Affairs of the Heart Ch. 02


"Jake!" She hissed, wiggling her bottom and pushing back. "Please, before they get back."

She heard him groan softly as his fingers slid over her bottom, enjoying the play of smooth skin and firm muscle before his hands gripped her curvy hips and his cock pressed against her glistening slit. She gasped and then sucked in a breath, closing her eyes and whimpering as he pushed forward, stretching and spreading her to fit him.

"Oh yes...oh god yes."


With her panties pulled to one side he parted her pussy folds damp with ease, his touch so confident. Working his fingers between, he instantly felt her excitement, damp and wet against his skin, his earlier playing having had an effect as she opened herself up to him. Pressing up against her he eased the tip of his cock between her folds, gently rocking his powerful frame back and forth, gradually slipping further into her. Through the mirror he watched as her piercing blue eyes dilate, her mouth uncontrollably opening as her pussy sensually engulfed his manhood. Whilst one hand remained hooked around her silk panties, Jake placed the other upon her waist, his fingers digging into her smooth skin as she slowly accommodated his size. She felt so tight, the warmth of her pussy clenching round his hard cock, sending shivers of pleasure through him. He gasped, the sensations tingling through him, slowly feeling her womanly flower mould around him, her wetness smearing against his cock, each rock gradually becoming easier.

"Mmm, mmmmmm." Lynn huskily panted, as he continued to rock against her, gently building up rhythm, feeling her start to buck against him, each stroke becoming deeper and harder.

"Fuck! You're amazing." He responded, his eyes drawn to the view of his cock now effortlessly sliding into her, slipping beyond her folds and deep into her, their combined juices only lubricating him further.

Rapidly building up pace, his cock quickly become a blur as he thrust back and forth, his balls soon slapping against her pert ass. In the confines of the guest bathroom their desires were frantic, their love making rampant and wild, Jake's need for her uncontrollable. In a dark twisted way Jake thrived on the chance of getting caught, adding a wickedly evil spice to the erotic encounter.

"Ohhh yea, yeah." Whimpered Lynn, as Jake pulled her back against him in time with his gyrating, her body shuddering with each powerful thrust.

Slowing the pace Jake removed his hand from her waist, wiping the hair from his face, his brow hot from his psychical excursion. Angling his hips back he pulled back allowing his cock, now glistening with juices, to slip out to the very end, his bulging tip, sitting on the edge of her pussy. With a single thrust he slipped his whole length into her, his stroke domineering and purposeful.

"Oh God." Lynn screamed, flinging her head down towards the basin, only to raise it seconds later as Jake slipped his member out to the tip once more.

Her auburn hair, disheveled around her face framing her blue eyes that twinkled with a lustful gaze, a sexual prowess that Jake wondered how long had been hidden. Jake smiled, repeating the motion only for her to moan in pleasure with each thrust.

"Ohhh baby." She mustered in between big gulps of air as Jake began thrusting again, once more building up a frantic rhythm, arching his body around her.

Slipping his hand from her panties he placed his strong arm around her waist, pulling her further onto him as he frantically pleasured her. With her mind spinning it was all Lynn could manage to grip tightly to the edge of the basin her body shivering with excitement.


She couldn't have thought that things could have been any better than the first time, but Jake was proving to her quickly that it was possible! She could scarcely breathe, hanging on tightly as he frantically thrust in and out of her. Not sloppy or unpracticed, but each move hitting just the right spots to make her gaze blur and body tighten with longing. A glimpse of herself in the mirror was shocking and exciting at the same time. She had never seen herself so caught up in the moment, so eager to be pleased and please in return. She let him take charge, loving the feel of his strong capable hands as they gripped her tightly.

He groaned and panted, his hot breath brushing the back of her neck as he curled over her, pounding this thick, hard cock deep into her tight, wet pussy. On impulse, she reached back and grasped a handful of his own hair, damp with sweat now as he pushed them further. She let out a squeal, his name passing her lips high pitched and filled with pleasure.

This was animalistic, desperate and needy. The sting of her hold on his hair fueled him on. His hips bucked hard and she cried out again, shuddering against him, her thighs quivering, her pussy gushing. He let out a growl at the back of his throat, wanting to mark her, brand her as HIS and no one else's. The musky scent of sex filled the room as their bodies slapped together.

