tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAfternoon in a London Hotel Ch. 1

Afternoon in a London Hotel Ch. 1


My story starts with me sat in the lobby of an outer-London hotel, reading a magazine while waiting for my room to be made ready. I'd arrived too early in the afternoon - the weather was warm and I'd got so bored at the conference I was meant to be attending that I decided to leave early and maybe make use of the hotels swimming pool and a sauna. Beats doing any work!

A little about me - I'm in my early thirties, about 5' 7" tall, fairly slim and reasonably fit from outdoor pursuits. I'm in a happy long-term relationship (although not married), but my eye does stray sometimes. I've never acted on my impulses yet though! I work in IT managing a small team and my job sometimes means I attend conferences and user-groups "down south", sometimes staying at a hotel overnight afterwards if the event is scheduled to finish late in the day.

I'd been told by the receptionist that it would be 15 minutes before my room was ready, so I'd settled down to read and watch the world go by. The lobby was quite large, and pretty quiet. After only a minute or two my peace was disturbed by the arrival from the lift of what can only be described as a vision in a short dress, along with a man who I assumed was her husband or boyfriend. They were both grinning like idiots and looking a little furtive, which made me think they were perhaps newly-weds fresh out of bed!

The man was dressed casually and carried a digital camera dangling by its strap from his wrist. The girl looked just lovely. I'd estimate her age to be mid twenties, she was quite petite, very slim, with slender legs and lustrous dark brown hair framing her pretty face. She was wearing a short strappy dress which was cut low over her small firm-looking breasts and high on her tanned thighs, along with equally strappy high-heels. I caught myself staring, and forced my attention back to my magazine.

I overheard the couple chatting to the receptionist, then they moved away from the door and the reception desk towards a corner where there was a rack of tourist leaflets. All interest I had in my magazine had evaporated now, and I looked up from the pages to see where the couple had gone. My gaze between the leaves of the houseplant next to me was rewarded with the sight of the girls pert behind outlined by the tight grip of her dress as she bent to read one of the leaflets. A little further round the corner her partner was crouched with his camera to his face, taking a picture of her. With a thrill I realized that from the angle he was at he would be looking straight down the low cut top of her dress at the treasures within! Oh my god, I thought, she's teasing him in public and he's taking photos! My manhood started to stir in my suit trousers. They (as I) were out of the view of the reception desk, and they probably thought they were alone.

Again, I caught myself staring. Obviously they'd not noticed me sitting quietly (or maybe they had?) enjoying the view. My mind raced, and I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. The man stood and walked to his partner. They kissed and he whispered something in her ear. Giggling, she ran her slender hand lightly across the hard bulge in his trousers, then turned towards the leaflet rack and bent at the waist to read the items on the bottom shelf. This time, the man walked around and stood between her and I (without noticing me peeking between the leaves - and luckily without blocking my view) and started taking pictures of her from behind. Then something happened which made my heart miss a beat.

She stood up straight again and, with a mischievous smile at her man, pulled up the waist of her dress so that the hem was just showing the upper curve of her smooth thighs where they met her bum. With her legs straight and her feet slightly apart she slowly bent over again, with her partner taking pictures. The dress rode higher as she bent, and my dick got harder with every millimetre it moved upwards. Just a little further and I'd be able to see her underwear...then my breath caught in my throat as I saw that wasn't wearing panties, not even the thong I thought she must have been wearing when I first saw her! She was too far away for me to see much, just some soft curls of pubic hair and a glimpse of her pouting lips, but it was enough. I couldn't believe this was happening in a public place, with people only a dozen feet away!

It was all I could do to keep my hand off my dick as I stared. She kept the pose for a moment, then looked over her shoulder and blew her partner a kiss. He walked towards her and ran his hand across her bum and between her legs as she stood up again, then leaned back onto him. They kissed deeply while his hand was still up her dress, then with a giggle they pulled apart and walked quickly back to the lift. I forced my eyes back to the pages of my magazine as they walked in front of me, my face burning and my breath ragged in shock and excitement.

Barely moments after they left, while my head was still spinning, the receptionist walked over to me and said my room was ready. She handed me the key and I stammered my thanks. I stood using the magazine to hide the still prominent lump in my trousers, and headed quickly to my room. As soon as I had the door locked behind me I lay on my bed, undid my trousers and started to wank, I was so desperate for relief. With the vision of that beautiful girl in my mind I pumped wad after wad of sticky cum on to my shirt. What an amazing thing to happen in a hotel lobby in the middle of the afternoon!

After lying daydreaming for while in my relaxed post-orgasmic state, I decided to get myself cleaned up and to head for the pool. Maybe some exercise and half an hour in the steam room would stop my head spinning.

Little was I to know what was still in store for me...

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