tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAimee's Wedding Ch. 5

Aimee's Wedding Ch. 5


Ann's pussy was dripping with both her son's cum and her own juices as it throbbed, aching for release. She watched as Frank crawled away from her, wishing that her son could have lasted a little longer before pulling out.

Caught up in the excitement two of the attackers grabbed Frank and bound his hands behind his back, then released Tom and brought him over. Ann looked at her son fully expecting them to make him fuck her as well.

"Look's like step-mom is enjoying this." Jake commented, seeing Erin watching everything with a smirk on her face.

"Well maybe she wants in on the action too." Mark replied.

Erin cried out as Mark released her ropes and dragged her over to where Tom stood before his mother. She was 38, taller and much prettier than Ann. One of the reasons why Harold had left Ann for her in the first place. As she was brought over Mark began fondling her breast. "Maybe we can have some real fun with you." He said as his fingers dropped to her pussy. "Let her eat the mother's pussy while her step-son fucks her ass."

"Oh god no!" Erin cried out at the threat. She knew that eventually someone was going to get around to raping her. But not this. Not either of these suggestions. Erin had never taken it in the ass. And the thought of going down on another woman was mortifying to her. Especially if it meant going down on her husband's ex-wife.

Mark and Jake grabbed Erin and forced her to her knees between Ann's legs. Jake shoved her face into Ann's cum-filled twat while Mark pushed Tom down behind her. "Fuck her cunt a little first, boy." He ordered.

Tom sank his cock into his stepmother's pussy. He had never liked Erin and at the moment the thought of fucking her seemed satisfying to him. So he slammed his pecker deep into her pussy.

Jake held Erin's face against Ann's pussy until she began licking. Ann was filled with mixed emotions; She hated lesbians. But Erin's tongue felt good on her pussy. Better yet, the thought of Erin being forced to pleasure her in such a way was extremely satisfying. She knew that the bitch would never again look at her with the usual smirk again after this.

"Fuck her ass." Mark ordered.

Tom pulled out of Erin's pussy and pressed his cock between her ass cheeks. When she began to struggle Jake and Mark both held her in place. Tom pressed his cockhead into her anal ring. Erin screamed as his dick broke through, pressing deeper into her asshole. She felt as if she were being impaled by a huge pole as her stepson's cock invaded her tiny chute.

Ann's legs were flexing tightly as she felt Erin scream into her pussy. She was getting so much closer to release and wanted nothing more than to soak this bitch's face with her juices as she came. She enjoyed watching Tom make her suffer as his cock inched further into her asshole.

"Fuck her ass, Tommy!" Ann cried out. "Fuck her ass real good!"

Ann's words cut like a knife through Erin's sole as she felt Tom begin to pound her ravaged opening. Tom had never liked her, now she was being used and abused by her stepson and her husband's ex in front of everybody.

Tom couldn't believe that he was hearing his mother encouraging him to fuck Erin. He rammed his entire length into her ass and began pounding away. Watching the back of his stepmother's head as she was forced to continue eating his mother's pussy.

Ann was moaning with delight as Erin continued licking her. "Yes, goddamn it bitch, I'm gonna get off all over your fucking face you home-wrecking whore!"

Erin continued licking Ann's clit, trying to focus on that in hopes of escaping the agony in her ass. She felt Ann's juices spilling out onto her cheeks and knew that she was about to bring her to climax.

"Oh god, yes!" Ann shouted as her orgasm overtook her. Her pussy flooded Erin's mouth and face. Her sagging tits shook as she bucked her hips into her ex-husband's wife's face.

Tom saw his mother getting off and increased the severity of his pounding of Erin's asshole. His balls were tightening and he could feel his cum rising in his cock. He enjoyed the whimpering coming from his stepmother as he rammed harder and harder. Then he joined his mother in pleasure as his cock erupted, shooting his load deep into his stepmother's asshole. But even after cuming he continued to pound her ass.

When Tom finally ceased ravaging her asshole Erin pulled away from Ann's drenched pussy. She could feel the other woman's juice all over her face. Her body shook from the pounding she had just received and she couldn't bring herself to rise up off the floor.

Seeing the pretty, older woman, kneeling exposed, as she was, Mark decided to take a turn at her. He dropped behind her and shoved his cock into her pussy. Erin's head jerked upright as he began fucking her. Just in time to see Jake press his cock in her face. When she opened her mouth to protest he shoved his rod into it. Now Erin was being fucked from both ends in front of everyone. Her body still hurt from being anally raped, but she could feel her pussy stirring. Jake held her head tight as he fucked her mouth, ramming his cock down her throat. Mark reached around and was playing with her hardened nipples as he fucked her from behind, causing her body to respond even more. Soon she found herself lost in her emotions as her own body climaxed between the two poles fucking her on either end. Her cries were muffled by the cock in her throat as she orgasmed. Then she felt Jake blow his sticky load into her throat. Mark continued pumping her pussy as she climaxed again. Then he too emptied his balls into her belly before leaving her slumped on the floor.