"Fuck Lynn." He moaned, eyeing a sweet piece of exposed flesh on her shoulder. His nostrils flared and his hips ground into her.

"Jake...Jake..." She whimpered, feeling her body unravel. "I'm cumming baby, 'm cumming don't stop! Fill me up, give it to me!" She begged and bumped her bottom into his hips, straining to take more of him.

His hand slipped down pressed against her clit, covered by the soft material of her silky panties. She came hard and fast around his cock, squeezing and milking him just as he bit down on her tender flesh and felt his own balls tighten and his dick explode within her.


With his teeth grazing against her skin, her begging words to satisfy ringing in his ears, he felt his own excitement reach a crescendo. He had fantasized of such a situation many years ago when his brother first bought her home, a vision that he had secured away deep in the back of his mind when she became his brother's wife, now finally realized in such an explosive way. Feeling her body writhe under his powerful hold the clenching of her wonderful pussy around his throbbing member drenching him in her juices, the sensation taking him over the edge. With a final thrust he felt his balls constrict, his face contorted as he tried to hold back but his desire was too strong, powerful pulses as he orgasmed, filling her with his warm seed. Again and again he felt his thick member throb as they continued to rock in unison, the tiny bathroom filled with the sound of their heavy breathing.

As they slowly regained breath Jake kept his arms wrapped around her petite body, the roughness of the love making now replaced with tenderness, as he cocooned her in his arms. How he longed to be in her arms indefinitely, his attraction to her unmatched. Feeling his arousal subside, he gently slipped out of her wetness, her silk panties moving back into place yet quickly becoming soaked in their love juices, small trails trickling down her toned thighs. He pulled her up, twisting her around to face him.

"God you are so beautiful." He gushed, his words so full of emotion.

Raising his hand to her face he placed his hand upon her red-flushed cheek, feeling her soft skin, clammy under his touch. His eyes met her gazed eyes, a dreamy, lustful look peering back at him, lost in the sensations of her orgasm.

"That was amazing." She stuttered, her breathing still heavy, running her hand through his hair, slowly leaning her head against his.

Jake smiled, his sexual confidence a positive bonus of many experiences, and in her eyes he saw a woman whose own sexual prowess had been subsided, his attention waking the devil in her. Leaning in he closed his eyes, his lips reaching hers, so tender and sensual as they merged into one. He could feel her body pressed in against him, her warmth radiating against him as they embraced tenderly.

"I don't want this to end Jake." Lynn whispered into his ear as he moved his mouth back onto her neck, placing small kisses against her creamy skin.

Jake looked her in the eye his thoughts and emotions aligned to her desires. He smiled and opened his mouth to speak, only to stop himself, an inquisitive look suddenly across his face. From outside there was a sudden rumble of a car, the crackle of tires against the gravel driveway.

"Shit!" Jake gasped, reaching for his jeans, fumbling at the belt.

"Stay here for a bit." he continued as he ran his hand through his hair, taking huge gulps of air, conscious of his red cheeks and film of perspiration against his forehead.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way." He gasped, before bringing his lips to hers, their kiss purposeful yet quick.

As they touched he knew he would be thrown back into a world of torment, to which he deliberately tried to savor her once more, not knowing when he would next feel her against his skin.


Lynn stayed in the little bathroom, aching when Jake left her. She locked the door so that no one could disturb her and went about trying to clean herself up. With none of her own things, she dabbed at her face, trying hard to make herself look fresh again, washed her hands smoothed her clothes, fingered her hair back into the soft waves around her shoulders. Outside she could hear Maria laughing and Eric trudging behind her as they made their way in.

"We're back!!" Maria announced.

"Be out in a minute!" Lynn called through the door, trying to sound cheerful, when her body still hummed and her panties were stuck to her still throbbing pussy. She needed to change them and fast!

Flushing the toiled, she patted her hands dry and opened the door, leaving it open so it would air out the tiny room and put a little pep in her step.

"Hey! That was quick!" She said, smiling.

Maria busied herself in the kitchen, only glanced her way and Eric gave her a short nod,

"Going to get more firewood."

"Okay." She said simply and casually walked into their bedroom.

