet.

"Yeah, I just got a little dizzy there," she said.

Curtis walked her to her bedroom door and when back to him bedroom. He climbed into bed holding his pussy laced hand up to his noise as he fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Curtis heard the music thumping from the driveway when he arrived at his Aunt Lauren's home. His mother was at work and he wasn't doing anything. He opened the door seeing his aunt and cousin, Stephanie dancing.

"Hey, hey now!" he said shutting the door behind him. He danced over to where they were.

"Hey, let's show mom how that dance go," Stephanie said twisting her hips as she bounced in front of Curtis.

They bumped their pelvis together and then rolled their hips around in a big circle. Curtis dropped to his knees. Stephanie grabbed his head and thrust her hips forward. Lauren burst out into laughter. Curtis jumped up to his feet and Stephanie went down to her knees. Curtis thrust his hips forward. She jumped up to her feet, and as they thrust their pelvis together again Stephanie burst out into laughter causing Curtis to laugh also.

"You'll really dance like that?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah, but mainly they do the butty-hump," Stephanie said.

"The butty-hump!" Lauren said.

"Yeah," Stephanie said bending over slightly and thrusting her ass back to the rhythm of the music. She dipped coming back up spreading her legs father apart and rolled her hips.

Curtis was standing at an angle behind Stephanie. When she bent over the bottom of her butt-cheeks poked from under her short shirt. He looked to Lauren to see if she had seen what he was looking at, but her attention was on Stephanie. He went into the kitchen to make what they were drinking for himself. He heard Lauren laugh louder. He poked his head back in the room seeing that Stephanie had gone all the way down to her hands and knees. He went back to making his drink.

When he came back to the living room Stephanie was showing her mother how to do the dance. He had made himself a strong drink hoping to catch up with his aunt and cousin. He bobbed his head as he watched the two plump butt women shake their asses. After taking his drink half way down to build his nerve he joined in. He danced behind Stephanie taking her hips and moving with her. He saw that Lauren seemed to like the way he moved with Stephanie, so he dance around behind her.

"Push it back to him mom," Stephanie coached. "Like this." She motioned for Curtis to dance with her again. She pushed her ass back into his groin and rolled her hips.

Curtis moved back behind Lauren and his hard-on melted between her butt-cheeks, which was barely covered by her thigh length dress. Curtis grind hard against his aunt's soft ass.

"Woo!" Lauren laughed feeling her nephew's cock.

Curtis danced back over to Stephanie not wanting to do to much especially since he was enjoying the feel. Stephanie put her hands on her knees adding more action. She straighten back up and Curtis moved back behind Lauren and she moved her ass with a little more authority.

"Hey now! That's it!" Stephanie said clapping her hands. "Now break it on down!"

Lauren bent all the way forward and dropped down on her hands and knees. Curtis squatted behind her with his legs on the outside of hers holding on to her hips and continuing his grinding and thrusting as it was customary with the dance. Lauren's dress slid up on her ass and he found himself against her thin panties. When she made a move to get up, Curtis lifted her by her waist and she came right back to her feet.

"Alright now!" Lauren shouted and laughed.

Curtis moved over behind Stephanie who quickly moved down to her knees and then all the way down on her stomach with Curtis following her all the way. They came up so smoothly Lauren applauded.

"I don't think I can do that," Lauren said.

"Sure you can," Stephanie said.

"It's easy," Curtis added.

Curtis got in behind Lauren pressing his hard-on between her butt-cheeks. "Now bend over...I'm holding you, so you want fall over," Curtis said. "Now go down on your knees."

"Now mom, lean forward and he's going let go of you," Stephanie said. "Just keep on going down and he's going to come down on top of you."

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