Mark looked around the room and saw Laurie still lying beside Cindy. He grabbed Erin and began dragging her across the room. "Now you can eat your stepdaughter's cunt too." He said.

Erin had given up. She had just been forced to pleasure her husband's ex and been raped by her stepson, then had orgasmed twice while being fucked by someone else. She had lost the will, and desire, to resist, and simply lay herself between Laurie's legs and began licking her still swollen clit.

Laurie jumped at first, she saw her stepmother going down on her but felt the now familiar stirrings arise once more between her legs. She lay back and enjoyed being licked by another woman. Her breast rose and fell as she breathed heavily. She slid her legs back and forth as her clit was stimulated by Erin's tongue. "Oh yes…" She moaned as her body climaxed under her stepmother's oral manipulations.

John had returned to Aimee's side while watching everything going on. He played with her small boobs and rubbed her clit from time to time. Then decided that it was time to get her back into the action. Seeing the current trend of things he decided that Aimee needed to learn how to lick pussy as well. He untied the pretty bride and stood her up on shaking legs. Aimee still wore only her white lace stockings and garter belt. He brought her over to her cousin, Kim and took both girls out into the center of the floor.

"I think you to need to give us a little show now." He said.

Aimee and Kim were both forced to get onto the floor. Aimee was placed on her back and Kim was thrust on her in the '69' position. Then the two girls were made to start licking each other's pussies. Aimee found herself enjoying Kim's tongue, but it was more difficult for Aimee to get into eating her cousin's blond pussy. But soon the two girls were putting on a delightful show for John and his buddies as they slurped each other's young juicy cunts. Everyone was made to stop and watch as Aimee began creaming all over her cousin's pretty face. Then she continued licking Kim until the she too climaxed.

Seeing Tom watching Aimee and Kim John began to grow angry. "So, you like homo action, do you. Well how about if we have you suck your daddy's dick?"

Tom about shit at the suggestion. But before he could do or say anything John and Jake had grabbed him and pulled him over to where his dad sat bound. "Suck his cock!" John ordered. When Tom refused John pulled out his knife and held it at his balls. "Suck his or lose yours."

Tom fought back the urge to vomit as his took his dad's cock into his mouth. Harold's cock sprang to life as his son began sucking him. Both men were blushing with shame from what was happening. John and his buddies were chanting "Queer boy!" as Tom continued sucking his dad's boner. Harold clenched every muscle in his body trying to fight back the warm sensations being caused by his son's mouth. Tom prayed that his dad could hold back his cum but Harold knew otherwise. He continued to fight, but the feeling in his cock grew stronger and stronger as Tom continued. Tom tasted the first dribble of his dad's salty precum and knew that he faced the inevitable. Harold grunted as his hips thrust involuntarily and his cum began spurting into Tom's mouth.

"Swallow every drop, faggot!" John ordered.

Tom continued sucking his dad's cock, feeling wad after wad of warm cum blast into his mouth. He swallowed it all fighting back the bile in his throat.

Harold could not believe that he was having an orgasm in his son's mouth. He felt guilty as hell but could not deny the pleasure his cock was getting no matter how hard he tried.

"Now stand up and let your daddy suck you." John ordered.

Tom stood, surprised that his dick was hard again. He could not understand how he could have gotten aroused. Harold looked at his son's cock, the same cock that had only minutes ago been buried into his wife's asshole, and opened his mouth. Tom put his cock into his dad's mouth and flinched when his dad began sucking him. Tom did not know what had come over him as his cock began enjoying his father's mouth. "Oh fuck," he thought to himself, 'I'm gonna cum in my dad's mouth, and I'm gonna enjoy it."

Harold sucked his son's cock, working it as his son had just done for him. Tom's hips began rocking back and forth as he sucked him. He couldn't believe that Tom was actually enjoying this. He had cum in Tom's mouth, but other than the sensation of an orgasm he hadn't enjoyed the act itself. But Tom was actually enjoying this!

Tom couldn't believe it either. He looked around to see everyone watching him getting blown by his father. He saw Aimee lying on the floor and wanted to hide anywhere. Then he felt his balls tightening as his dad continued. Tom felt his cum rising quickly. "I'm sorry dad." He said just before blowing his load into his father's mouth.

After his finished cumming Tom dropped to the floor in humiliation. Wondering just what could happen next.

To be continued...

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