Once out of sight, she rushed to find a clean pair of panties and locked herself into their own bathroom, making a quick change and fixing her makeup before burying the second soiled pair in the laundry basket and heading out, grabbing a book so it seemed as though she had a purpose. When she returned, Jake was sitting at the bar, looking casual and tried his best not to make eye contact as she passed him and set her book down on the coffee table.


"Are you okay Jake, you look a bit red-faced?" Enquired Maria as she danced around the kitchen table to where he sat, trying to look as though he had been there much longer

"Ummm just been by the fire that's all." He stumbled, his face contorting at her words, taken aback at her awareness.

For a split second he felt as though his heart missed a beat as she tip-toed towards him. How could she know, he questioned feeling his cheeks redden further, his mind flashing back over the last half an hour, trying to analyze what had happened, how she could of found out.

"Ahh while we were out in the cold you where toasting by the fire!" She joked, her tone and wonderful smile instantly causing him to relax.

Standing close up against him, she lent in and placed a kiss upon his forehead before smiling and turning back to her jobs in the kitchen. Jake let out a gentle sigh of relief, before directing a glance towards Lynn, who looked immediately back at her book the moment he tried to make eye contact.

At that moment he felt a twinge of guilt flood over him, like a little boy knowing he had done wrong. He leant back and watched as Maria bounced around the kitchen, her brunette hair flicking behind her so effortlessly, causing him to smile at her enthusiasm. Several days ago, although he would have never admitted it, he would have thought of no other, a special bond having formed over these past months, different to the many women in his past, her youthful kindness and good looks pulling him closer to her than anyone else.

That was until now, as here he was in the space of a few days, his world tipped upside down, an animal attraction towards his brother's wife having started something so wrong. God it was Eric's wife, what was he doing, his mind trying to rationalize the situation yet his heart reigned strong. With his glance moving towards Lynn, he felt an attraction that he found hard to contain.

There had always been something about her, from the day they met as Eric brought her home one evening, her auburn hair and petite frame so striking then and still now after all these years. With his imagination running wild he couldn't help but imagine being alone here with her, locked away in the snug little log cabin, hidden from the distractions of life. Oh how he would have savor every inch of her wonderful body, his thoughts taking him to pleasuring her naked body on the rug set against the backdrop of the flickering fire. Fuck she was consuming his mind like nothing he had felt before, his casual care-free attitude to life replaced with a hunger for desire.

Despite his reservations and feeling of wrong doing, he found his need for her unrelenting, knowing in his heart that he could never stop now what they had started. "Who wants a drink?" Jake asked snapping his mind from his erotic images, conscious of his behavior, and his body on alert sensing a need to be the Jake that everyone knew, confident and humorous.

"Dinner will be served in a minute." Maria responded, as she busied herself in the kitchen, the wonderful smell of home baked food filling the log cabin.

Outside the winter drew in, cold and sharp, a slight sprinkle of snow beginning to fall, yet Jake knew they only had one more night after today before they were to return to the city, his mind already trying to mastermind being with Lynn just one more time.


Lynn was quivering inside. Maria's little comment had made her swallow a gasp of shock, hoping that no one had heard the odd little sound in the back of her throat as she tried to compose herself. She tried to casually look at Jake, feeling a pang of jealousy when Maria tip toed to him and gave him a sweet kiss on the forehead. She was all charm and happiness, which soon turned her jealousy to guilt, knowing full well that Maria had every right to Jake and she had none.

His eyes moved to hers and she quickly looked down at her book, absently turning a page, reading the words, but making no sense out of them. Her mind was racing and her hands practically trembled with the need to hold him again. She felt him, rather than saw him move. A shiver ran down her spine as he moved himself away and went to fetch a bottle of wine.

"I'm starving, it smells wonderful." He said, to her, his voice sounded a little off as if he were trying too hard.

Bodies shuffled into the living room for their casual meal. The seat next to her shifted and she glanced up to see Eric sitting down. Closing her book, she placed it to her side and forced a little smile on her lips as he handed her a glass of wine. She gripped it tight, hoping to contain her trembling.

"It does smell good and did you pick out the pie, Maria?" She asked, trying to sound upbeat and calm.


The meal passed without too much to note, the foursome sitting in the collective warmth of the front room, the crackle of the roaring log fire in the backdrop. Sat on the couch next to Maria, Jake tucked hungrily into the steaming meal, his earlier exploits with Lynn leaving him ravenous. As they eat the conversation flowed, Jake was trying to act casual, several glances from Maria causing him to wonder if he was overcompensating with his behavior, managing to laugh them off without causing too much fuss.

The wine was free flowing, Eric eagerly consuming at a faster rate than the rest of them, his voice gradually becoming louder and his actions more extravagant with each glass, as he re-told many stories. It was the first time that Jake had seen his brother fully relaxed this holiday, the issues of the other day now banished away, yet despite wanting to feel happy for him, Jake could only feel jealously towards him. Jake watched at his brothers gradually drunken antics, his arm wrapping around his wife, pulling her closer to him, her petite frame snuggling in against his chest.

Jake could only watch, for a split second catching her gaze as Lynn looked desperately in his direction, a forced smile looking back at him. A sudden pain pulled at Jake's heart as he watched them cuddle up, wishing it was him holding her instead. Reaching for his glass of wine he took a large gulp, hoping the alcohol would dull his heightened senses.

The evening was torment, despite feeling Maria close to him Jake couldn't help but feel bitterness towards his brother grow, seeing him with her was like a knife twisting into him. As the final bottle came to an end the stories began to subside the winter night having drawn in.

"Do you think it's time for bed dear?" Lynn inquired to Eric, as his head slumped against his chest, the copious amounts of alcohol having taken a hold.

"Umm yeah." He responded, with a splutter he opened his eyes and smiled at her.

"Good night people, I have a husbandly duty to perform." Eric slurred, as he staggered to his feet, taking Lynn by his hand and pulling her to his feet.

Looking back at Jake and Maria, he winked before swaying to one side, Lynn catching him and holding him upright. Eric laughed loudly before regaining his balance and making his way to the lounge door, pulling Lynn behind him.

"Goodnight." Jake answered through gritted teeth, his eyes holding Lynn's gaze as Eric led her out of the room, her hand clasped tightly in his.

He could see the anguish in her eyes yet knowing she could not refuse, their illicit needs hidden from their partners.

"Be good." Maria responded in a suggestive manner towards Lynn, raising her eyebrow and giggling.

Lynn smiled yet her eyes snapped back to Jake, a sense of sorrow in her blue eyes that seemed for a moment to have lost their sparkle, as she slipped into the hallway and out of sight.

"Argghhh." Maria continued, placing her hands on Jake's shoulder, her youthful face close up to his.

"What?" He responded, a shortness to his tone, that for a second seemed to take her by surprise, the image of Lynn trailing behind Eric freshly emblazoned into his mind.

"Well, despite their problems the other night don't you think they are a nice couple?" she questioned.

Jake gulped, a stubbornness not to answer but before he had time to think she continued

"And maybe."

"Yes." Jake answered, his eyes flickering over her face, trying to read her thoughts. "Well, maybe that will be us in a few years." She continued, her brown puppy dog eyes looking back at him.

Jake forced a smile but remained quiet, the crackle of the fire evident over the silence. If only she knew what was really going on, what so many years of a loveless marriage meant to Lynn. As he thought this he felt so much closer to Lynn, as though he clicked with her both mentally and physically. What they had started they could never end his desire for her untold.

"Umm non-committal but why am I not surprised." Maria answered a smile forming across her lips, tilting her head to one side, her brunette hair falling behind her.

Moving her head beside his, he soon felt her warm breath against his ear.

"Maybe as we're alone I can show you just why. I don't want to be the only woman without a glow tomorrow morning." She whispered into his ear, pressing her body against him.

Jake did not respond, his emotions still on a roller coaster of a journey as he felt her lips beginning to gently kiss his neck, her touch slow and sensual. Closing his eyes Jake savored her lips on him, her being with him blocking the thoughts of Eric and Lynn in the bedroom next door, as he slowly allowed his mind to drift. He knew tomorrow was their last day and he had to have her again, his mind wondering how they would escape for enough time, all the while Maria's hand slipping beneath his jeans, the warmth of her soft hand against his groin as she began to stroke him purposefully.

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